LTPC Chapter 15: Able to Visit the Set

Shi Xiang’s “kindness” was full of hypocrisy and malice. His actions made Yi Ran anxious to avoid it, but yet she also felt as if she was unable to do anything, much less directly give him a round kick like she had wanted.

“Teacher Yi, I already spoke with Yao Juan. You also must consider your own future, understand?”

Yi Ran could only try to convince herself that this was probably the other person’s natural body language. Therefore, she tried to move sideways to avoid his hand, but who knew that his strength was not light. Even after several attempts, she was not successful.

Her heart became more and more anxious, and even Shi Xiang’s words could not penetrate her fog. What was the overall situation? Wasn’t it just that she won’t dare to offend the dignitary, fearing that she will get into trouble?

Yi Ran’s mind was in a mess, and she strongly felt that she will completely flip out and beat him up. At this moment, she suddenly heard a distant voice said, “Teacher Yi.”

She hesitated briefly, and she and Shi Xiang both turned to look at the end of the corridor.

The warm sun washed over one side of the man’s body and his features gave off a deep sense of perceptiveness. This mixture of light and shadow added a glimmer of incorporeal brilliance, turning the face into something altogether unforgettable.

As he approached, he purposely slowed down his steps. Yi Ran stared blankly at him and forgot to respond. Shi Xiang finally released his claws from her back.

“Hello, Teacher Yi. I’m looking for Teacher Yao Juan to talk about my nephew,” Gu Tingchuan said concisely, his attitude towards her most appropriate.

Yi Ran also pretended not to be familiar with him. “Director Gu, we’re honored by your presence. Oh, yes, this is my school principal Shi Xiang.”

Gu Tingchuan turned to face this middle-aged man who was shorter than him and gave a faint nod. His gaze was indifferent, but the corners of his mouth were faintly raised. He suddenly said, “Teacher Yi has won the favor of the principal. Ordinarily, one must also take care not to get too close for fear a boyfriend might get jealous.”

At this, Shi Xiang’s face paled.

Gu Tingchuan’s once indifferent gaze was now cold, and his stern expression was dark.

Yi Ran was dumbfounded and clearly felt that this man’s words had a hidden meaning.

However, Gu Tingchuan did not explain more, and went straight to the point. “Teacher Yi Ran is very responsible and has a high quality standard of teaching. She is one of my favorite teachers. Thanks to the principal of the school.”

When he said the last sentence, there was an obvious pause, as if he was reluctant to say the words.

Yi Ran was a little nervous and perked up her ears to listen to his chilling words. Gu Tingchuan’s face was unreadable, but he clearly did not put the bureaucrat in his eyes.

Although Shi Xiang had never met him, he knew that Mr. Gu was a young and promising film master, and he also knew that the Gu family’s reputation was not inferior to that of Hao Ziyue’s family.

However, he did not expect that the famous director Gu would praise the little teacher. Thinking this, he quickly considered what he had just said to Yi Ran.

The principal awkwardly excused himself and said before he left, “You guys talk, you guys talk. Teacher Yi, you’re very good. You can entertain the director.”

Yi Ran looked Gu Tingchuan up and down. She was in a very good mood. She had rarely seen him be so sharp-tongued. “I didn’t expect you to be like this. Director Gu, now that you’d defended me, if later Shi Xiang found out that I’m your wife, that would be hilarious.”

This was probably the first time she mentioned her identity as his wife. Gu Tingchuan smiled. “This kind of teacher, I think it’s best to change him. Or, let you and Gu Tai change school instead.”

His perceptive eyes had not missed the flash of anxiety on her face.

In fact, in addition to thanking Gu Tingchuan for his help, Yi Ran still felt a kind of bitterness. Over the years, she had always been a person to face her problems alone. She never needed a boyfriend to care…

But now, in front of Gu Tingchuan, she became ordinary and fragile. Compared to those powerful people in the entertainment circle, she probably seemed like a weak intellectual.

Yi Ran recalled that day when Gu Tai had blinked and asked her, “Teacher, do you also do this when you encounter injustice?”

She had seriously asked herself the same thing and realized that sometimes she also dared not confront those who unjustly provoked her.

“What is it?”

Gu Tingchuan’s deep voice interrupted Yi Ran’s thoughts, and she answered with a shook of her head. “I just came here to work not long ago. In fact, this is actually a very good educational institution.”

After saying this, she lead him toward Yao Juan’s office.

Gu Tingchuan looked at her thoughtfully and unexpectedly said in a soft voice, “That Shi Xiang, you don’t have to take notice of him in the future. Just stay away from him.”

Yi Ran was still somewhat depressed, but when she looked at him, she couldn’t help but laugh. Smiling broadly, she said, “It doesn’t really matter.”

Yao Juan was in his office, grading homework, when he raised his head in time to see such a scene. Yi Ran and Gu Tingchuan stood side by side at the entrance. Her smile was back-lit by the soft light outside. Her features were lively and warm. Seeing her smiling expression, his eyes suddenly sank.

The most critical thing was that when she looked at the man next to her, there were some undisguised joys and deep feelings in her eyes, and the other party seemed to be used to this kind of attention, naturally responding with acceptance.

Yi Ran did not pay attention to Yao Juan’s surprise. She introduced the two men and the three went to the empty classroom to sit down.

As Gu Tai’s teacher, Yao Juan first gave a pertinent evaluation of Gu Tai’s performance in the past three years. When talking about the recent events, he bluntly said, “In the past, Hao Ziyue was the destroyer in the class but had no issues with Gu Tai. However, since last year, they have been having some small conflicts from time to time. I think it is necessary to resolve the ‘heart knots’ between them. I will be responsible for talking to the two children alone and find solutions to their problems. I hope that the parents can cooperate.”

Gu Tingchuan was not too familiar with children, but he had watched Gu Tai grow up. He quickly thought for a moment before nodding, his eyes shadowed by the light of the classroom. “Gu Tai hadn’t mentioned a word of this matter. It may be that his parents were having various disputes at home, which had caused him to have a psychological shadow. I’ll pay more attention to his emotions and look at his homework. You’ve worked hard.”

Yi Ran only watched them converse and did not express her opinions. With unblinking eyes, she stared at Gu Tingchuan, discovering that when he talked about the education of children, he unexpectedly gave out a mature charm, as if he was actually the father of a child.

When he saw her fascinated, a note of amusement flashed across his eyes. She immediately reacted, and her face flushed. She was also afraid that Yao Juan might have also seen her and was deeply embarrassed.

Yao Juan had long discovered that her eyes had always fallen on Gu Tingchuan. In his mind, alarm bells were ringing as he began to think that these two people seemed to have a familiar relationship.

Once the meeting ended, Gu Tingchuan got up and said goodbye to him. He went out to the corridor and pulled out his mobile phone. When the call went through, he began to absentmindedly talk into the phone.

Yi Ran knew that he was busy so she whispered, “I will have classes for a while. Then, later, I will call you.”

Gu Tingchuan nodded and his gaze fell from her face to her exquisitely shaped collarbone. Without thinking, he raised his hand and lifted the silky strand of hair clinging to it. His fingers brushed against her skin, there and gone so fast that she could hardly feel it.

He took in her faintly sweet scent,and his eyes unconsciously deepened. She gave one last look at the capable person in front of her, then turned around and quickened her pace to the other end of the corridor.

These actions fell into Yao Juan’s eyes, making them look even more suspicious.


Another week passed and Hao Ziyue’s parents still did not appear.

Yi Ran drank a cup of coffee in front of the office’s water dispenser and returned to her seat to look at her lesson plan. Nearby, Guan Yilu and another female teacher were watching videos on their mobile phone. She could hear their conversation.

“I heard that he got married recently, but I didn’t pay attention.”

“Me too, I always thought that Guo Baiyu was with him.” Guan Yilu thought for a moment, raised her neck and asked Yi Ran “Yi Ran, doesn’t Gu Tai from Teacher Yao’s class have a good relationship with you? I’ve seen you with Gu Tai several times. Have you dug up any gossip?”

Yi Ran almost burned her tongue with her coffee. She shook her head nervously and thought about distracting them with a change of topic

“What are you looking at?”

“Entertainment news. They’re saying that Gu Tingchuan’s really secretive about his new film.”

She looked at it for a while and found that the news also touched on the director’s recent flash marriage, deliberately using Guo Beiyu and several other female stars to conduct various analysis. The conclusion was that the director’s girlfriend from outside the entertainment circle must really have big luck, ultimately defeating many goddesses to become the big winner and marry the director.

Yi Ran had seen Guo Baiyu in Dark River. She had bright eyes and a charming smile that was profoundly bright. Compared this to seeing her in real life, her beauty was a bit different. Fortunately, Gu Tingchuan’s lens had extraordinary magic.

Lately, she and Gu Tingchuan had been using WeChat to maintain contact. Aside from this, there wasn’t much difference between now and before.

Yi Ran thought for a moment and suddenly had an excellent idea. She remembered that she had promised to make him chicken soup. She hurriedly returned to her seat and opened up WeChat, thinking about how to initiate the conversation without sounding awkward.

Frankly speaking, in her heart, she was afraid of being rejected by Gu Tingchuan and being seen as too clingy.

After editing her message for a long time, Yi Ran finally decided to resolutely send out the message. “I already followed my mother to learn how to make chicken soup and some other dishes. This weekend, if it is not too difficult, how about I send them to you?”

Yi Ran immediately threw the phone away after she finished and really did not dare to see if a reply came in.

As a result, she was uneasy for an entire afternoon. By the time it was time to go home, Yi Ran opened WeChat and unexpectedly received an answer from Gu Tingchuan. His reply was as straightforward and simple as expected. “En. Then you set the time and I will send someone to pick you up.”

In Yi Ran’s heart, there was finally the feeling of being Mrs. Gu.

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4 years ago

That's sexual harassment! Ew old principal. I believe Yao Juan will make his move. Go, boy! Make gu tingchuan jealous

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I think it’s more like physical harrassment than sexual harrassment, unless the principal had other thoughts….

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Queen Bee ~¿~
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I like your translation.
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