LTPC Chapter 50: In their Own World

Yi Ran sat on the sofa and happily brushed Weibo, occasionally interacting with cute netizens.

“Mrs.!! Is Director Gu also cold and aloof in private? Does he ever use his poison tongue on you?”

“Mrs, you’re so brave to risk ‘domestic violence,’ ah.”

“Director Gu often works very hard. Let him pay attention to his health.”

“You seem very happy. Ah, I really envy you. I also want to know what sleeping on the same bed with Director Gu feels like!!”

She wanted to go back and add a dreaming expression but, for the sake of maintaining her image, decided to resist.

Meanwhile, Gu Tingchuan was standing next to the bed. His head was tilted slightly as he talked to Lu Shan and received updates on what’s happening with the crew and about the shooting progress.

In fact, although he said that he gave the directorial work to Su Congwen, what Mr. Su, who grew up in luxury with very little responsibilities, could do was limited. It won’t be long before he was scared by the various battles and disappeared like smoke.

Lu Shan and the rest of the directors were already very familiar with Director Gu’s directorial strategies. The entire team was also his usual team. Although he was not there, the progress should not be delayed too much.

However, Yi Ran was still curious so, after he hung up, she could not help but look up and ask, “Director Gu, now that you’ve left the studio in the hands of that person, are you not afraid that there might be some trouble?”

“There’s still Lu Shan so nothing can happen. Besides, this person needs to know the weight and responsibilities that come with being a director; otherwise, he would not be deterred.” Gu Tingchuan came over and her whole person was covered by his shadow. “Of course, there was another reason. Before returning to the hotel, I asked the driver to take me to a nearby river to take a walk around for inspiration.”

There was a hint of uncertainty in Yi Ran’s eyes. She remembered that she had proposed to him to not always close his heart. If he could go out to relax, perhaps he could see with a different perspective.

Gu Tingchuan leaned down and told her, “Tomorrow morning, you can accompany me to the crew. After the work is over, I’ll take you to for a look?”

His every word knocked down the uncertainty in her heart.

She nodded and picked up the large original English book on the sofa. She asked in amazement, “Is this the book you’re reading in your spare time?”

Yi Ran glanced at the cover a little and saw that the book was a biography of a painter.

Gu Tingchuan patiently explained, “It’s the biography of Egon, who lead the Viennese separatist movement and who was known for depicting messy limbs and expressing chaotic emotions.”

She casually flipped through the book, which displayed many sketches of naked men and women. The lines were messy and most bodies were thin and slender. She couldn’t help laughing and said, “Director Gu’s interest is really wide. This is not the typical public aesthetic.”

“Mmm, I would like to take you to different countries to see different exhibitions,” Gu Tingchuan said. Afterward, his eyebrows narrowed into a frown. “After wrapping up this film, I should take a break. After all, I owe you too many trips.”

After he said this, he leaned over and buried his hand in Yi Ran’s hair. He tilted her head up slightly to look at him. Their faces were so close that she could see the transparent light refracted in his eyes and, there, she saw a reflection of herself with bright, red cheeks.

Gu Tingchuan closed the short distance and captured her mouth in a kiss. The feeling of missing was there between their lips. Yi Ran responded quietly with her head up, and the tip of her nose and the corners of her mouth were rubbed and kissed by him. After a while, her eyes grew soft, filled with a bright moisture.

His body reacted and Gu Tingchuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. Before she could say anything, he had already lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed, where he firmly laid her down. Even before she finished sinking comfortably into the mattress, he had already pulled her shirt off and undone the clasp of her bra, revealing the lush peaks of her spring scenery.

Feeling the other person’s eyes lingering on her undulating curves, she turned over shyly and buried her face in the pillow. He chuckled and lightly bit her ears, making her whole body tingle and burn. Then, he turned her around and his body settled over her.

Gu Tingchuan was about to lower his head to seal her lips in another kiss when he felt a pair of hands restlessly exploring his body. The temperature of her fingertips made him fairly boil with excitement.

“….What are you doing?” He frowned slightly. Her touch was stirring up all the blood in his body, making his lower body quiver and near erupting.

Yi Ran didn’t realize the reaction she was evoking. She kept rubbing and exploring with fingers that were clearly gaining more confidence. “I want to touch your pectoral muscles and abdominal muscles really well so I could remember their feel by heart.”

The moment she finished speaking, he kissed her hard. His body exuded a mature fragrance as he steadily controlled Yi Ran’s lips, plunging his tongue into her mouth to gently twine and stroke her tongue. “I’ll help you remember.”

Gu Tingchuan was about to indulge in his lovely wife’s body when he became distantly conscious of a knocking sound coming from outside the door. The two were right in the middle of “visiting” with enthusiastic passion when they were once again interrupted mercilessly.

He had already guessed who had come to find him, but he didn’t want to bother with it. He bowed his head and wanted to kiss Yi Ran. She also thought that it might be Su Congwen outside the door. After thinking it over, she suggested, “Why don’t you resolve the matter first? Otherwise, you will still have to deal with him tomorrow. Not to mention, it’s probably better to give him a way out before mom learns about this, which won’t go over well.”

Gu Tingchuan’s eyes became a little helpless. After considering her suggestion, he pulled the bed cover over her and whispered, “Give me five minutes. You don’t have to come out.”

He straightened his shirt and opened to the door to see Mr. Su standing in the hallway in front of the door. Seeing that Director Gu’s face was indifferent, Su Congwent’s face paled slightly. They looked at each other for a while without speaking.

The light from the window in the hallway displayed the cold and indifferent side of the director, making him look even more unfriendly. However, Su Congwen knew that since the other party was willing to open the door, there was still room for him to speak.

He raised his eyebrows and did not dare look down on the man opposite him. He said, “Director Gu, I know I shouldn’t talk nonsense in the studio. I was too impulsive and shouldn’t say those words…”

Yi Ran sat up on the bed, the bed cover wrapped around herself, and silently listened. Gu Tingchuan didn’t say any additional words aside from this cold phrase, “I don’t care what you think. Don’t explain it to me.”

Su Congwen’s lips shook and his prideful temperament rose up again. But, he couldn’t vent. His eyebrows twisted a few times but, in the end, he only bowed his head and relented. “I’ll work seriously in the future and will not cause trouble to the crew.”

Gu Tingchuan didn’t care if he was sincere with his apology, as long as he can be responsible for his own work.

Thinking of this, he said solemnly, “I hope you remember this sentence. Report to the crew on time tomorrow morning. If you arrive even 5 minutes late, then you need not appear at all.”

After saying this, he slammed the door shut.

Su Congwen stared at the door in front of him. He always felt that underneath the man’s calm expression, there was…a weird eagerness.

Gu Tingchuan returned to the bed and immediately lowered his head to kiss Yi Ran. He wrapped his hands around her waist, feeling her body trembling slightly.

He said in a low voice, “Can you continue?”

In the end, before Yi Ran could even answer, she was already being stimulated and could only gasp and pant with her eyes closed. When she was finally able to open her eyes again, she looked up at him with trembling eyes.

He was startled for a moment and could no longer speak. Instead, he just kissed the person on the bed, the light in his eyes intense and passionate. There was no need to say more.


Once Spring arrived, the flowers and trees were lush and flourishing. This would be the best weekend morning to rest, but the Moonlight crew still had to continue shooting.

This day, the sun was bright, and the shooting location had beautiful flowers and trees planted by the rural people. At a glance, the landscape was bursting with branches and leaves, showing a mottled horizon of blue and green. It looked very good.

Yi Ran saw a lot of faces that often appeared on television. She knew that the young man who had taken the initiative to talk to her last time in Jiaye’s hallway had won the part of the male lead. However, what surprised her the most was that the young TV Emperor Peng Shaohui also had a part in the movie.

In truth, Peng Shaohui could be considered as a “national boyfriend” more so than He Yang. This was because his image was bright and healthy. His female fans also spanned from young to old.

Yi Ran was still not used to dealing with various celebrities under that status of Mrs. Gu. She felt more like an ordinary onlooker who managed to see popular celebrities, which made her feel more than a little excited inside.

“Peng Shaohui, you’re dressed so simply for this role that I almost didn’t recognize you.”

Peng Shaohui was very personable, with thick eyebrows and large eyes. Even when playing an ordinary college student, he would still look very heroic. “We actors are very professional. For the purpose of art, we would even sacrifice our own personal image.”

Gu Tingchuan saw that they were chatting and walked over with a walkie-talkie. He smiled faintly. “Were there very little scenes being shot today?”

He looked askance at the emperor and added, “So free that you still have time to chat?”

Peng Shaohui grinned and looked at him with a pitiful expression, “Director Gu, you need to have pity on this single dog, okay? Even as a student, He Yang was already giving out a lot of dog abuse. Now, I still have to be abused by you when filming. It’s hard enough to talk about a girlfriend, much less be able to find one.”

Even if Yi Ran didn’t follow the entertainment news, she would still be able to hear gossip about this man’s alleged affairs. She couldn’t help but tease him, “Now that everyone is out of the circle, you must feel very invigorated.”

Gu Tingchuan raised his wrist to glanced at his watch and said pointedly, “It’s almost time, and there is still one scene left. You can go after you finished shooting.”

Then, he leaned his face down and his eyes roamed over her features. He smiled faintly. “The flower field besides the river is particularly beautiful. It’s not yet flowering, but it looks spectacular when the sun is setting.”

Xixi: Haha. I recalled a certain someone saying that he doesn’t indiscriminately eat vinegar. He was obviously just delusional.

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