LTPC Chapter 45: Young Idol

After Yi Ran played with Gu Tai for a while, Gu Tingchuan called for the child to go to bed. Then, he took Yi Ran to the indoor window sill on the second floor to look at the night scene. She looked down at the hand he was holding and then looked back up at him. The man looked extraordinarily distinguished under the lights and her heart began pounding.

Tonight, although Yi Ran had a better perception of it, she still didn’t understand the world of the wealthy.

She knew that even when a person’s spiritual strength was stronger, the gap in the material world could still be clearly seen. Just like Gu Tingyong and Lin Yuanyu, both of whom were used to an exquisite and luxurious lifestyle. After listening to them discuss finances and politics, she realized that despite Lin Yuanyu’s childish nature, her knowledge was not superficial.

This realization made her feel that even though she and Gu Tingchuan were so different, he nevertheless became a lover within her reach. Their marriage was indeed a magical existence.

They walked all the way to the bay window and the silent solitude was different from the lively atmosphere downstairs. It was elegantly decorated with tables and chairs in the European style. Gu Tingchuan leaned down and lightly kissed her cheek. She stared blankly at him for a moment before she recovered enough to smile. “Do you have something you want to tell me?”

Gu Tingchuan didn’t rush to answer but found a rattan chair and sat down. He only wore a shirt and a long black dress pants. With a composed temperament and a gentle complexion, he glanced at her and said, “If I want to be alone with you, do I have to have something to say?”

In this gentle moonlight, she looked back at him quietly and walked toward him. She didn’t sit down in front of him but leaned comfortably back against the table. She didn’t have long legs like a model, but her legs were straight and well-proportioned. Her hips, wrapped in jeans, were slightly curved, and at the moment, with her pressed against the table, she looked particularly tempting.

He took her hand lightly and did not say what she wanted to know but instead carelessly asked, “Do you want to drink tea? There are tea in the cupboard, with teapots and cups, all washed.”

“Let’s not bother the director’s hands. I’ll make it for you.”

Yi Ran turned around to take out a clean tea set. As he watched her slim and petite back, Gu Tingchuan’s eyes darkened. Finally, the corners of his mouth hooked up. “I was thinking that since we have a husband and wife relationship, shouldn’t you be more aware of this problem?”

She turned back in surprise and the cup knocked against the porcelain plate with a clear sound. “When am I not aware of?”

“Regarding your suitor, shouldn’t you keep a distance?”

Yi Ran guessed something vaguely in her mind, but she couldn’t believe it. She restrained the giddy smile on her mouth and brought up the hot water for the tea set. In the next second, Gu Tingchuan got up and took the plate from her. After placing it on the table steadily, he lifted the pot handle and slowly pour the tea. At that moment, the only sound was the tea flowing quietly.

She raised an eyebrow at him. “My suitor? Who’s that?”

“Have Yao Juan ever pursued you?”

Yi Ran took a tea cup and brought it up to her lips. Her heart was clearly threatening to jump out of her chest, but she still pretended to be calm. She said, “No. When he began to show me a good impression, I was already married…Hey? The great and majestic Director Gu, how could he be so unexpectedly petty?”

Gu Tingchuan stared at her and resolutely asked, “Have you liked any other man before?”

Yi Ran let out a puff of laughter. Who knew that in the next moment, she would suddenly be pulled into his arms. He held her so tightly that she could not laugh anymore.

The moonlight streaming through the window sill traced her elegant features and the girl in his arms seemed to be become even more exquisite.

“I’ve never talked about love before. At most, a long time ago, I secretly liked a senior who played basketball in the playground. If you want to turn over ‘old accounts,’ mine is definitely less than yours.”

Gu Tingchuan saw her proud look and turned his face to softly kiss her ear. The gentle kiss was like an electric shock throughout her body, making her want to escape but she could not resist against his strength.

Yi Ran decided to relent and appease him instead. “However, if I had met you during my school days, I would definitely love you secretly.”

Even though he already knew the answer, Gu Tingchuan still asked, “Why?”

Seeing that he cared so much, Yi Ran realized that she was probably the first person to get this “honor.”

“There are other reasons aside from your good looks.” She didn’t dare to stare into his eyes and looked at the tea cup on the table. “When I was chatting with your brother earlier, he said that you were different from others since you were little. When you were both in the same junior high school, whenever he came to see you after school, he would often find that other classmates were playing but you…would be leaning against the street lamps by the wall, studying under the moonlight.”

She could even imagine how beautiful the sight was. A handsome schoolboy standing alone and wearing a clean school uniform, his dark black hair gleaming under the quiet moonlight. Who knew how many girls already fell for it?

“I really don’t have any resistance to literary youths like you.”

Although he didn’t know whether she was teasing or praising him, Gu Tingchuan thought her performance was a pass. His eyes gradually lowered to her lips and he said in admonishment, “Remember to keep a distance from Yao Juan in the future.”

Before Yi Ran had time to answer, the man pressed his lips to her shoulder first before capturing her mouth in a kiss. His eyes were reflections of lights and his expression was slightly overbearing.

With her in front of him like this, Gu Tingchuan was moved by a deep affection. He continued to kiss her soft and tender lips, even in front of the window, where anyone could pass by.

Yi Ran devoted herself whole-heartedly to this deep kiss and had no time to care about others.


The school’s winter vacation officially began after the end of final exam.

In addition to Gu Tai achieving first place in class as in the past, Hao Ziyue’s performance also improved significantly. Yi Ran was deeply relieved that she volunteered to work overtime to help tutor him on his bad writing skills.

As for Shi Xiang, he was dismissed from the school. The new principal will take over for him in the new year.

In addition to visiting both her family and her in-laws, Yi Ran also supervised Gu Tingchuan’s physical and mental health as he worked. Although the man took a few days off for the New Year celebration, he was already preparing for his next project. Thus, their honeymoon had to be delayed due to various matters involving the new movie.

Yi Ran was not upset about this because she could fully understand Gu Tingchuan’s position on this matter. He needed to prove himself again with the next film. If he couldn’t return to the peak, then he probably couldn’t let go of the past failure.

After Gu Tingchuan’s script outline was written, he often went to the company to meet with producers in the creative department. When he got home, he would continue to polish the script.

Unlike before, Yi Ran could not only enter and exit his studio at any time, but he would even approach her to discuss the script.

In no time, the company’s production department began to start various preparatory work. The directing department also found a lot of actors for Gu Tingchuan. This time, he had a clear image of what kind of male and female protagonists he wanted. As for the male protagonist, he intended to use a newcomer. Soon, this selection was narrowed down to three people.

Yi Ran had nothing to do during the holidays so she would often visit the company with loving meals and have lunch with him.

Currently, her identity was also different. There were a bunch of fans that seemed to like family members of big stars, and so she had to wear a hat with the brim lowered whenever she visited.

The car was parked in front of the building door, and Yi Ran was able to comfortably enter the internal elevator. She carried a bag of fruits all the way to the top floor, where Director Gu’s office was located. When she saw Xiao Zhao, she smiled kindly and said, “What’s wrong? Is Director Gu not here?”

Xiao Zhao asked the secretary to take her fruits first before taking her back to the elevator. “Director Gu and the deputy director are interviewing the candidates for the leading actor role in the auditorium downstairs.”

This immediately aroused Yi Ran’s interest. “I heard that the director intended to use ‘little fresh meat’? May I have a look?”

Xiao Zhao smiled and took Mrs. Gu down to the casting room, where a few candidates were waiting outside in the hallway. She looked at them and saw that they were really pleasing to the eyes.

The actor closest to her was a young man who looked only a few years younger than her, probably in his early twenties. He was standing and looking around at the door of the casting room. The moment he noticed her, his face exposed some doubts.

“Where did I see you…” He came over and looked at her for a moment. “Are you Director Gu’s…wife?”

Yi Ran was slightly surprised. “Do you really recognize me?”

The boy had just set foot in the entertainment industry and had no worries. He said unobtrusively, “I love to read gossip magazines and saw the photo of you and Director Gu kissing at the hotel door last time!”

The person standing beside him was probably his agent, who gave him a stern glance so that he would shut up and stop talking.

“Sorry, Mrs. Gu. This is a newcomer to our company. He still doesn’t understand …”

However, since he mentioned it, the other two young actors who stood a little farther away also cast curious glances at Yi Ran. After whispering for a while, they came over to say hello.

“Are you really the director’s wife? You are so young and beautiful.”

“Mrs. Gu, hello, I’m glad to meet you. I graduated from the Film Academy…”

Yi Ran was secretly ecstatic. Who knew that, because of Gu Tingchaun’s face, she could enjoy being called beautiful? It was no wonder that wealthy women would want to take care of their little white faces. The feeling was just too awesome!!!

She was chatting with them enthusiastically, until the door to the audition room opened from the inside and the deputy director, Lu Shan, nodded to her with a smile. Then, he moved over and Gu Tingchuan walked out. He looked at her, looked at the handsome young men around her, and his eyes darkened slightly.

Xiao Zhao saw the boss’ expression and cleverly smile. He told everyone, “Well, Director Gu must take a ten-minute break first. The next candidate should prepare in advance.”

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Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
4 years ago

GT if you keep drinking vinegar everytime a reasonably handsome guy talks to your wife, you're going to get I'll lol

4 years ago


Silent Hobby
Silent Hobby
4 years ago

I understand that the feeling surrounded by young and handsome men with sweet mouth 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

4 years ago

some ML: “Have you liked any other man before?”
some awesome FL: " if i did then you wouldnt be my husband now" *smirking*

i like stories where girl chases guy and not guy falling for girl abruptly or for no reason