LTPC Chapter 44: Inseparable Love and Affection

The days when the snow melt was always the coldest. The New Year’s Day seemed to have arrived early this year, and the school’s winter vacation also have arrived even earlier. As Yao Juan was wrapping up examining papers in the office, he looked up at Yi Ran’s elegant silhouette. Coughing a few times, he covered his mouth and said, “In the blink of an eye, it’s already the end of exam. Life moves really fast.”

Yi Ran was going to a dinner tonight so she had finished up early. Smiling sweetly, she said, “Yes, I have to go to my in-law’s house for New Year’s Eve this year. It’s very exciting.”

Yao Juan reluctantly wanted to laugh, and finally shook his head.

Since she and Gu Tingchuan had talked things out and exchanged feelings, although their daily work and lives hadn’t changed much, she felt completely different. They were more intimate when alone and, when he kisses her, she seemed to feel several times more shyer than before.

In the past, Yi Ran could still have some secret thoughts. Now, in front of Director Gu, all the secrets would become exposed instantly. The frequency of the two people had smoothed out to the same pace, which was both sweet and exciting.

Regarding Director Gu’s Homecoming, after the male lead actor, Yi Yihong, announced his temporary break from acting, people’s evaluation of the film seemed to change.

“It was not dark nor was it boastful. I recommend this martial arts film, which was clearly shot by very knowledgeable and talented people.”

“Master PO’s main points were very reasonable. If it were others, they can’t even shoot it half so well. Director Gu really had a lot of courage!”

“Recently, a magazine from abroad wrote an article about Homecoming saying that it was the best movie of the year, ahh.”

Gu Tingchuan also recently accepted a short media interview in order to “stabilize the military heart.” He said that through this film, he had learned to be “modest” and “reflective”, and the next film will change and return to tradition.

However, even when the man spoke such humble and introspective words, he had the courage to ignore others. In front of the camera, his handsome face was apathetic and indifferent.

When Gu Tingchuan came to Yi Ran’s office and clasped the door frame, his little wife was still chatting with Yao Juan and smiling. His expression was quiet and straightforward, which caused some chatter in the office when he appeared.

He completely ignored the eyes of others and said in a low voice, “Yi Ran, let’s go?”

She looked back at the man and was immediately seduced by the low-pitched voice. “Yes, right now!”

Turning around, she hurriedly said goodbye to Yao Juan and trotted out with her bag.

Gu Tingchuan walked beside her, the sounds of his leather shoes steady in the corridor. There seemed to be some dissatisfaction. His fingers were possessively wrapped around her waist and the distance between them was naturally closer.

Yi Ran was worried about other things, so she didn’t notice that he was acting a little strange.

Gu Linfeng and his wife had just returned from their villa in Australia. They planned to spend the New Year in S City this year. As soon as they returned, they asked the two sons and daughter-in-laws over for the weekend. Of course, they most wanted to see Gu Tai.

Although Yi Ran already had some experience when facing the two elders, this would be the first time she met Gu Tai’s mother and so she was still a little nervous.

Gu Tingchuan brought his nephew out of the classroom and sat in the car. As he looked out the window at the vehicles coming and going, he felt inexplicably unpleasant. Why must he be annoyed by the things that he had long been accustomed to?

But he knew clearly that if he hadn’t defeated him in the first place, she would probably now be with that young man named Yao Juan.

This thought made him feel unhappy.

Gu Tai put down his small school bag in the back seat of the car and sensitively realized that his uncle was a little upset. He looked up and looked at Yi Ran. Seeing that she was obliviously admiring the scenery, he pretended that he found nothing and took out his video game console.


By the time they arrived at the Gu family estate in Ming Bay, the stars were scattered in the dark night sky and the interior of the mansion was brightly lit. There was a spicy and delicious flavor drifting in the air and making people’s appetite greatly increase. What surprised Yi Ran was that everyone seemed to be treating her better than before.

Sheng Ru smiled more resplendently than in the past. She took Yi Ran’s hand and said gently, “Listen to your mother. You like spicy food and today’s chef is good at Sichuan cuisine so you have to eat a little bit more.”

Yi Ran was flattered. As they walked away from the others, she listened to her mother-in-law whispering, “You worked hard a while ago. Tingchuan is easily stressed when he works, but fortunately you are there. ”

So that’s how it was. It was probably that a while ago, Homecoming caused a series of turbulence, and Gu Tingchuan was emotionally nervous. However, his family were helpless. Now that he had recovered his spirit, she could be regarded as having achieved some credit.

Yi Ran knew that Sheng Ru shouldn’t say any more, and she responded urgently, “Mom, you saying this is not true. You have been taking care of Tingchuan much harder than me.”

Sheng Ru was satisfied with this remark and turned around to invite everyone in.

Little Gu Tai entered the room and had barely just sat down on the couch when a tall woman ran up to him and pulled him into her embrace. “Little darling, did you have any trouble in class today? Tell mother.”

Yi Ran was somewhat surprised to see this scene. She thought that the woman who would leave her son behind while she went abroad would be the cold and sharp type. She didn’t expect Gu Tai’s mother to be very cute. But she was indeed a young lady, wearing an elegant knee-length dress. She was as thin as a model, with bright skin and perfect makeup. Even her big eyes looked very fairy-like.

After she finished communicating with Gu Tai, she turned around and saw Yi Ran standing on the edge. Her face brightly lit up. “Hello, today we finally met. I heard Gu Tingyong said that you took very good care of Gu Tai. ”

She looked more or less curiously at Yi Ran, who was used to it. She smiled and said, “It’s nothing. I’m also his teacher and should do it… Besides, he has such a handsome uncle.”

Yi Ran’s joked eased the atmosphere between them. Lin Yuanyu glanced back at the two brothers who were talking in low voices by the dining table, pouted and said, “The Gu men are very handsome. I also suffered from the ‘Good-Looks Fan Club’.”

Although Lin Yuanyu’s dress and appearance, and even the way she moved her hands and feet, were all elegant and refined, Yi Ran found that, compared to Gu Tai, this mother had a more childish heart. It was not difficult for Yi Ran to understand what she did before…

Maybe it was because the Gu family’s behavioral changes came too suddenly. Yi Ran ate until she was full. After the meal, she chatted with her mother-in-law and Lin Yuanyu for a bit. Then, Gu Tai pulled her clothes and said, “Let’s go play games over there?”

Yi Ran heard the words and immediately brightened. She turned to look at Gu Tingchuan next to her. After getting his acquiescence, she allowed Gu Tai to pull her in front of the large screen TV. After sitting on the carpet, she took the game console in hand.

Gu Tai’s dark eyes reflected the bright colors from the screen. “Did you have an argument with my uncle?”

“Ah? No … what’s wrong?”

“You didn’t notice that he’s a little upset?”

Yi Ran’s mind faintly thought back to Gu Tingchuan’s beautiful face while driving, which was indeed more silent than usual.

But … nothing special happened. Or did he have a problem with his script?

After they played a few rounds, Lin Yuanyu’s bright voice came from the drawing room on the right. “Be careful of your liver. Grandma wants to say a few words to you!”

Yi Ran smirked and looked at her young nephew. “Quickly go. Be careful of the liver. ”

Gu Tai got up with a dark face and walked away. After a while, she heard footsteps behind her. At first, she thought it Gu Tingchuan. Looking back, she realized that it was Gu Tingyong, who was holding a glass of wine.

His temperament was very different from Gu Tingchuan’s, but his face was a bit similar. Setting the cup aside, he sat on the sofa not far away. Yi Ran realized that she had never been alone with this elder brother before.

“A lot of things happened a while ago. For my brother, it was a lot of twists and turns.” He smiled at her, lowered his voice and said, “As his brother, I am actually useless to help. ”

She was a little embarrassed and secretly thought of how to answer. “Brother, you are too modest. Gu Tingchuan and I both agreed that, because he has you to support him, he could shoot without any distractions. ”

Gu Tingyong shook his head and speculatively said, “In the past few years, he was indifferent to everyone, talked harshly, and had also experienced stress and emotional blockage. I was worried that he will have too much anxiety, but it seems that he is more relaxed now than in the past. Thank you for being with him.”

“I haven’t done anything special, and many issues he could handle himself.” Yi Ran look down the handle in her hand and whispered, “But if he needs me, I will stay with him.”

Gu Tingyong had never understood the reason why his brother was so adamant about Yi Ran. But now, he realized why. Even couples who had known each other for a long time would not dare say such words, let alone in relation to someone like Gu Tingchuan. If they were not of the same mind, then they would not be so sentimental.

Later, he saw the Gu Tingchuan seemed to have noticed that they were talking and his expression had a look of protectiveness. He thought that, for ordinary people, Gu Tingchuan was so difficult to approach. But now, with Yi Ran, he seemed to carry the sentiments of ordinary people.

Yi Ran turned her face and saw Gu Tingchuan entered the living room. He handed her a glass of wine. Her heart warmed and her eyes smiled cleverly up at him. “Gu Tingchuan, how about you buy me a game too?”

Gu Tingchuan glanced at him swiftly before turning his attention back to her. “I’ll buy, as long as you don’t get too addicted.”

Yi Ran naturally pulled his sleeve and smiled at him. “It depends on your performance.”

Gu Tingyong simply did not want to look at this picture. In contrast, the separation between him and Lin Yuanyu had not gone away and it was now harder for them to get along.

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3 years ago

I’m rereading this for the 2nd time, actually. I just realized the “Be careful of the liver” is actually Gu Tai’s nickname 小心肝 (Xiao Xin Gan) = Honey/ Lil Darling — no?