LTPC Chapter 23: Becoming Closer

Yi Ran always felt that her mother-in-law’s actions were not done with goodwill.

She came out of the bathroom absently. As she was washing her hands at the washstand, Sheng Ru came up right beside her. At first, they were both silent. Sure enough, Sheng Ru said, “Of course, we know that Tingchuan likes you very much.”

Yi Ran paused and wasn’t quite sure how to properly respond. Sheng Ru wiped her hands and said, “Linfeng and I both acknowledge you as our daughter-in-law. Regarding the matter that we talked about last time, we know that Tingchuan is a bit stubborn. So, a few days ago, I asked the lawyer to draft an agreement.”

She took her mobile phone out of her handbag, and looked at Yi Ran with a kind expression, “I’ll send it to you. You can read it first.”

Yi Ran: “……”

What kind of routine was this? Generally, in a TV show, the strong mother-in-law would hand out a check, saying, “Take this money and leave my son”, and then she can say indignantly, “10 million is too little, right? Who do you think I am?”

But, there was no precedent on transmitting WeChat files, ah!!

Yi Ran was a little embarrassed, but Sheng Ru nevertheless acted as if she was not willing. She tried to placate her by saying, “Ran Ran, you see, we didn’t mean to guard against you, nor did we want to destroy your relationship with Tingchuan. But, with our type of family, everything must be doubly protected. Not to mention, as someone who married into the family, we also don’t want you to be treated unfairly.”

Yi Ran thought about how best to respond. She deliberately softened her voice and said, “This way… wouldn’t Tingchuan be upset?”

Sheng Ru didn’t have time to answer. Before they realized it, Gu Tingchuan, who must have been nearby, suddenly appeared and took away Yi Ran’s cell phone. He immediately deleted the file she had just received and then looked up at his mother with a frown.

“I knew you would do this.”

Seeing that her son was unhappy, Sheng Ru’s momentum softened a little. “Tingchuan, I know you care about Yi Ran’s feelings, but Yi Ran didn’t say that she didn’t agree.”

Gu Tingchuan heard this sentence and, without looking at his wife, said in a bad tone, “No matter what she agrees or disagrees with, I said it’s not necessary.”

He didn’t like others doing small actions behind his back. What he said was enough. Moreover, he disliked it when others disobey him.

This discord allowed Yi Ran to realize that when Director Gu was angry, his forehead would wrinkle with displeasure, his aura would turn grave and stern, and his eyes would be like the raging seawater from the Arctic Ocean. Even the surrounding area would freeze.

Gu Tingchuan lowered his voice and said impatiently, “Mom, I still haven’t even bought her a wedding ring yet. Such an industrious and thrifty wife, did you really want me to find me a second?”

Yi Ran heard this. In her heart, there was an infinite ridicule. Who said I didn’t want it? It was you who didn’t ask me at all. My skin is not that thick!

Sheng Ru was embarrassed. With an awkward expression on her face, she said, “I didn’t want you to change to wife…”

“Well, today we’re having a happy meal. Don’t do this kind of disgraceful thing.” Gu Tingchuan no longer listened. After he said this, he grabbed Yi Ran’s wrist and left with her.

His pace was steady, his steps neither too fast nor too slow. He turned his face to see her silent and his eyes suddenly displayed a smile, similar to floating layers of bright water. “There is a Beijing Opera Theatre next to this restaurant. I used to go there after I eat. In fact, compared to dinner, the restaurant’s morning tea is more special. The shrimp noodles here are also very good. It’s dry and delicious. In a moment, I’ll have them make it for you.”

Yi Ran thought this move would be too obvious and might greatly provoke his parents.

Her eyes fell to their clasped hands, she still asked, “You arbitrary making such a decision, would it really not affect the business?”

“When it comes down to it, this marriage is only between you and me. It has nothing to do with others. You don’t need to care about them.” As he pushed the door opened for her, he added, “I will tell them clearly.”

Gu Linfeng was with his in-laws. While in the middle of speaking, he raised his head to see the two of them stepping forward first. He frowned slightly, already guessing what might have happened just now.

Gu Tingchuan still looked indifferent. He sat down and rolled the sleeves up to his elbows, exposing his fair forearms. He came to see his father-in-law and mother-in-law without dressing too formally, making him easier to get close to.

His black hair without any hairspray fell down smoothly, and the neckline of his low-necked sweater was a little open, revealing the wings of his collarbones.

At this moment, he didn’t forget to add vegetables to her bowl. “Eat more.”

Yi Ran’s ears turned red and she didn’t dare look up to see the eyes of the other people.

Mother Yi covered her lips and whispered, “Look at these young newlyweds. Their feelings are so good.”

Yi Ren stared at her mother with disapproval.

After a while, Sheng Ru also returned. At first glance, she looked the same as usual. Yi Ran was clear-hearted. She knew better than anyone that there was an insurmountable gap between the two of them.

But since the male god didn’t dislike it, there was no point in her being too concerned about it. After all, it didn’t matter that others might call it shameful or disgraceful. Perhaps, it was others who were blind.

Maybe you were not so ordinary after all. Maybe you did have some merits. It was just that there were so many excellent people living in this world, sometimes moving forward in a mighty torrent of chaotic grit. Their lively sparks could also make you go unnoticed by others.

But, what could be done? The best thing was to make yourself better, to grow and work hard a hundred times. This was the best, most direct reaction when you met “that person” —wanting to become a greater self for him.


The elders usually rested early so it was only about eight o’clock when dinner ended. Gu Tingchuan remembered something on the way back, leaned forward, and instructed the driver, “Go back to the company first.”

After saying this, he tilted his head in Yi Ran’s direction to get her opinion. “Do you have anything important to do?”

Yi Ran shook her head. It was the weekend. She had no other arrangements. Instead, he had to supervise the post-production of Homecoming before having a good rest.

Jiaye Film Company was draped in a layer of lights, giving it a cold and outstanding temperament. Yi Ran bowed her head slightly, admiring the delicate patterns on the marble. When they came to the lobby, Gu Tingchuan turned to look at her and succinctly said, “I already told the secretary to quickly organize some things. We’ll leave soon. You wait here. I’ll tell the driver to drive directly to the front door.”

“Oh, okay,” Yi Ran immediately said in a low voice.

Gu Tingchuan glanced over her head toward the direction of the front desk girls, who were observing their actions with complex eyes. His black eyes was like a deep pond, polite and majestic, as he instructed, “Take my wife to sit in the rest area and pour her a glass of water. Thank you.”

Since the two girls at the front desk joined the company, this was the first time that they had direct face-to-face contact with the head boss Gu. They were curious about the woman next to him since they also recently heard the shocking gossip about Director Gu’s sudden “flash marriage.” However,they have never seen Mrs. Gu’s true face.

At this moment, their burning eyes seemed to burn holes into Yi Ran. They looked at her young appearance. Her eyes were soft and warm, clear and translucent as if immersed in water, and her cheeks were healthy and flushed. At this time, her long hair was sticking to her neck so she raised her hand to brush them aside. Her bearing was not like those of actresses who came and went. However, she seemed unusually frank … Because she was Gu Tingchuan’s wife, they dared not go up to chat with her.

After all, there were also many rumors about her. Some were probably exaggerated, some grounded and, sometimes, it was impossible to tell the truth.

Upstairs, Gu Tingchuan walked through the office door. The secretary who was still working overtime came over and whispered a few words to him. He frowned slightly but continued to enter.

The room was full of smoke. Despite the ventilation, the smell of cigarettes in the air could not be dissipated. The man sitting on the sofa was looking at his mobile phone, but he saw Gu Tingchuan coming in and snuffed out the cigarette between his fingers. “Yo, I was caught by you.”

Gu Tingchuan impatiently waved away the smoke in front of his eyes and stared at the other person indifferently. “What are you doing here?”

“I was closely followed by reporters recently and then at home again by mom and dad. I had to come here to sit down for a breather.” After Gu Tingyong finished speaking, the phone screen suddenly lit up. Looking at it from a distance, Gu Tingchuan could see that it was a selfie from a young woman.

“Since you’re here, I want to ask you for help.”

Gu Tingchuan shook his head and looked down at the desk. Brother Gu was not angry when he saw this, and still smiled. He said, “Listen first. It’s about my son.”

After saying this, he looked at Gu Tingchuan again. Sure enough, his complexion had eased.

“The head teacher called to say that there will be a parent-child winter games next week. He hoped that at least one parent can accompany the child. But, you know, it’s currently not convenient for his mother or I to show up.”

Gu Tingchuan frowned briefly, wanting to refuse this person’s request. But, he was unable to refuse.

He reprimanded, “Why don’t you think about Gu Tai? Do you have to make it like this?”

Gu Tingyong heard this sentence and a look of “you are still too young” flashed across his face. There was also a bit of helplessness and guilt as he said, “I never understand you when it comes to this. You have seen the end of my marriage. Are you still anxious to get married and die?”

“You can’t control your lower body. It’s your problem.”

Gu Tingchuan have always had a poisonous tongue. These days, Gu Tingyong had heard more than enough blame, and there was certainly no shortage of this particular one. His eyes noticed the other person’s serious look and he said, “A few years before marriage, she and I were very loving. But somehow, it seems like it’s been a long time… I don’t feel it anymore when I see her. I want to control myself, but there are too many temptations outside. Those young girls are full of energy. You just don’t know because you haven’t experienced it before but that figure, that taste…”

Saying this, he turned to look at his younger brother, and found that there was only coldness in his eyes.

“Gu Tingchuan, I want to warn you. The prenuptial agreement must be signed, and Jiaye also has my shares…”

“Don’t say any more.” Gu Tingchuan interrupted his words mercilessly, his eyes darkening. He was clearly upset. “Hearing this gives me a headache.”

Xixi: Gu Tingyong provides a good foil to our ML. It’s interesting how two brothers can be so different.
Earlier, I was looking at the raws on jjwxc and I realized that I had been looking in the wrong place and got the chapter numbering wrong. The last extra “Sugar Intake” was listed on chapter slot 21, but it actually wasn’t supposed to be chaptered. So, really this chapter was actually supposed to be Chapter 22. After mulling over this issue, I’m just too lazy to go back and try to fix it on NovelUpdates, so I’m just going to carry on as normal.


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4 years ago

Thank you very much Xixi!
This elder brother is indeed quite different to our MC.

4 years ago

Haha I can guess the type of man gu ting yong is. Quite common huh

Thank you for the chapter >.<

4 years ago

Scumbag. There's a thing called separation, divorce, etc and trying to fix their marriage like an adult before resorting to adultery like a complete manwhore. I hate people like this who have no sense of responsibility for their actions. It's so nauseating.

4 years ago

contrary to popular belief, i'm okay with men having secret mistresses as long as he doesnt have illegitimate children or let his kids know about the dark side of life. everyone is happy that way even if its superficial.
i'm.not a man so i dont know how STRONG a temptation is but i dont believe that they can stay faithful so i think its a good 'false solution'

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