LTPC Chapter 16: Everything was Routine

When the weekend finally arrived, she deliberately woke up early in the morning to carefully dress up. She allowed her long hair to fall loosely behind her back, making her appear more sweet tempered and gentle. She also looked more delicate and prettier than usual.

Yesterday, she bought a chicken and washed it first before putting it in a pot to blanch with boiling water. Afterward, she switched it over to a pot of water to boil, later adding added red dates, Chinese wolfberry, longan, and some seasoning. Because she didn’t know whether Gu Tingchuan liked the taste of ginger, she simply didn’t add it.

The smell of the fragrant cooking was overflowing in the house. She packed a few other dishes inside a locked lunchbox. When the driver arrived, she got into the car.

She sat inside the comfortable business car for a few hours and no longer felt tired. When she arrived at the shooting site for Homecoming, she had to go through a very strict check-in process. She thought that it was no wonder that there was very little news about the film leaked out.

The place was packed with people engaged in setting up lighting and props. There was a kind of neat order to the scene. The driver was temporarily invited to go help, and since there were other things to do, he simply told her to wait a moment for Xiao Zhao to come over.

Yi Ran was not in a hurry, especially when compared to the rhythm of everyone around her. She felt a bit awkward just standing there.

While waiting, she shifted her standing positions a few times. She was trying to call Xiao Zhao when she looked up and saw a familiar beautiful face.

Guo Baiyu gave her friendly smile. “It’s you. Why didn’t I see you before?”

Then she turned her head and said to the other actress who was still wearing a costume, “It doesn’t matter. I’ll go to Director Gu and ask for some guidance.”

Yi Ran did not have time to respond to Guo Baiyu’s greetings. The other actress, who looked as if she was just crying, stared at her with a pair of swollen eyes and said coldly, “If I knew that Gu Tingchuan’s demand would be so high, I wouldn’t be here.”

Guo Baiyu smiled helplessly and softly appeased her, “I was also miserable when I filmed Dark River. But, to get used to it, I just think about the promising future ahead.”

Yi Ran didn’t want to listen to their discussion and was planning to change her waiting location. She saw Guo Baiyu whispered something in the female star’s ear, patted her shoulder and walked away.

Yi Ran also recognized that the angry actress wearing a purple costume with tear stains still on her face was Nan Yuan. She had appeared in several idol dramas and painful youth movies. At this moment, she looked at Yi Ran with eyes full of disdain. “You, go and buy me a bottle of water.”

Yi Ran was feeling particularly plucky today so she simply said with an indifferent smile, “Sorry, I am not your person nor a staff member. You can let others go instead.”

It was probably that she was too angry with Gu Tingchuan and was just eager to find someone to vent on. But, after being rejected, the anger and rage in her eyes became more distinct. “Who are you? Some hick country dweller? You just need to buy a bottle of water. That’s all. How can you talk so much?”

The smile on Yi Ran’s face suddenly became stiff. Why do these kinds of stars always feel as if they’re better than others? Her temper flared and when she opened her mouth, she was not polite. “Why do I have to listen to you? Do I owe you? Or did you give me money?”

Even if Nan Yuan was only a B-rate actress, in the entertainment circle, she was probably used to getting special treatment and being attended to at all times. She had a whole group of fans who loved and adored her, looking up to her as if she was some kind of goddess. When Yi Ran ignored her, she flew into a rage and raised her hand as if to slap her.

Yi Ran’s eyes were full of coldness, and she looked back at her fiercely. “Are you too obsessed with playing a drama and wanted to break the law now? Don’t pretend you don’t know.”

She was initially angry but now wanted to laugh at how preposterous this was.

In Nan Yuan’s eyes, Yi Ran was not following the customary rules. Her expression was malicious as she said, “Who ultimately hired you? I can complain about your foolish behavior to your employer, making them to no longer have any faith in your ability to work.”

Yi Ran, however, felt that it was really a waste of words to talk to this kind of woman. Besides, how can she get angry? She shouldn’t make trouble in Gu Tingchuan’s territory. When she turned her head, wanting to leave, Nan Yuan arrogantly grab her wrist, her grasp so tight that it was painful. “Stop! You still want to leave?”

“Let me go!”

Yi Ran’s strength was bigger than Nan Yuan. She tried to pull back her wrist but when she was unable to dislodge the other person’s hand, she suddenly pushed back, causing the other party to fall.

There was already a circle of onlookers gathered around them. Finally, Xiao Zhao arrived late, and when he saw this scene, his face turned pale. He turned his head and yelled at Nan Yua,: “Mrs. Gu came to visit the site for the first time. What do you mean by this?”

Hearing these words, Nan Yuan froze and was unable to react at all when the crowd spread, revealing the usually cold and detached Gu Tingchuan. He slowly narrowed his eyes and his lips curled in silent contempt. Yi Ran saw that Nan Yuan’s face had turned as white as paper.

When Yi Ran realized that Director Gu had appeared, she couldn’t explain the complicated emotions in her heart. However, the entire busy site was now quiet and the atmosphere had become strange, making her feel a little uneasy.

Gu Tingchuan came over because the security monitor had mentioned that some people were arguing here, but he was not clear what happened. He looked at Guo Baiyu’s unsightly expression. His voice was cold and clear, “Nan Yuan, starting tomorrow, you need not come to the studio anymore.”

Nan Yuan’s expression suddenly changed, as if she was in a daze. She almost collapsed but, fortunately, her assistant reached with a hand just in time. “What?! You want to change me?!”

Gu Tingchuan paid no attention to her angry voice and simply said in a composed and cool voice, “I told you last time, even if you can’t act, I can still shoot you. However, you allowed Guo Baiyu to find me to ask me to change the lines and the script for you. You’re not equal to it.”

Nan Yuan’s face turned red and she retorted, “I brought in the investment money from Qin Group, and they let me act!”

Gu Tingchuan gave her an intense look. “I control who gets to come in. You clearly don’t have a brain.”

Yi Ran wasn’t sure if she was imagining things but the words he said were full of cold chills. She unexpectedly discovered that this man can really have a big temper.

Even if Gu Tingchuan was said to be the “big devil” in the studio, it was mostly to make the work more perfect. However, at this moment, when he was mad at Nan Yuan, he would take decisive action.

“Was it because I offended your wife, so you want to fire me?! Gu Tingchuan, I did not expect you to be such a person!”

Gu Tingchuan did not explain, nor did his expression change as he ordered his group of subordinates first before telling his assistant, “Xiao Zhao, help me handle Miss Nan’s matters. Confiscate her group permit and settle her account. Starting tomorrow, do not allow them to appear here anymore.”

His eyes were cold, yet the corners of his mouth were curved up.

Yi Ran finally understood in her heart that he was indeed an ultimate, big name director, one with power beyond even popular movie stars. This was his world, and his words can make a person famous overnight or fall into hell.

She did not expect that, for her, Gu Tingchuan would open his golden mouth and force Nan Yuan to leave the crew. This man’s attitude towards films was higher than anything else. As long as it was beneficial to his film, he will do anything.

Gu Tingchuan calmly stretched out a hand and took the things from her, as if nothing had happened.

“This matter is not important.” He turned back to his assistant and said, “Xiao Zhao, come over and help. Let everyone take a break.”

The more Yi Ran looked at him, the more she felt that the director was domineering. This prestige caused her to have some worship and she could not help but blurt out, “A great brother…”

Gu Tingchuan did not understand. Raising his eyebrows, he said, “Brother?”

“Hey, you don’t understand internet slang…”

She faked disgust and Director Gu also did not have anything to add, maintaining his calm as he took advantage of the break and guided Yi Ran to his hotel room.

After they entered the room, his clear gaze fell on her body. “If you go back and forth in a day, you will be too tired. You can go back tomorrow instead.”

Yi Ran did not expect that he would allow her to stay for one more day. Naturally, she was very happy. Nodding, she reached out and swept her long hair to the side, asking, “Do you want to hear the explanation? I didn’t mean to make trouble…”

Gu Tingchuan turned his body and took a step closer to her. She saw that he was calm and gentle. Seeing his smiling expression, hot excitement gathered in her heart, and she suddenly wanted to kiss him.

He saw the flickering light in her eyes and, understanding her meaning, he leaned closer to her so that the distance between them was only separated by a breath. As long she looked up, their lips would meet.

Yi Ran couldn’t help it. She slowly raised her head and saw the unsteady look in his eyes. Gu Tingchuan placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer into an embrace, so that they were reflected in each other’s eyes.

“I think you will not be so foolish as to make trouble in the studio.”

She pulled back slightly. “Today, you fired Nan Yuan. Will there be an impact on the shooting schedule?”

“It’s okay to slowly supplement her with someone else. Now, don’t talk.”

Immediately after he said this, his lips lightly rub against her own red lips. His eyes were like deep wells of Spring water as he watched her. Even then, one hand had already began to unbutton the neckline of her blouse, his slender fingers faintly moving, delicate and sexy. He would not lose at all to any male stars under his lens.

Yi Ran subconsciously wanted to hide, to swallow her saliva, but he was pushing her backward onto the bed, his movements charming and gentle, every action exuding a sense of indolence. His hand slowly dragged up her skirt, the languid motion making her shudder, even as he nipped her red lips and pushed his tongue inside her mouth. Before she knew it, her skirt was already pushed up around her waist, revealing what could not be said.

Everything else was just routine.

Xixi: Didn’t it seem like Guo Baiyu planned Nan Yuan’s downfall?


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4 years ago

Thank you for the update. Gu Beiyu knew not to use her own hands at planning the downfall

4 years ago

Thanks comoniemore excellent work and I will never tire of telling you that you were the best. 👍😁😊
Regarding the protagonist, I really love her because she knows how to take her place and, above all, she won't let anyone and anything else, I like it. I just hope it continues like this and I didn't change. ah! I also hope that at some point your feelings will correspond to each other. ❤❤❤

And GB Is so crazy Think how double sided it is.😲

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That Gu Beiyu! Talk about borrowing somebody to do your dirty work. I hope she's exposed soon!

Author, I know you won't read this comment but, what was that last sentence? Trying to avoid writing about some snu-snu?

Thank you so much for your hard work Xixi! I truly enjoy it! Every update is like a treat. 😍

4 years ago

You're welcome!

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😂 @ the author comment.
You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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Gahahaha. I love how they absolutely trust each other even though they knew each other for such a short amount of time.

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Now that Xixi mentioned it… She most likely did

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