LTPC Chapter 62: Eating One’s Own Bitter Fruit

At the school, Yi Ran gave the other teachers her lesson plans. Then, she told the children that she would be gone for 3 days. By the time the afternoon came around, it was time to leave school.

On the way back, she resolved to return to normal. But, from time to time, she would remember the reporters clutching at her frantically and deliberately slandering her marriage. These vivid pictures were like heavy shadows, making her mind feel confused and complicated.

But as Mrs. Gu, she must have the strength and self-confidence to put those matters behind her. Yi Ran knew that this would not be the last time this happened. If it happens again in the future, she will also take measures for Gu Tingchuan.

By the time she arrived in Jiaye, Gu Tingchuan was working in his office.

Earlier, he had already met with others to discuss the time to re-start the premiere. The public opinion on the internet was developing on the bright side. As long as they crushed the rumors those people started, the “conspiracy theory” regarding infidelity can be thoroughly washed away.

Hearing someone knocking at the door, he raised his eyes and told the other person to enter. He saw Yi Ran’s smiling face, her fair skin paired with eyes that curved like the moon, and the whole room was suddenly brighter.

Gu Tingchuan immediately got up and stepped in front of her. He took a closer look at her face and determined that she was okay, so he finally let go of some worry.

“You haven’t experienced this kind of thing before, were you scared?”

“How could I be so weak? Although I lacked the ability to adapt, but I have seen it in TV series and novels, and I can guess what they’re like.”

Yi Ran smiled, but her voice was still a little hoarse. Gu Tingchuan heard her, frowned, and asked, “How about after the commotion? You need to protect your throat.”

“Yes, I know. Now that I’ll be on vacation for three days…Oh, right… Does Principal Gu knows your family? ”

“That’s right.” He leaned over and hugged her. Before Yi Ran could react, she was already firmly hugged. The man kissed her cheek. “I’ve burdened you ”

Yi Ran grabbed his arm and smelled the clean scent on his shirt. She couldn’t help but indulge in it as they quietly enjoyed the sweetness of each other’s company.

Gu Tingchuan was relieved. “This matter will soon pass, and you won’t be subject to this kind of crime anymore.”

“How’s the investigation?”

Gu Tingchuan thought for a moment, and said that Hao Zhenlei and Gu Baiyu were the culprit.

Some thoughts flashed in Yi Ran’s eyes, and she couldn’t help feeling a little uneasy. “In the end, it was still the trouble I’ve caused. If I knew, I wouldn’t have cared about what happened at the hotel!”

Gu Tingchuan gently covered her lips with his fingers. He narrowed his eyes and resolutely replied, “You were doing good deeds. But you didn’t expect to meet a bad dog, nor did you expect to be bitten by Guo Baiyu.”

What more could Yi Ran say?

He glanced at his watch and said, “Xiao Zhao has brought Guo Baiyu and asked her to wait in the conference room. Stay here and wait for my news.”

She smiled and nodded, knowing that the matter was being handled and she would just get in the way.

Gu Tingchuan saw that Yi Ran’s eyes clearly reflected his own image, and he smiled. “As for Hao Zhenlei, he won’t be arrogant in S City anymore.”

He said this lightly, but Yi Ran was already aware that this was the style of the big chaebol and their families: It was time to make xx go bankrupt, and so on. This seemed to make sense.

The one with the most power determine the lives and deaths of others.

As she was thinking, the man bowed his head and kissed down her neckline, tickling her heart. At this moment, nothing could be more healing than his familiar embrace and kiss.

His kiss stole over her like magic. His warm palms were pressed against her waist, and the heat of his lips brushing against her mouth filled her chest with warmth.

He lingered on her mouth, his nose brushing against her face. As long as he touches her body, she couldn’t help but love his affectionate snuggle and seek more comfort.

In the end, Gu Tingchuan pressed his lips against her forehead and softly said, “Wait until I have finished handling these matters and then we can go home for dinner.”

Yi Ran’s ears were reddish as she clutched his shirt. She thought about what he said and murmured, “Oh, I haven’t bought any food yet….”


Guo Baiyu sat in the conference room with her agent. She pulled off her sunglasses, revealing a haggard face. They turned back to see Gu Tingchuan enter with an assistant. She noticed that he looked stern and his whole body exuded a sense of wrongness.

“Director Gu …” When Guo Baiyu met his gaze, she was almost startled. She had never seen such a cold expression on his face before, not even when he was at his worst when directing.

Gu Tingchuan’s figure was shrouded in darkness, and the dark expression on his face instantly made people panic.

“Do you want to go ahead and say it, or should I ask?” He sat down not far from them. His thin lips maintained a curved line, and he looked at them coldly. “But you should understand that, in the end, it made no difference.”

Guo Baiyu also wanted to make one last struggle. It was either this or to wail in tears or to laugh crazily. “Director Gu, I don’t understand you…”

“I’ll talk first. If you still want to hide anything from me or say any false words, I will make you pay the price.”

Gu Tingchuan raised his lips, but the cold iceberg force that exuded from him had long made people unable to resist.

Guo Baiyu’s lips were pressed tight together. She shot a secretive glance at her agent and said, “This morning, Mrs. Gu was blocked by reporters. I was the one who told them where to go.”

That night, after the scene at the premiere, many reporters came to her asking why she went to Gu Tingchuan’s apartment. Guo Baiyu never denied nor confirmed anything. Instead, she hid the matter as if it was the truth. Then, she urged them to see Yi Ran, saying that Mrs. Gu would give them an answer. She even leaked Yi Ran’s work location to those reporters.

Gu Tingchuan thought about these things that Xiao Zhao had already reported to him, and then waited slowly for her to continue to expose herself.

“It was me. Since the night at the hotel, I still  kept in touch with Hao Zhenlei…”

Guo Baiyu couldn’t get Gu Tingchuan’s affection, and after offending him, she had seen that her career was no longer making any improvements. She heard that Hao Zhenlei was going to enter the entertainment industry and thought that if she was attentive to him, he would allow her to play a main female lead.

“But I didn’t know what happened at the premiere that day!” She suddenly looked up at him and her expression shifted, her eyes still full of love.

However, Gu Tingchuan didn’t respond at all, only using a faint look to signal her to continue.

Guo Baiyu bit her lower lip tightly and said word after word, “It was afterwards that Hao Zhenlei told me that he had sent people to follow me and to take those pictures …”

In fact, Hao Zhenlei wanted to give Gu Tingchuan trouble, to cause his movie to be attacked by some public opinion, and at the same time intended to set off some rumors, thereby undermining his stable marital status.

How many dirty methods he used before to do serious business, now he wanted to wash them all away. However, the inferiority that was deep in his bones could not be easily forgotten, just like a person cannot easily forget their roots.

If Hao Zhenlei had long seen Gu Tingchuan as someone unpleasant, Guo Baiyu had long hated him because of love. After going to Gu Tingchuan’s apartment and being photographed, she simply cooperated with him.

Gu Tingchuan’s eyes flashed coldly, and the surging undercurrents in those eyes was almost suffocating.

Guo Baiyu knew that everything was a foregone conclusion. Her body was trembling slightly, and the agent next to her finally sighed, wanting to please her artist. “Mr. Gu, you will stay your hand and let us go alive, right?”

Her miserable appearance fell into his eyes, but she could not change anything. Gu Tingchuan just smiled coldly. “This would be based on your own ability. Neither my wife nor I would help you again. ”

This was the bitter fruit that she had planted.

Gu Tingchuan continued. “For my marriage and for my wife, you must hold a press conference. As for what you want to say to the media, you will have a briefing with Xiao Zhao and he will instruct you. I don’t want my wife to become harmed by any rumors because of you. In this matter, you have absolutely no conditions to refuse me.”

Guo Baiyu kept talking and tried to ask for mercy several times but was blocked by Gu Tingchuan’s cold face. She knew that there was no room for her to discuss with the other party. If she kept bothering him again, she may end up worse…

Gu Tingchuan said, “If you want to develop in other regions, I will not interfere. But don’t appear under my eyes. ”

This sentence seemed to leave her a lifeline, but in fact, it was no longer possible for her to have a place in the domestic entertainment industry.

After the press conference, she will disappear in this circle.

As for going to Japan or South Korea for development, although these were not within the scope of Gu Tingchuan’s influence, there was certainly no way to go.

Gu Tingchuan remembered that his little wife was still waiting next door. He didn’t want to waste time here anymore and stood up. He smiled at Xiao Zhao. “You tell them about the requirements I’ll go first.”

From the corner of his eyes, Xiao Zhao also noticed that Guo Baiyu’s wane face had become even more pale. He nodded and said, “Director Gu, please rest assured.”

Xixi: I forgot mention that the Principal Gu from Yi Ran’s school and the Gu family were not related. The Gu in their names were spelled with different characters and mean different things.
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Hahaha. She should have at least saved herself some dignity.