LTPC Chapter 63: Tall, Rich, and Handsome

Gu Tingchuan returned to the office and saw that Yi Ran was just standing there, quietly flipping through the magazines on his coffee table. He walked up to her silently and, leaning over without warning, wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her a few steps until she was sitting directly on the edge of his desk.

Yi Ran was afraid she might fall so she reached out to gently pull on the man’s shirt.

After he was seated, she could not help frowning slightly. Her director hadn’t been so naughty before!

“Where did you learn this trick?”

“The book you put in the study.”

Yi Ran: “…”

It’s time to throw away some non-nutritive novels.

She saw his seemingly calm look and said with a smile, “You don’t have to think about how to comfort me. Although it was quite unexpected that I was besieged by reporters in the morning, it’s all right now, and nothing really happened.”

Moreover, as long as he was around, no matter how bad it was, her mood can be cured instantly.

Gu Tingchuan murmured an assent, then said slowly, “I’ve been busy for the past few days and now suddenly remembered something. You didn’t even remind me.”

Yi Ran couldn’t keep up with him at all. Unsure about what he was referring to, she simply looked at him and waited.

Gu Tingchuan met her eyes and said, “I kept thinking, was it because you didn’t say it on purpose, or maybe you forgot?..It’s our first wedding anniversary.”

His intimate words caused her heartbeat to sped up. She pursed her lips and looked away with a smile. “I remembered. But, you were too busy so I just specifically didn’t mention it.”

Gu Tingchuan frowned. When he was about to speak, she wrapped her arms around his neck and leaned against him.

He embraced her in a tender hug that was even more sticky than sugar.

“It’s okay. It’s only the first year. There will be more opportunities in the future. Moreover, I haven’t told you about many messy things lately.” In order to thoroughly express her thoughts, Yi Ran covered his hands with her own and held him in her palm. “You should understand my personality. If I really care about this, I will definitely tell you. But, I’m telling you truthfully, from the bottom of my heart, that this is not very important right now.”

Of course, Gu Tingchuan knew this. Not to mention, as far as their current relationship was concerned, she really wasn’t the type to hold her grievances in her heart. If she had any concern or unwillingness, she would take the initiative to communicate with him.

The corners of his mouth tipped up and he said, “Yes, then it seems that the preparations I made have become redundant.”

“What? What have you prepared?”

He raised his eyebrows. “I’ve booked the itinerary for a week-long holiday. We’ll go sea fishing in Canada, eat seafood, watch exhibitions, and have all kinds of dinners…”

Yi Ran, who hadn’t played in a long time, was immediately interested by this surprise arrangement. She grabbed his shoulders and shook them back and forth. “Really? This is our honeymoon?”

Gu Tingchuan held her hands down and said, “It can be considered as such. As I’ve said before, I will compensate you slowly.”

Yi Ran looked at him again and quietly and helplessly sighed. Why was this man so hot and cute? It always made her feel elated.

Yi Ran said, “However, holiday tickets are expensive.”

Gu Tingchuan: “…”

He nodded and said, “Yes, so I asked the Gu family to prepare a special plane.”

Yi Ran: “…”

She can once again affirmed that it’s awesome to be married to Director Gu!!!


Before they went abroad, Jiaye Company sought out several long-term media partners and several senior journalists who were originally loyal supporters of Gu Tingchuan. They dug up information about Guo Baiyu and certain a real estate businessman

To combat the news that some netizen broke out about Gu Tingchuan and Guo Baiyu opening a room together, they posted a photo of her eating alone with the rich businessman that night. This was followed by pictures of them entering the elevator together. There was even pictures of Guo Baiyu and the man entering and leaving the club.

Of course, the rich businessman was none other than Hao Zhenlei.

Some reporters took advantage of this to create a sensation, saying that the group of people identified by the police who planned to disrupt the premiere were actually “scapegoats”, and it was this Hao Zhenlei who really caused trouble.

In short, after reading a series of dry goods, netizens said that it was a good show …

What was even more unexpected was that Guo Baiyu suddenly held a press conference. She refused to answer questions on the spot but unilaterally announced the “required thing”.

She blinked sourly at the flashing lights and said, “Thanks to the fans and media friends for their concern, but I’m sorry to inform you that I want to leave the domestic entertainment industry for personal reasons. I haven’t decided what my next step is, but I will tell you as soon as there is news. In addition, I also want to say that the scandal between Director Gu Tingchuan and I was never true. I sincerely wish Director Gu Tingchuan and Mrs. Gu much happiness. Thank you again for your support. Thank you.”

When Guo Baiyu stepped out of the conference site, she seemed to have been drained. She leaned against the wall as her agent fanned her with a manuscript. But her heart was numb. There wasn’t even the slightest pain. She thought that the bad things she had done in this circle were nothing compared to others, but unfortunately she mistakenly underestimated her opponent and went wrong step by step.

This decision was undoubtedly indirectly confirming the rumors. All of a sudden, Guo Baiyu’s public image fell to the lowest point, and she was all netizens could talk about.

This sensational news had an impact on Hao Zhenlei’s company stock price. Not only that, the Gu family’s various pressures on his business continued unabated. Their confrontation didn’t even have any smoke at all. His hostility toward them was just splashing some water, but he was completely suppressed by the Gu family.

This would undoubtedly serve as a warning to all potential enemies lying in wait to take advantage of Jiaye. The warning was this: Now was a peaceful time. To keep your own land, don’t move your mind.

In these few days, Gu Tingchuan ended up being a good mood every time he thought about going out with his wife. When he and Xiao Zhao arrived at the company’s elevator, a manager came to him with a frown and whispered, “Boss Gu, Hao Zhenlei sent a gift.”

Gu Tingchuan heard the words, raised his eyes, and saw a long-legged beauty holding a dark red suede box. She stared at them and opened a corner of the box, saying, “This is a treasure that President Hao got from an auction. President Gu is a great director and he must naturally appreciate unique art.”

However, Gu Tingchuan didn’t even bother to look at it. He merely looked at the manager with a stern expression and said in a cold voice, “What kind of people do you allow in here? Get her out!”

Xiao Zhao quickly followed with a wink to the manager. Then, he stepped into the elevator with Gu Tingchuan. Even before the door could close, he couldn’t help laughing. “This Hao Zhenlei will also be a demon. Even if he sends tens of millions of teapots, they won’t be rare enough.”

Gu Tingchuan didn’t say anything but merely smiled.


A few years ago, when Yi Ran and her cousin traveled abroad, they sat in the first class. This was already considered her most advanced experience.

Since knowing that she will be going abroad for a honeymoon on a luxury plane, her mood was always in a state of excitement.

That night, she was so excited that she completely had insomnia. In the end, she was so noisy that Gu Tingchuan gave up his plan to rest and pressed her to the bed twice. She finally stopped.

Fortunately, traveling was a magical thing. The next day, Yi Ran still felt refreshed and flew to the other side of the ocean with Mr. Gu in a very sunny mood.

While on the plane, she was bored and downloaded some movies and documentaries using wifi. Some of them were French film documentaries. She watched only half of the episodes before raising her hands to surrender. She squeezed into Mr. Gu’s arms and said. “No, I don’t understand.”

After pouring two glasses of wine, Gu Tingchuan took a sip out of one glass and smiled slightly. “There’s no narrator. You, as a layman who had never been in contact with these types of movies, will naturally find them difficult to understand.”

Before she could respond, he added. “However, I like your honesty. At least, you don’t pretend to understand.”

She was speechless and wanted to say that she was trying to pretend to be cultured in front of him!

She looked at Director Gu’s attentive expression and listening to his pleasant voice as he patiently explained to her, “This film is not an ordinary introduction to film history, so it’s difficult to understand. It includes literature, music, painting and history.”

“But I have no extensive knowledge and it’s impossible for me to fully understand. ”

She took a sip of wine. Her cheeks looked more vibrant, and her eyes were bright.

Gu Tingchuan was agitated. He rubbed her cheeks and quickly press a kiss to her red lips before saying, “In fact, you already have enough knowledge, Teacher Yi.”

Yi Ran was embarrassed and smiled at him. The praise already made her very happy. She leaned her head back and enjoyed the exclusive service of her famous husband. He explained the legendary charm of the movie for her in his low, magnetic tone.

Later, Yi Ran feel asleep on the plane, and they soon reached their destination safely.

Because Gu Tingchuan’s schedule was too full, they didn’t have much time. Excluding the round trip travel time, they would only have a few days to play at most.

But, she didn’t mind going anyway. As long as there’s Gu Tingchuan and food, everything was more than enough.

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