LTPC Chapter 46: Passionately in Love

Gu Tingchuan’s appearance caused the originally harmonious atmosphere to immediately become tense. Those agents and actors straightened and dared not to even breathe as they watched his face.

Director Gu himself turned a blind eye to these. Although he recently raised some protestations about Yao Juan, he was not a man who would indiscriminately eat vinegar. At this moment, he only gave them a cursory glance before fixing his gaze on Yi Ran. His voice was inconceivably gentle as he said, “When did you arrive?”

Yi Ran smiled slightly. “Just a little while ago. Were we talking too loudly and bothered you?”

Lu Shan opened his mouth, then paused and looked at Director Gu. Meanwhile, Gu Tingchuan’s expression did not change at all. He merely smiled at her and said, “No, I just needed a rest.”

The young actor who was chatting with Yi Ran approached and thoughtlessly and suddenly interjected, “Director Gu, your wife is very cute and has a good personality. We just talked for a bit and she is completely different from what I expected.”

The agent beside him couldn’t wait to find a seal to block his mouth, but Gu Tingchuan only smiled coldly and spit out a short sentence, “Thank you. If you have time, you should pay more attention to the audition.”

After saying this, he turned to the deputy director and his assistant and said, “I’ll return to the office to take a short rest.”

It should be known that, in the past, getting the “workaholic” Director Gu to put down his work for even a little bit to rest was simply an impossible task. But now, Yi Ran appeared and, every time he looked at her, he would smile brilliantly, making people feel as if he was totally indulging in love.

Gu Tingchuan walked by her side and tried to fix the scarf around her neck. However, she held down the back of his hand and looked at him, saying, “Actually, I’ll just take it down. Your company’s heater is on and I feel hot.”

He simply took off her scarf for her and placed it in her hands. Then, he raised his eyebrows and reminded her, “It’s been cold recently. Be more careful of your body.”

The two people getting along with each other so naturally, just like a young couple, really opened the eyes of the crowd.

Yi Ran walked into the elevator in a happy mood. Gu Tingchuan stepped inside after her and turned to press the elevator button. He gaze rested on the group of youthful male actors.

Each figures was healthy, with bright facial features. They were all clearly visually attractive. He still couldn’t hold back and looked at her deeply. He raised his lips and asked, “So happy?”

Yi Ran smirked and teasingly said, “I’m not stupid. These new generation actors don’t really want to provoke me. They want to be close to me so they could borrow me… But I’m satisfied. Hahaha.”

Gu Tingchuan’s lips tipped up. He quietly looked away and, after a moment, said, “This profession has many rules and regulations. Before, the reason why I didn’t take you out into the circle was also because I wanted to avoid this.”

He sighed helplessly but, after having been under Yi Ran’s influence for a while now, his sense of humor had increased. “Don’t say they are just good to you. Many actors are also dedicated to me.”

She laughed and said with a smile, “Director Gu also had a lot of hardships. With such high charisma, he can make all living things go crazy over him.”

When the elevator door dinged open, Gu Tinghuan looked down at her and suddenly softly said, “Yi Ran.”

She froze slightly and looked at him intently.

Gu Tingchuan didn’t rush to speak but first reach out to hold the elevator door open. After Yi ran walked out, he followed closely behind. His voice came sightly from behind her right. “I’m busy with my work. In the near future, it may be even harder to find time. But, filming is a career I can’t give up. I can adjust and manage some schedules and tasks, but I won’t be able to control everything…”

“I already understood all of this,” Yi Ran interrupted. She stood outside his office door, faintly emitting a fresh and sweet fragrance. “At least, I’ll have winter and summer vacations so I can cooperate with you. We still have more time, and if a situation comes up in the future, it won’t be too late to discuss it.”

In fact, what really made Yiran happy today was nothing more than being able to further participate in his work and in his life. The fact that such a man, who was originally aloof and reserved, was able to share his life with her like this today was already a sea of change.

Gu Tingchuan stepped into the office and embraced her. He lowered his head and softly said next to her ear, “We didn’t even have a chance to go on a good trip. I was planning on taking you deep sea fishing.”

“Really?” Yi Ran was interested after hearing that she might be having some fun. Although she regretted not being able to set off right away, as long as she was accompanied by this person, doing so later would never be too late.

Some journeys, as long as you walk with the right person, were already too short to begin with.

Wrapping her arms around his waist, she raised her head up to look at him. “Let’s wait until next time. Anyway, there will be time in the future.”

Gu Tingchuan raised his hand and touched her cheek gently. His soft and alluring eyes noticed Yi Ran’s body slightly trembling, and he promised her word by word, “Whether it is a wedding, a honeymoon, or whatever you desire, I will make it happen one by one, as you wished.”

His voice was clear and distinct, lingering in her ears.

It made her believe that waiting together was already like flowers blossoming.


Originally, Yi Ran planned to accompany Gu Tingchuan in eating fruits, then to admire the “small fresh meat” and then return home. However, in the afternoon, the weather suddenly changed. The spring rain fell down softly like catkins, wrapping the city wetly in a dense layer of rain and fog.

Gu Tingchuan did not want her to run around on such a rainy day and said out of selfishness, “Stay in my office. You can rest or surf the internet. When I’m not too busy, we’ll have dinner together.”

Yi Ran gladly accepted this proposal. It was usually not a problem for her to sit in front of a computer all day, but after sitting for a long time, her back began to ache. As a result, she decided to visit other places in the building.

Outside, the sky was still gloomy and drizzling. Although it was not too cold, the weather will inevitably cool the temperature by a few degrees.

She walked to the hallway with the windows opened and still felt the cold. Regretting that she did not bring her scarf, she was about to return to the office when she suddenly saw a woman walking towards her.

Because she was not psychologically prepared, Yi Ran did not respond for a while and so did not immediately turn around and leave. By the time she realized who the other party was, it was already too late.

Similar to the dark sky outside, the woman’s somber expression was dark and menacing. Guo Baiyu’s voice was low as she told her assistant, “Go ahead. I have a few words to say to Mrs. Gu.”

They had not seen each other since their meeting at the hotel last time. Yi Ran felt that the atmosphere was quite awkward and since she really didn’t have anything to say to her, she merely smiled politely before turning to leave.

As a result, Guo Baiyu forcibly stopped her by raising her voice slightly and saying in a voice full of ridicule, “Have you ever thought that, from the bottom of his heart, no man can truly refuse a beauty? Even if he suppresses the nature of a man, but if he works outside the home for a long time, he inevitably won’t be sleeping alone, in solitude and empty-handed. Not to mention, do you even know how many actresses in Gu Tingchuan’s movies who wanted to sleep with him?”

Yi Ran wanted the other party to shut up, but Guo Baiyu only became more and more outrageous. “Wasn’t Director Gu’s elder brother, Mr. Gu Tingyong, the best example?”

Guo Baiyu’s self-confidence blinded her. She thought that since she was once supported by Gu Tingchuan and had gently held his arm, she would have the chance to win Yi Ran’s status.

Yi Ran could clearly see her scheme. Usually, such a woman who wanted to snatch someone else’s husband, when it was no longer possible to pretend to be friendly, will naturally choose to deliberately sabotage the other person’s husband and wife relationship. This was so the wife will go back and find trouble with her husband.

She was irritated by such a plot and didn’t want to always be in a vulnerable position. She thought for a moment and said without delay, “No wonder Miss Guo had dinner with Mr. Hao.”

Hearing this, Guo Baiyu’s face changed slightly, but she calmed down and sneered. “This circle is not as simple as you think. Do you think I would be so obvious if I do this?”

Yi Ran shook her head and glanced at her. “I just wanted to remind you that Mrs. Hao used to be a young lady as well. What would she say if she knew someone wanted to hook up with her husband?”

Guo Baiyu’s complexion became ugly, and she examined Yi Ran calmly. Wanting to refute, she said, “I’m also an artist cultivated by Director Gu, a person of Jiaye. If you really do this, wouldn’t it be bad?”

Yi Ran’s eyes slowly narrowed and the atmosphere became heavy. “Do you really treat yourself as an international film empress? Or, do you think that Gu Tingchuan wouldn’t be able to make money without you? Do you really want to see whether Gu Tingchaun would kick you out first or whether he would discard me first?”

Whatever Guo Baiyu wanted to say, Yi Ran was not the least bit interested. She turned and pressed the button on the elevator, subconsciously wanting to go to the level where Gu Tingchuan was located.

She leaned against the elevator’s mirror and sighed silently. As she walked to the doorway of the casting room where he was, her expression gradually eased.

Xiao Zhao happened to be standing outside the room and making some arrangements. He saw her and said, “Mrs. Gu, didn’t you say…you’ll wait for Mr. Gu in the office?”

Yi Ran reluctantly smiled and explained, “I got tired of playing on the computer and decided to come down and take a look. You don’t need to inform him. I’ll go back up in a moment.”

Xiao Zhao was very proficient and didn’t ask any more questions. As he was thinking about whether or not to tell Director Gu, Lu Shan came out and said, “Assistant Zhao, please let me just …”

As he said this, he noticed Yi Ran standing on the side and cast a surprised look at her.

Yi Ran knew that Gu Tingchuan was busy auditioning actors for the male lead role, and she didn’t want to interrupt the man’s work, but… Suddenly, it was boring to stay alone in the office, so she just wanted to come closer to him.

Lu Shan handed the rest of the business over to Xiao Zhao and nodded to Yi Ran.

Yi Ran saw that there was still an actor left to be interviewed and so she turned to go back upstairs. A moment later, Director Lu came out again. This time, he looked at her politely. “Mrs. Gu.”

Deputy director Lu Shan added gently, “Director Gu invites you in.”

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