LTPC Chapter 64: Call the Police

Even two days after arriving in Vancouver, Canada, Yi Ran was so excited that she didn’t even seem to have jet lag.

Gu Tingchuan first took her on a big ship to experience deep sea fishing. There were professionals and friends who also accompanied them.

The wind and waves at sea were not big, and the weather was perfect, if a little cold in October. They had on professional sea fishing clothing, which was waterproof and helped kept the cold at bay. Gu Tingchuan took her in his arms to show her how to do certain things.

There were no clouds, just blue sea and blue sky everywhere. The man’s voice was soaring in the breeze as he patiently introduced her to all related knowledge regarding deep sea fishing and fish species.

“Fishes are generally divided into surface fish, shallow fish, middle fish and bottom fish. Different fishing gears are used to catch different types of fish.” Then, he helped her tie the bait to the fishhook.

Yi Ran’s interest in fishing was certainly not as strong as him, but she had the novice’s good luck. Her hook quickly caught a heavy fish. But, because the fish in the sea was too big, she couldn’t reel it in and so it didn’t take long until she ran out of energy.

“…Gu, Gu Tingchuan! There’s a fish on my hook!!”

Soon after she called out his name, Gu Tingchuan come behind her and reached out to hold her hands. Together, they exerted force and immediately began to reel the big fish in. Seeing the fish jumping lively on the floor, Yi Ran also jumped excitedly. She turned back and held her husband in her arms.

When the friends around them saw their affection, they immediately applauded and begged them to kiss one another. Gu Tingchuan responded to their request. While Yi Ran was still unresponsive, he lowered his head and pulled her into his arms. Then, he placed his lips on her mouth and kissed her.

Afterward, Yi Ran bit her bottom lip in embarrassment, and continued to talk and laugh casually with Gu Tingchuan’s friends.

The man’s posture was a lot looser than when he was at home, and Yi Ran looked at his gentle profile in the slightly warm sunlight. Even his eyes had a strong smile, making her feel that this vacation was like dreaming.

It seemed that sea fishing could make these men’s adrenaline soar.

Gu Tingchuan hooked his lips and looked at her, “Is it interesting?”

Yi Ran held his hand. Although the hull was still bumpy, she also enjoyed it. “It’s interesting, and it’s an eye-opener.”

To experience this with her lover. Wasn’t it a great blessing to be able to visit the thousand worlds together?

What’s more, they could also admire each other’s nature.

Gu Tingchuan could see that she was really indulging in this kind of happiness. He hugged her from behind and leaned slightly on her shoulder. At this moment, the two of them quietly talked to each other as they looked at the clean, blue water gleaming in front of them.

The past two days were full of fun, but it was also very exhausting. After returning to the hotel that night, she fell asleep without even saying a few words.

Fortunately, the next two days did not require wind and sun. Director Gu took her to see several exhibitions, especially the Vancouver Art Museum, which is one of the more famous local historical monuments.

Although it was a bit cold, Yi Ran was always warm in her heart, so there was no need to fear this chill.

The two held a quiet visit in front of various exhibits and did not have to worry about paying attention to various reporters and fans. After all, people who can recognize them outside of China was extremely rare. Therefore, she gave everything her wholehearted attention as Gu Tingchuan whispered about the history of several works and the life of the artists.

The man was caged in the golden sunlight of the art museum. He spoke with clear and warm eyes, “Emily Carr, one of the most popular artists in Canada, was good at using nature as the theme to create…”

Gu Tingchuan originally had a unique temperament conducive to art so he was particularly attracted to places with a strong artistic atmosphere. Fortunately, she had also taken some extra-curricular art courses in college, and she could also have some conversations with him.

“What kind of painting do you like the most? Um … let me guess.” Yi Ran’s entire face was in the soft light and shadow. She rubbed her chin playfully and said, “Is it watercolor?”

Gu Tingchuan smiled and nodded. “Yes, then oil painting and sketching.”

As soon as he smiled, all the exhibits that were silent throughout the years seemed to be plated with a golden light.

Yi Ran listened to his professional-like explanations, even as his extraordinary style and tall figure attracted other visitors nearby.

There were three other female Chinese students listening to him speaking. She didn’t know if they recognized them or not.

Upholding the vanity of women, Yi Ran very cheekily said, “Maybe they’ll take photos of us and upload them online.”

Gu Tingchuan normally hated such high profile behavior, but now he was actively raising it. He held her in his arms with just the right amount of strength, and his eyes looked at her darkly, “Then let’s get closer.”

She was nestled nicely in the man’s arms and was unconditionally cooperated by him. This made her laugh completely.

After watching the exhibition, they went to a local restaurant to eat. It seemed as if they were no different from an ordinary couple. Gu Tingchuan drove himself and lingered in the streets of the city. Sometimes when they were tired, they would just casually find a cafe to sit and rest.

Gu Tingchuan also brought a camera with him, but in her eyes, every shot of his could be turned into a postcard picture.

Yi Ran watched him sitting on a seat outside the cafe on a bustling street, taking photographs of passersby. She secretly took out her mobile phone to take a picture of him. Director Gu held an SLR. His eyebrows were slightly arched, and his jaw was smooth and gentle. There was a slight smile on his lips.

She just pressed it at random and was reluctant to send it out to let others appreciate it together.

Yi Ran thought about it. It seemed that the photo of him alone was precious every time. She flashed her light, extended her right hand, and shook it in front of the man’s eyes. Gu Tingchuan looked away from the camera and slightly turned his head toward her. He looked over and held her fingertips deliberately. At this moment, she pressed to shoot.

The composition was beautiful and incomparable, and it was so sweet that it could stick to your teeth. Nodding with satisfaction, she posted this image on Weibo and seriously thought about the matching words:

#Farewell to Moonlight# Have you ever loved a man who turned out to be so different from what you imagined? This deep love allows you to wait with all the time in the world, so that it may blossom into a flower one day, just for you to pluck and offer to him. 

After she finished posting, she quit Weibo and continued to look at the people and scenery in front of her.

But it was hard to imagine how many people would comment and repost this confession on the Internet.

After playing for a few days like this, it was time to go back. Gu Tingchuan took her to a private dinner the night before.

The number of people present were small, but they were social celebrities from various circles. The Chinese couple hosting was also well-known figures. Knowing that Gu Tingchuan had come to Vancouver, they especially hosted a banquet in their own mansion.

The house was spacious and chic, the facilities were neat, the air was fresh, and the place was clean and tidy. Yi Ran came to this home for the first time as a guest. After she was full, Gu Tingchuan accompanied her to take a walk nearby. They walked into the courtyard, and she looked up at the countless twinkling stars, converging into a Milky Way hidden above the dark night.

She happily sat down on a bamboo chair, and Gu Tingchuan walked up and sat next to her. Together, they watched the incredible stars in the sky.

The two watched quietly for a while, idly chatting one after another, and holding a glass of red wine at hand. In fact, he had already drunk a lot tonight, but it was hard to come on vacation with Yi Ran.

“Do you like the trip these days?”

“Of course, I will definitely pester you to take me out to play more, and you just said that you used to go to the desert for drag racing. I naturally want to accompany you.”

Gu Tingchuan sat closer to her and wrapped one arm around her waist. His eyes were like obsidian, and his thin lips smiled faintly. “Okay, let’s go together later.”

She saw her figure in those bright eyes. After drinking a bit of wine, she was a little restless and simply leaned back against his chest.

Gu Tingchuan’s eyes narrowed, as he remembered a certain conversation he heard from the club that night. In fact, he was already a bit overwhelmed, but he still said in a deep voice. “I remember one time before, you were arguing with someone who said that I love like a psychopath.”

Yi Ran heard him. She stretched out her arm to grab a glass of red wine and took a sip, feeling a little strange in her heart. “It’s been so long, why do you suddenly think of it? ”

“Loving someone was like loving a sculpture, a work of art… I’m a little concerned about this statement.” He held her wrist, his voice laced with some laziness and huskiness as he murmured, “I was thinking in terms of human wisdom. There’s power in the thought, the thought is in the soul, and if one day your soul is in it, I will also love the statue.”

Yi Ran was surprised by his words, and she trembled suddenly in his arms. She hid deeper and let his arms hugged her tightly.

She jokingly said, “These words you said made me want to call the police…”

Gu Tingchuan’s hot breath brushed gently against her ears and straight into her heart, making her feel itchy and soft. “Some people say that when it comes to love, there is no wise person. I think, I have fully exhibited this. For example, just now, I just want to kiss your whole body.”

After speaking, without waiting for her reaction, he covered her lips directly. All the unclear thoughts turned into hot action, and she could not help but hold him, her body trembling as she was breathlessly kissed.

His hot tongue encircled her and around her. He kissed her hungrily and almost desperately, and she drank him in. At this moment, she also wanted to do something to him. She also wanted to kiss his strong chest muscles and to breathe against his ears, wanted him to knock her down in many different postures and positions and to go deep into her, to linger with her.

Yi Ran simply turned her head, raised her body upward, lightly bit his ear, and whispered, “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

Gu Tingchuan’s eyes darkened, and when he lowered his head, he had a deep smile. “Oh? ”

She clung to him very nicely, her cool fingers falling on his cheeks as she softly said, “It’s cold outside. Let’s go back to get warm. ”

Director Gu looked at Mrs. Gu seriously. However, in his heart, he was already overjoyed.
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