LTPC Chapter 42: Going to See the Snow

At sunset, Yi Ran looked up and stared at the distant landscape of mountains and stones. It was covered with a thin layer of snow. The car sent by Gu Tingchuan was heading towards the mountains, and the scenery along the way was extremely beautiful.

It was precisely because of the snow that the sky was so grim and grey, making it hard to distinguish the correct time.

Yi Ran thought that there was probably nothing that could make the whole city look more winter-like than a heavy snowfall. Looking at the whole Ming Bay, it seemed to be standing among the gully of years, creating such an irresistibly picturesque scene that her heart became breathless with amazement.

She soon arrived at a small gazebo by the mountain lake, which was a private residential area in Ming Bay. As a result, there were no outsiders trespassing and very few residents who could come and go.

Because of the sub-zero temperatures in recent days, a thin layer of ice had formed over the lake. At this moment, the snow was drifting down, covering the landscape and the pavilion into a mixture of white and green. A man sat beside the pavilion, quietly admiring the view of the snowy lake.

Yi Ran realized that he must have been sitting for a long time, as if he was not afraid of the cold. His black hair and shoulders were covered with a layer of snow. His back was leaning on the bench railing and the hair drooping over his forehead was mussed by the wind. The zipper of his black down jacket was open, exposing a small section of skin at the neckline of his undershirt. His clear and cold eyes were especially alluring.

The image was extremely picturesque. He looked so much like a lead straight out of a movie, making her recall the phrase: the moon’s cold face was a blossom glistening with snow.

Gu Tingchuan heard her approached and turned around. He lifted up his hands to touch the her windblown pink cheeks. As they drew closer, he saw snowflakes hanging on her eyelashes, like sparkling stars, and he couldn’t help but gaze solemnly into her eyes.

At this moment, the wind was peaceful and calm. Yi Ran pulled closer to him and pressed her hands over his hands on her cheeks. For the longest time, neither of them spoke.

Finally, Gu Tingchuan’s gaze slowly shifted away to look at the snowy scene around them. “Now, it’s snowing and a little windy, but it doesn’t matter. The weather will get better in a bit.”

She was silent for a moment before she finally shook her head helplessly and quietly said, “Sometimes, I think you are the coldest and most ruthless person in the world, but sometimes, I think you are the most romantic and hopeless man ”

Gu Tingchuan smiled and readily accepted her description of him.

He lifted the small blanket on his right and laid it beside her on the bench. Then, he raised his hand to ask her to come and sit.

Yi Ran didn’t know if she was moved by the scenery or by other reasons but, as she sat on the warm blanket, her voice was very light. “What is this? Are you giving great respect to the teacher to win sympathy points?”

He leaned over and took her hands in his. Noticing that they were cold, he simply put his coat over their hands and said, “The ‘respect for the teacher’ phrase here is very relevant. It depends on if you were touched or not.”

His hands were wrapped around her own hands tightly and the enthusiasm and care with which he held her made her whole body feel warm. She couldn’t help but look up and examine him. The corners of the man’s mouth were slightly lifted and his deep eyes seemed to be coated with a cold mist.

“Yi Ran, I must admit that I also have a lot of flaws, such as pride and holding my head down. This kind of character was probably developed since I was a teenager. I always thought that I was not the kind of person who would be affected by surrounding pressures, but this time…perhaps I did suffer some effects, which caused my mind to become blank.”

She understood that he was always a calm-minded man, but sometimes he could be very harsh on himself.

Moreover, the process of falling was so painful that no matter who it was, it was natural for the person to suffer some pain.

Gu Tingchuan’s voice was a bit hoarse, and his dark eyes were especially bright and clear. “This marriage is not just you. I’m trying to become better but, so far, I’m just a stupid beginner.”

He rubbed her gradually warm fingertips and whispered softly, “I shouldn’t push you away.”

At that time, when he asked her to be his wife, he had generally thought that they would have the sentiments and marriage of an arranged couple. He would have a wife and children to accompany him. The two of them would quietly face the bits and pieces of the years together. Even if it was just this, he would have been content.

But, he couldn’t control love, which arrived a burning flame in his heart. When he fell in love with her, he naturally began to want everything.

Yi Ran saw Gu Tingchuan’s Adam apple bobbed and perceived his changing mood. A strong fluctuation shifted through her heart as she began to believe in love.

“Gu Tingchuan, you have to know that your situation these days had made me very sad. You closed yourself off and didn’t even need me to accompany you by your side. I was so worried that you would never come out of it.”

She met his gaze and couldn’t look away.

“There’s a saying that goes: You are so talented, but why must you suffer?”

His voice was clear but full of emotions as he said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have kept you out.”

Yi Ran smiled slowly. “I know you wanted to be strong. I’d only thought of it today. I think that maybe you dare not expose too much emotions to me because, even if the whole world pitied you, you don’t want me to pity you…But, I’m your wife. I like you so much that I really can’t help myself.”

She couldn’t deny her feelings. She was deeply infatuated with him, with this gifted and distinguished and at the same time also narcissistic and indifferent man.

Gu Tingchuan leaned over and pulled her against his chest with one arm. She looked up to meet his gaze but he had already turned his face and she only saw his handsome and solemn profile.

In his movies, Gu Tingchuan always felt that only complicated relationships last. Truthfully, this was actually very illogical. It was funny because now he realized that regardless of how perfect or imperfect, love was actually very fragile and could one day end due to a myriad of reasons.

Their relationship did not begin with love and desire.  But, in the end, these became the very reasons that made them strive to safeguard their relationship. It was not very innocent, but it was also still very pure.

Gu Tingchuan’s eyes reflected the beautiful snow scene on the lake, so bright and gentle that it made Yi Ran felt that she would always remember this scene. This moment was something precious that only she could experience in this world.

“Yi Ran, do you know how I see you?”

She paused suddenly and stared at him nervously.

Gu Tingchuan slowly said, “Your personality has contradictions, but I really like your multifaceted nature. You have a certain appreciation for art, and you can speak reasonably and think quickly. In contrast, you can also play boyish video games well. I know that you have the ability to achieve more and to change to a more lucrative career. But, because you like to deal with children, you stayed in this profession and was still full of idealistic expectations…”

He paused here, his expression calm but underlying this steadiness was a deep affection that could not be denied.

Yi Ran knew that she was obviously not as good as what he claimed her to be. But love was blind and it tends to make people stupidly intoxicated.

At this time, Gu Tingchuan finally found his words again and thoughtfully said, “Maybe, my next movie will be about a teacher.”

Yi Ran still hadn’t caught up to his train of thoughts. After a few seconds, she said, “Really?”

“Yes. I was sitting here alone in the afternoon and thought of it. Maybe my ‘inspiration’ really came back.” He released her and turned to face her. “Also, this is something that I lack and wish to give to you.”

Gu Tingchuan saw that she was still at a loss for words. He spread out his palms and there rested a wedding ring that was slowly being covered with icy snow.

The proposal ring was intricate and elegant, inlaid with a 3 carat diamond. It was clear that the ring was crafted by a team of ingenious jewelry craftsmen.

The shape and curve of the golden base was like flowers in bloom, looking elegant and refined, intertwined with the natural, charming coquettishness of a lover.

He unconsciously softened his tone. “I also prepared a ring and, besides the ring, I also wanted to give you a grand wedding.”

Yi Ran gave in and looked down at the ring again. Then, she placed her slender fingers against Gu Tingchuan’s lips. She could feel his lips tremble slightly and her palms grew hot.

“I still insist on cultivating feeling with you first.”

Her face was warm and full of smiles.

Gu Tingchuan didn’t say any more. Taking her left hand, he slipped the ring onto her ring finger.

Ever since he met her, he was constantly surrounded by surprising and precious things. These things that he could hear with his ears, see with his eyes, and feel with his heart were all rarities in this world.

Gu Tingchuan leaned in and kissed her. Her lips became slightly moist, and her cheeks grew hot with his warmth. His mouth was overbearing and enticing as he penetrated past her lips and encircled her tongue, passionately licking and sucking. She unconsciously grabbed his clothes, her body full of surging joy.

They intimately embraced each other, the brush of their mouths like a war dance. Yi Ran trembled slightly, but she no longer felt the slightest bit cold. His kiss was always so seductive and their entangled tongues made her feel as if the earth and sky were turning upside down.

He murmured against her lips, “Look, the snow has stopped.”

After the heavy snowfall, everything will melt into nothing. Tomorrow will be full of clear and cloudless skies and the nights will be covered in bright starlights.

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