LTPC Chapter 67: Not Enough Love

Gu Tingchuan saw her surprise and smoothed her hair, saying, “From a rational point of view, we really can’t predict what will change in the future, but things are fine now.”

“Yes, that is true.” Yi Ran smiled gently at him, her eyes bright and clear.

He brushed his knuckle against the tip of her nose. “Eat more fruit. You ate too much meat at dinner.”

“…” It was obvious that his parents had been putting vegetables in her bowl at dinnertime!

As he was leaning against the dining room table, Gu Tingyong saw his brother coming. He coughed softly and said, “What’s going on with the security of your building? Anyone can bring anything in.”

Gu Tingchuan saw that the culprit was behaving in reverse and his smile was especially bad. “The other party said that she was Master Gu’s friend. Who would dare to stop her?”

Brother Gu’s facial muscles jerked. “It would be inconvenient if this goes on. Thanks to brother’s help.”

Gu Tingchuan expressionlessly took a sip of tea and said, “I said you need to solve these things yourself.”

“How would I know that this woman would become too vengeful? What she wants is not just my love but also hopes to make my family feel uneasy. This makes her happy.” As he was speaking of this, Gu Tingyong also understood that this was a disaster brought about by himself. He was the one who really hurt the family, not the vengeful girl.

“Well, it’s ok. I’ll deal with it. Thank you, Director Gu, for calling me to inform me earlier.”

Yi Ran came over with a plate of dragon fruit, handed it to the elder brother, and smiled at him sweetly. Then, she said, “Brother, eat. Sister-in-law told me to bring it to you.”

Gu Tingyong picked up the fork, looked at the young couple who seemed to be in love, and laughed.

These two people were obviously married first before they even so much as talked about love.


After the release of Farewell to the Moonlight, the film went all the way to the top of the box office list. As a result, Gu Tingchuan was nominated for several film industry awards at the end of the year, and Yi Ran’s Weibo also attracted a lot of attention.

This was a happy moment for them, and she was also smiling and happy all day.

Yi Ran had just returned from the principal’s office when she saw that there was a young girl in her seat. The girl was wearing a high school student uniform and had a face like peach blossoms. Her legs were stretched out as she flipped through an entertainment magazine.

She was wondering whose daughter the girl was when Yao Juan’s voice came from behind her, “Sorry, Yi Ran, I just let her sit there first.”

“… is she your sister?”

Before Yao Juan could answer, the high school girl jumped up. “Who’s his sister? That big mold is restricting my personal freedom.”

Teacher Yao pushed up his spectacles and pointed to her. “Speak quietly. There are other teachers at work!

After saying this, he explained to Yi Ran, “This is is the daughter of my mother’s oldest friend. Her name is Chi Qianwen, and she will take the college entrance examination next year. I’m tasked with tutoring her. Yes, I’m the “big mold.”

Yi Ran raised her eyebrows and waved her hand generously. “Let her sit, I should go back.”

“Principal Gu just asked for you… Is everything all right?”

Seeing Yao Juan’s expression of concern, she hurriedly explained, “It should be considered a good thing. She just said that she felt that my class was very energetic, and the form of teaching was also a bit novel or something, and she wants to recommend me to participate in the district first class competition.”

The so-called class competition, as the name implied, was a competition for quality lessons, demonstration lessons, and language instructions. The general participating content essentially focused on how to teach children the proper reading method or on courses like literacy and so on.

After hearing this, a smile appeared between Yao Juan’s eyebrows, and he nodded immediately. “Principal Gu really know how to look at people. You have affinity, a fresh image, and you can speak reasonably and think quickly. Of course, you have this strength.”

Chi Qianwen heard the male teacher’s speech and, seeing the expression on his face, smiled disdainfully.

Yi Ran noticed the girl and winked at Yao Juan. “Mr. Yao, I found that when you talk to this little beauty, why don’t you blush?”

“I’m full of a hundred poisons that she must apparently stay away from,” he said, pressing his lips together in deadpanned expression. “I don’t blame her parents for dealing with her. She’s really thick-skinned.”

Yi Ran let out a burst of laughter and Yao Juan added in a low voice, “Besides, she’s only a child. Why should I be nervous?”

“Oh please. I’ll be eighteen years old in a few months, only a few years younger than you. Don’t always treat me with this attitude, ok?”

Chi Qianwen glanced at the good-looking Yi Ran and raised her chin. “It seems that Yao Juan likes you very much. ”

Yi Ran showed her ring finger. “I’m married.”

“Wait, you seemed familiar…” Chi Qianwen put down the magazine in her hand and walked a few steps closer to looked at Yi Ran. She covered her mouth in shock and said, “Are you… I remember that Gu Tingchuan’s wife is a teacher. Are you really Director Gu’s wife? ”

Teacher Yi shook her head, then nodded.

“Holy crap! It can’t be! I really like Director Gu’s movies. Oh my God!!”

Chi Qianwen excitedly grabbed and hugged Mrs. Gu, as if hugging her was like hugging Director Gu himself.

Yao Juan hurriedly shooed her away from Yi Ran. Frowning, he criticized, “I told you to keep quiet and to not disturb other teachers.”

Chi Qianwen narrowed her eyes unhappily at him. With her beautiful face full of vigor and vitality, she pointed her finger at the man and suddenly said in a soft voice, “Yao Juan, just you wait. One day, you’ll make me happy.”

Yi Ran’s heart jerked in surprise and she turned her head to see Yao Juan’s reaction.

Oh yes, now Teacher Yao finally blushed.

She clapped her hands and said, “Student Chi have good taste and vision. No wonder you like my husband. You have a good future ahead of you.”

Yao Juan’s ears turned red. He didn’t think that the two females would join hands to tease him. He turned his head and said, “Don’t follow her nonsense. Chi Qianwen, pack you and go back with me.”

Chi Qianwen hugged Yi Ran’s arm affectionately and shook her body. “Next time I come, I’ll bring a magazine and you can sign the director’s signature for me, Mrs. Gu.”


Gu Tingchuan’s daily life had probably never been as domestic as these past few days. After returning home, he would ask the assistant to buy vegetables and he would then proceed to wash said vegetables in the kitchen.

Yi Ran hugged the man’s waist from behind. She leaned her head sideway to compliment him. “It smells so fragrant. How can my husband be so good at cooking?”

Gu Tingchuan’s mouth hooked up in silent laughter. Before he could speak, Yi Ran opened her mouth to add, “Alas, it’s a pity that it happens so rarely.”

He turned his head to calmly stare at her and said with a smile, “What utter nonsense.”

“Don’t you have to attend various events and prep for the next movie?”

Seeing Yi Ran’s complicated expression, Gu Tingchuan hugged her and said, “I have some ideas, and there are several other film companies who wanted to cooperate with me.”

Still observing Yi Ran’s expression, he added, “But I’ll consider it after the Chinese New Year. Don’t you want me to stay at home?”

She hurriedly embraced him, her face grinning from ear to ear. “How is that possible? I didn’t think you would have enough time.”

After saying this, she turned to look at the soup on the stove. His voice came from behind her, “Why did you say that?”

She asked, puzzled, “What? ”

Gu Tingchuan’s brows furrowed slightly, but there was a tenderness in his eyes. “Before, why didn’t you say anything?”

Yi Ran adjusted the fire on the stove, then she slowly said, “I wasn’t as familiar with you yet …”

As she turned to look for a small spoon to taste the soup, she thought of all the heart-breaking mental journeys of the past. When she spoke, her low voice had some grievances. “I wanted to say, if I miss you, will you come back?”

Gu Tingchuan pretended to seriously ponder her question. But, when he looked at her, his eyes were full of softness. “Of course, I will.”

Yi Ran’s heart trembled slightly, and she once again pounced on the man, burying her head in his arms and holding him tightly. He won’t know all her careful thoughts in the past, but they were merely traces of their journey. No matter how abundant, she won’t forget these small treasures in the future.

Gu Tingchuan quietly returned her hug for a while. But then, he had to return to cooking. He pulled her a little further away from the stove and said, “Beware of oil splashing.”

Yi Ran tasted the rib soup, and the fresh and delicious flavor burst in her mouth. She thought of business and changed the topic. “Oh, are you free next Saturday? My friend Zhang Rongrong is getting married and wanted to invite us to go drink wedding wine. Would it be an inconvenience to attend their banquet?”

Gu Tingchuan stir-fried the saffron in the non-stick pan, and he said quietly, “I remember that I have a meeting to discuss the filming cooperation with several people in the industry. But, that appointment is a noon so dinner shouldn’t be a problem.”

Yi Ran was not assured. “Won’t you be bored and feel inconvenience? You won’t know anyone there.”

“It’s enough to know you.” Gu Tingchuan raised his eyebrows. “If it ends early, we can go to see a movie afterward.”

Yi Ran let out a sound of disbelief.

Gu Tingchuan glanced at her. “In the evening, there should be less people, right?”

She noticed that his slender hand holding the spatula was especially good-looking.

“Okay, okay. Then, afterward, we won’t disturb the privacy of the bridal chamber and leave right away.”

Anyway, she knew that Gu Tingchuan was not used to participating in such customs.

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4 months ago

I will smack Tianchuan’s head if he didn’t attend RongRong’s wedding. It is thanks to her that Yi Ran able to see his sexy *ss and take responsibility after all lol.