LTPC Chapter 47: Strict Teacher

Yi Ran really didn’t expect to be invited to the casting room. She was a little hesitant and didn’t want to cause them any trouble because of her arrival.

There were shooting machines and lights in the room. Gu Tingchuan sat in the middle seat with his head lowered,. He was in the middle of talking to the high-level leaders around him, but when he noticed her nervousness, he smiled…. Mrs. Gu was really cute.

Yi Ran unexpectedly had to appear in a place filled with such elite people that she couldn’t help but have a bit of stage fright. But then she imagined that this scene was similar to when she held a public class and this soon helped her calm down.

“You came at just the right time,” he said, before solemnly introducing her to everyone. “This is Yi Ran, who is also a language teacher at an international primary school. When I wrote the script, she helped with a lot of amendments. She can also help with providing some opinions regarding the candidates for this role.”

He did not emphasize her identity, but Lu Shan had told the assistant to add a comfortable chair not far behind Gu Tingchuan and then told her, “Please sit.”

Yi Ran sat down uneasily. Aside from the last time when she saw Director Gu calmly control the overall situation in his crew, this was the second time she was able to see him in his element as a creator and an artist.

He turned toward Yi Ran and a smile slowly appeared in his eyes. “After the last audition ends, we’ll discuss the performance of the actors. You can also express your opinions.”

Yi Ran was sitting very close to him and, because they were suddenly “working together,” she felt very excited. She softly asked him, “Is this really okay? I don’t understand the movie and was just coming and going.”

Gu Tingchuan heard her clearly. The sound of her voice managed to dissipate his fatigue from the day’s work. He glanced at her reddish earlobe and slowly said, “What I just said are facts, so why not?”

The reason he asked Yi Ran to join the team was that she could help him with his work. Also, he didn’t know why she suddenly appeared in the hallway so it was better to put her next to him. This will make him feel more at ease.

At this time, Lu Shan came over and calmly handed Yi Ran a profile, whispering, “You can take a look first. Here is the actor’s resume. We’ll see if he is suitable to play in Moonlight.”

Yi Ran hurriedly took it and thanked him.

She already knew that Gu Tingchuan’s new movie was called Farewell to Moonlight, which talked about several young teachers, all with different goals and ideals, who arrived at a small and remote village to become rural teachers. They will face many problems with smiles and tears and, in the end, a return to truth. The script used a lot of writing to describe the characters’ inner worlds, motives and ideals. It was sincere, steady, and yet delicate, displaying the goodness of human nature while giving the audience a beautiful experience.”

After experiencing such a box office failure, the fact that he was able to come up with such a simple and unpretentious counterattack showed that Director Gu had more confidence and bravery than anyone else.

Yi Ran recalled the actor’s character and muttered to herself for a moment before saying, “Director Gu, I always thought that this character…somewhat resembles Yao Juan.”

Gu Tingchuan was unable to restrain his smile as he called someone to fetch the actor. It turned out to be the young man who had taken the initiative to talk to Yi Ran in the hallway. This was really a new actor. He was originally very nervous auditioning in front of Director Gu. But, when he saw Yi Ran, he relaxed a bit and winked at her in greeting.

Director Gu’s expression immediately changed. The young man’s behavior was really too annoying. Frowning slightly, he said coldly, “Do you think I have a lot of time to waste? Why are you just standing there?”

Behind him, Yi Ran hurriedly bowed her head, pretending she was looking at the script. It appeared that that Mr. Gu really was a strict teacher.

After the audition was over, Gu Tingchuan announced a break and everyone purposefully found reasons to walk out of the casting room, leaving Yi Ran alone with her husband. She looked up at the raindrops scattered on the small window, feeling content and peaceful.

Gu Tingchuan sorted out the information at hand and asked her, “Why did you come down here?”

Yi Ran didn’t want to hide from him so she clearly explained what happened with Guo Baiyu. In the end, she mischievously said, “It seems you are too charming. I’ll have to wipe out rivals from time to time. So tiring.”

Gu Tingchuan imagined the scene and raised his hand. His fingers gently brushed across her cheek. She had on light makeup and her lip color was beautiful and alluring. The woman in front of him was feminine and lovely, making him feel as if she was a craving he could not resist indulging in.

The palm of his hand was dry and warm. He leaned in to press a heavy kiss on her mouth. His voice was mild as he said, “After a while, she will no longer appear in Jiaye. We’re in the process of replacing the spokesperson for some of our company’s products. Moreover, I won’t ask her to act in my movies again.”

Gu Tingchuan explained slowly clearly, “She was initially already a stiff actress. Now, she is no different from the actresses in those circles. ”

Yan Ran nodded and said, “Anyway, I won’t be affected by her words. I just got a little fed up with it.”

Gu Tingchuan also understood. These typical females all tend to use to use the same tactics, which also made him feel very bored.

Those famous ladies and film queens always thought that he liked nothing else but sensual vixens. But, he was the exception, a person who was not interested in looking for his other half.

If he hadn’t met Yi Ran, his life would probably have a lot less joy and pleasure. These were experiences that no amount of money could buy.

Besides, he was already very rich.

His heart suddenly softened and he hugged her gently with his hands resting on her hips. He was unafraid that someone might barge in and instead whispered against her ear, “Since getting married, my scandals have plummeted. In the future, it’s better to stay with me more often… ”

He meant…he wanted her to be more involved in his work and stay with him.

She never thought that one day, this spouse would proactively seek her company.

Yi Ran was perturbed and looked at Gu Tingchuan in doubt. She immediately saw his deepening smile and the affirmation in his gaze. She held his fingers and slightly tightened her grasp, still not daring to believe that he would make such a request.

The man’s low voice was magnetic and husky, temporarily making her heart feel overwhelmed. She could only suppress her emotions. She pressed her lips together and her bright and clear eyes became slightly curved. She said, “Okay, I will try my best.”

She will try her best to adapt to their new life.


The rainy season was almost upon S City. The rain continued intermittently for several days and, suddenly, there was very little time left in Yi Ran’s winter vacation.

This day, she was outside. There was a light drizzle, and she stepped on the wet pavement, holding the umbrella in one hand. With her other hand, she firmly held the little boy’s hand.

Gu Tai, still carrying his small school bag, bowed his head and muttered, “It’s too cruel. Even in this kind of weather, I still have to do my homework.

“Who made you wait so late to do your winter vacation homework? Since you haven’t finished your homework, you deserve it.”

Last night, as Gu Tingchuan was dressing, he had helplessly said to her, “Tomorrow afternoon, bring Gu Tai out to have dinner with me. I haven’t spent much time with him this winter vacation so I should at least have a meal with him. Also, his winter vacation homework may require your supervision.”

Gu Tingyong was busy at the branch, and Lin Yuanyu had also gone on a business trip abroad. When she learned by phone that her son still hadn’t completed his homework, she scolded the tutor and then called Gu Tingchuan to ask him to take care of it.

Yi Ran held the umbrella tilted toward the boy. “In a moment, you can tell me how much you still need to finish. We’ll wait for your uncle to finish his business meeting and then we’ll take you out for dinner.”

Jiaye was located in the bustling business district in S City, complete with countless high-rise buildings. There were also many financial companies as well as studios, TV stations and brokerage firms. As a result, it was a place celebrities often frequented.

In the afternoon, Gu Tingchuan met with several collaborators at a nearby coffee shop. Because they all had a fairly friendly relationship, half of the meeting was for catching up while the other half was to conduct official business. They drank and chatted with an open, relaxed atmosphere.

The traffic in the area had always been quite congested, and it was even more difficult in rainy weather. After looking at the traffic conditions outside, Yi Ran told the driver, “It’s just around the corner. You can let us out here so you won’t have to detour around.”

The driver turned the steering wheel and slowly parked the car to the side.

Yi Ran took Gu Tai to an area thick with restaurants. Although the sky was foggy, they could still clearly see the figures not far away.

She was wondering if Gu Tingchuan’s meeting had already ended when Gu Tai suddenly grabbed her wrist and refused to go any further.

She paused and found that the boy’s gaze was blank as he stared unblinkingly at the front right. She followed his gaze and saw a young woman coming out of a western-style restaurant. The woman was holding on to the man’s arm and talking animatedly.

Yi Ran didn’t have a good feeling about this. The girl was very young, with long curly hair. She held an umbrella, not caring that the rain was wetting her shoulder as she talked intently to the man in front of her.

As for that man…he looked remarkably like Gu Tingyong.

“Brother Tingyong, I can’t bear not seeing you again in the future. Even if it’s just meeting once in a long while, I will be content and won’t ask you for anything else…”

“Don’t come near me again. I should have said this clearly long ago. I won’t change my mind. My driver’s here. Nina, take good care of yourself.”

Gu Tingyong apparently ran out of patience and simply left her standing there while he strode to the other side of the street.

The girl named Nina was sobbing heart-brokenly. After crying for a while, she took out her cell phone as if to call someone.

Yi Ran observed this entanglement. The little Gu Tai apparently had very good eyesight.

He suddenly let out a low chuckle, and his whole face displayed a gloom that didn’t match his age. Feeling vaguely distressed in her heart, she grabbed his hand and passed a little bit of warmth and comfort to him.

She was still thinking about how else to comfort him. After all, this was the first time she had bumped into this kind of scene.

Gu Tai calmly said to her, “Let’s go. Uncle is waiting.”

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4 years ago

I want to scold Gu Tai's dad but… He was clearly breaking up with that woman so i won't judge him yet.
Thanks Xixi!

4 years ago

Oh my gu tai needs more hugs and affection 🙁 but everyone struggle here hats off for the author to make this story so humane and real
And for xixi to translate this lovely wn!

Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
4 years ago

The only thing he can do is grow up and not be a cheater like his pops 😢

4 years ago

Yes, hopefully he’ll be more like his uncle.

4 years ago

The author has her faults, which I’m noticing more and more as I translate, but she does do a good job of creating complex primary characters.
And thank you! 😊

4 years ago

Yes, I’m hopeful that all will turn out well for Gu Tai’s little family of three.