LTPC Chapter 72 Extra I: Love is a Long Road

It took Gu Tingchuan’s nearly a year and a half to film Anthology of Life. Since Yi Ran personally teamed up with him to complete the film, she spent most of her time with him and his group. When they finally returned home, they had their second wedding in Hawaii.

Life gradually returned to its normal rhythm, and Mrs. Gu returned to teaching.

As for why Yi Ran decided to go back, it was because she wanted to work as a teacher for a few more years while she was still young. For this decision, her fellow teacher friends toasted her with an evening cup of wine.

It didn’t take too long after their marriage for Mrs. Gu to become spoiled and proud. Whether at home or in front of Director Gu, she became increasingly lawless.

For example, one day, Director Gu had to film a movie and wasn’t able to return home until deep into the middle of the night. He was expecting his wife to eagerly hug him but, instead, he found Mrs. Gu playing happily in front of the computer. She didn’t even pay him any attention at all.

…What happened to being gentle and considerate and loving?

This was not the most important thing. After discovering this situation several times, Gu Tingchuan lectured her seriously, “Don’t always stay up late. Wasn’t this what you told me before?”

Yi Ran felt that she shouldn’t be at fault here. Who let this new online game be too easy and addicting? It was simply poisonous!

“Before, you were overworked. As for me, it is only because this game was too exciting. It’s different.”

Gu Tingchuan rubbed his eyebrows, holding back the words he wanted to say. Yi Ran only continued to stare at the computer screen without looking back, her two hands flying on the keyboard, and he knew that even if he said too much, his words would be regarded as wind.

During the next day, Director Gu personally cooked a table full of food and had dinner with Yi Ran.

He moved his chopsticks over to give her some food and said as mildly as possible, “When did you sleep last night? Haven’t I said that you’re not allowed to play so late into the night?”

She was usually fine when he’s home at night, but as long as he was away for long, she would just stay up all night and play games.

Yi Ran only said, “Oh,” stuck out her tongue impishly at him, and continued to enjoy a delicious dinner. After eating, she sat on the sofa and brushed Weibo with her legs crossed. Gu Tingchuan cleaned up the table, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and came out to see this scene. He couldn’t help but have some inexplicable thoughts.

“Yi Ran, let’s go for a run.”

“Ah? But I have an appointment with my friends, and they’ll be waiting.”

Gu Tingchuan’s expression seemed calm and quiet at first glance, but it was like the peace before the storm.

Sure enough, there was a sudden glint in his eyes and he issued an “Emperor’s Order” to her, “Teacher Yi, I’m going to confiscate your phone, and I’ll unplug the network cable at 8 o’clock sharp, regardless of whether you’re ready or not.” .

Yi Ran’s parents hadn’t done this to her since she was a child, but now this man suddenly came up with such a trick. She’s eyes widened in disbelief.

She exclaimed, “What? Why are you doing this?”

As he began unbuttoning the top two buttons of his shirt, his low, clear voice sounded lazily in the quiet living room, “You have gone too far. ”

“You weren’t like this before. You shouldn’t interfere with my personal life!”

Gu Tingchuan looked down at her. “You weren’t like this before either. You used to be very accommodating with me.”

Yi Ran raised an eyebrow and immediately showed her fighting value. Even up til now, she had accommodated him.

“Gu Tingchuan, do you know that you also have very bad habits? Every time you eat, drink, and do things, do you know how many times I’ve cleaned up after you? But, did I ever complain to you?”

Gu Tingchuan froze, surprised by how quick she took to respond. While he wasn’t paying attention, she suddenly took the topic in another direction.

“Also, you used to eat anything I cooked, saying how good it was. But now, you’ve completely exposed your picky habits. Do you know how many eggplants I just ate in order not to waste food?”

Director Gu was speechless but still stood by his righteous words. “These are two different things. You’re forcing words and twisting logic. Shouldn’t you pay attention to the truth of my words instead?”

When Yi Ran heard this, she remembered that Gu Tingchuan was someone with a careful and precise temperament. He loved nothing more than making logical arguments and could go on and on about it.

“I understand the logic of your arguments many times, but I just don’t want to hear them.”

There was a saying: There’s no need to reason things out with a wife. Just love them, buy them things, and tell them they’re thin enough. These three points would be sufficient.

Gu Tingchuan calmly took a deep breath, feeling both amused and helpless at the same time. “Do you realize that each time you get mad like this, I have to remind myself that Mrs. Gu is the person I dote on the most?”

“You… You…!” Yi Ran was speechless. She grabbed the cushion on the sofa and threw it at him. “Okay, very good! Let’s continue to hurt each other!”

Gu Tingchuan was too lazy to reason with her. As he got up, he undid the last remaining buttons on his shirt. There was a sharp oppression in his eyebrows as he said, “I have no time to quarrel with you. It’s a waste of time.”

With that, he walked back to the bedroom and said, “Come in!”

Yi Ran: “….”

She pursed her lips and shouted back, “I won’t come in!”

After a moment, she looked up and saw Gu Tingchuan standing by the door. His figure was quiet and peaceful, but his eyes had a warning glint.

Feeling panicked, Yi Ran reluctantly removed her butt off from the sofa and went over to him.

As a result, as soon as she came to the door, he suddenly leaned over and hugged her.

Before Yi Ran could react, she was already taken directly to bed. Gu Tingchuan immediately pressed her down and said with a restrained smile, “I have to teach you a lesson.”

He yanked Yi Ran’s blouse open, suddenly revealing her pale skin. The man’s action was so fast that Yi Ran’s face flushed red.

Yi Ran tightened the corners of her lips and, although she didn’t want to compromise so quickly, she could only say, “Okay. I’ll go for a run with you, alright?”

“Too late,” he interrupted her pleading. “You’re too addicted to online games. I think it’s time for an intervention.”

“…How can you be such a domineering hooligan?”

“You think I don’t know what you’re doing?” Gu Tingchuan met her clear eyes and an electrical current seemed to run through her whole body. The agitated atmosphere had now changed completely. “Is it fun to fight with me?”

Yi Ran mischievously reached out to grab the man’s round butt and squeezed. In a single breath, her graceful and elegant image no longer existed.

“I can also be rebellious, okay? And also, this can be considered as having a kind of husband and wife fun.”

Gu Tingchuan raised his eyebrows and lowered his head to seal her red lips, his eyes darkening. He kissed her for a while before finally whispering, “I don’t want you to touch the computer tonight.”

Yi Ran was fully enjoying this. She wrapped her arms around him and said, “Then do you want to watch a movie?”

In fact, it had always been easy for them to accommodate and compromise with each other.

Between their two worlds, from beginning to end, being able to meet each other halfway was the best thing.


Yi Ran lost a lot in the “come and hurt each other” incident. Soon after, they also discovered another bad habit, which was that they both liked to buy things randomly.

Gu Tingchuan stepped in through the front door and found that the express delivery was as high as a mountain. He took scissors from the kitchen, opened up a few boxes, and found that they were either various paraphernalia, or the more dull “lazy” kitchen utensils.

In short, not only was his wife addicted to the internet but she was also quite spoiled.

However, Yi Ran thought that all the things she bought combined were not as expensive as the single cup he brought home. When he also stuffed it in the storage closet, she expressed her dissatisfaction.

In order to alleviate the “conflict between husband and wife”, Gu Tingchuan deliberately called her over, intending to establish a family rule.

The rule was simple. Whoever bought the most “junk” per week would be punished.

The punishment would be as follow: the person would have to hold his or her ears and contemplate the wall for an hour.

Of course, when Yi Ran heard this, she said it was too childish, but Director Gu insisted.

Gu Tingchuan became extremely busy with work for the next few days. One day, when he stepped in through the door, he saw Yi Ran hurried over to prepare his slippers. She even sweetly said, “Husband, welcome back!”

The moment Director Gu heard the word “husband” being said so sweetly and tenderly, he immediately guessed that something was up. But, he still quietly enjoyed the service of his wife.

The two had a sweet and delicious dinner, and Yi Ran even hurriedly urged him to rest while she took the initiative to put everything away.

The moment Gu Tingchuan walked into the study, he saw a half-human sized stuffed Japanese bear and immediately realized why someone was being so attentive tonight.

Yi Ran knew in her heart that this could not be concealed. Not to mention, the bear was too large to hide.

The man’s outstanding figure stood in front of the window. When he heard her footsteps entering the study, he asked gently, “Did you forget the house rule so quickly?”

Yi Ran murmured, “You listen to me slowly explain…”

“I’m listening.”

“This is a limited edition item that just came out. If I missed it, it’ll be gone forever. And… it’s not useless. It’s cute, isn’t it? Just like me…”

The more she spoke, the “sharper” his eyes became.

Gu Tingchuan pointed to the corner. “Go to the station for an hour.”

Looking at the man’s serious expression and knowing that he was completely serious, Yi Ran tried to come up with a way out. But, she couldn’t think of anything good. Therefore, she could only bite her lips silently and stand at the corner, feeling aggrieved.

After punishing the wife, he sat on a chair to read. However, someone’s resentment was too strong, making it difficult for him to concentrate. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore.

In less than half an hour, Gu Tingchuan gave in.

In fact, he wasn’t really angry that she would buy these useless things. After all, it wasn’t like they didn’t have the money. As long as she was happy, then it was fine. The problem was that his wife bought a stuffed bear that did not match his temperament at all. Last time, she even bought some male action figures.

First, she was addicted to gaming and now she wanted to bring them home…He found this extremely difficult to put up with.

As Gu Tingchuan beckoned to her with one hand, his rubbed his eyebrows with the other. He said, “Okay, stop muttering. Come here!”

As for the last remaining half hour, Gu Tingchuan helped Yi Ran made up for it in bed…

A few days later, Yi Ran met Xiao Zhao, and she inadvertently asked, “Xiao Zhao, did he not buy anything this week?”

Xiao Zhao had long become Mrs. Gu’s secret spy, particularly when it came to the physical and mental health of his boss. He immediately reported, “Buy. At an auction, he bought a set of decorations that cost several thousands.”

“What did he do with it?”

“It’s still in the company’s lounge.”

Yi Ran narrowed her eyes.

…Gu Tingchuan! You’re so dead!!!

Xixi: Spoiler alert! There will definitely be cute little buns in tomorrow’s final extra. 
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