LTPC Chapter 21: Extra: Sugar Intake


Every year, Haben International School usually arranges for a team of teachers to visit first-rate schools in other cities. Usually, they’ll have to meet and study in the morning and afternoon before they can have free activities in the evening.

Unlike previously, Yi Ran asked Gu Tingchuan in advanced. At the time, they were in the living room. He quickly glanced at his schedule and his eyes flashed but he didn’t say he was free.

In her heart, she still had a girlish disappointment. She asked casually, “What kind of work did you arrange at the time?”

Gu Tingchuan put down his book and said with complete seriousness, “Shooting a public service short film.”

She merely said “oh ” and didn’t think much.

On the day of departure, Yi Ran and the other teachers took a two-hour high-speed train and changed bus smoothly. They arrived at a foreign language primary school in Xiling City and started a three-day training activity.

In the afternoon, the meeting room was air-conditioned and entering it was like entering an ice cave. She only wore a sleeveless dress and a small jacket so she couldn’t help shivering. Yao Juan, who was seated next to her, looked at her and raised his voice for the temperature to be increased. Then, he took his long-sleeved shirt out of his carry-on bag.

“You cover up with this first. It’s not good for you to catch a cold.”

The man’s eyes were bright with concerns. Afraid that the other teachers might have the wrong impression, Yi Ran hastily but politely refused. “There’s no need, I…”

“You don’t have to be so polite with me. This is the mutual help between colleagues.”

Yao Juan was the only person in the room who knew about her marriage. His words were also obviously secretive, and there was no excess emotions.

But Yi Ran still declined. “You only have one piece of clothing, and I’m not the only one freezing here. It wouldn’t be fair to others,” she whispered softly, giving him his shirt back.

Then, she added, “Also, they have already raised the temperature so I’ll be fine in a little bit.”

Yao Juan saw that she was insistent on this matter so he did not say anything more and turned his head to look at the curtain in the conference room.

The teachers finished their dinner at the school restaurant and finally got a break.

They took the opportunity to go to the nearby food night market. Thus, this group of men and women of all ages walked fifteen minutes from the hotel to the flashy square.

Using WeChat on her mobile phone, Yi Ran sent a message to Gu Tingchuan and reported her trip. She looked up and saw all the booths with bright colors displayed everywhere. The pleasing colors fluttered gently, glittering under the shifting light between by the street lamps and the shadows of the night. The place was packed with the sounds of happy laughter and cheerful conversations, and the air was heavy with the delicious scent of food.

Not long after, the teachers divided into groups of twos and threes. Yi Ran, Yao Juan, amd Guan Yilu naturally became a small team since they were not only similar in age but also played more easily together.

Yi Ran and Guan Yilu each bought a paper cup cake and German sausage, but then stared at the sliced meat sandwich stall and had to swallow their saliva. While Yao Juan lined up for them, they moved next door to buy drinks. Guan Yilu excitedly said, “They have beer! You wait, I’m going to get two cups.”

Yi Ran waited for a while in the same place. Yao Juan got their hit food and joined her. She saw that the sweat on his forehead had already dripped onto the tip of his nose. She hurriedly took out a paper towel and tried to hand it to him but saw immediately that his hands were full of things. She was so flustered that she somehow reached out and blotted the tip of his nose with the paper towel.

Then, Yi Ran quickly took the food from Yao Juan’s hand and gave him the paper towel. “You’ve worked hard. You can wipe it off.”

Yi Ran smelled the scent of roasted meat and didn’t even have time to swallow back her drool before she heard her name being called. She turned her head and looked behind her in confusion. The man stood in the hazy light, his body emitting a cold aura. He was dressed in simple but high-quality clothing, and he seemed incompatible with this noisy and boisterous atmosphere. But, the most important thing of all was that the curved of his lips was the most captivating sight.

The twilight of his eyes was exceptionally clear. He was also a well known figure with excellent abilities. Naturally, no matter where he went, he will attract a lot of attention. This was no exception.

However, Gu Tingchuan did not care about other people. He continued to look at her, his direct gaze making her heart pound.

They were both silent, like a pair of strangers wonderfully and unexpectedly meeting for the first time.

Yi Ran had never had this kind of novel experience. The moment she saw him, her eyes grew bright and she also immediately understood the implications of his appearance.

Her eyes were immediately sparkling and the corners of her mouth were faintly raised, making his heart itch. Gu Tingchuan knew that she wouldn’t be able to conceal her emotions. This was a quality of her’s that he was also particularly fond of.

Looking at these two people gazing at each other as if there was no one around, Yao Juan was a little dumbfounded. After a while, he awkwardly said, “Mr. Gu, what a coincidence.”

Gu Tingchuan gave him a short nodded and said in a calm voice, “She said that she is eating supper here so I came to take a look.”

The implication was “I came for my wife.”

The starry night sky had infinite brightness but, at this moment, it was the bold outlines of Gu Tingchuan’s features that added a vivid fragrance to her night.

Yi Ran’s heart had some warmth but it slowly changed to an unspeakable grievance. Inexplicably, she felt moved. “You knew before that I was going to Xiling City. I don’t understand why you didn’t tell me you’ll be here too.”

“I said at the time that I was going to shoot a public service film. You didn’t ask me where it was located.” He turned around and blamed her with complete confidence.

Yi Ran was stunned, but the agitation in her heart quickly died down. She capitulated immediately. “Fine, fine. What you said is reasonable. I can’t out-speak you.”

Gu Tingchuan laughed and said, “What’s your plan?”

“Of course, stay here and eat. Sitting and listening to the class for the whole day really made my body ache.”

Yi Ran’s bright smile reached Gu Tingchuan’s eyes and his gaze deepened. When he was about to speak, Guan Yilu finally returned and caught sight of the director. She had been sweating before but now felt refreshed.

“Oh wow. Isn’t this Gu Tai’s uncle?”

Gu Tingchuan saw that other teachers had arrived and presumed that his presence might make things difficult for Yi Ran. He promptly reacted. “Teacher Yi, we’ve encountered each other, but it would be inconvenient for us to speak a few words.”

Yi Ran took a few steps away from Guan Yilu’s curious gaze. As she said goodbye to him, Yao Yuan started to engage Guan Yilu in order to give them some space. This caused Yi Ran to slightly relax and she said, “How long will you stay here?”

“One week is enough. I still have an important meeting I need to go to. After you shake them off, come look for me and send me a message.” As Gu Tingchuan said this, he suddenly clasped her hand, his ten fingers twining around her own. His grip was firm yet gentle. As he stepped back, their fingers parted with sentimental reluctance.

Yi Ran didn’t even have time to register what he had said but Gu Tingchuan had already recovered his composure. She watched as he turned around and left.

She could only gaze at the departing back view of her husband’s tall figure. The night market was brightly lit but soon his figure grew indistinct and disappeared altogether. Guan Yilu came up next to her and teased, “Such a handsome family member. I’m too envious.”

Yi Ran’s present state of mind was a little blank. Right before her eyes, the sweetness from before was gradually drifting away.

As she stood under the bright lights of the street lamp, her figure entered Yao Juan’s eyes, changing into a single, boundless picture.

While Yi Ran was still in a daze, Xiao Zhao hurriedly rushed up to her and cautiously whispered to her, “Mrs. Gu, Mr. Gu said that he forgot to give you the hotel room card. He said to go in first and he will arrive later.”

Yi Ran looked down at the hard plastic in her hand and her lips twitched with a strange feeling.


The temperature of the star hotel was very suitable. The carpet was thick and plush, absorbing the sound of footsteps. After taking her room card out of her bag, Yi Ran opened the door and entered. She found that the room was luxurious and lavishly decorated. Definitely nicer than the hotel where she had been staying.

She turned on the TV, changed into slippers, steeped a pot of tea, took a shower, and then lay in bed and played on her phone. Later, when Gu Tingchuan came back, she immediately put down her phone and rushed over to hug him.

His arms wrapped around her waist, and she touched his hip, feeling that the skin under his shirt was soft and sweaty.

She affectionately leaned against his body and tightened her hold on her Mr. Gu, feeling his warmth seep into her. “How come you’re a little sweaty? Did you hurry back?”

“En,” Gu Tingchun murmured, his expression showing a faint laughter. “I’ll take a shower first.”

Yi Ran obediently nodded her head. At this time, Gu Tingchuan seemed to hesitate, as if he wanted to say something but wasn’t sure how to say it. After a brief struggle, he said, “In the future, aside from me, you’re not allowed to wipe any other man’s sweat.”

She blankly stared after him as he walked into the bathroom and then let out a sputter of laughter.

“Got it! Just say you’re jealous, ah!”

His response was a vague sound.

After Gu Tingchuan took a shower, they chatted for a while about work and other trifles things that happened to them in the past few days. Her face was turned toward him, and her expression was full of high spirit, resembling a bright summer sky.

“I’ll be returning back home the day after tomorrow, but you won’t be there…”

“You can stay. You’re on summer vacation, after all.”

Yi Ran felt that this proposal was good, and she raised her eyebrows to confirm, “Really? You want me to stay and bother you while you’re working?”

As she said this, she moved her hand over his hard abdominal muscles and smiled, feeling particularly proud of her own hooliganism.

Gu Tingchuan did not give her time to laugh and immediately lowered his mouth. “In any case, regardless of what city you’re in, you’ll still bother me.”

Yi Ran wrapped her arms around his neck and fell back against the soft bed. Compared to home, this unfamiliar place made the feeling of kissing him even more addictive and exciting.

This was the “male god” recognized by the entertainment industry and other celebrities. How could she not eat his tofu?

But later, when the man’s lower body was ruthlessly and repeatedly pumping back and forth against her, causing her hands to tightly grasp the sheets, it was hard to determine who ate whom.

Her body was hot with his temperature, as if he wanted to ardently give her everything that was beautiful and worldly.


With her forehead full of perspiration, Yi Ran was panting and had yet to calm down when Gu Tingchuan’s pressed his lips to her back. His voice was husky and seductive as he said, “Do not go back at night.”

Yi Ran’s entire back grew stiff. Hearing him say this in such a voice, it was nearly impossible to resist. Not to mention, his kiss can make any person excited. “But… at night… they will ask me where I went.”

Actually, it was already difficult for Yi Ran to think, much less talk. Her body was still shivering from the feelings evoked by Gu Tinchuan’s lips on her back.

“We’re all adults. You don’t need to explain too much.”

Yi Ran turned around and hid under the quilt, trying to escape from the man’s irresistible kisses. She raised her hand between them and made a heart gesture with her fingers. “Uncle Gu, I have to go back to class tomorrow at 8 o’clock in the morning.”

Before she had even finished speaking, Gu Tingchuan suddenly grabbed her wrist, his fingers wrapped around the smooth curve of her skin in a teasing manner, such that she could not resist melting.

‘Then, you can try.”

As a result, Yi Ran was tossed in bed until the early hours of the morning. Her legs could barely move. Too miserable! Director Gu, in the future, more sincerity, less movements, okay?!

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