LTPC Chapter 48: Big Devil

The sky was overcast and the large glass window in front of a catering company was covered with a layer of raindrops. Gu Tingchuan, who had just finished his business at the cafe, saw that there was something wrong with Gu Tai and that Yi Ran looked uncomfortable.

As he handed the paper towel in his hand to Yi Ran, there was a faint question in his eyes. “Your shoes are wet.”

Yi Ran sat down silently to wipe her shoes and cautiously glanced at Gu Tai’s complexion, fearing that he would suddenly “blackened.” She turned back to look meaningfully at Director Gu and said as implicitly as possible, “Just now…we saw big brother.”

Gu Tingchuan listened to her narrative, and then, while holding his coffee cup, looked at Gu Tai. “You knew this before, and because of this, your parents almost divorced.”

Gu Tai, wearing a small vest and white shirt, had a dull complexion. His tough and silent appearance was really similar to a certain Director Gu.

“I don’t want to excuse your father. He did make a serious mistake.” As he spoke, the man’s eyes were equally heavy and somber. “Not everyone will make such a principled mistake as him. There are no reasons to get your understanding for what he had done. ”

Yi Ran was a little surprised by his remarks and subconsciously looked at the other party. She didn’t know what else he would say. Gu Tingchuan took a sip of coffee, put the cup back, and analyzed calmly. “But the reality is that he had made a mistake. Now, for this family, your dad is also trying to recover from this mistake, and your mother has decided to accept it. What is your opinion?”

Gu Tai, holding the menu on the table, dejectedly said, “I don’t know. My dad talked to me a lot last time. I was very angry with him, but I also want to …let them get back together.”

Gu Tingchuan smiled lightly and ruffled his fluffy soft black hair. “Give them a little more time.”

Gu Tai thought for a few seconds and suddenly looked up at them, pouting. “I understand the truth. I’m going to the bathroom.” After speaking, he got up and ran off.

Looking at the back of the young boy’s gradually disappearing back, Yi Ran took the glass on the table in front of Gu Tingchuan, took a sip of water to moistened her throat, and then sighed. “It was actually very awkward for the child to see this scene.”

Thinking of Gu Tingyong constantly disappointing his children and family like this, she said in a neutral tone, “The young master of a wealthy family has a lot of prestige. When women catch sight of you all, they’re stunned motionless. ”

Gu Tingchuan gently rubbed her arm. “What are you talking about?”

Yi Ran tightly held his hand, licked her lips, and whispered, “Director Gu, you won’t let our children…run into this type of mess in the future, right? ”

Gu Tingchuan leaned over and lightly pinched her chin. He kissed her lips gently and slowly. When he pulled back, his eyes glowed hotly. He said, “…our children?”

“Someday…not right now.” Yi Ran looked around. Fortunately no one paid attention to their kissing.

Gu Tingchuan saw that her words were somewhat evasive, as if she was reluctant to discuss the topic in depth, much less at this time and in this environment. Since it wasn’t the right time to discuss this right now, he didn’t say much. He lightly tapped her nose once. “Let’s order afternoon tea.”

These days, he liked to flirt more and more. Yi Ran touched the bridge of her nose, followed by her hot ears. After Gu Tingchuan called for a waiter and ordered a slice of red velvet cake and coffee, Gu Tai finally returned.

Yi Ran was leaning on Gu Tingchuan’s shoulder and when she looked up, her forehead knocked against his chin. “Every time I resolve one primary school student’s problem, I feel like the red badge on my chest is shining.”

Gu Tinghuan choked on his coffee. Yi Ran opened her mouth to ask the boy, “What did you do?”

Gu Tai pursed his lips, clearly showing his disapproval of the young and loving couple. “Did you forget? I said I was going to the bathroom.”

But…the direction of the bathroom was not over there.

Yi Ran frowned slightly, only to find that the child was laughing like…a little devil.

Gu Tai sat on his seat and kicked his feet. He tilted his head to look out at the rustling wind and rain, his eyes like a layer of mist.

He didn’t really go to the bathroom but instead had walked around the coffee shop for a while before finding the Nina who was just with Gu Tingyong.

Seeing that the other party was still calling on her phone and crying, the boy looked around before turning toward the ice cream parlor and buying an ice cream cone

He smoothed down the shirt on his body, adjusted his face into an innocent smile, and walked to the girl. “Sister, why did you look a little familiar?”

Nina was still in the middle of crying. She looked down to see the little boy standing in front of her, clear-eyed and handsome. Seeing him well-dressed and smiling, she instantly felt better. She said “Wait a minute” into the phone and responded to him, “Are you a kid on TV? Do you know me? I’m an actress and have been in several works…”

Gu Tai didn’t wait for her to finish. In the gloomy light under the rolling clouds, he looked coldly at her and flung the ice cream at her chest.

Nina screamed in fright, attracting the attention of the pedestrians nearby. Many people saw the beauty with her chest stained with ice cream and pointed at her.

Nina was frightened and angry as she stared down at the perpetrator in front of her eyes.

Gu Tai didn’t panic. After all, he had achieved the desired effect. He coldly raised his genetically excellent eyebrows, and told her word by word, “In the future, don’t go after someone else’s husband, aunt.”


The next day, Gu Tingchuan met with the directors in the company. Gu Tingyong also attended as the head of the branch. Each department took out their first quarter statements and plans. By the end of the meeting, the street lamps were all lit and the sky outside the building was dark.

He looked at Gu Tingyong from the office door. Seeing him, the other party said, “You want to talk?”

Gu Tingchuan entered the room and, loosening his tie, walked to the desk. He quietly said, “Yesterday, we took Gu Tai to dinner in the business district.”

Gu Tingyong didn’t seem surprised when he heard this. He found a seat on the sofa and frowned slightly. “You wanted to say that Gu Tai saw, right? ”

He let out a small sigh and added, “Nina sent a message asking me to meet her and I needed to talk to her anyway. I knew Gu Tai saw her.”

Gu Tingchuan saw that he already knew and didn’t want to judge nor bother anymore with this matter. He looked down and opened his phone to see if there were any messages from Yi Ran. Meanwhile, he reminded his older brother, “Since you wanted to break up with others, do it thoroughly. Otherwise, it’s better to not do it at all.”

In fact, Gu Tingyong still couldn’t understand why his younger brother could be so unaffected. After all, they moved in the same circle and, as a director, his chances of facing temptations was higher. How could he remain immune to it?

“In some matters, I want to do it to the end but it’s hard for others.”

Gu Tingchuan spread his hands and still responded unsmilingly, “It’s your own death. Should you blame others?”

He had his hands full so he didn’t have much time or much energy to deal with his brother’s mess.

The production team of Farewell to Moonlight spent about two weeks on a field visit at the shooting location. They also took the opportunity to collect some information from other small villages. Because the film was not expensive and the scenes do not require much advanced work, the early stage of preparations was completed in about three short months.

The opening ceremony for Gu Tingchuan’s films had always been low-key. Since then, more actors had joined the crew. He and Yi Ran also needed a little time together.

Fortunately, today’s transportation was convenient. On the first week after school started, she took a Friday afternoon flight to the small village that Director Gu as at. She was then picked up by the crew’s car and driven to the shooting location.

The flight was very timely with no delay. After she arrived on time, she got on a business car and met one of Director Gu’s assistant. The other person smiled at her and immediately said, “Mrs. Gu, the whole crew is waiting for you to save them.”

When Yi Ran heard this, she froze. “What happened?”

“It’s because we have a pig teammate among us…”

According to the little assistant, a very young and new associate director was added to Moonlight’s production team. He had no qualifications and was the son of a well-known director in the movie circle. That director was a friend of the Gu family. As a result, he wanted to put his son next to Gu Tingchuan for some experience.

Director Gu was initially unwilling to accept but, due to various circumstances, he could not easily refuse. In the end, even his mother Sheng Ru got involved. As a result, Gu Tingchuan assigned him to follow Lu Shan so that he could learn as much as possible. After all, he still had to see if the person was diligent.

The result was that the son, Su Congwen, was spoiled from an early age and put no one in his eyes, not even Gu Tingchuan. He didn’t pay attention to anyone, much less someone more “prestigious” than him on set. The derision in his eyes was clearly obvious. He always felt that this director was just like himself, a young master of a wealthy family, and was merely a “ghost talent” that was promoted by the media.

“Hey, this kind of thing is very easy to do.” On the first day he the joined the group, he told the person in charge of the props, “What ability Gu Tingchuan has is, at best, good luck. He’s born into this and with his family backing, it’s not difficult to become famous. After all, he probably get a lot of good script. I don’t know why a group of people follow him.”

These words were said a lot and gradually passed on to Gu Tingchuan’s ears.

Yi Ran frowned slightly and asked the assistant, “How did Director Gu deal with it?”

The assistant said that this sunny morning was the perfect weather for filming. When Gu Tingchuan appeared in the crew, he remained as calm and indifferent as always. However, after hearing Lu Shen’s reports, his mood changed a lot.

“My crew will not keep idle people. Since he is unwilling to do the chores given to him, let him do something else,” he told Lu Shan. “Call the person over.”

Su Congwen was called over. Once he arrived, Gu Tingchuan examined him for a moment with mocking humor. His eyes deepened until, in the end, all one could see was a pair of dark eyes filled with a strong, powerful deterrent.

“I’m not going to shoot the scenes today. You do it.”

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Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
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