LTPC Chapter 33: Bass

This week, the Department of Education sent a team to investigate whether Shi Xiang had harassed his subordinates and accepted bribes from parents.

Regardless of the results of the investigation, Yi Ran was very satisfied. As she graded homework in the office, she sent a WeChat message to Zhang Rongrong and chatted excitedly about it.

After chatting for a while, she remembered her discussion with Gu Tingchuan last night. She asked Zhang Rongrong, “Do you think it’s normal for people with a high IQ and a lot of talent to have psychological obstacles?”

Zhang Rongrong responded with a smiling expression, though it was unclear whether she was ridiculing Yi Ran. “Don’t tell me that you discovered that Director Gu have some strange sexual habits???”

Yi Ran snorted and typed back, “That’s not it! I just think that he seemed to have a lot on his mind.”

After a while, the other party responded, “That’s for sure. Maybe it’s because of work. Many elite people in big cities now have anxiety. But, in order to make an accurate diagnosis, it would require many tests.”

After reading her friend’s reply, Yi Ran thought it was probably her who was too anxious. She knew that this matter wasn’t really important. After all, if she wants him to completely open up to her, she would need to work on it step by step.

In the afternoon, when Yi Ran was ready to get off work, the sun was already sinking in the west. The sky had a bright layer of gold intertwined with orange. The temperature had dropped a few degrees and, without the sun, it was easy to feel as if one might freeze in the cold. She pulled on her coat and gathered her long hair. When she was about to leave the office, she received a call from Gu Tingchuan.

“I’m in front of your school,” he said in a low voice. “We’re going out for dinner tonight.”

Yi Ran walked outside and saw Gu Tingchuan’s Cadillac parked by the roadside. She deliberately checked whether there were any familiar teachers and parents around first before getting in.

After closing the door, the cold air was completely shut out. Feeling warm all over, she studied him and asked, “You don’t have to work today?”

“Well, there was something tonight but it was temporarily cancelled.” Gu Tingchuan leaned over, pulled her seat belt across her chest, and carefully click it in place. Only then did he start the car.

Yi Ran asked sweetly, “Where shall we eat?”

“I’ll take you to a small bar owned by a friend. Oh, He Yang and his wife will also be there.”

She took a quick look at the man. As he turned the steering wheel with his hands, he met her eyes and asked, “Any opinions?”

Yi Ran didn’t understand what his plan was but since he decided it, how could she refuse? Besides, she hadn’t met He Yang yet and thought it would be interesting to meet the man in person.

She looked back at the scenery outside, where the neon lamps had already lit up the streets.

Yi Ran suddenly remembered something and said, “When will you bring Gu Tai over to visit again?”

Gu Tingchuan lips tipped up. “My sister-in-law just came back so let’s wait for a while.”

Yi Ran knew that the family of three were working hard to fix their emotional crisis. As a result, the little nephew hadn’t come to his Uncle Gu’s house for a long time.

She secretly thought that it was fortunate that Gu Tingchuan was not like his elder brother. Otherwise, she would not have married him at all.

As he carefully drove, he asked her, “Do you like children?”

Seeing that the corners of his mouth were raised, she muttered, “They’re not bad. I was just worried about Gu Tai’s mood.”

Gu Tingchuan looked at her and smiled silently.

His friend’s bar was not officially opened to the public. When they entered, there was someone playing a guitar and singing on the small stage next to the bar. Looking up, she saw that the person up on stage was He Yang. He was dressed casually but his facial features seemed to be meticulously crafted by God and was therefore very eye-catching.

She was immediately distracted and didn’t even have time to say anything. After staring at the stage for a while, she realized that Gu Tingchuan, who was standing next to her, was looking at her with displeasure.

“Let’s find a place to sit.”

Yi Ran followed him to the corner booth on the right. She pretended to look seriously at He Yang, who was still singing on stage. But, in fact, her eyes couldn’t help but flutter over to spy on Gu Tingchuan.

He sat quietly and looked at the stage. He was leaning slightly sideways against the back of the booth, exuding an air of lazy elegance.

He Yang’s singing voice was clear and sonorous. “At that moment, did you, did you feel your heartbeat rising, but you just couldn’t say…”

His voice was like bass, deep and clear. His voice complemented his appearance perfectly, making the experience truly memorable.

At the end of the song, Yi Ran enthusiastically applauded her support, and Gu Tingchuan cast another frowning look at her.

“What’s wrong? He sang very well…”

Gu Tingchuan messaged his temple and said in a dark voice, “I want some quiet.”

Yi Ran was stunned.

So, it turned out…that the man really was jealous. This situation made her feel rather delighted, and she couldn’t help but reach out and happily grab his arm. Her face laughed vividly.

So it turned out that the man’s jealousy would put her in such a good mood.

After a moment, friends came to the booth one after another. Gu Tingchuan continued to sit and would lower his head from time to time to talk to the visitors.

Hearing someone call her name, Yi Ran turned around and saw Lu Keliu approaching her from behind. She smiled stiffly at first but soon recovered her calm.

Since Gu Tingchuan had told her everything, there was really nothing much that she ought to care about.

At this time, the singing on stage came to an abrupt end. Lu Keliu pointed to He Yang and softly said, “Director Gu, my husband is looking for you.”

Gu Tingchuan shot a quick glance at the figure in the distance and gave a short nod to the smiling He Yang. “Then you two talk first.”

After he got up and left, Le Kuliu sat down next to Yi Ran with a gentle smile. She briefly chatted and recommended what good food could be ordered for dinner.

Yi Ran looked down at the menu and praised her sincerely, “Male God He is very handsome. Just now, he was singing you a song. I think you both are really well matched.”

“In fact, not everyone thinks so,” Lu Keliu quickly opened up to her. “To be honest, I used to hate my personality. I was always too indecisive and hesitant. I was not a straightforward girl like you, which is especially charming.”

Yi Ran did not expect herself to be praised in turn and she became a little embarrassed. “You’re being too kind. Besides, everyone’s personality is different. There’s no need to pay attention to the words of such people, don’t you think?”

Lu Keliu laughed, looking more elegant as she did so. “Yes, I’m older than you, but there are things that you seem to be able to easily see through. Some people, only when talking about others, can feel confident. Other people also won’t allow anyone to be different from them…but who can satisfy the world? It’s fine as long as we’re not ashamed of ourselves.”

After listening to these words, Yi Ran suddenly realized why Gu Tingchuan chose to bring her today. After meeting and communicating with Lu Keliu, her concern was not so heavy.

She realized that she should not become too entangled in these long-ago past life events. No matter what happened, she should stride forward enthusiastically. Life was already so difficult. There was no need to be stubborn about certain things.

He Yang and Gu Tingchuan finally finished their official business discussion. He looked at Director Gu under the flickering light and said, “I didn’t expect that you will suddenly say you’re getting married and then actually get married. When can I drink at the wedding?”

Gu Tingchuan’s face subconsciously softened and he carefully turned back to look at Yi Ran’s attractive profile. He softly said, “Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict in advance when you will meet such a person.”

Because he was speaking softly and his voice was quite low, only He Yang could hear. He raised his eyebrows and smiled. “At last, it is finally Director Gu’s turn.”

Gu Tingchuan glanced at him askance, and smiling faintly, he turned and walked back to Yi Ran’s table. His fingers gently grasped the edge of the table as he leaned in to say, “It appears that He Yang just wanted to complain a little but won’t dare say it.”

He Yang came around and naturally embraced his wife’s shoulders. His lips hooked up in a smile. “My little family would never believe this pack of lies.”

Yi Ran looked at the husband with his arms around his wife’s chest and thought that it was very fitting. She said, “It was said that Miss Lu took the initiative to chase you. Has the Male God He become inflated because of this?”

Lu Keliu laughed, and He Yang quickly explained, “Of course. Her eyesight is very good. At that time, we were at a remote and desolate place and she took the opportunity to seduce this person step by step.”

While talking, He Yang’s eyes focused on Lu Keliu, as if he couldn’t bear to move his sight away for even a second.

Yi Ran relaxed under the laughter of everyone, and she sighed softly. This peaceful night was much more pleasant than she had expected.


By the time they went back, it was almost 10 o’clock at night. Yi Ran sat in the car while Gu Tingchuan took off his coat and put it in the back seat. Then, he fastened his seat belt and was ready to start the car.

Although her face was a little red, she deliberately teased him, “Why did you bring me here? Just to intentionally watch other people be lovey dovey?”

Gu Tingchuan looked at her with a smile and, when he was about to speak, the cell phone inside his coat began ringing.

Yi Ran tried to get it for him. She turned her head and angled her body forward to lean over. But, Gu Tingchuan unexpectedly leaned in. His eyebrows were slightly relaxed as he gently pressed his lips against the corner of her mouth first before completely invading her mouth with a hungry kiss.

The kiss was full of strong temptations, seducing Yi Ran bit by bit until she turned into mush and no longer thought of getting his mobile phone.

Under the dim lights, they kissed deeply and hungrily. After kissing for a long time, Gu Tingchuan loosened his hold on her wrist. He saw Yi Ran’s moist eyes, and he swallowed, his Adam apple slightly rolling. He rubbed his thumb against her lips as he looked at her intently.

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