LTPC Chapter 49: Tsundere Director

“I’m not going to shoot the scenes today. You do it.”

Gu Tingchuan’s face was calm when he said this sentence but every word that fell into the ears of his crew was like a bomb, stunning them.

There was a sudden silence.

Su Congwen didn’t expect that he would suddenly be played like this. He looked at the other person with a stiff face. “Gu, Director Gu, what do you mean…”

“There are some important scenes that needed to be filmed today. You should know that I don’t support people who don’t pull their weight. Since you think that the tasks Lu Shan wants you to do will only bury your talents and you think you can do better than me, it’s better to let you take over from here.”

After Gu Tingchuan said this, he really stood up and gave him the director’s seat in front of the monitor. He told Lu Shan in a calm tone, “You assist Director Su to finish up the remaining few shots today. I’ll return back to the hotel.”

At first, Su Congwen thought that Gu Tingchuan deliberately gave him power but only wanted him to apologize in public and lower his spirits. However, he didn’t expect that Director Gu would not give him a chance at all. After gesturing to Xiao Zhao to pack up, he immediately left.

Su Congwen stood completely dumbfounded as he watched Gu Tingchuan’s indifferent figure disappeared down the road.

However, he wasn’t the only one who was surprised. Lu Shan had been following the man for so many years and now he strongly felt that since Director Gu got married, his temper seemed to have changed a lot.

In the past, Gu Tingchuan would have been furious and would have kicked the person out of the crew without any hesitation. But, since he had married Yi Ran, his temper had noticeably improved.

However, he knew that the boss always had his own reasons for doing things. He glanced at Su Congwen, rubbed his eyebrows, and said, “Okay, Director Su, the actors are already in place. Can we shoot?”

Su Congwen was actually a slacker. After spending a lot of money and studying abroad for a few years, his knowledge of film making was actually very basic.

He panicked and looked at the records, props, and lights around him…and especially at those who regarded Gu Tingchuan as a male god in their heart and questioning him to varying degrees.

Su Congwen had a burning anger in his chest. Since he was a child, everything had revolved around him. When had he suffered such a loss? That Gu Tingchuan thought that he was something and gave him no face. If he wanted him to shoot, then he’ll shoot. He won’t lose to such a man!

He sneered and, pretending to sit confidently on Gu Tingchuan’s seat, he raised his chin and looked at Lu Shan. “Let’s start with a medium shot, with head-up, this…Are the actors ready?”

Lu Shan frowned slightly. “Isn’t head-up too common? Looking up and down would be better.”

Su Congwen immediately became embarrassed and angry. “What are you doing? Your director asked you to assist me, not for you to correct me. If Gu Tingchuan is here now, would you talk to him like this?”

“Actually, yes.” Lu Shan didn’t get angry and instead looked at Su Songwen as if he was communicating with an ignorant child. “During the shooting process, if I have better opinions than Director Gu, I will put them forward. Otherwise, why am I getting paid?”

Of course, this was based on the rare chance that Director Gu would make such a low-level mistake one day.

Su Congwen was about to let him off when a thick voice came from behind. “What the hell are you doing? Who is the little fart sitting there? Why isn’t Gu Tingchuan here yet?!”

This came from an experienced female actress. She was grumpy and this attitude had not changed much since she was young. After she finished complaining, she used the script in her hand to hit a staff on the head. “Call Gu Tingchuan over at once!”

When Su Congwen saw this, he couldn’t help but shrank back his neck. He thought that if the other party knew that Gu Tingchuan had left things in his hands, he would probably be the one to get hit.

Lu Shan stood to the side and observed the increasingly intimidated expression on this unscrupulous junior’s face. He finally understood Gu Tingchuan’s intentions.

It was the smartest way to allow the other to back off without having to kill a soldier.


After listening to the assistant’s descriptions, Yi Ran thought that it was strange.

After all, Gu Tingchuan’s behavior at this time was not completely harsh. If she had to describe it, it was probably a bit like being a tsundere.

The muddy road had a lot of potholes but they finally arrived at the town. Yi Ran had never been there before and so everything was unfamiliar. The comfortable hotel where the crew was staying at was about a few dozen miles away from the village in the mountains.

She got out of the car, closed the door, and ran straight to the room where Gu Tingchuan was staying in. However, when she reached the door, she did not immediately knock.

Thinking that they hadn’t seen each other these past few days, she didn’t know what to say. She had missed him a lot, especially his warm embrace, which always made her feel moved beyond words.

There was not only tension and excitement in her heart, but also a deep, consuming love.

With such an incident happening in the crew, she didn’t know if Gu Tingchuan would be alright or if he would feel frustrated because others were looking down on him due to the failure with Homecoming.

As Yi Ran was thinking, she heard movement in the room. She panicked and quickly rang the doorbell.

The man soon came to answer the door. She just saw the familiar handsome face in front of her, and joy burst into her heart. He stood in the doorway, his silhouette framed by the back light that came from the glow of the lamp. Half of his face was encased in shadows and there was a small smile on his lips.

Yi Ran held her breath, bit her bottom lip, and hadn’t even managed to open her mouth before he leaned over and gently kissed her.

Her husband faintly smelled of flowers and cologne. Her mind grew blank and she couldn’t help leaning back slightly, subconsciously holding his face in her hands. Their kiss deepened as their hungry lips continually rubbed and parted. The faint warm temperature of his mouth washed over her.

As he pulled his mouth away, Gu Tingchuan lightly pinched her chin with his fingertips. Releasing her, he took her handbag and placed it by the door.

“The road here’s not easy. Did you get tossed around?” After saying this, he went and gave her the warm water by the TV.

Yi Ran murmured an acknowledgment and took a sip of water. The cold spring on her body was gradually washed away by the water’s warm current. Then, she entered the room and glanced around.

Even though this room was the best in this hotel, it was not luxuriously decorated. Despite this, it was still very clean and tidy. She thought that since Director Gu had prematurely left the crew, he must still be working in his hotel room. But, aside from the notebook on the table, there was a German movie playing on the computer and a glass of red wine filled halfway on the table. The red wine was thick and dark, exuding a scent of intoxication.

Yi Ran couldn’t help laughing: “It seems you didn’t put that silly boy in your eyes, then I’m relieved.”

Gu Tingchuan took the cup from her hands. She looked so good that he kept looking at her very seriously.

Director Gu was definitely not a man who neglected his duties. He should have his own considerations on this matter, and there may be strange things she did not know about.

Yi Ran didn’t wait for her husband to open his mouth, and casting a sidelong glance at him, she continued to ridicule, “Some people just don’t know how to cherish their good fortune. They obviously have help from someone powerful, and now they’re treating these powerful people as enemies.”

He let out a low chuckle. The mellow and magnetic sound made her feel a deep sense of awareness.

Yi Ran found it hard to identify with people like Su Congwen. In the future, if he really did become famous, he would probably become a big scourge. Wouldn’t a man like him cause trouble within the hidden rules of directing?

Despite having just traveled , Yi Ran was still full of vitality. She sat at the table and rested for a bit. She took out her mobile phone from her backpack to see if there were any interesting news. When she looked up, she saw Gu Tingchuan in front of her. One arm was stretched out and on his slender finger was a ring, shining brightly.

He absently stroke the surface of the ring, his gesture gentle and sexy. There was a kind of calmness and restraint that was unique to him, and he was looking at her small face intently.

“When did you wear the ring?” The last time she saw him, he merely had it on hand.

Gu Tingchuan was originally looking at her intently and, when he heard her words, bowed his head slightly to glance at the ring on his finger. Then, he said softly, “Because you’re not here, I have no option but to try on this memento to see if there are any results. But, it seems that the effect is shallow.”

After listening to the man’s sweet words, her cheeks grew pink.

Her eyes were bright and soft. Looking at him made her heart pound so she couldn’t help but look away. She said, “You can speak better than before. It’ll be harder to argue with you…Hey, why do you keep looking at me?”

Gu Tingchuan’s lips stretched into a smile. Of course, it was because he wanted to kiss her again.

Yi Ran didn’t wait for his answer and suddenly remembered that when she was in the car just now, the little assistant had reminded her to occasionally show love on Weibo, which would not only promote their healthy and intimate “couple image” but help their company as a whole.

Yi Ran thought about the composition and asked the experienced Gu Tingchuan for his opinions. After listening to her, he tenderly and patiently patted the soft hair on her head. “You decide, I’ll cooperate. That’s it.”

She pondered for a while and then came up with something that had long been dreamed of in her heart.

That night, Yi Ran updated her Weibo. The left corner of the photo showed the hotel table. The iPad on the table was only lit with a line of black characters on a white background.

But, looking at the reflection, one could see a very tall figure looking down and reading a book. Although that reflection was hazy, it was enough to make out that the figure was Gu Tingchuan. His facial features were neat and clean and his eyebrows were traced by a faint light.

A warm yellow filtered was added and the text accompanying it was straightforward and sensational: A bright moon in my heart.

This time, netizens all understood that this was clearly a tyrannical case of dog abuse. Mrs. Gu had gone to the filming site for a visit!

Xixi: For those of you who aren’t aware, “dog abuse” basically mean public displays of affection. This probably stems from the fact that single people humorously labeled themselves as “single dog,” so “dog abuse” is basically abusing the “single dogs” with public displays of affection.

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Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
4 years ago

I love the "single dog" slang for single people and all the weird subslangs that came from it. That's something I'd love to see catch on state side.