LTPC Chapter 61: Continuous Fermentation

Yao Juan lowered his head and looked at her. “Is everything okay?”

“It’s fine now. My husband’s bodyguard had already came over.” Yi Ran smiled reluctantly, pretending to be indifferent and easy-going. She raised her hand to push back a strand of hair.

Teacher Yao frowned deeply in front of her and, seeing that the girl’s face was pale, said, “What the hell was Gu Tingchuan doing? I don’t understand their rules, but shouldn’t they take care of it in the media?”

Seeing Yao Juan’s unusually serious face, Yi Ran felt a little nervous. His heart seemed to be immersed in a sour solution and his first instinct seemed to be wanting to quarrel with Mr. Gu.

“I already said that he sent someone to protect me. This time, an accident happened, and the reporters found me somehow …”

He looked at her forbearance and sighed. He was only upset because he cared about this disturbance.

“You caused a commotion like this and there were already many parents and students who witnessed it. I suspect…”

Before Yao Juan could finish speaking, Guan Yilu walked in on the two of them. She looked at Yi Ran in confusion before saying, “Yi Ran, I just met Principal Gǔ and she asked me to tell you that she wanted to see you in her office. ”

Yi Ran still hadn’t managed to caught her breath and now must stand back up.

Principal Gǔ was the new female principal. After she had arrived at the principal’s office, she had looked around for awhile and then promptly threw away all the materials used by Shi Xiang. The office was also renovated from inside out into a feminine style.

“Yi Ran, don’t be nervous. Have we had a chance to chat alone before?”

Principal Gǔ spoke in a low and gentle voice, which helped Yi Ran calmed down enough to return her smile. From previous experience in dealing with her, the other party always gave a good impression.

“I already know what happened at the school gate this morning.” The principal’s gaze fell on Yi Ran, and for a moment it was difficult to read her expression.

Yi Ran pondered and said, “I’m sorry, Principal Gǔ, I didn’t mean it …”

“I understand. You don’t need to hurry to apologize.”

She gestured for Yi Ran to stop and, seeing the girl’s face look slightly tight, also guessed that she must have felt guilty. She bluntly said, “I know some of the Gu family and have also heard about what happened at Gu Tingchuan’s premiere. The media is very curious about your life, which is normal.”

Yi Ran listen to this point and was a little surprised. When she was about to ask something, the mobile phone in her pocket vibrated. She guessed who might have called, but she didn’t interrupt the conversation with Principal Gǔ.

At this moment, Principal Gǔ stood up, walked to her, and patted her shoulders with concern. She sounded very reasonable and very much in control of the situation as she said, “However, you will cause unnecessary disturbances when you enter and leave the campus. It would be a problem for students and parents. ”

Yi Ran closed her eyes and nodded silently.

Principal Gǔ still smiled and had not meant to embarrass her. “So, I can grant you a maximum of three days’ leave. I’ll have a substitute teacher temporarily take care of your class. I hope you and Mr. Gu can handle things properly, Teacher Yi. ”

She knew that this was the best way to deal with it. There was nothing to refute and no room for grievances. She said in a dull voice, “I see, Principal Gǔ. ”

Yi Ran walked out of the office in despair. Seeing that it was almost time for the morning class, she planned to go back and get teaching materials first.

She didn’t know who caused the incident and how long until it blew over. As she was worrying, her cell phone rang again.

Seeing that it was Gu Tingchuan calling, Yi Ran’s heart tightened.


At last, it was the blooming season and so the white-collar workers at Jiaye had been very busy since the early morning.

Earlier, even before Yi Ran had arrived at the school, Gu Tingchuan had already reached his private office.

The carpet, which was Nepalese hand-woven, had been a recent replacement, and the colorful prints lined the entire space with a sense of art. However, at this moment, the atmosphere was chilly as an ice cellar.

Director Gu sat in his work chair with a cup of hot coffee in hand, his face slightly haggard,

Xiao Zhao was sitting on a stool in front of the office long table, and on the sofa not far behind sat Gu Tingyong, who came from the branch.

Gu Tingchuan’s fingers intermittently tapped on the table and his eyes were narrowed as he quietly listened to the results of Xiao Zhao’s investigation over the past few days.

It turned out that several “high-level fans” who participated in the premiere event were threatened one after another and tasked with performing out their drama during the premiere.

Gu Tingchuan’s eyebrows were calm, but his eyes still emitted a cold chill. His voice had absolutely no fluctuations as he said, “Did you find out who touched my premiere?”

Xiao Zhao didn’t dare to look up, but factually reported, “It was Hao Zhenlei. He made use of his underground connections to bride some people.”

It was important to discover who was behind the scheme. For the Gu family, it wasn’t really a big deal. However, the Hao family, which was used to sinister means, was simply not astute enough and had left behind bits and pieces of clues everywhere.

As long as you go online and checked the accounts of a few people, you can see that the “special funds” were deposited by a company that belonged to Hao Zhenlei.

It was difficult to know if this person had become so arrogant in recent years that he thought he could let Gu Tingchuan eat such a loss without incurring much damage.

Gu Tingchuan thought a little bit and realized that it was probably due to the unpleasant hotel confrontation some time ago. Furthermore, he also heard that Hao Zhenlei planned to get involved in the entertainment industry. last time.

After listening to Xiao Zhao’s brief description of the Hao family background, Gu Tingyong’s face clearly displayed his utter disdain and contempt. “Isn’t this just new money who is involved in underground affairs? His dog eyes must be blind enough to think he could bully our Gu family.”

Hao Zhenlei’s power was developed steadily in several big cities, but he was still an ant compared to the Gu family.

In fact, he knew very little about the Gu family at all.

Seeing that Gu Tingchuan spent most of his time making movies, he thought that the surname Gu was only born to ordinary wealthy people. In fact, the Gu family style was just too low-key.

Their sharp edges were all carefully concealed.

There were some things that Yi Ran did not even know about and that Gu Tingchuan currently did not want her to know too much about.

The Gu family was built on a solid foundation that had been accumulated over several generations. Many members of the Gu family had established companies abroad, and almost all were pioneers in various fields. Together, they created an unshakeable network of wealth and power.

It was Gu Tingchuan’s paternal grandfather who paved the way.

The old man Gu had been bedridden for many years and now that he had grown old, he lived in seclusion abroad with nary a care for worldly affairs. However, he always believed that his poor health was due to the fact that his business style was too aggressive, leaving him with no way out. Today’s result was therefore inherited from this past.

Therefore, the juniors education were well-balanced and focused on discerning right and wrong. As a result, except for Gu Linfeng’s two sons, the other juniors stayed far away from the media, living quietly.

Gu Tingyong was furious and felt impatient with his brother’s calm. He said unpleasantly, “The older generation said that we should keep our minds hidden. We all remember it, but now we are all bullied within our own family territory.”

The light washed over the faces of the two young masters of the Gu family, making them look even more austere. Gu Tingchuan was about to say something but saw that Xiao Zhao was looking at the screen of his mobile phone, his expression growing increasingly more anxious.

He felt that something was wrong so he asked, “What’s going on?”

Xiao Zhao cleared his throat and said, “Chief Gu, they’re having a hard time getting through to me, but they just sent news that Mrs. Gu was harassed by a crowd of reporters at the school gate this morning.”

Gu Tingchuan froze, but his eyes were chaotic. His voice suddenly rose, “Why did they suddenly go to her? Didn’t anyone receive the news in advance?!”

He usually didn’t easily express his joy or anger But, at this moment, the other two people in the room felt an irrepressible anger coming from him.

Gu Tingchuan only felt a bitterness in his heart. He did not expect that in such an unexpected situation, he would allow Yi Ran to face the mob alone. He always knew that these reporters were crazy. Thinking that Yi Ran had to deal with them…He felt a heavy fist slam in his heart.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Gu, I find out the situation now.”

Xiao Zhao went out on the phone and Gu Tingchuan immediately dialed Yi Ran’s mobile phone. But, even after a few tries, the outcome was always a busy signal. His appearance was as still as the deep sea as he worried whether she had encountered something else.

Five minutes later, Xiao Zhao returned to the office, cleared his throat, and hurriedly reported to Gu Tingchuan. “The reporters said that it was Miss Guo Baiyu who provided them with Mrs. Gu’s information.”

Gu Tingchuan couldn’t help sneering, regardless of whether it was Hao Zhenlei or Guo Baiyu, they were both in too much of a hurry.

“Find out if the two of them are colluding and want to sing a play.”

However, he won’t allow Guo Baiyu to escape. She was stupid enough to create trouble for Mrs. Gu.

Gu Tingyong, seeing that his brother had not made up his mind, he tried to convince him by holding a fire in his heart. “I just wanted to say that you have been filming for too long. The reality of the world is that the weak are often preyed upon by the strong. You’ve forgotten this.”

Gu Tongchuan raised his eyebrows and a pair of cold eyes turned to look at him.

“Guo Baiyu put out a few words just to let Yi Ran be blocked once and you’re already this nervous. If we let Hao Zhenlei off and allow him even a little bit of life and if he fails to appreciate our kindness and reaches out his hands to touch Yi Ran, then it might be too late for you to even cry.”

Gu Tingchuan also had the arrogance of the Gu family in his bones. At first, he felt that this incident was simply a farce. Hao Zhenlei was like a dirty mouse in his eyes.

However, it was a mistake for him not to put the Gu family in his eyes and tried to touch something that he shouldn’t.

The first step would be to make Hao Zhenlei lose his foothold in S City. Although it would only rip off his fur and won’t hurt his bone marrow, they still have time and resources to give him a few more rounds in order to resolve this matter satisfactorily.

As soon as Gu Tingchun thought of the effect this might have on Yi Ran, he decided that it was better to cut off the roots to prevent future troubles.

“I’ll leave this matter to you. In the meantime, I’ll greet the elders and brothers and sisters of the Gu family.

After all, this time he will definitely use some of the Gu family’s financial resources and relationships, which will surely shock the elders.

“Be thorough.” Gu Tingchuan stood up, still holding his mobile phone. He glanced back at Xiao Zhao and Gu Tingyong, and his voice became even colder. “Don’t allow him to escape.”

Gu Tingchuan walked to a lounge on the roof of the company. He called Yi Ran and this time the other party finally answered.

“How are you?”

When she heard Gu Tingchuan’s familiar steady voice, she remembered the accident today and felt exhausted and helpless.

She held the mobile phone and felt a little warmth in her heart as she said, “Did you arrange those people to protect me in the morning?”

“Yes. I’ll send someone off duty to pick you up later and bring you to the company.”

In fact, he had arranged for bodyguards early on. He wanted them to be able to protect her when he was not around, especially during her commute. However, today, these people became busy with other matters and the traffic on the road was too terrible. This was why they were late.

Gu Tingchuan heard her hoarse voice and his expression became more gloomy.

Yi Ran could hear the softness and worry in his voice. She tried to appease his concerns and said with a smile, “Okay, I’ll see you later.”

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