LTPC Chapter 31: Not a Lover

Yi Ran slowly woke up. The room was dark, and she could hear a little rustling movement behind her. She asked hoarsely, “What time is it?”

“It’s still early. Go back to sleep for a while.”

The calm voice from behind her seemed to have been awake for a while.

Yi Ran hugged the bed cover against her chest. Why was it that everything was so different from what she had initially imagined? Director Gu actually also understood how to be attentive, which was very good. Before she fell asleep, they had been lying in each other’s embrace and chatting and thinking about things. This was also very good, but it still made her feel a little bashful.

But, that Director Gu was just too loathsome, right?!

Feeling lazy, she kept her eyes closed, remembering the indescribably fierce entanglement between them last night. It seemed that the scale were becoming larger and larger.

In addition, Gu Tingchuan had said that he didn’t read The Overbearing President’s Pampered Wife, but that was a lie! She felt that the man had read it all and even studied the obscene details with great attention. He deliberately set her up to perfect those movements. Just forget it, she won’t say anything.

Remembering this, Yi Ran got s little hot so she got out of bed and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When she came out, she saw that Gu Tingchuan was tidying up his personal clothes. His expression was relaxed but it was hard to understand what he was thinking.

She thought for a moment and asked, “This reception party that we’re going tonight, what do I need to pay attention to?”

He looked at her bare face without any makeup on and then at her delicate and fair feet on the carpet. After watching her like this for a few moments, he said bluntly, “I don’t really like socializing. You also don’t have to worry too much about socializing with other people. Just remember to fully charge your mobile phone.”

After talking, the corner of his mouth slightly raised.

In Yi Ran’s heart, there was a burst of bewilderment intermixed with a faint layer of joy. She didn’t know if the look in his eyes meant he was being understanding or whether he was teasing her. Her face instantly flushed red. “Then what clothes should I wear? Can you help me pick something out?”

Gu Tingchuan glanced down at his watch. “I already told Xiao Zhao to prepare clothes for your. Rest assured, just an ordinary dress will do.”

His words meant that he had taken her into account. She felt that he was being more and more considerate of her, and nodded her head in response.

The host was the newlywed whose wedding Gu Tingchuan had flown back to attend. Their family had some close business dealing with the He Mansion. As a result, the private reception was also held at the hotel that was part of the He Mansion complex.

The vestibule had a western-style garden, which looked elegant and serene against the backdrop of lights. The statue of a European goddess stood in the center of the fountain, holding a water jug in each hand. The clear water poured down into the pond, making a clear, crisp sound like a silver bell. The surrounding bushes and rosewoods were neatly lined, adding to the charming atmosphere.

Returning to this familiar place, Yi Ran remembered with mixed emotions the ridiculous beginning between them at that time.

But strangely, there was no desire to retreat nor any regrets in her heart. It was because this connection was so wonderful. Their two worlds could not have possibly intersected, but then, it inevitably did. Life really was like going down a river, and for her part, she had unexpectedly met a magnificent landscape full of flourishing flowers.

There were not many guests at the reception tonight, but some people were still curious about Gu Tingchuan’s arrival.

The director had always been a mystery, and his private life was extremely low-key. Even after the flash marriage, he still had not brought Mrs. Gu out to show off, adding yet more mystery to himself.

Yi Ran was really not used to such occasions. Fortunately, Gu Tingchuan was always by her side and would occasionally introduce her to some friends. She also once again met the friend who had been by Gu Tingchuan’s side at that time outside the theater hall. He saw them first and came up to give them a toast. “I thought the matter with the play was fishy. Director Gu, your moves are really too deep. I saw her for the first time and you hadn’t even sat next to each other. But you still succeeded.”

He assumed an excited posture and began applauding. Then, he paused and said, “So what was it? Loosen the rein only to grasp the person better?”

It turned out that his name was Ji Yanxi. He was the youngest son of a wealthy bigshot tycoon. Although he acted shameless, he had a fairly serious job. Yi Ran’s opinion of him loosened. She grinned and raised her glass of wine, “At that time, I still hadn’t taken a fancy to Director Gu, nor had he liked me yet.”

Gu Tingchuan gently tapped his own glass against Ji Yanxi’s before turning his head to Yi Ran. “No need to disclose so much. Beware that he’s a gossip. ”

Yi Ran let out a puff of laughter and took a sip of the white wine.

After chatting for a while, she told Gu Tingchuan that she was going to the restroom and left their group.

Around the corridor, she looked up and saw the sign for the ladies room. As she was just about to push the door in, she heard the conversation between the women inside.

Yi Ran was surprised and placed her hand on the thick brown door but did not immediately push it open.

“Have you seen Gu Tingchuan’s wife? She’s not a big beauty, just merely pretty.”

Another woman said in a higher-pitched voice,

“No wonder he hadn’t brought her out to see anyone. Was he afraid that others might think her too ordinary?”

The other side sounded strange and was probably applying lipstick, “Why would he marry her? Do you think she’s second generation wealthy? Or, maybe she’s the daughter of officials?”

“She doesn’t seem to be…Do you know what else is interesting tonight? He Yang and his wife are here too! ”

“Oh, I remember. Wasn’t He Yang’s wife Lu Keliu winner of the ‘White Birch Award’ for best female supporting lead? One of Director Gu’s scandal targets! And, also, the one that was most true, right?”

The woman became excited, and her tone raised even higher. “Yeah, at that time, Gu Tingchuan also responded to their rumors with a press conference for the first time. Doesn’t that make it more suspicious?”

Yi Ran listened for a while, feeling a bit awkward. She had never encountered this situation before, and so she couldn’t help but feel a little overwhelmed. She could only turn around and walked back blindly. Her mind was getting more and more confused.

The scandal with that actress…Yi Ran had also more or less heard of it and had even gossiped about it with Zhang Rongrong.

At that time, she also thought that how could a man like Gu Tingchuan not have a relationship with her? It was only later, after the incident with Guo Baiyu, that she discovered that he really didn’t have any ex-girlfriend.

But, even if this was not the case, would every beautiful woman become an imaginary enemy?

Lu Keliu always had a strange existence in Yi Ran’s heart. Whenever she hears the other person’s name, her heart would thump a little.

Even though Lu Keliu was already with the male god He Yang and they were a pair of husband and wife who often sent “dog food”, when Yi Ran caught sight of her, she couldn’t help but recall the past rumors.

They had collaborated together for the Cloud Headdress movie. At the time, Lu Keliu was like a blank piece of paper. Despite this, Gu Tingchuan had taken every efforts to bring her into the crew and had wholeheartedly trained her to become the winner of the White Birch Award. Yi Ran dared not think about the creative and emotional expenditures that he must have laid at this woman’s feet nor about the amount of frenzied enthusiasm that he must have felt toward this woman.

Lu Keliu and Guo Baiyu were very different beings. Between the both of them, Gu Tingchuan probably regarded the former as an uncut jade.

Yi Ran returned back to the banquet room and stood alone in the self-service food area. She looked over to find Gu Tingchuan and realized at once that he was talking to Lu Keliu.

She could not help raising her eyebrows and thought, I only walked out for a little while and you’re already chatting with your former first love.

Yi Ran carefully observed the woman with glossy black hair and an elegant demeanor. Her behavior did not seem untoward, and her manners was also impeccable.

She also heard that Lu Keliu was engaged in restoring ancient buildings. Her career was so high that she was able to win the White Birch Award, and she married He Yang, a popular male god who had the hearts of countless young girls. It was as if nothing could stump her.

Yi Ran was probably too ordinary. Even if she was an omnipotent superman in her own world, once she was placed in the real world, there was really nothing to compare.

At this moment, she could faintly hear Gu Tingchuan’s cool voice. His manner was unpretentious and polite. All of his attention was focused on the woman in front of him, but looking at his profile, there was really nothing to nitpick at.

It would be a lie to say that she was not curious about their conversation. Just as Yi Ran was considering whether or not to go over, Gu Tingchuan’s inscrutable eyes looked over at her standing by the table. He said something to Lu Keliu, and they walked toward her together.

Yi Ran exhaled silently, thinking whether to move over or not. When they arrived, she squeezed out a smile.

“This is my wife, Yi Ran,” he said in a low voice, his tone very natural. “This is Lu Keliu. We previously worked together.”

Lu Keliu glanced at Yi Ran with great interest. But, when she opened her mouth and was about to speak, someone in the distance called out her name. She turned turned her head to look, then turned back and said apologetically, “It’s the car. Director Gu, Mrs. Gu, sorry I can’t stay to talk. He Yang and I will leave first.”

Yi Ran’s eyes flashed with unclear emotions. Maybe because she was not used to such occasions, her cheeks and lips were stained red.

Gu Tingchuan noticed her look, frowned, and brought his hands to her cheeks with a natural familiarity. She felt a little hot, so he said, “Yes. She’s a little bit tired. I should also take her back.”

Yi Ran’s chest remained tight throughout the journey back home. She knew that drinking was one of the reasons. But mostly, it was because she had not expected to meet Director Gu’s “old friend.”

The living room was warm. Gu Tingchuan took off his coat and hung it in the closet. She observed his facial expression. The space between his brows looked a little distant, and he seemed to have no interest in having any heart-to-heart discussions with her.

Yi Ran could not help but grind her teeth silently. This man was really abominable. He and Lu Keliu had an unclear rumor between them. Besides, the two had met each other tonight, and even if she did not want to believe those gossips, wouldn’t it be normal for him to mind? How could he not take the initiative to explain it?!

Xixi: Oh my god. I’m so excited. I just found the existence of Baidu Encyclopedia, and it’s amazingly helpful with explaining slang and idioms. Yay me!
Also, we now have a supremely jealous Yi Ran, who seemed to have forgotten how to communicate. ◔̯◔

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4 years ago

Thank you for the chapter! XOXO

4 years ago

Yeah.. He's really inconsiderate. Chew him, Yi Ran. Afterwards, spit him and let the hungry hyenas devour him.
I mean, I can't blame him since that's just how he is. However, his actions are still unsatisfactory.

Annie P
Annie P
4 years ago

Dammit, I keep feeling so anxious for YiRan! Need GTC to suffer some setbacks as well.

4 years ago

I feel bad for our girl. Like everyone on his circle is mean to her 🙁

4 years ago

Before marrying him hadn't she said that she's a bit similar like him how she's doesn't care about rumours and what other people say? But she's occasionally filled with negative thoughts and low confidence regarding their relationship and herself.

4 years ago

That’s what I thought too. But then, I realize that it’s completely normal to have self-doubts occasionally. It’s like knowing logically that you’re beautiful the way you are but sometimes you can’t help the self-doubt that creeps in. It’s normal and, to me, this makes her more realistic.

3 years ago

The worst part is how everyone thinks to remind her she nots beautiful at all they are jealous but she believes them and she going to have a pretty low self esteem in this marriage I think.

3 years ago

At first, she doesn't really like him so she can say that she isn't interested about rumors around him but as you gradually get interested and invest on someone it would be really impossible not think about those stuff, actually she's very mature in handling it, not throwing tantrums often. And keeping her emotions as she acknowledge that fact that he's just like that, and he's trying to make the marriage work even if there's no love to begin with… also I think they both need to loosen reins of their emotions so they could communicate more.