LTPC Chapter 17: Drinking Chicken Soup

Word of Caution: The following scene has just a pinch of smut. Read at your discretion.

They were a newly married couple who had treated their relationship seriously from beginning to end. Therefore, it was reasonable to become entangled. However, Yi Ran really did not expect Gu Tingchuan to have such strength. Before the day was even dark, he was already demanding to eat her…

She tried to recall, except for that first night when they truly became husband and wife, they did not have any more relations. Because there was no wedding, there was also no honeymoon, making her feel as if everything was illusory. But, her body remembered the taste of his care.

Compared to the ignorance that came with accepting new experiences, now there seemed to be a different feeling in her heart, particularly when their lips were moving together, and his fingers were exploring her lower body, creating a fire that can ignite her whole person.

She recalled that time when she had told herself that if she have the opportunity again, she must properly appreciate Gu Tingchuan’s strong body. But, when his hand cupped her buttocks without any hindrance, all her thoughts once again melted into nothing…….

Feeling her trembling, Gu Tingchuan slowed down his movement, like a powerful beast ready to turn into an attentive lover. His face was handsome and lighthearted as his fingers brushed back and forth between her legs, inciting such arousal that she was unable to do anything but rely on his tall and powerful body.

Gu Tingchuan was unable to clearly explain it. In these years, he had witnessed all the ups and downs of the entertainment circle. He had never been much interested in the feminine charms. But now, after meeting her, he didn’t know why he would suddenly start to behave like an obscene teenage boy. He always felt that, when he was with her, these pleasures and emotions were unsurprisingly natural.

What’s more, he really didn’t want to talk about other things at this moment. Hadn’t she said that they ought to fulfill their husband and wife obligations? This was very good.

Yi Ran didn’t know how to respond. She only felt that his posture was too captivating. Just then, his finger instinctively pushed deeper inside her, turning the flames into an inferno.

A subtle fragrance drift up into the room.

Suddenly, the sounds of rapid knocking came from outside, interrupting them.

“Director Gu, Director Gu? Mr. Qin called you…”

Gu Tingchuan frowned and intended to ignore him. However, the man at the door added, “Also, afterward, you’ll need to quickly select another candidate before the investors lose their minds.”

Yi Ran heard the overall situation and pursed her lips at him. “That…do you want to go deal with it?”

Gu Tingchuan looked at the bridge of her nose and pulled his face closer so that their faces were mere inches apart. His face unexpectedly showed a helpless smile. “En, I’ll go back to deal with the aftermath. You can take a break here.”

Otherwise, there was still a way…

Yi Ran pushed the thought into the back of her mind and looked at the radiant curve of his lips. He seemed to be in a good mood. Still looking at her, he called “Wait a minute” to the person outside.

Gu Tingchuan pulled back and, after straightening his clothes, he immediately resumed the image of the cold and handsome big director. Before he left, he looked at her sideways and added a sentence, “If you feel bored, you can come to the studio.”

She watched him walk out and bit her lip silently. Their relationship had just begun to develop, but he was already displaying a reliable “connivance.”. What’s more, this special treatment was only exclusively enjoyed by his “wife.” At least… she had not seen him treat others similarly.

Yi Ran’s thoughts were getting off track. She looked back at the messy sheets and thought that since Gu Tingchuan was also a man with normal desires, will he usually look at A-films?

Probably, will he analyze the shooting technique from a professional perspective?

She suddenly found that her thoughts were too perverted. She patted her cheeks and took a deep breath. Then, she quickly got up and went to the bathroom to wash her face.

When Yi Ran arrived at the shooting scene in the afternoon, everyone began sneaking glances at her. Their gazes felt different. Realizing that this was the first time she and Gu Tingchuan appeared in public as husband and wife, she suddenly felt more nervous.

Xiao Zhao and the other staff moved a stool and took a variety of small things, like drinks, to greet her. She sat at a distance from Director Gu and quietly watched him at work.

The scene they were shooting was not too big and was just a scene with two swordsman. After watching the film, Gu Tingchuan would discuss the content with the actors and other staff, his whole body emitting a cold chill.

Aside from spending 10 minutes to eat the chicken soup and home cooked side dishes she brought, he spent the rest of the time working. It was only then that she knew that he really was unsmiling when he was filming. Everyone had to listen to him no matter what. The feelings of both men and women listening to his thoughts made her particularly proud.

Yi Ran was so fascinated that she didn’t know when Guo Baiyu had already came to her side, letting her assistant bring a big box of chocolates. After receiving it from the assistant, she gave it to Yi Ran, whispering, “Mrs. Gu, hello. I am bothering you.”

Seeing that the other party insisted, Yi Ran resigned herself. She took the chocolate generously and looked up at the goddess, “Hello, are you also in the show?”

“I came to play a small role and just arrived today.” When Guo Baiyu spoke, she looked in the direction of Gu Tingchuan. Turning her head back to Yi Ran, she said, “I didn’t expect his wife to be you.”

This sentence vaguely revealed some distaste.

Guo Baiyu didn’t know what she was so concerned about. After all, Director Gu’s wife did not look as good as herself. Therefore, how can she be nervous?

Guo Baiyu expressed this kind of thought with just the rise of her eyebrows, such that Yi Ran could clearly understand her scorn. Her expression can’t help but turn a little cold. Of course, Yi Ran was very clear. A man like Gu Tingchuan was too attractive for girls. Therefore, it was necessary to be frank with these types of beautiful girls.

Yi Ran will not act like a hypocrite. She openly smiled and said, “The snack you sent last time was delicious. Director Gu, he doesn’t like sweets so I was able to take advantage of it.”

When she stood up, her long hair slowly slid down over her shoulders to her chest, so she raised her hand to brush them aside. “I also like the chocolate today. You really know how to choose.”

Because of Gu Tingchuan’s position, Guo Baiyu unwittingly had a humble attitude when facing Yi Ran. “Mrs. Gu flatters me.”

Yi Ran took a few steps to the side to hand over the chocolate to Xiao Zhao for safekeeping. When she returned, she said to Guo Baiyu: “Thank you for your gift. Have you eaten yet? I have to go check if the director has eaten. You know him. If he is busy, he will forget to eat. I’ll leave first.”

Guo Baiyu was dumbfounded. Yi Ran had unquestionable sovereign rights to Gu Tingchuan. Her heart was suddenly overflowing with indescribable jealousy. Her fists were clenched so tightly that her nails flushed white.

…Why was it like this?

She looked at Gu Tingchuan’s figure in the distance and gradually became fascinated. She noticed that he seemed to suddenly cast a glance toward her, and her heart skipped a beat.

He was the man she looked up and was devoted to for many years. But now, he had become the husband of others.


The filming of Homecoming was full of twists and turns. After dealing with the crisis of changing actresses, and taking pictures of actresses for days and nights on end, and finally being able to enter the post-editing stage, Gu Tingchuan at last had time to come back for the weekend.

Last night, he made a rare phone call to Yi Ran. His voice was clear and cold, but it made her feel warm. “I plan to send someone to pick up Gu Tai tomorrow, and we’ll spend the weekend with him. Will you have any problems with this?”

Yi Ran liked little Gu Tai, so she naturally had no opinions on the plan. However, it was still a bit unexpected for Mr. Gu to suddenly have this idea.

Gu Tingchuan seemed to understand her doubts and immediately explained, “This is my mother’s request, saying that my older brother and my sister-in-law are ready to negotiate their divorce. She feared that the child’s mood will fluctuate.”

“Oh…Of course, we should accompany him. I have no problem with it.” After a momentary pause, she asked, “Is there anything that Gu Tai likes to eat? I’m going to work early today so I’ll have time to visit the supermarket for some fresh ingredients. I can cook for him personally.”

She wanted Gu Tai to know that others value him. Perhaps, it will make the handsome little guy happier in his heart.

Gu Tingchuan was soon back from the shooting site. However, because the film progress was too far behind, he just merely changed the work location to home. He stayed in his studio overnight to view some film samples. The room was full of the scent of coffee by the time he finally came out for a break and saw that Yi Ran was already busy in the kitchen.

He walked over to check, and realized that it was a mess. He laughed softly, the low, throaty sound carrying such an ambiguous note that it made her whole body weak with goosebumps.

“You’re really this fierce?”

Yi Ran was made speechless by his words, but she continued to cut the carrots without lifting her head. Gu Tingchuan looked down and saw her wearing an apron. This appearance made her look like a traditional young miss. Although one can’t say that she looked virtuous, this current appearance still made her appear tranquil and delicate, particularly with her long hair tied in a ponytail by her ears.

He raised his lips slightly, and there was amusement in his eyes as he pointed out, “This is a stick, not a shred.”

Then, he faked disgust and smoothly took the knife from her hand. Wondering how good he would be at cooking, Yi Ran stepped to the side to watch as he busy himself.

After a moment, she could only stare at him as he easily and dexterously sliced vegetables, then opened the faucet to clean the knife. The water washed over his wrists and a few shallow drops splashed on his sleeves.

The cool and composed features, the tall and slender silhouette; it was no wonder that so many women coveted him. Yi Ran was momentarily dumbstruck. She thought about how well they’re getting along with one another, and it made her feel both happy and reassured.

“I originally wanted to arrange for the four elders to come and eat at home, but this is too much pressure for you.”

Yi Ran knew that she was no good at cooking, and this lack of skill had never been very important to her. Now, she felt flustered. She was beginning to care more and more about what he thought of her.

Gu Tingchuan glanced at her, curled his lips in amusement, and returned his gaze to the things being prepared. “I will reserve a place at a restaurant.”

Yi Ran murmured “hmm”, and when she spoke, her soft voice was incredulous, “How do you even know how to cook? Aren’t you a young master?”

Gu Tingchuan’s movements paused, and he raised his head to look at her. Then, the corners of his mouth rose, exuding a sense of indulgence.

Causing the silent undercurrent of love to surge.


Me: (*pulls back sleeves) “Who interrupted them?! Let me at him!”
Also, I love love how Yi Ran basically rubbed her wifey status in Guo Baiyu’s face. Go, Yi Ran!
And that little scene where Gu Tingchuan was teasing Yi Ran about her cooking. So cute.


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4 years ago

Just a little confused. Is it Guo Baiyu or Gu Beiyu?

Thanks Xixi!

4 years ago

Thank you for the updates ❤

4 years ago

Good question. It's Guo Baiyu. Sometimes Google Translates put Gu Beiyu and, because they look so alike, I sometimes overlook or forget when editing. I went back through the last few chapters and hopefully got them all.

4 years ago

You're welcome!

4 years ago

Thank you so much 🙂 🙂

4 years ago

Just got to this in my backlog, such a cute story! I loved how she wondered if he watched porn (I'm assuming that's what A-films means) and if he analyzed the shooting techniques when he did. Thanks for translating.