LTPC Chapter 35: Standing on Tiptoes to Kiss

Hao Zhenlei saw them and smiled scornfully.

Gu Tingchuan froze and looked down at where he was tightly grasped by Guo Baiyu. He stiffly stripped her hand away and calmly commanded the manager standing next to him, “I’ll trouble you to find someone to take care of Miss Guo downstairs ”

After that, he turned and smiled at Hao Zhenlei, his appearance as calm as ever. “Ms. Guo is an artist of our company and her career is on the rise. Any news that might come out at this time will be troublesome for everyone. ”

Gu Tingchuan glanced from the corner of his eyes at Yi Ran, and she silently gestured for Guo Baiyu to come toward her.

He said to General Manager Hao, “Coincidentally, Mr. Hao’s son is a student in my wife’s class and has a good relationship with my wife. This might be considered ‘fate’.”

After saying this, he shot the two bodyguard a warning glance. The bodyguards were already unwilling to have any further “dealings” with him and did not put up a fuss. He said, “We’ll say goodbye first and allow Mr. Hao to rest.”

Hao Zhenlei’s expression was very unnatural as he looked at them. Although he felt that he had lost face, he thought of his son and considered his responsibility as a father. At the same time, he also carefully considered how much face he had lost because of that woman.

Gu Tingchuan signaled the manager to take Guo Baiyu away before wrapping his fingers around Yi Ran’s hand with natural ease. They followed at a distance, and Yi Ran could see that his body was still tense. However, his eyes had a hint of a smile and a gentleness that pulled her in and made her fascinated all over again.

“Xiao Zhao already contacted Guo Baiyu’s assistant and she’ll be here soon. Let’s go down.”

Throughout the entire affair, Gu Tingchuan’s expression had not changed much when faced with Guo Baiyu. It was obvious that he drew a clear distinction between himself and the other woman. This made Yi Ran feel relieved, especially in light of the unexpected hug Guo Baiyu had given him.

“I also feel that there’s not much we can do. She’ll be fine, right?”

After the words came from her lips, Yi Ran didn’t know what else to say. She still remembered the image of Guo Baiyu hugging Gu Tingchuan and she couldn’t help but frown.

“It doesn’t matter. There will be someone to see to her.”

The elevator opened, and Yi Ran saw Guo Baiyu wrapped in the white blanket given by the hotel. Because she was a public figure, they had thoughtfully prepared another room for her to rest as she waited for her assistant to pick her up.

The woman’s delicate face still have a layer of intoxication, making her look alluring and beautiful under the dim light. As she looked at the handsome Gu Tingchuan not far away, there was a bit of grievance and unwillingness on her face. In the end, she could only bite her lower lip and follow the manager to her room first.

As they were about to leave, Gu Tingchuan remembered that he still needed to give the manager some instructions. “Let’s go say hello together first before leaving.”

Yi Ran was about to agree, but the phone in her hand suddenly rang. She saw that it was a call from her mother and thought about not answering it. In the end, she hurriedly received the call and waved him forward, saying, “You go first. Let me quickly pick up my mom’s phone call, and I’ll be there in a bit.”

Gu Tingchuan walked to the door alone and pressed the bell. After the manager opened the door, he stepped in and saw Guo Baiyu sitting on the bed, her head silently lowered.

The air conditioner was turned on to a suitable temperature. He didn’t say anything to her, but instead quietly spoke to the manager regarding some matters. After the other party responded, he glanced at the lonely beauty and said, “Then I won’t disturb Miss Guo and will leave first.”

Gu Tingchuan turned and was about to leave with him but Guo Baiyu called pitifully behind him, “Director Gu!”

He sighed and turned back to look at her. “What is it?”

“I know I was very stupid tonight. I shouldn’t allow someone to arrange this dinner for me. I shouldn’t provoke the villainous Mr. Hao…But I never really thought about sacrificing my body to get to the top…Otherwise, I would not have waited for you to discover me and set me on this path of stardom.”

Gu Tingchuan heard her but continued to look at her indifferently. “This is your own business and has nothing to do with me. But, keep in mind that your personal image is still connected to Jiaye. I hope you will be more considerate of yourself in the future.”

After speaking, he turned around to leave.

Seeing that the man was about to pull the doorknob, Guo Baiyu no longer cared anymore. She scrambled from the bed and rushed forward. The blanket on her body fell to the ground, almost tripping her. At the same time, not only was her slender, white shoulders exposed but so was her bruised body and heart.

Guo Baiyu held the man resolutely and sobbed. “I’m really not capable…”

Gu Tingchuan shook off the woman with great strength and stepped back. He tilted his head down to look at her, his eyes dark as the night.

Guo Baiyu no longer had the strength to stand. She dropped onto the thick carpet, her body trembling as she cried, “You used to be like a god in my eyes. I was so careful when I was near you. I didn’t dare to have a bit of delusion about you, but…it turns out that you also have this side to you. You’re not heartless…”

Gu Tingchuan was too lazy to listen and did not want to waste time here. “This had nothing to do with you. Goodbye. ”

Guo Baiyu’s expression changed and suddenly there was a persistent hatred in her weak tone. “No! How can she really understand you? You can’t have any deep conversations with her. She can’t possibly satisfy you or be your inspiration. You’re so talented that only an outstanding person can truly be your counterpart. I can assist you. The director and the actress, we are the destined natural born couple! I am your destined partner!”

Gu Tingchuan almost felt pity for her. After a few seconds of calm silence, he sneered, “No, you will never understand me. And, I have already found the best partner.”

Every word as like a knife to her heart.

When Yi Ran entered the room, she found Guo Baiyu on the ground with tears on her face and Gu Tingchuan standing over her.

He frowned slightly, wondering if he needed to explain to her. But, she had already guessed the situation. She looked down at the woman on the carpet and said coldly, “Miss Guo, my husband is only giving me face tonight. I just wanted to help you a little, and so he helped you clean up this mess. Please don’t go too far. I really hope that you can learn from today’s lesson. In the future, you need to understand self-esteem and self-love. Otherwise, no one can help you next time.”

She narrowed her eyes, looking like a good teacher standing in front of her elementary school students. However, there was no smile in her eyes.

Guo Baiyu looked at Gu Tingchuan, whose mouth had curved up in a smile. At this moment, she felt as if she was falling into a bottomless abyss. In front of her…they were trusting and loving each other…


This night was unexpectedly “lively.” They walked out through the hotel door, away from the warm shelter of the air conditioner and into the cold wind. Even as Yi Ran looked up to see the moon nestling brightly among the stars, she pulled her coat tighter around herself.

To her surprise, Gu Tingchuan suddenly took her two hands and rubbed them with his warm palms.

Yi Ran looked down at his knuckles and immediately recalled the scene earlier. She lowered her head and gently pressed her lips to his fingers. This unexpectedly childish act surprised him.

The powerful and omnipotent Director Gu, because of a young girl’s single action, was dumbstruck.

Yi Ran looked up at him and said earnestly, “Don’t do anything so scary in the future. If you fought more with those two, you might have gotten hurt, let alone for the sake of that woman. You’re kind enough to help her, but how dare she hug you?”

After saying this, she couldn’t help but want to march back and give Guo Baiyu a kick.

“Gu Tingchuan, didn’t we say before that we need to take care of each other’s body?”

At these words, his heart suddenly lurched as he was overcome with a deep emotion that overtook all his senses. He was touched and could only rub his forefingers back and forth on her hands. He slowly whispered, “Yes, I remembered.”

“But I didn’t expect you to be able to fight like this. My mother, no wonder he was so physically fit…” The last part she whispered to herself, not wanting him to hear.

At this time, under the bright lights of the entrance way, she saw the red mark left by one of the man’s fist on Gu Tingchuan’s right cheek. In her heart was a bit of reluctance.

She didn’t say anything. Instead, she rose on tiptoes and pressed a quick kiss to Gu Tingchuan’s cheek. This made him feel even more astounded.

However, after kissing him so impulsively, she felt a bit shy. After her lips left his cheek, she dared not look at him and remained silent.

Fortunately for Yi Ran, at this time, the manager personally drove Gu Tingchuan’s car in front of them. She quickly got in.

After she fastened her seat belt, she happened to see the mobile phone in her hand and immediately remembered something. She told Gu Tingchuan, “Oh yes. My mom called just now to ask if you are free this Friday evening. My cousin and her family invited the whole family for dinner.”

Without waiting for Gu Tingchuan to respond, she immediately added, “If you have work or don’t want to go and socialize, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to go. Anyway, this is not a particularly important dinner.”

“I remember that there shouldn’t be anything schedule for that evening. But, let me confirm with Xiao Zhao first.” After saying this, he suddenly remembered and turned to look at her. “Do your relatives know that we are married?”

Yi Ran’s eyelids jumped a little and she said with a weak laugh, “They know I got married…”

The meaning of this sentence was that they knew that she was married but not to whom.

Gu Tingchuan simply admired their family. One was bigger than the other. He shot a quick glance at her fingers resting on her knee and smiled slightly.

“Hey, that’s because the rest of our families haven’t met each other yet since we got married.”

“It seems that you really need a wedding ring.” He was sitting next to her in the driver’s seat. The faint moonlight streamed through the window, making his bright eyes gleamed with a scorching heat.

“Otherwise, even your relatives wouldn’t know that you were married.”

Before she could say “ok,” he added again, “And that you’re married to me.”

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