LTPC Chapter 70: An Obedient Ranran

Gu Tingchuan sighed from the bottom of his heart. He knew that Yi Ran’s really liked her current job as a teacher and she would be reluctant to leave behind Gu Tai.

However, when confronted with the conflict between him and her, she could only choose what she wanted more and temporarily put aside her work.

Currently, as he looked at her smiling eyes, he knew that the best choice would be for them to complete the film together.

“Okay, let’s do this. I’ll discuss it with them again and see if it would be inconvenient to bring you along.”

Yi Ran nodded. When the man tapped her head with his fingers, she covered her head. “Okay, let’s take a long vacation and enjoy nature’s beauty.”

Gu Tingchuan opened the refrigerator door, took out some of the ingredients inside, and closed the door again. Then he turned back and smiled slightly at her.

The film that Gu Tingchuan was invited to co-direct this time was temporarily named “Anthology of Life.”

The producers defined this documentary-like “nature movie” as something that should be appropriate for all ages but would lean more toward being a happy movie for adults.

This was much more difficult than just making a documentary or a children’s movie.

Generally speaking, in the early stages, the film crews would shoot materials in the form of a full documentary. Gu Tingchuan would then used the collected materials to edit and organize.

For a young director like Gu Tingchuan, it was naturally impossible to not to participate in the shooting process.

The three film crews were not only experienced wildlife photographers, but also members of the BBC documentary team. It was unprecedented for a young photographer like Gu Tingchuan to even be able to cooperate with such an elite documentary filming team.

After a few meetings, he tentatively chose the Sichuan province as the first shooting site. It was close to Chengdu, which made traveling very convenient so it was more suitable to go there with Yi Ran.

At the end of the year, Gu Tingchuan told his wife, “Principal Gu and I talked about your leave of absence. You can talk to her more about specific matters but there are more than two months left before we set off so you should have enough time to hand over your work.”

Yi Ran had also done a lot of mental preparation and agreed with him.

Before leaving, she also visited Zhang Rongrong’s new house and saw the female designer from Xie Qingshang Designer Studio, who had arrived to inspect the house.

Shi Qian was only a few centimeters taller than Yi Ran. Her face was very memorable and her skin tone was white. Her body was shapely and soft. Just like a fairy, she was fair and beautiful with dark eyes. However, she didn’t smile much and her temperament was rather cold and indifferent.

“Mrs. Zhang, can you tell me the specific requirements for your house?”

After asking this, she raised a polite smile, reminding people of the gleaming site of a south bank river.

Zhang Rongrong was not in a hurry. When she saw this female designer’s appearance, her eyes flashed immediately. “I didn’t expect you to be such a great beauty. I heard that your boss, Master Xie, is very harsh but is young and very talented.”

Shi Qian looked at Yi Ran’s friend and pursed her lips. “He’s less harsh than Director Gu. I’ve heard about Director Gu’s crazy work deeds.

Yi Ran wondered out loud, “Yes, do you know my husband?”

She shook her head and her face softened a bit. “Just what friends have told me.”

Zhang Rongrong saw that there were only three of them in the house and actively pursued the topic. “Yeah, I thought Director Gu was unapproachable at first, but then he came to my wedding and seemed to be able to communicate just fine. But, of course, how can you manage a man like Gu Tingchuan?”

Yi Ran saw that Shi Qian didn’t seem to be a talkative girl. Everyone had friends in common so she said frankly, “There are times when you just have to wait him out. For example, whenever he gives me a logical sermon, but I just won’t pay attention.”

Zhang Rongrong laughed at this.

The three turned around in the house and briefly talked about the design concept while Shi Qian took notes. Looking at the beauty’s focused look, Yi Ran couldn’t help saying, “I remember something I’ve heard before: The design style should be like a cup of tea, flat and soft, but with a sweet aftertaste. ”

Shi Qian thought for a moment, with a smile in her eyes, and said, “It seems that Xie Qingshan also said something similar. Well, at this point, he and Director Gu are both illustrious.”

Zhang Rongrong hugged Yi Ran and lamented, “Oh, to think that you’ll be traveling with your husband. I won’t be able to see you for several months. What to do, ah?”

Yi Ran smiled with playful disdained, “At that time, you and your husband will be very busy decorating your house. When will you have time to miss me?”

Zhang Rongrong thought for a moment and said, “But I didn’t really expect you to be leaving with your husband. It’s like the two of you can’t be separated for a moment.”

Yi Ran didn’t know what to say. In the end, it was probably not that she couldn’t stand being temporarily separated from him, but it was just that she wanted them to be together. She wanted to stay with him.

For all her years.

It didn’t take long for the three of them to have a thorough chat. Zhang Rongrong couldn’t hold back her need for gossip anymore and she asked with her head tipped to the side, “Shi Qian, do you have a boyfriend? Hey, you and Master Xie aren’t in love, right?”

Shi Qian waved her hands a little unavoidably before answering the question. “No, my boyfriend, he’s… not in the design circle.”

Yi Ran saw that she didn’t know how to answer and hurriedly tried to help her. “Ah, Dr. Zhang, can you be a bit more reserved?!”

“Not at all. What good is being reserved? If you want to be a little fairy, you shouldn’t be too ordinary.”

Yi Ran: “…”

Really, this Dr. Zhang had an interesting way of thinking.


The filming of Anthology of Life officially launched in the new year.

However, just a few days before her departure, Yi Ran came down with the flu.

As she lay shivering under the cover, she wanted to say that she was physically strong and hadn’t been sick in several years. But, of course, she ended up getting sick at this critical time.

Gu Tingchuan rushed back from the company as soon as possible and went to the bedroom. He saw that her nose was red and her face was sullen. There were used tissues in the trash can near the nightstand.

He frowned slightly and asked, “What did you take at noon? Did you take any medicine?”

“I took a few bites of porridge in the kitchen.”

Her nose was stuffed and her voice was weak. She also had no sense of taste or appetite. Even her voice sounded sick, making him feel distressed.

Gu Tingchuan walked over to her and reached out to touch the temperature of her forehead. She still felt a little hot. He pulled the cover up around her and comforted her softly, “What do you want to eat tonight?”

Yi Ran shook her head. She really wanted to jump over and hug Director Gu but she was afraid of getting him sick too. She leaned pitifully on the bedside and stared at him. “I don’t want to eat anything. I don’t feel well.”

He looked at her silently for a long moment and finally sighed. Then, he came over and hugged her tightly. He looked serious as he said, “Yi Ran, don’t follow me to Sichuan.”

Yi Ran understood that if she arrived there and was still as sick as she was now, it would only be troublesome.

But now that she had reached this point, she also didn’t want to stay behind just because of these minor illnesses. So, she raised her spirits and determinedly said, “Let’s not decide now. How about we wait to see if I’ll get better tomorrow? My recovery has always been fast.”

Since she was looking at him with such plaintive eyes, Gu Tingchuan didn’t want to push the matter anymore. He changed the topic. “I’ll get you chicken soup tonight. You should try eating a little.”

Yi Ran bit her lower lip and said nothing. Feeling a little helpless in his heart, he looked at her with deep eyes and said slowly, “Ranran, be obedient.”

Director Gu suddenly used such a big trick on her. Yi Ran was naturally coaxed. When he looked at her, it seemed as if there was a warm spring breeze blowing toward her, making even her illness abate a little.

Gu Tingchuan worked in the kitchen for a while and finally brought back the chicken soup in a serving tray. He placed the tray on the nightstand beside the bed. There was a golden spoon in the soup, a tablecloth, and even a transparent vase with a single stem of hydrangea.

She lifted her eyes to see the deep caring in the man’s gaze and felt a strong surge of emotions. “With you taking care of me like this, how can I not get better soon…”

Gu Tingchuan removed his hands from the tray and reached over to graze her nose with his finger. “Before, when I was hospitalized, you took care of me. Shouldn’t this be me reciprocating?”

Yi Ran picked up the spoon and tasted the soup. Although she still couldn’t eat much, the color of the soup looked delicious and the taste spread through her mouth, leaving her lips and teeth stained with a fragrant aftertaste.

“Mmmm, your chicken soup is better than mine.”

Gu Tingchuan stood next to her and quietly watched her drink half a bowl of soup and choked down a few pieces of shredded chicken. Then, he took away the small tray with satisfaction.

After Yi Ran ate dinner, she got out of bed to walk around for a moment. When Mr. Gu handed her a glass of warm water and some medicine, she murmured her thanks, tipped them down, and handed the glass back to him.

She returned to bed and looked at Gu Tingchuan lazily. “My husband, since we’re so dependent on each other, then, even if I’m sick, shouldn’t you still bring me?”

Gu Tingchuan took off his slippers and lay on his side next to her. He leaned against her outside the cover and whispered. “I know. Now, you shouldn’t think about anything. Just sleep and rest.”

Yi Ran blinked. His heart softened, but he couldn’t do anything so he chose to clear his throat and said, “I won’t leave you behind. What are you afraid of? Close your eyes.”

he could feel her eyes getting heavy but she fought it, murmuring, “If I go to Sichuan with you, I can see the pandas. I really wanted to see them…”

Gu Tingchuan couldn’t help the smile that rose to his lips. His slightly hot palm was gently stroking back and forth on her cheek, making her feel itchy and comfortable. Soon, she really fell asleep.

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Aww I want to see panda too 😂