LTPC Chapter 22: Eating Together

Yi Ran sat alone in the apartment’s glass terrace for a long time. She thought about the incident that happened in the afternoon and felt dispirited. She recalled that Shi Xiang had called Yao Juan away, and she couldn’t help but feel pained.

When he returned, Yao Juan had refused to tell her the specific content of their conversation. He merely smiled at her and resumed his usual expression. “What else can he do? He can’t fire me. He may criticize me and what not, but for the time being, there’s no way he could do it. Even if he did fire me, this is something that I must do.”

Yi Ran also understood. Even if they couldn’t really change anything, even if it was just muddy water that they both had to wade through, she and Yao Yuan were not relatives. She shouldn’t let others stand in front of her to protect her.

Moreover, she promised Gu Tai she would take care of this matter, and she should always keep her promise.

It was just that Yao Juan’s words were not unreasonable. Zou Qiyun could never empathize with them. In her entire life, she would probably never have the capability to understand their position and perspectives

“One must absolutely note injure a child’s heart”, “As a teacher, one must always be an upright model to the students.” In the eyes of such a woman, what was the worth of thoughts like these?

Yi Ran placed a pot of tea next to her and sat alone for a long time, feeling depressed.

She looked at the brown door that opened to Gu Tinchuan’s studio for a long time, remembering that night when he had told her not to enter it casually and not to move anything.

Usually, when he was absent, the door would be firmly locked. It was not to keep her out, but because he was afraid that thieves might get in. In short, everything must be prevented beforehand.

Yi Ran did not understand. Everyone naturally has their own territories. It was understandable that men like him might need their own independent space. But, if they were not a couple who had a flash marriage but was instead a pair of lovers, would he still be so demanding?

The moment this idea bubbled up, Yi Ran felt that this momentous thought would not result in anything good.

The night was eerily quiet, and the neighborhood was silent. Her heart calmed down slowly so that she could clearly see the current state of life.

In the past few months, she was married to such a great director. Since then, her ordinary life had became at once bizarre and wonderful. But, it was still lacking some vitality.

She knew that it was not good to never be content. Some people believed that having enough food and clothing and no worries was already a great blessing. Yi Ran also thought that it was not bad. But, when all was said and done, she nevertheless still felt a little shaken.

Without realizing it, Yi Ran found herself standing in front of his studio door. She gently brushed her hand across the edge of the door frame. The other side of the door was like a restricted area she could not set foot in, much like Gu Tingchuan’s inner world.

How to resolve this, and how to change? All these bits and pieces that were gradually connecting them together was not just a relationship but also love…

She turned and leaned her slightly hot back against the cold wood. Then, she slowly moved away with both hands crossed over her shoulders, feeling somewhat at a loss.

When Gu Tingchuan finished working for the day, he came out and saw Yi Ran sitting on a recliner, playing with her hair in a daze. She casually held her long hair in her hands, fingers untangling the knots. Her exhaustion was clear.

He was slightly surprised, then with a faint smile, he turned and went into the kitchen.

Not long after, Gu Tingchuan stood behind Yi Ran and whispered, “My work is almost finished. Let’s have a meal with the parents this weekend.”

Yi Ran rubbed her eyes and, when she turned back to look at him, she smiled as usual. She said, “En, okay. It’s a little late today. I’ll tell them tomorrow.”

At least, he still took these matters to heart.

The layout of Gu Tingchuan’s apartment was bright and spacious. The scenery outside the window was even more charming. Looking out the window at this moment, one could still see the dazzling light and brilliance of the distant urban center. Tonight, the night scene was pretty good, and the dark sky was dotted with stars that glowed like diamonds.

He cast a quick glance at that distant place and turned to see that she was still absentminded. He paused and asked, “Did you eat dinner?”

Yi Ran did not tell the truth. “I ate a little while ago.”

Actually, she had no appetite today. She bought some takeaway and threw it away after a few bites.

Gu Tingchuan casually proposed, “It’s a little late but I’m a bit hungry. I’ll cook some dumplings and you can eat with me.”

Yi Ran was about to say that she was a bit tired and will rest. Unexpectedly, Gu Tingchuan’s smiling expression turned serious, making people unable to read his face. “Last time, I said that you’re to light. It’s important to eat a little more.”

Her heartbeat increased ten folds, and her body froze.

Gu Tingchuan’s voice was slightly deep, and his brows were faintly raised in an unexpectedly vivid expression. “The chief also left behind some chocolate toast and jam. Will you come and eat?”

Not long after, there was more movement and heat in the kitchen. The steam seemed to be curling up between the two of them. Yi Ran looked sideways at Gu Tingchuan, who was looking down and putting the dumpling into the bowl. His side profile was soft and bright under the light, turning Director Gu’s usual imposing manner into something entirely different and giving her a sense of stability in their home life. Her mood had unexpectedly improved a lot.

After tossing through the events of this day, she had a lot of bitter complaints. But, given their current feelings and relationships, she did not know how to speak naturally about these thoughts. .

Moreover, it was difficult for her to expect others to understand emotions such as disappointment, grievances or anger. More importantly, she didn’t want to expose such a weak side of herself to him. How could a man like Gu Tingchuan, who was full of such talents, understand the thoughts of women like her.

It was something she dared not even think about.

He brought the hot dumplings up in porcelain bowls and each one was round and filling. The color of the soup was clear and refreshing and the arome was enough to invoke her appetite. She scooped up a spoonful and took a sip. Her whole body seemed to warm up, and she recovered some clarity. Thinking of Gu Tai’s affairs, it was still something she had to deal with, but she was truly at her wit’s end.

Her face was hot, but she still brazenly said to Gu Tingchuan, “You are right last time. Hao Ziyue’s parents are really difficult to deal with.”

Yi Ran did not mention the mistreatment she had suffered, nor did she reveal it in her voice or emotions. The emphasis was not on herself but on the other party’s uncooperative attitude.

Gu Tingchuan sat down, took the spoon in hand, and as he spoke, his words had some lazy magnetism, “You don’t have to worry about it. I’ll find someone to investigate their background and we’ll see what kinds of things they value.”

Regardless, Gu Tai was his family. He would not allow him to be bullied at school.

After he finished speaking, he picked up his mobile phone and quickly sent a text message. Yi Ran presumed it was regarding this matter.

“I have never seen such a shameless person.” Her tone was cautious, but she still showed some low emotions. “Actually, I thought to myself…Just teach Gu Tai to punch back. At least, use your own strength to solve the problem, without relying on anyone.”

Gu Tingchuan eyes. However, his face was still calm and even his tone was as indifferent as usual. “Still, it is best not to use violence. There is still a dependable person left. That is another way of doing things.”

This sentence suddenly poked at the softest part in Yi Ran’s heart, which was suddenly filled with an indescribable reconciliation. She almost couldn’t prevent herself from crying.

….Because, she also wanted to be able to occasionally rely on him.

She bowed her head and silently ate the dumplings in her bowl. When she was full, she stood up and smiled, looking like the clear sky after a rainstorm. “Hey, I also want to believe in this darling person.”

Not wanting to give him more trouble, she took the initiative to collect the dishes when she noticed that he had also finished. But, Gu Tingchuan was suddenly holding her wrist, his touch gentle, as he unhurriedly said, “I will do it. You can go and freshen up.”

“It’s okay. It’s faster to clean up together.”

Gu Tingchuan observed her subtle expression and guessed that the reason why she was unhappy all night must have been due to Gu Tai’s affairs. Now, it seemed as if her mood had improved a bit. He slowly released her hand and silently smiled.

As Yi Ran washed the dirty bowls in the sink, she raised her head to look at the man with the wide shoulders and narrow waist standing with his back to her. She wiped her hands silently, hesitantly walked toward him and unexpectedly attacked. She gently drew herself up against his back, her arms embracing his waist. The firm sensation of his back made her feel as if she had electric currents running through her entire body.

She hastily released her hold on him and sweetly said, “Thank you…the dumplings were delicious

At this moment, a bottomless tide swept over her heart before suddenly fading away calmly, leaving behind countless deep and shallow traces.

Gu Tingchuan watched as Yi Ran’s figure fled, and the slight smile on his face was dazzling.

That night, they cleaned up the kitchen a little before taking a much needed break, especially Yi Ran, who almost instantly fell asleep the moment her head touched the pillow.

For the first time in a long time, her sleep was simple and peaceful.


They got married in early Autumn, and now it was almost winter. Gu Tingchuan’s work finally came to an end, and he was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Thus, he invited the four elders from the Gu family and the Yi family to eat this late dinner.

He found a very private Chinese restaurant located in an old-fashioned courtyard mansion. There were even water pavilions nearby that allowed people to sit by the lake. Even the tableware was elegant and stylish. The moment they entered the restaurant, they were instantly enveloped by the delicious scent of food. The boss was also an acquaintance of the Gu’s family, so they could feel assured in all the arrangements.

Yi Ran’s parents were ordinary people, but they were also understandable people. Although, in terms of status, they were not equal to the Gu elders, who were used to luxury, and they had also not seen the big world, their temperament was amiable and friendly, making them very easy to get along with.

The restaurant’s soft lighting fell on the six people, who simultaneously ate and chatted with each other. From beginning to end, the atmosphere as serene as expected. Of course, the adults inevitably talked about the wedding.

Sheng Ru turned her head to ask the opinions of the juniors. Yi Ran looked at Gu Tingchuan, whose expression had not changed, and decided to day her thoughts first, “Actually, we haven’t been married for very long, and Gu…Tingchuan has been very busy. I think it would be fine to wait until next year…What do you say?”

Gu Tingchuan received a certain person’s cry for help and also knew that she was sympathetic to his busy work schedule. More importantly, he roughly suspected that she still had not gotten used to being married yet. With her like this, he really didn’t want to pressure her with such a crowded and grand occasion.

He was a good-looking person, inheriting the elegance of his mother and the calm dignity of his father. At this moment, his features were clear and bright “I also agree with this. Not to mention, there are many things to plan before the wedding. You must also want to ask some important relatives and friends to attend. We will take our time to consider it at length, but won’t delay it for too long.”

His handsome face reflected the bright light of the chandelier and, looking at him, Yi Ran was afraid that the elder would insist on this topic. She smiled and said, “Sorry, I need to go to the restroom.”

Unexpectedly, Sheng Ru also stood up. She smoothed back her pleated skirt, her deportment kind and charming, as she said, “Ran Ran, I’ll go with you.”

Hearing this, Yi Ran was a little dumbfounded…Why doesn’t this high-end, elegant, and classy place have separate toilets?

Xixi: I can totally imagine the studio scene as a scene in a movie: Yi Ran with her back pressed against the door, feeling sad and lonely. Meanwhile, Gu Tingchuan worked inside his studio, completely oblivious. The thing that separated them was that door. Yi Ran was right in saying that it prevents her from entering his inner world, both literally and figuratively.
Frankly, I like the author’s take on this. Gu Tingchuan had always been indifferent to anything not related to films. It will take Yi Ran a little bit longer to enter his inner world. But, I really like the fact that he stepped out of his “man cave” and immediately recognized that she needed cheering up.
Yi Ran, add oil!

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