LTPC Chapter 32: The Sentiments Between Husband and Wife

Yi Ran could not help but grind her teeth silently. This man was really abominable. He and Lu Keliu had an unclear rumor between them. Besides, the two had met each other tonight, and even if she did not want to believe those gossips, wouldn’t it be normal for him to mind? How could he not take the initiative to explain it?!

Probably because he noticed that Yi Ran was not moving, he turned his head slightly and asked, “What’s wrong?”

She shook her head confusedly, her mind still spinning in circles. The dress she wore was to his specifications. The little black dress with lotus leaf decorations that his assistant had prepared completely fit her curves to perfection. The tulle at the neckline was sprinkled with rhinestones, off-setting her complexion. When she walked, the skirt would sway coquettishly.

Gu Tingchuan shifted and took a few steps closer to her. He was just about to lower his head to kiss her when Yi Ran knowingly and indifferently turned her head. Just to prevent him from succeeding, she also rubbed her brows and display a look of exhaustion. “I’m so tired. I’m going to take a bath.”

Gu Tingchuan’s eyebrows rose as he watched her turn and walk away.

He went to the second bathroom to wash up and change. When he stepped out, he saw Yi Ran standing at the entrance of the bedroom, holding a quilt in her arms and looking even more petite than usual. Her manner was imposing as she said, “Tonight I want to sleep alone in the guest room. I want some quiet. ”

Gu Tingchuan didn’t understand what was wrong and was surprised, “Why?”

“No reason.” Yi Ran took a few steps, thought of something, and then returned back to look at him. “No, I want to sleep alone in the bedroom. You go to the guest room.”

Then, before he could react, she dumped the quilt in his arms, turned, and closed the door.

Gu Tingchuan touched the bridge of his nose, then reached out and knocked on the door. He knocked for a long time, but the person inside ignored him. The man thought for a while. It was getting so late, and she probably needed time to calm down.

Yi Ran laid in the big bed in their bedroom and tried her calm emotions and go to sleep. The result was that she couldn’t sleep at all. She twisted and turned on the bed for a long time. Finally, she saw up and looked at the lamp overhead.

Why couldn’t Gu Tingchuan ask her why she was in a bad mood? This should not be regarded as a deliberate temper tantrum. A normal husband should care about his wife’s emotions!

In fact, since their discussions about the matter regarding Gu Baiyu, she realized that she needed to take the initiative when it came to communication.

After this thought, Yi Ran got up. She walked out of the bedroom and pushed open the door to the guest room. She touched the switch of a lamp to turn on the light.

Gu Tingchuan had already fallen asleep long ago. His breathing was gentle and even, and the lines of his body lying on the bed were bright and beautiful.

Yi Ran walked up behind him and, with no trace of politeness, carelessly tapped his back with her small fists, saying, “Get up, get up, don’t sleep! If I can’t sleep, then you also can’t sleep!”

This was the first time Gu Tingchuan had ever encountered such a situation. He sat up and his deep, dark eyes slowly grew focused as he looked straight at her.

No one but her would have the ability to call him out of bed in the middle of the night.

Yi Ran shook slightly at those half-sleepy eyes. Although he didn’t look angry, she still felt that he was intimidating.

She sat down on the bed behind him. He was silent, waiting for her to talk. “Do you know why I’m not happy?”

Gu Tingchuan shook his head and said in a low voice, “I don’t know.”

“Your dad doesn’t know!” Yi Ran saw him sleeping quite a bit, and her heart was even more upset.

Gu Tingchuan looked at her with amusement. “Fortunately, my dad doesn’t know.”

Yi Ran opened her mouth, but she didn’t know how to refute.

She asked, “You said before that you had nothing to do with those actresses. But there is Miss Lu…?”

Gu Tingchuan finally heard the problem. He looked thoughtful. The light from the lamp cast the side of his face in a golden-orange light.

“First of all, there’s nothing between me and those actresses. Before you, I had no other so-called women.” He looked at her sideways. “For example, someone who could wake me up in the middle of the night.”

Yi Ran lowered her eyes and asked, “Your meaning is that she is nothing special to you?”

Gu Tingchuan rubbed the space between his eyebrows and carefully thought about it. “She’s not special. But, I must admit that at one time, I have a good opinion of her. It was a long time ago, though.”

His expression was very honest and straightforward. He clearly had no intention to guiltily conceal his relationship with the woman. But, it only made Yi Ran feel more complicated.

“How did that go?”

He picked up the glass on the bedside table and drank a little water to moisten his throat. Then, after dissipating some dryness, he slowly said, “At first, I saw her and wanted to train her to become a good actress. I had some good feelings during the filming process, but she had He Yang in her heart so there were no opportunities for development. Of course, I think that even if I was given a chance at that time, there would be no good results anyway. ”

Yi Ran frowned. Her most direct thought now was: My guide was so hot. Why would there be no good result?!


“I just wanted to treat her well, but I didn’t really care what she truly wanted.” After saying this, he paused and looked thoughtfully at the woman in front of him. “Do you think it’s the same now?”

Yi Ran nodded, but immediately shook his head: “I think you are very careful now. Sometimes… I feel taken care of. We all have to adapt to the change of identity, don’t we? ”

Gu Tingchuan looked down and smiled lightly at her. He tried to comfort her, and said, “At that time, some people said that I don’t know how to love. I thought I have changed a little, but there are still some shortcomings that I still need to correct.” Lowering his head, he reached down to cover her cold feet with a thin sheet even as he continued to speak calmly. “I often talk about some love issues in my movies, but I know nothing about love.”

In Cloud Headdress, he focused on whether giving up on oneself for love was worth it, and in Dark River, he explored the notion of whether love exchanged using all kinds of despicable means was really love. Then, in Homecoming, he questioned whether love compared to eternal life.

As Yi Ran became aware of this, she realized that his feelings and his views on many things were actually very deep and complicated. In contrast, her ideas were always simple and straightforward. She wanted to love, wanted to be love, and wanted them strongly and without hesitation.

She lowered her head and found that Gu Tingchuan had covered her feet thoughtfully for her, and her heart warmed at the knowledge.

“I think that things got a little complicated, and I wasn’t sure how to handle it. It wasn’t within my control so I chose to stay away.”

Yi Ran was slightly surprised. She remembered reading an interview of his a long time ago in a magazine. The reporter had asked him this: “How would you treat the person you love?”

His response was, “I think loving someone is like being a botanist who is treating a plant that is going to be extinct. It is like a pair of lovers frozen forever in time in a bright flower garden that will, in the end, also ultimately fade away with civilization.

At that time, she only had one thought: This man was simply too amazing.

“Then you…why did you want to marry me?” Yi Ran blurted out the question that she had never dared to ask.

Gu Tingchuan thought this problem was not difficult to answer. He looked at her lightly, smiled, and said, “Because, at that time, I was afraid that you might get married. It was a feeling I’d never felt before.”

His words hit Yi Ran in the softest parts of her heart. Her ears suddenly became hot, and she didn’t know how to respond to his words.

The deepest feelings in the heart was always the most difficult to share with others. Just like Gu Tingchuan, who always felt separated from the crowd, as if he was slowly sinking and drowning in the endless deep sea. With the passage of time, this feeling became more and more intense.

But, after encountering her, the pain was also significantly eased.

Yi Ran became choked with emotions. She didn’t understand what was going on with herself, or why she cared so much about the rumored affair. But, at this moment, she was also not willing to blame him.

“I know I was being willful tonight, but sometimes I also want to have this right.”

“It was my fault. I didn’t like to discuss these types of matters.” He raised his hand and gently pinched her cheek, feeling the soft skin underneath his fingers. “But, if I can soothe your emotions, I don’t mind. In short, Lu Keliu and I have absolutely nothing between us.”

Yi Ran pursed her lips, and her eyes grew a little red. Aside from that time at the hospital, this was the second time she had down vulnerability in front of him. She wanted to speak but when she made a sound, she discovered that her voice was hoarse.

“Gu Tingchuan, many people will feel the same as me…You and some of the people at the reception are born to be superior to others. It’s really good. Initially, I didn’t think so at the beginning, but later I realized that it was true. Meeting you had changed my life. This relationship and this marriage had brought me many unexpected gifts, allowing me to grow and mature and for my family to have a happy event. You’ve given me a lot of happiness. Thank you, Gu Tingchuan. I want to cherish it.”

When her words reached his ears, he took her into his embrace. His arms were always warmer than the air. His soft, magnetic voice rang out above her head, “Don’t say ‘Thank you’ to me for such things in the future. Because, I also feel the same.”

Yi Ran clenched his arm. She didn’t know what to do to get closer to him, but she really wanted to work hard for it. When her tears fell, it echoed the heat in her heart.

She wrapped on arm around Gu Tingchuan’s waist and lay down on the small bed. She slowly smiled. “Yes, let’s sleep here tonight.”

Gu Tingchuan was surprised. He wanted to say why squeeze in the small bed when they could sleep on the big bed…Was this the so-called husband and wife fun?

Forget it, she was soft to hold anyway.

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4 years ago

Lol. I think she's acting kinda… Silly sometimes but i guess that's just how emotional people react

Thank you for the chapter, xixi! 😉

4 years ago

Yahp! If you can't sleep, he can't sleep either!

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I agreed. I was like “Just ask him for an explanation, already.” How was Gu Tingchuan supposed to know she was bothered by that rumor?

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😂 I can totally relate to Yi Ran on this account.

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I get it. There is nothing guaranteed to make you act unreasonable than being upset and your partner being completely oblivious to your mood.

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Erm…I just realized a glaring problem. Are they using protection?! Cuz she was acting totally hormonal there.

Silent Hobby
Silent Hobby
4 years ago

I like how she embrace the new feeling courageously

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I can imagine the love story of Lu keilu and He yang where tingchuan might me the second male.lead. Lu keilu being the upcoming star, He yang the male god actor and tingchuan the director who will nurture keilu. But tingchuan gave up his feelings before it matures when he saw keilu and he yang's love. Haha now this is story is for tingchuan and yi rans love story 😆

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