LTPC Chapter 13: Paying a Visit

“Is this what you want?” His face looked pale, like an ink painting, as he quietly but firmly said, “I understand.”

…This was not it, okay?!

Yi Ran’s mind was ridiculing like crazy, but she must admit that this kiss reminded her of many intimate sensory memories, which stunned her to the point of speechlessness. Not a good thing!

Gu Tingchuan was still focused on the kiss and his eyes shifted from her lips to her eyes.

“You…what are you doing?”

Seeing her embarrassed face, Gu Tingchun calmly shifted his gaze to the laptop screen, suddenly wanting to tease her. “You’re not saying you want to do more of the things between husband and wife?”

Yi Ran was still speechless. After a long time, she could only bite her bottom lip and smile in amusement. “You don’t say these kinds of ambiguous words, okay? I just feel like not contacting me for nearly a month is strange. I’ll reflect on my own problems, but you must also do your share.”

She taught it so seriously, as if she was currently standing in front of her class full of primary school students. Gu Tingchuan adjusted his sitting position and his lips curved slightly, as if he had no objections to this.

Yi Ran cleared her throat and deeply reflected on her previous state of mind. In the past, she felt that since she had a job and a marriage, there was no need for them to deeply interfere with each other’s life. In fact, this was not enough. Close relationships are often drawn farther and farther apart by time and distance, and the only thing that remains will just be a marriage in name only.

“I’m not good at taking care of people—I haven’t taken care of much people, in any case. But, I will try to do my best in the future. For example…if you want to eat while you’re here, I can cook some chicken soup for you?”

Gu Tingchuan was still very pale, but he gave her a look, as if he heard her words and acquiesced.

Although the man in front of her looked so serious, she clearly felt the burning atmosphere in the air. She stood up uncomfortably, then touched his forehead and found it frighteningly hot. “What the heck is going on?! How do you not pay attention to resting while you have a fever? You just have to work…”

Gu Tingchuan’s response was a little slow in coming. In fact, what he was thinking about was also related to her.

He had never been a “home-based” man and was accustomed to a long-term high-intensity workload. As soon as he gets busy, all his attention will be on the matter at hand. He actually never thought of giving her a call or contacting her…….

“I think you’re right. Since we’re now a pair of husband and wife, it’s time we take care of each other.”

Yi Ran was stunned by his words, then she nodded and agreed with him very seriously.

Gu Tingchuan’s expression had a trace of exhaustion. He furrowed his brows and continued, “Recently, Jiaye has been really pushing me. Homecoming has to be rushed in order to make the deadline for the film festival overseas. Slowly catching up has become a nearly impossible task.”

What’s more, there were so many things that were unique to Gu Tingchuan. Art creation had always been something that others can help but couldn’t fake. In the end, he could only force himself, then force others. It was a nightmare experience…

“However, I really thought of you.”

Yi Ran: “…” Was this her meaning?!

Gu Tingchuan noticed her expression. “I know you said that this isn’t necessary. But, in fact, I am at fault, and I just wanted to assure you.”

Yi Ran nevertheless shook her head and hurriedly said, “You don’t really have to tell me. I just wanted to let you know how I feel.”

After she said this sentence, she suddenly felt a little bashful. Her face flushed red, and she pretended to calmly change the subject. “Actually, I have something to tell you.”

“What is it?” Gu Tingchuan responded to her with a very calm gaze.

She quickly organized her thoughts and simply said that she wanted to ask Gu Tai’s parents to come to the school for a meeting. After listening to the situation, he slanted his head slightly to look at the bed as he pondered her words. As he did this, his silhouette exuded a sense of gentleness.

“It’s not convenient for Gu Tai’s parents to come forward. I’ll attend the meeting instead.”

Yi Ran wondered out loud, “Will your body withstand the exertion?”

Gu Tingchuan’s expression was normal, but his voice held a note of amusement. “Do you really need to ask this question?”


Yi Ran rolled her eyes. This man sure was admirable, ah. He must really have a hole in his brain.

“Mr. Gu, then, in that case, I will put off the cooking until later.”

After Yi Ran said this, Gu Tingchuan’s fingers tapped his keyboard a few times before he said lightly, “Speaking of putting off, my parents had just returned back to China. Just in time for me to take you to have a meal.”

At this moment, Yi Ran no longer heard the rest of Gu Tingchuan’s words, she only felt her eyelids twitched…Couldn’t she have more time to mentally prepare?!

Unexpectedly, she will be seeing her in-laws!


The city in the morning had a strong late Autumn atmosphere. The weather was gloomy and temperamental, and the breeze carried a cold chill. Outside the window, the landscape was bursting with Autumn glory.

Gu Tingchuan returned to the Gu parent’s mansion after spending a night at the hospital.

At the same time, his “gossip” finally exploded.

Previously, he had released a statement through Jiaye that he have always had a stable partner. In the past few days, he even directly indicated that he was married. The newlywed wife was, in fact, the person photographed by reporters at the hotel entrance.

Although, those photos looked very ambiguous, many viewers could not clearly identify her face.

Gu Tingchuan even revealed in a subsequent public appearance that his wife was an outsider and was engaged in ordinary work. He hoped that everyone will not disturb their emotional life. These series of explosive news shocked many fans.

“My great male god turned out to be married?!” This Weibo headline immediately attracted tens of millions of netizens to interact. The most miserable thing was that the small editors had to work overtime to send out press releases and soft articles. It was expected that various magical titles will appear in the future, such as “Actress xxx, Supermodel xxx… These people actually lost to her…”

At this moment, inside the car, there was nothing but silence. Leaning against the back seat, Yi Ran’s eyes were closed as she napped. She had stayed in the hospital for a long time and was really tired.

Gu Tingchuan had initially told her to return first, but she only said that, from now on, she will shoulder the responsibility of taking care of his body. Besides, she was really afraid that once she left, he will start working nonstop again.

However, she didn’t know if it was because of her words last night, but Director Gu had been very good. Today, he even allowed the driver to drive while he sat in the back with her.

Gu Tingchuan looked at Yi Ren. She was breathing evenly, and when her soft eyelashes trembled, it created an image that seemed to look as if it was covered by a light layer of mist. It was unexpectedly very nice. His lips curved slightly and he raised a hand to message his temple.

The small car gradually neared the coastline and the number of pedestrians on the road was significantly reduced.

Yi Ran hadn’t been to the area in many years. If Gu Tingchuan’s apartment gave her a strong sense of literary drama, then the Gu parent’s house was probably the same as the mainland idol drama. When she went to the living room, she didn’t dare to look around. But, when she heard the faint sounds of Gu Tai’s voice, her nervous emotions eased. She felt that since she had encountered such a good story in her life, it would be better to enjoy it as much as she could.

Sheng Ru saw her son and couldn’t say whether she was happy or not. As she handed him a cup of tea, her eyes continuously drifted over in Yi Ran’s direction.

Even though a girl like Yi Ran had become her daughter-in-law, she still thought that the girl was unqualified. Fortunately, she was Gu Tai’s teacher and not one of those female stars that Gu Tingchuan was always rumored to be with. The point was that this new daughter-in-law must at least be pure. At least she looked cute and quick-witted.

Even though there were many dissatisfaction, Sheng Ru’s good manners still allowed her to smile. “You took care of Tingchuan for one night. It must be hard. Oh, he’s been working so much over the years. How many times have I told him to be careful?”

Yi Ran smiled and shook her head: “I took good care of him, so aunt you needn’t worry. ”

Gu Tingchuan said in the next sentence, ”Call her mother.”

Yi Ran’s ears turned red.

What she did not know was that Gu Tingchuan used the stable state of “marriage and childbirth” as a promise, allowing his parents to accept his marriage to Yi Ran while also dispelling the idea that they could arrange a marriage for him.

In Gu Tingchuan’s estimation, Tingyong and his wife, who was from an old aristocratic family, were bosom friends long before they got married. Yet, even this pair that had seemed like a match made in heaven was facing a marriage crisis. As a result, it was probably better for him to just find a person that he could accept.

Gu Lingfeng was sitting on the couch, pretending to read the newspaper and looking indifferent. Gu Tai fixed his eyes on Yi Ran and his expression was strange as he said, “Did you really get married?”

Yi Ran looked at his expression with some embarrassment and did not know why she suddenly wanted to tease him. “Yes, because I like you too much, little handsome Gu Tai.”

Gu Tai looked surprised and stared at her, his expression a little angry.

Now that Gu Tingchuan had returned to his childhood home, he looked more casual and at eased. He sat on the sofa side by side with Yi Ran, picked up the cup, took a sip of hot tea, and then whispered to his nephew, “Your teacher has already told me your business. I will go and represent your dad.”

Gu Tai’s face slightly changed, but he still pretended to be unconcerned. “Just a small conflict between the students, ah, you do not need to go and visit.”

Yi Ran dared not interfere in the exchanges between them. She pretended to look down at the porcelain cup in her hand. It was difficult to see the pattern, but it looked like something made from the West.

Gu Linfeng shot Sheng Ru a look. She laughed lightly, though her expression was not as good as before. “There is something we want to discuss together with you. Gu Tai, child, grandmother wants to talk to uncle and aunt. How about you go to the garden for a while, okay?” She affectionately squeezed his cheeks.

Once Gu Tai left, Sheng Ru looked at the new couple in front of her. Her tone was light but there was no smile in her eyes. “You were too quick to get married, and there were many things that still had not been done. Yi Ran, you also know Tingchuan’s temper. I don’t want to say anything, but I hope you’ll understand that the Gu family is a large family. As a result, it won’t just be two people who got married. To make it easier for the elders to accept your marriage, you also must consider many practical matters.”

Yi Ran did not understand her mother-in-law’s exact meaning and turned her head to quietly look at Gu Tingchuan.

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