LTPC Chapter 66: Small Scheme

The more Yi Ran looked at the contents of the box, the more she felt that these things were toys bought by a man to please a woman and to give the sentiment that love was as sweet and thick as honey.

Since the other party wanted to give her something, naturally she wanted her to see it, which caused her to have some conjectures.

Yi Ran held the box, and after thinking about it for a long time, she still couldn’t believe that it had anything to do with Gu Tingchuan. Besides, Guo Baiyu was no longer a love rival. Was there any other woman that she didn’t know about?

Lin Yuanyu accompanied Gu Tai to do his homework in the lounge, and then took the things she brought and went alone to the office. Since there was no clue, the best option was for Yi Ran to directly ask the man himself.

Gu Tingchuan was looking at some plans in his office, and when she came in, he pointed to a plate of snacks prepared on the table. His eyes were still trained on the white paper in front of him. Although he still looked cold and indifferent, but his eyes had became a little softer.

However, Yi Ran intended to blame him deliberately. She placed the box in front of the man, put her hands on hips, and pretended to be angry as she said, “Mr. Gu, you are so daring. You dare to send other women jewelry!”

Gu Tingchuan lifted up his chin to look at her. “What’s this?”

“The girl from housekeeping downstairs gave it to me. She said it was for Mrs. Gu …”

Gu Tingchuan removed the documents on the table, opened the box and looked at it. Suddenly there was a sense of inexplicable laughter.

A thought flashed through Yi Ran’s mind, but it flashed too fast and she couldn’t catch it.

The man reminded her. “There is more than one ‘Mrs. Gu’ here.”

Yi Ran was stunned and instantly understood the meaning of her husband words. This little cleaning girl was new. Even if she saw her with sister-in-law, she only knew of Yi Ran as Mrs. Gu.

This was embarrassing …

Gu Tingchuan turned the card over and said thoughtfully, “… Nian En, just this name.”

“Who is Nian En? Do you know her?” Yi Ran looked scornfully at him.

“Gu Tingyong might recognize the name.” His tone was full of ridicule for his elder brother.

She sweated a little and then whispered, “Well … are you going to hand it over to sister-in-law?”

Gu Tingchuan was thinking about how to deal with this matter when they heard someone knock on the door. The other side came without waiting for a response. “Tingchuan ah, I thought of something … Hey, what are you looking at? ”

Blame the box in front of this man for being too conspicuous. Not to mention, the diamond jewels were shining too brightly against the light and making them difficult to hide.

Yi Ran winked at Gu Tingchuan, but the other side was indifferent. He just quietly handled the box in his hand.

“Nothing, I’m … looking at what Tingchuan sent me.”

Lin Yuanyu felt that they were acting weird. When she looked down, she saw the card on the table, and she picked it up curiously. “What’s this?”

When she saw the words on the card, her expression completely froze.

Seeing her like this, Yi Ran guessed that nothing could be concealed this time, and that Mars would hit the earth …

“… Nian En, Ni Nian En?” Lin Yuanyu was full of anger and stared at Gu Tingchuan. “I know. She’s that little star Nina?”

Gu Tingchuan answered her calmly, “I don’t know. ”

Lin Yuanyu looked at the front and back of the card, then she grabbed the box and opened it. Now that everything became clear, she threw the things on to the ground. Without looking at Yi Ran and Gu Tingchuan, she turned and walked out.

Yi Ran gazed at Mr. Gu. “Now…what should I do? Should I give chase?”

He rubbed his eyebrows. “No, sister-in-law has a big temper. It’s useless for others to try to persuade her.”

Gu Tingchuan really didn’t want to care about his brother’s breaking things, but in order not to be caught, he still had to call him to remind him.

Yi Ran drummed her cheeks and said indignantly, “Well, what’s with the bad habits of a typical rich young master? Even his wife is useless. Sister-in-law has a good body, a good family background, and a wide range of insights. She’s a smart and beautiful person, and she has a very easy-going personality. Occasionally, she’s very cute… She is really perfect, but your eldest brother has to go outside to find ‘stimulus’.”

Gu Tingchuan knew that this diatribe would affect himself, and he hurriedly said, “Yes, unlike my wife’s strict control. Nothing will happen here. ”

Yi Ran’s eyes began to narrow as she stared at him. “That’s nonsense. Where am I controlling? If you want to provoke others, what could I do? ”

Director Gu slowly answer, “Your husband just refused to communicate for a week, and you had to run back to your family as a ‘threat’. What do you think?”

Yi Ran: “…”

Her cheeks flushed red. She didn’t want to talk to this man anymore. It was better to go and see how sister-in-law was doing.


For most of the night, Lin Yuanyu’s complexion was very poor due to anger. There were hidden fires in her eyes, and the cold aura around her could freeze people directly.

Yi Ran felt that this fact was not comforting, and although Gu Tai did not know what had happened, he could guess why his mother was upset. In short, it was nothing more than the father who annoyed the mother.

He whispered to Teacher Yi, “If the two of them really got a divorce one day, I’ll stay with you.”

Yi Ran: “…”

She wondered if she should cry or laugh.

When they arrived at the Gu family estate, Lin Yuanyu walked into the hall without looking at Gu Tingyong and went to say hello to his parents first. The eldest brother could only follow her awkwardly, pretending that everything was calm.

Gu Linfeng and Sheng Ru also saw that something was wrong, but they couldn’t directly ask. Everyone bore through their dinner. Immediately after, Gu Tingyong stood up and called his wife and said, “Let’s go upstairs and have a chat ”

Lin Yuanyu gave him a faint glance, but because of the presence of her in-laws, she could not refuse directly so she could only follow him upstairs.

Yi Ran glanced at the silent Gu Tai beside him and asked carefully, “Well, shall I play a game with you?”

She just hoped that the sound insulation here was better.

Gu Tingyong and his wife walked to the balcony. Lin Yuanyu said coldly, “I’m going to pack my luggage now. I want to go back to Germany. I want to take Gu Tai back!”

They had been husband and wife for so many years. Gu Tingyong naturally knew how to coax his wife. He pulled on her hand. “We’re still working on this marriage and suddenly you want to break up. Wouldn’t you be letting others succeed?”

“What letting others succeed? Gu Tingyong, I’ve had enough of you and your Nina. She sent me everything you’d sent her and even wrote a card of affection. Apparently, she doesn’t want your money, just your love!”

Gu Tingyong directly pulled her into his arms. He couldn’t help feeling distressed at seeing her eyes bright with tears. “Wasn’t all this just because she didn’t get my love?”

“You’re disgusting!” Her tears were brought on by this man and she pushed him away. “You said nothing about these women? As if you haven’t done that kind of thing? I don’t believe you really didn’t like anyone else!”

Gu Tingyong hugged Lin Yuanyu from behind, making her unable to escape. “I have said that it was a moment of confusion. It wasn’t anything serious, and there will never be a second time. I’ll repeat it again. It’ll never happen again in this life. You have given me a chance…how can I still do something like this?”

“But you’ve hurt me now! Today, it may be Nina, but tomorrow, it could be someone else. How can I bear it? ”

Lin Yuanyu was now furious, Gu Tingyong knew this. He frowned tightly. The moonlight clearly reflected the emotions floating at the bottom of the man’s eyes, and his face was full of heartfelt regret.

“Anyway, no matter what I say now, you won’t be happy.”

Lin Yuanyu heard these words and looked at him. Gu Tingyong seemed to be struggling and finally said frankly, “Last time, I told you that I stayed for Gu Tai. In fact, this was a lie.”

His eyes flickered, and he tightened his embraced on Lin Yuanyu. “I hope that you won’t leave so I made up a reason for you to stay. ”


Yi Ran and the children played a few games. When their eyes became sore, they looked up to see that Gu Tingchuan had came over. He looked at them sternly and said, “Time to stop.”

Gu Tai put down the gaming console and stretched his little lazy waist. “The two upstairs also started out very loving. But, beware, the years are not forgiving. ”

Yi Ran tapped a knuckle against his little brain. “My God, why is this child’s mouth so poisonous?”

Gu Tingchuan also glared at his nephew as a warning.

At this time, Gu Tingyong and his wife also came down, and the three hurriedly observed the couple’s reaction. Although they were still not speaking to each other, they were obviously no longer in such a tense situation as before Gu Tingyong also dragged Lin Yuanyu’s hand tightly, as if he was refusing to let go.

Yi Ran felt relieved from the bottom of her heart and looked down to see that Gu Tai was also smiling.

No matter how the child behaved, he still hoped that his parents would reconcile.

She couldn’t help but sigh. The Gu family man was so terrific that they were able to turn the tide.

Gu Tai was yelled by Lin Yuanyu to eat fruit. Director Gu just happened to walk by and saw the fascinated look on Yi Ran’s face. He tapped her forehead and whispered, “What’s up with you?”

“As the saying goes, ‘Do not do unto others what you would not have them do unto you.’ I still hope that they would reconcile so their small family won’t be broken up.”

She smiled faintly, unable to hide the inexplicable emotions in her heart. “There are some things we probably can’t avoid. You can also admire other girls. In the future, maybe you will also be interested in other people.”

If this was in the past, Gu Tingchuan might not be able to honesty and truthfully answer her. But now, he knew exactly what to say:

“Appreciating someone and liking someone are very different things to me. I have appreciated others before, but I’ve never liked anyone like you. You’re the only one I’ve also wanted to marry.”

After listening to his words, Yi Ran looked up in surprise, feeling at a loss for words.
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4 years ago

Thank you for the update.

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My, why these family dramas are so tiring… Poor gu tai

Thank you for the translation 🙂 happy new year!

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thank for the update, happy new year!!

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You’re welcome!

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Yes, the authors stretches it on far too long, honestly. But I’m glad this plot point is wrapping up. 😄

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You’re welcome. Happy New Year!

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2020 goal: Gu Tingchuan clone, pls ��

Thanks for the chapters, xixi ❤ and happy new year ����

4 years ago

Man… I'm not a fan of this outcome. I know quite a few people in various stages of relationships (dating/married) who've had cheating partners. The reality is, it does not stop. Someone is capable of it once, they will do it again.

Maybe he'll be able to hide it better next time.

Lin Yuanyu is such an outstanding woman, I'm sure she'd still have a chance at a good life with someone faithful to her after divorce. If her husband cheats on her 5 years from now, 10 years from now, she would have been even more tightly locked into her marriage and wasted all that time on emotional doubt and unhappiness. Not worth it.

TT kitty
TT kitty
1 year ago
Reply to  Anonymous

ayeeee! So true! if a person can cheat once, they will cheat again! Leave the scum while you can, the earlier the better!
Gu Tingyong’s character was revealed to be typical scum hotshot from the start. It’s stupid to think that he will turn over and have a good character. But if that’s how the author paints him, what can we do?

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I thought the exact same thing. He'll definitely cheat again because he kept talking about how hard it was to resist outside temptations in the previous chapters. I could never stay with a man that cheated on me.

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I secretly hope that Lin Yuanyu will just walk away. Cheater always cheat.

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Guys, I could say that I agree with you, but I have passed for the same thing at home with my parents. They are still together, cause they were able to work thing together. So this outcome is possible and very real. But, I don't know if I will be able to do the same with this happens to me.

Life is strange and full of problems, we can't put everything and everyone under the same form.