LTPC Chapter 71: Finale, A Lifetime of Peace and Care

Due to Director Gu’s care, Yi Ran’s fever went away within two days and her cold gradually improved. By the time they finally left for the filming site, she was already feeling refreshed and thus was able to leave with the team.

In everyone’s estimation, Yi Ran had a frank personality. She had a fresh and pleasant attitude and her mouth was always in a state of smiling. She was also a teacher, and although she had something of an internet addiction, she was able to easily get along well with everyone.

The weather was still cold, but there were already signs of warming up. The shooting location was deep within a mountain forest and the scene everywhere was like something out of paradise.

When Yi Ran looked up, she could see the endless blue sky stretched out like a dome above her. Even the stream at her feet reflected the blue sky. There was no city noise, only the simple scenery of nature and unrestrained animal activities.

Gu Tingchuan wore loose work clothes and the lights breaking through the gaps in the forest danced across his handsome face, making his indifferent eyebrows seem a little warmer.

At this time, they must observe the small details throughout the filming process. Their goal was not to change nature, to interfere, to feed, nor to force the animals to change their behavior through human interference.

Gu Tingchuan looked at their surrounding terrain and proposed to the on-site supervisor, “The scenery here is good. Let’s capture a panorama shot and use it later.”

As a result, the production team stopped and found a place to start camping.

It was nice to see that they were already working on their own. She, as a logistician, followed after them and looked at the nearby landscape spread out like a scroll of ink painting. It was shockingly beautiful. She never even felt the loss of her cell phone or her computer.

Seeing the photographers diligently working, she found that she could express her appreciation of the silent beauty around her just by using the lens in her hands. She also deeply admired how this film was focused on showing the habitat and animal behavior around them.

Gu Tingchuan saw Yi Ran’s eyes flickered with feelings, the emotions delicate and soft. Even in this place that was full of nature’s color, he couldn’t help himself.

Although they were seriously working, it was impossible not to have a kiss.

Thinking about it like this, Director Gu walked closer to her. He turned his head, leaned down, and slowly pressed his soft lips to her cheek, the gesture thoroughly showing his affection and cherishment.

It was just a simple kiss, but it rippled through her. Yi Ran felt her cheeks grow hot, and she shyly pushed him away a little. In order not to affect their work, she moved over to the stream to see the bamboo forest in the distance. And there, she could see the pandas’ roaming figures.

But, she had no opportunity to get closer.

Her eyes were beautiful and riveting, and behind them was the magnificence of their natural environment. The two combined created an unforgettably scenic atmosphere.

Gu Tingchuan took all these details into his eyes and they lit his heart with a wild light.

Looking at the magnificent scenery together, they suddenly realized that they had traveled so many roads together, and the heartbeats between them burst forth as one.


Because of the magnificent scenery that seemed to stretch on endlessly, the photographer team took pictures nearby before entering the bamboo forest. Yi Ran also set up a tent with Gu Tingchuan and slept on a relatively flat terrain.

Although it wasn’t so easy to fall asleep at night, it didn’t matter much since Gu Tingchuan’s warm body was next to her, making her feel warm all over as she listened to the wind whistling through the forest and the strange, low hum of the animal life outside.

The next day, the photography team started working before daybreak. She slept in the tent until the morning light was bright. After she woke up, she washed by the stream and tied her hair into a bun at the top of her head with a leather cord. When she turned back, she saw Gu Tingchuan and a photographer talking as they walked out of a patch of trees.

When he saw her, he smiled. Before she could respond, he had already came to her side and his eyes were brighter than the mountains and the waters combined.

“I’m having canned breakfast.” She was inexplicably excited when she spoke.

Gu Tingchuan didn’t respond to this. Instead, he just stared at her quietly for a long time, and then he softly said in her ear, “Yi Ran, let’s get married.”

The statement was said in such a restrained manner that it was difficult to notice the slight tremor between the words.

Yi Ran saw the smile in his eyes and, for a moment, she was completely stunned. She stood in place and didn’t gain her sense for a long time. “…ah? But, we’re already married.”

Now, he was laughing and his eyes were a charming amber against the backdrop of green mountains and rivers.

“Didn’t you want to have a special wedding? After we go back, no matter what kind of banquet we have, here we should at least have a wedding that’s special to us.”

After Gu Tingchuan said this, Yi Ran understood instantly.

This was the perfect time and opportunity.

They had an excellent photography team with photographers from different countries, as well as the several acquaintances from Director Gu’s normal team. There were also thousands of pandas and the backdrop of beautiful mountains behind them. But, more importantly, they had each other.

Yi Ran never thought that, in the end, their wedding would be like this. But, even though she had never thought of it before, this was ideal.

After all, all the previous waiting was only originally to satisfy an artificial sense of completion.

She bit her lip and couldn’t hold back her tears. As her eyes filled with water, she looked at him and said, “Okay. Then, let’s get married.”

After the decision was made, Gu Tingchuan was responsible for convening the people into groups. Meanwhile, Yi Ran went back to the tent to go through her things.

Although she didn’t bring much cosmetics, fortunately she brought a base foundation and lipstick. She also looked good enough that she didn’t need much makeup.

Yi Ran wore a long, white down jacket while Gu Tingchuan wore a black one. She also walked by the stream to pick some green grass and wildflowers to make a wreath, which she wore on her head.

The team members stood on either side of the aisle. Under everyone’s cheers and applause, the bride moved forward with a smile and walked step by step toward the man.

Gu Tingchuan’s eyebrows were clear and his handsome figure stood in front of the mountains and rivers like some kind of immortal. Under the blue haze of sky, he looked even more outstanding, like a water and ink painting brought to life.

Their wedding was not full of noise and champagne and wine. There was no sea of roses. But, there was the beauty of nature around them, which could not be exchanged for millions of dollars. This was the most priceless romantic place in the world.

Yi Ran laughed sweetly and her long, soft hair floated behind her. Her beautiful facial features were soft and pleasant.

This small wedding will be forever engraved in their memory, serving as an honorarium of their love.

Gu Tingchuan’s friend, who served as their key witness, cleared his throat and asked solemnly, “Gu Tingchuan, are you willing to marry Yi Ran as your wife, in old age, in sickness and in health, until the day you die?”

Yi Ran inexplicably felt somewhat tense in her heart. Gu Tingchuan glanced at the man, then he looked intently at Yi Ran, who stood in front of him, and said, “Yi Ran, the first half of my life was focused on work, obsessed with creation, and I was not interested in anything else. I had no hesitation and only used my eyes to look at the people and the world around me. But, it is my greatest blessing to walk with you in the second half of my life. I hope that you can accompany me throughout the rest of my life, no matter how many days or nights. The scenery in the world are so many but as long as we walk through the mountains and rivers together, to see the wooden jackdaws and the plum blossoms under the moon one by one, it would be the greatest honor.”

Yi Ran didn’t know what to say. Her heart felt like it was drenched in sweetness. His gentle voice hovered around her ears, encompassing all the love in the world, such that she could not even pine for it.

“Yi Ran, are you willing to marry Gu Tingchuan?”

She was already crying as she nodded her head and said, “Gu Tingchuan, I am willing. You have always been so precious and indispensable in my eyes…You’re like the night, holding all the silent stars in the sky.”

He laughed, pleasantly surprised, and his eyes were full of pride. “Nie Luda’s poem collection Twenty Love Poems and One Song of Despair.

They had such a tacit understanding and can still make the other feel excited. Just like, not wanting a luxurious feast and wedding but instead this simple companionship.

The man held her hand tenderly and placed a ring on her finger. His eyes were filled with tenderness as he lowered his head to kiss her lips. All the feelings and love that could not be expressed in words were wrapped in this single kiss.

No matter what others say, in Gu Tingchuan’s eyes, Yi Ran had always been a charming girl. She wasn’t extremely well-read nor did she have dazzling achievements. But, she was humble and practical. Even without his protection, she would continue to resist all injustices, moving him with her distinctive vitality.

He would never be able to find another one quite like her.

At this moment, combined with the mountains in the distance, the flowing water in the stream, and all the undercurrents and gullies of the natural world around their wedding scene, this event became a beautiful, picturesque video under the cameraman’s magical lens.

No one could remain unmoved.

The tears that ran down Yi Ran’s cheeks gathered at her jaw and dripped onto the back of Gu Tingchuan’s hand in a shining arch, spreading like a silent and surging flower bud.

Gu Tingchuan lowered his head and spoke again with power, his words penetrating her bones and burning into her body. “Now did I only know how beautiful tears can be.”

He suddenly felt the little temperature on the back of his hand gradually spread, melting him all over. Unable to help himself, he leaned down and gathered Mrs. Gu into his arms, kissing her lips and drowning in her taste.

Yi Ran trembled with happiness. She was embraced by him, remembering all the events that lead up to his day. Life continued to flow like fire, inextinguishable.

The best love in the world could not be forced. It was difficult to imagine the feeling. But, love thrived in the knowing, in understanding each other’s dreams and understanding each other’s heart.

——Gu Tingchuan, if my company these days was not enough to make you happy, I will use the rest of my life to make sure that your days are filled with tenderness.

——Yi Ran, because of you, I will become an immortal film master.

There will be countless people who will applaud me loudly and turned my life into a kind of legend.

And you will be a constancy in the biography of my life, leaving no verses of regret.


This lifetime of care was the most long lasting love.

Meeting in this life was a kind of gift. To be able to have children together, to be fortunate enough to spend this lifetime of a hundred years together, hand in hand. When you look back on the past, you will feel that you have spent an amazing lifetime of peace and care.

In this way, life became like a journey, making you unable to forget.

Xixi: Aww…this is the end of the main story. But, we still have two extras left…
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Queen of the Fuzzy Bugs
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This novel is 1 of my all time favorites.

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Reply to  WLZ

Thank you! Your comment totally made my day. I’m so glad you like it so much. Readers like you are what makes the hard work absolutely worth it.

Gu Tingchuan and Yi Ran are so good together. Their love story isn’t legendary, but it’s realistic and sweet. It takes work and communications, and it gives us the perception that maybe one day us ordinary mortals can obtain it too.

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