LTPC Chapter 65: It’s Still Not Too Late

Vacations were inevitably fleeting. The moment the plane landed, Yi Ran woke up from her drowsiness. She covered her face in a confused manner and finally managed to wake up a bit. She had played uncontrollably these days and was really tired.

Gu Tingchuan also completely put off his work for a few days. Of course, no one dared to pick this kind of opportunity to annoy him. When they arrived safely at the airport, they saw Xiao Zhao waiting.

He asked Xiao Zhao the situation of the company in the past few days, and the other party respectfully reported them one by one. Then, at the last moment, in a voice that only the two of them could hear, he said, “Director Gu, Hao Zhenlei has been calling for a long time. On the phone, he said that he wanted to meet with you alone. ”

Gu Tingchuan was still expressionless when he heard the news. The other side had lowered his posture, but that did not mean he had to accept it. He stepped out of the cabin and felt the weather outside was quite cold. He went back to see if Yi Ran had put on her coat and saw that she had done a good job of keeping warm. Then he said to Xiao Zhao coolly, “I don’t want to see him. Push it for me.”

He glanced not far away to where the bodyguard was waiting. He stopped, waited for her to catch up, and took her hand, instructing, “I’ll send you back first. You should rest early since you have class tomorrow.”

“Okay, but don’t work too late.” Yan Ran knew that he had to deal with a backlog of official business affairs, so she didn’t say anything else.

When they got in the car, she fell back into his arms and slept for a while. The driver first took them back to the apartment and then went to the Jiaye building.

When Gu Tingchuan came out of the underground parking garage, Hao Zhenlei was standing on the other side. He seemed to have been waiting for a long time and, when they saw Gu Tingchuan arrived, he sent his secretary over.

Xiao Zhao looked helplessly at the boss, while Director Gu only smiled coldly and did not look over there.

During these days, Hao Zhenlei’s many projects in S City had not progressed smoothly. His company seemed to be suppressed by an invisible force. In addition, he also encountered development difficulties in several other large cities. Losing construction biddings was nothing compared to the damage incurred when several buildings failed to meet standard construction requirements. Even the judicial department had gotten involved in the ensuing investigation.

Hao Zhenlei’s feelings for Gu Tingchuan gradually increased from dissatisfaction to anger, but eventually changed from anger to compromise. He was a businessman. For long-term consideration, he could only show goodwill to the Gu family and ask for mercy.

Hao Zhenlei had been fierce for the better half of his life, and this was the first time he had to wait for a “junior” younger than him in a place like a garage. What’s more, Gu Tingchuan had no intention of inviting him to the office upstairs. After all, he was not qualified.

Gu Tingchuan saw the other blocking his way and there was a faint, mocking smile on his lips. “I have nothing to say to you, General Manager Hao.”

Hao Zhenlei was furious. He looked at Gu Tingchuan with a pair of cold and gloomy eyes, but he couldn’t make matters worst.

“General Manager Gu, Hao just wants to make friends with you. I hope you can give me a chance.”

Gu Tingchuan smiled slightly, and said, ” General Manager Hao, to do good business, it’s important to pay attention to high-rise buildings and to use them as good resources. Unfortunately, you started late and did not have the capacity to control the fires.”

He lowered his eyebrows and added, “I’ve never considered you as an opponent, and you don’t need to pay attention to me. As long as you don’t show up in front of me, everyone can pretend that you’re invisible.”

Hao Zhenlei originally started in S city. Now, asking him to give up such a good market was more painful than cutting off his own flesh. He was thinking about what to do in exchange for the room for conversion …

However, Gu Tingchuan turned back to give him a sense of oppression, and this treacherous old fox couldn’t help shaking. His indifferent expression gave him the final disillusionment. “Mr. Hao has real estate projects everywhere. He knows how to cherish the results. In the event of a flaw, it’s not good to just lose. ”

In fact, he has already collected a lot of this man’s matters that could be used against him.

Hao Zhenlei hadn’t slept well for the past few days. At this moment, he finally looked like a deflating ball. But, he had also suffocated enough.

He could only pull at the corner of his mouth, look at the young man in front of him with a pale face, and said, “At this point, I hope everyone will just keep the peace, General Manager Gu.”

Gu Tingchuan was too lazy to answer. He simply turned and left, only waving to Hao Zhenlei without turning his head.


October in S City was like riding a roller coaster. It had completely entered winter without any warning. The last day of rain took away the last trace of warmth, leaving only the refreshing cold.
Farewell to Moonlight had another premiere and, later, was officially launched in various domestic markets.

Gu Tingchuan temporarily focused his work on Jiaye Company. Although he was still too busy, he had more time to go home for dinner in the evening, which also made Teacher Yi very satisfied.

During the class, Yi Ran sepecially called little Hao Ziyue to her office. He had already completed the transfer procedures and would soon go to another city to study and live.

In these days, Hao Ziyue had seen that her manner was very awkward, and she knew that he knew. But, she didn’t need to confirm that it was related to his father’s matters.

“Hao Ziyue, you’re leaving. Is there anything else you want to talk to the teacher about?”

“Mrs. Yi, my mother…had lost her temper at home a lot these days, throwing things and scolding people.” He rubbed his nose with one hand. For the first time, he didn’t know what to say.

Compared with Gu Tai’s young wisdom, Hao Ziyue was more naive and reckless. He lowered his head and said sadly, “My dad’s not in a good mood, and my mother has been scolding you all the time. Also your husband too.”

Yi Ran wasn’t surprised. On the contrary, she wanted to tell him a lot of things and wanted to say that the world was not so beautiful. But he was too young. Even if she said it, he wouldn’t understand. Not the mention, she couldn’t really explain the stakes or the circumstances.

She only hoped that he would not become another Hao Zhenlei.

“Hao Ziyue, although you are going to leave, the teacher is very happy that you can finally become friends with Gu Tai. I hope that when you’re in the new school, you’ll make more friends and…”

Yi Ran took care to paint a picture of hope for him. She pulled out her business card and handed it to him, patiently urging, “The teacher’s phone number is here. You should keep this in case…if you have an emergency, you can always contact me.”

At this time, Gu Tai also came to Yi Ran’s office, holding a bag in his hand. “Teacher Yi, I want to give Hao Ziyue a gift…”

Yi Ran saw the two boys with very different personalities and tolerance. But now, they have to suddenly face a different, unpredictable world.

Sure enough, the trajectory of life can sometimes develop in a direction we never expected.

Because the choice of the parents affects the child. As for the child…Fortunately, their lives had just begun and everything was not too late. As Yi Ran had once said to her own Mr. Gu: they are the youngest hope.


The two elders of the Gu family stayed in France for a while. When they finally returned to the city, they called the juniors back to dinner. After getting off work, Yi Ran was received by the driver from Jiaye. Gu Tai waited for her downstairs, and then they went with Gu Tingchuan to visit the Gu family in Ming Bay.

Recently, her connection with her sister-in-law could gradually be considered as friends. She had even had a few meals with her friends and was almost brought fully into her circle.

Yi Ran understood that she was simply benefiting from someone else’s light. For this reason, she was able to receive invitations to attend conferences from major international brands. These were, of course, meant for debutantes and society ladies.

In fact, at one point, she was even wearing bright and beautiful clothes and carrying a famous bag to attend a reception. After listening to Lin Yuanyu introduce herself, she couldn’t help but admit that she might never get used to occasions like this.

Yi Ran was still struggling to adapt to various new changes and had discovered that it was not easy to find a balance between her previous life and the life after marriage.

“Of course, I just bought a new scarf in the mall next door. It’s a new Winter model. I also bought you one too.”

Yi Ran took a look at the bag, and it turned out to be another expensive accessory. She looked it over and said, “Your vision is really good, and you look beautiful. You can look good in anything.”

They were very polite and friendly when they met. Lin Yuanyu also taught her to dress up and gave her a lot of good things.

At the moment, Gu Tai’s mother was carrying a lot of things in her arms and had a difficult time pressing the elevator button. “Oh, mother! You step aside first. We haven’t gone up yet.”

Yi Ran was about to follow when a voice called out behind her, “Mrs. Gu!”

She turned back in surprise, and saw a new cleaning girl standing in place, staring at her with wide eyes.

They had met each other in the hallway before and had nodded in greeting to each other.

Yi Ran felt strange so she told Lin Yuanyu, “You go up first.”

When the elevator door was closed, she asked the cleaning lady, “Is there anything wrong?”

“That, that, Mrs. Gu, there was a woman who wanted me to give you this box.” The girl spoke with an accent, which was cute.

Yi Ran smiled and took the box from her. She nodded her thanks again and opened up the box to see what was inside. She froze.

In addition to some valuable jewelry, there was a card in the middle.

—— “I never wanted something outside of you. I just want your love.”

She didn’t know who it came from or what those words meant. She looked doubtfully at the cleaning lady, “Is the woman who gave you this box still here? What does she look like?”

The girl was stunned for a moment and, trembling, said, “I don’t know. Pretty with big eyes. Dressed very fashionably…Oh, but not a beautiful as you, Mrs. Gu.”

Yi Ran didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. She could only take the box first and say, “Well then, I know you’re busy. Thank you.”

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Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
4 years ago

Wow, again with this method. It's interesting how it never occurs to these guys that a man might be loyal to his wife and in turn his wife will trust him…. I guess bad guys project their bad behavior onto everyone around them

4 years ago

Goodness these people have nothing to do huh

Thank you xixi!!

4 years ago

Poor hao ziyue… Children often being the victim of their parent's uncontrollable emotion 🙁 I really feel bad for him if I were yi ran I would hug him

Thank you xixi for the translation!

4 years ago

Thank you for the update.

4 years ago

Agreed. They just need to focus on their own lives instead of trying to ruin others. Smh.

4 years ago

You’re welcome, Abbie! 😄

4 years ago

Yes, hopefully he’ll grow up to be different from his parents.

4 years ago

You’re welcome! 😊

4 years ago

Uh- i don't even feel mad anymore. It's funny how pathetic these people are…