LTPC Chapter 30: Spending the Weekend Together

Their living room provides a view of the Ming Bay brimming with rain water and surrounded by mountains. The green forest meandered along the base of the mountains, cloaked by the clouds and mists in a layer of white gauze. At a glance, the picturesque image was like an elegant ink painting.

Gu Tingchuan told her about the weekend arrangements. On the first day, they would rest at home and, on the second day, go to an afternoon private reception.

Yi Ran knew that this would be the first time that he’ll be officially introduce her into his social circle. She was rather nervous about it so, in preparation, she secretly cut her hair, applied a mask, and did her nails.

The rainy weather was really more suitable for staying at home. In the morning, Yi Ran prepared millet porridge and mustard fish for breakfast. Gu Tingchuan had a faint smile on his face when he saw these things, his mental state suddenly feeling much better than it had been a moment ago. He appeared more relaxed and refreshed, as opposed to his strict and gloomy attitude when working.

He sat down and took a sip of coffee. Using his free left hand, he turned on the TV, then glanced at her and said, “You bought this magazine?”

Yi Ran followed his gaze and saw the latest issue of “Master of Movies” on the sofa, which contained some information about Homecoming. It even included a photo of Director Gu on the set.

The photo was of his handsome profile. White collar covered his fair neck and above it was a beautiful jawline. But, he was unsmiling, his expression rather dark and gloomy. Such a handsome face was thus wasted.

Yi Ran’s face grew hot, but she still pretended to say calmly, “It was at the convenience store nearby. I stopped there to buy coffee and just happened to see it…”

Gu Tingchuan never cared about being spotlighted in magazines before and never bothered to purposefully read them. However, this time, he got up and flipped over the magazine. Smiling, he said, “Yes, the photographer’s skills in this magazine is not bad.”

While still looking at the magazine, he took a bite of the millet porridge, then moved his chopsticks over to the mustard fish and silently put a piece in his mouth. Although he usually do not eat these, he discovered for the first time that they tasted rather good.

“Do you also like photography?” Yi Ran sat across from him and couldn’t help but look at him a few more times.

“Yes, I’ve been to many places when filming, and sometimes I’ll take some pictures myself.” Gu Tingchuan’s voice rose slightly, and then he easily and cheerfully added, “I’ll take you next time.”

Yi Ran did not expect that he would mention herself. However, she didn’t think too much of it. It probably stemmed from the fact that they had a sense of responsibility for each other, and they valued each other’s feelings. As a result, the man seemed to be regarding her as more and more important, and he had been allowing her to integrate In his life.

“Okay, you still owe me a long trip anyway,” Yi Ran replied jokingly.

After breakfast, Gu Tingchuan moved to the tall window and called his assistant, saying that next week he would discuss with shareholders about Homecoming’s theater arrangements.

He didn’t lower the volume, and she could faintly hear the substance of the conversation. She could gradually see why his mood was not always so happy. After a while, she saw him frown slightly, and she was concerned. “Is everything all right? ”

In response to her question, Gu Tingchuan murmured “En” very naturally before going back to the conversation and saying, “Cutting the film for the film festival would not be a problem, but they said doing so would make it difficult to attract a sizable domestic audience, especially since it had already been cut before.”

Yi Ran looked at him with a little anxiety. When Gu Tongchuan saw her face, he was really reluctant. His furrowed brows smoothed out and he smiled, saying, “Forget it. I’ll deal with it on Monday.”

Yi Ran did not understand his specific work. She was a full-fledged layman when it came to movies, but she knew that the director’s circle were often divided into various grades and ranks. Although his qualifications were not too shallow, his life experience was still ultimately somewhat lacking. The films that he directed had surpassed many of his predecessors. This proved that he had extraordinary talents. At the same time, he was born with a golden spoon so it was not uncommon for people to hate him.

Gu Tingchuan was able to walk on today’s high alter. However, no one knew the scary amount of efforts he had put in to be able to accomplish so much. Fortunately, such a man had always have the care of the goddess of victory and had not yet experienced the real failures of life. .

They spent the afternoon slowly passing time. Gu Tingchuan looked at the materials and videos in his study. Meanwhile, Yi Ran tried to bake bear cookies in the kitchen. If she was able to bake them successfully, then she would allow him to try some.

The small, creamy cookies smelled delicious. It had a yellowish color and was crispy and not oily at all. Although they were still somewhat lacking, particularly in terms of shape, Yi Ran was still very confident about the taste.

Director Gu didn’t particularly like sweets, but he didn’t mind trying a few pieces for her.

When she stepped into the study, she heard a familiar song and her first reaction was to blurt out, “Ahhhh! It’s the Glorious Dance.”

Hearing this, Gu Tingchuan began to pay attention to the song. Afterward, he raised his eyes to look at her.

Yi Ran held one of his high-end plates in her hands. Her long, curled eyelashes were slightly raised, casting a faint shadow on her cheeks. At this moment, the corners of her mouth were tipped up, making her look like the gentle and soft rain outside. Her temperament was like this, contradictory and inexplicably beautiful.

Gu Tingchuan’s calm gaze met hers. As Yi Ran looked at the gentle man in front of her, quietly holding his book, she could imagine what he would look like in thirty years, wearing a pair of reading glasses and lying down to read on a leather sofa.

So gentle and elegant.

After taking a closer look, she realized that the book Gu Tingchuan was holding was not his own but had instead belonged to her.

Yi Ran suddenly felt a little embarrassed. It was an art book primarily about Wang Xizhi’s “Orchid Pavilion” series. It was exquisitely printed and the content was elegant and informative. It was actually very suitable for a culture-conscious people like Director Gu.

“I haven’t read the book yet. I ordered it online at a discount, and the price wasn’t high.”

She always spoke very honestly, and Gu Tingchuan especially loved this unpretentious attitude.

To Yi Ran’s surprise, Director Gu calmly said “Oh, the first book I took was not this. I took The Overbearing President’s Pampered Wife but I hadn’t read too much of it.”

Yi Ran: “…”

Was there still time for her to tear the book up?!!

Gu Tingchun knew that he had successfully frightened her. He took a cookie from the plate with a small smile, took a bite, and said, “It tastes good.”

His tone was obviously very encouraging. She was satisfied and set the plate aside, not forgetting to quickly changed the subject before he could continue to discuss the plot of The Overbearing President’s Pampered Wife.

“If you can accept a little more sweets, then I have something better. I bought a particularly famous osmanthus tea cake and glutinous rice cakes. In fact, it should be delicious at home on rainy days like this.” She squinted her eyes and smiled. She continued with a pink face, “Oh yes, I planted a little tomato pot on the terrace. What do you think? ”

Gu Tingchuan lowered his head to continue reading and nodded acquiescently.

She knew more about these matters than he did.

They spent the rest of the day chatting at home and paying attention to staying fit and healthy. In the evening, Director Gu went for a run in the small gym by the billiards table. Yi Ran played a few games but, when she grew bored, she decided to join him.

As a result, after jogging on the treadmill for about forty minutes, she ended up jumping off and bending down and panting.

Gu Tingchuan was sweating all over, but she could see that he was breathing evenly and was not tired at all. Yi Ran stared dazedly at his figure, which seemed to be floating light as a feather.

Beyond him, the French window showed an artificial lake shimmering under the drizzle of rain. The water surface rippled like silk and the mist seemed to have created a place that was like a blend between heaven and earth.

As Gu Tingchuan ran on the treadmill, the sweat on his face was visible under the light. He smiled casually. “We should exercise more in the future in order to increase our physical strength.”

Yi Ran naturally felt a sense of failure, until she looked at his chest. A slightly wet Director Gu was so sexy that she forgot everything else. She felt that the man was really mysterious and irresistible, like the unfathomable sea.

“By the way, when you take your clothes off later, remember to put them by the laundry basket. Auntie will do the wash on Monday.”

“Oh, I’m done, I’ll change it now.” He took off his sweaty shirt and threw it at her hand.

Yi Ran was completely dumbfounded.

The clothes were full of the man’s strong pheromone, making her little heart felt almost unbearable. Looking at his figure, she felt that he looked particularly mature, muscular, hot and charming. Oh, her heart felt as if it would explode!

Gu Tingchuan came over when she was distracted, placed one hand on her waist, and lowering his head, drop a soft kiss on her lips. Their faces were close together, but there was no more movements on his end. The kiss had been incredibly soft and elegant, exuding a taste of coy pampering.

Yi Ran’s heart was filled with a honey sweet taste. Her eyes were dark and bright on her small, fair face.

This kind of weather, this sense of security, was perfect between you and I.

With you by my side.


Gu Tingchuan paid great attention to his environment and particularly liked his surroundings to be secluded. The windows of each room in the house were equipped with window screens, blackout curtains and blinds. Several layers of curtains kept all the lights and paparazzi out. Of course, most of the people who settle in this high-end residential area were also prestigious people. Therefore, safety had always been incredibly important.

Yi Ran slowly woke up. The room was dark, and she could hear a little rustling movement behind her. She asked in a husky voice, “What time is it?”

“It’s still early. Go back to sleep for a while.”

The calm voice from behind her seemed to have been awake for a while.

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