LTPC Chapter 14: Believe in You

Gu Tingchuan noticed her gaze, and his eyes flashed.

The young couple waited for the parents’ speeches. Sheng Ru shifted slightly in her seat, her face composed. “Yi Ran, you are an intelligent and reasonable little girl who is a school teacher. We certainly believe that you will conduct yourself appropriately. But, our family’s background is special. You should also understand this. We recognize that you both are a happy little couple but, if by chance…”

Sheng Ru also saw the lessons of the past, particularly the issues stemming from the eldest son’s Gu Tingyong’s own marriage.

“Actually, this practice is also very popular among young people. By signing a prenuptial agreement, everything will be solved.”

Yi Ran heard this and finally understood. Personally, she also had no arguments against this practice.

However, she had never coveted Gu Tingchuan’s properties. It was not because she was looking at money like it was dirt. Rather, in her case, just being able to marry Gu Tingchuan was already the best thing.

She was too lazy to spend brain cells to calculate the property of others. Not to mention the usual cost of providing for the family, she was even able to have three meals a day from a chef.

Regarding other expenses…she really had not talked about it with Gu Tingchuan.

Hearing his mother’s words, Gu Tingchuan deeply frowned. When he placed his teacup on the table, it made a crisp sound that echoed loudly in the suddenly quiet space. This caused Gu Linfeng to look over at him.

“Mother and father, there’s no need.”

Gu Linfeng’s brows furrowed slightly and his eyes narrowed as he said, “Don’t always be so willful. Now that the company is being handed over to you, you should mature a little bit. Your young couple’s feelings are now good, but you have to take others into consideration.”

“I never think that our marriage relationship can be 100% harmonious.” Gu Tingchuan had always been blunt, and he was very clear about his relationship with Yi Ran. “But I believe that no matter what happens, I can find a negotiation method. Moreover, I will not be like big brother and do such an embarrassing thing.”

Then, he raised his eyebrows and laughed at himself. “If I disappoint her and fail to be faithful, I should pay for it.”

Gu Tingchuan did not look at Yi Ran as he said this, but his eyes had a bright, smiling expression. “If it is Yi Ran who wants to leave me, then I also believe in her ability to leave smoothly, without any hard feelings.”

His words were unmistakable, making Sheng Ru feel that the topic may be difficult to carry out.

Father Gu was dissatisfied with his son’s resistance. “You can speak according to your temper, but do you have to ability to carry it out?,

Sure enough, Gu Tingchuan said that he did not want to continue this topic, waved his hand dismissively and then opened his mouth to add, “Why can’t you believe in my choice?”

Yi Ran was surprised by him, and warmth flooded her chest. She didn’t think that Gu Tingchuan’s trust for her would be so deep. Perhaps, he was always this insightful when it came to people. Nevertheless, she felt that there must also be other reasons. Thinking this, she turned her head to look at him, feeling as if her heart was scalding.

Sheng Ru helplessly looked at her husband. She couldn’t reprimand her son in front of her daughter-in-law. Therefore, she sent a message with her eyes, telling him to stop. Then, she looked affectionately at Yi Ran, smiling as if nothing had happened. But, in her heart, she had other plans.


On the way back, Yi Ran managed to remain calm. After all, there was a driver in the car with them so they did not have the privacy to honestly communicate. She stared out the window at the receding scenery, recalling the confrontation with the parents. Although the two elders had tried their best to accept her, the dissatisfaction with their marriage was obvious.

However, what surprised her the most was Gu Tingchuan’s words. He always expressed an attitude worth relying on, making people feel very at ease.

Yi Ran’s heart had some inexplicable agitation. There were some things she wanted to say but didn’t quite know how to clearly say it. When they finally arrived at the entrance of their home, she stared as Gu Tingchuan’s changed his shoes and blurted out, “Actually, I don’t know how to make chicken soup at all.”

Gu Tingchuan’s action did not stop. Even his eyes did not blink as he said in a clear voice, “I know.”

Yi Ran took out a bottle of mineral water from her bag and took a mouthful of water to moisten her throat. She said, “However, I can learn immediately.”

Gu Tingchuan murmured “hmm” and did not look at her as he took off his coat. His clothes outlined a tall and straight body, the clean appearance looking both restrained and indifferent.

Yi Ran changed her shoes and went into the house. After a while, she said, “Gu Tingchuan, in fact, I agreed with what your parents said today. After all, this is related to you…”

“I didn’t say they did something wrong.” Gu Tingchuan pinched his eyebrows and looked dissatisfied. “But I just don’t like it.”

Since he insisted, she wouldn’t say anything more. After all, Director Gu had always been rational and sensible. In other words, he was an idealist. This could easily be seen by watching his movies.

Gu Tingchuan looked back and saw her standing there absentmindedly. He suddenly handed her something and said, “Oh, that’s right. It’s good for you to keep this card.”

Before she could ask, he continued to explain, “I was in too much of a hurry before and did not take care to explain many things. The money in this card is for your use. The family expenditures will be settled every month by my assistant. You don’t have to worry about it. If you want to buy anything, you can use this card.”

Yi Ran listened nervously. He was truly thorough, even taking this as an opportunity to explain things.

“If you encounter something that requires more money and you can’t find me, you can contact Xiao Zhao instead.”

She took his bank card, thinking that it’s not too bad to have their couple’s living expenses paid by the husband.

She smiled humorously and stood in the same place for a moment. “Thank you for trusting me. I will not disappoint you.”

Gu Tingchuan only smiled slightly, but it still seemed radiant to her eyes.

In fact, he always remembered the words that Yi Ran had said to Gu Tai about “painting styles.” If the styles were not the same, then the relationship will be very difficult to sustain.

Yi Ran looked at the living room and bedroom where she had lived for many days and nights and remembered the things that they had done on the first night. They had kissed with greedy joy in the shadows of the night and had shown each other sweet and tender care. They had looked into each other’s eyes and when he was deep inside her body, the feeling of warmth and affection was like glorious completion.

She suddenly felt a tremor. They had been more familiar at that time than when compared to now. Why was this feeling getting more and more difficult to bear?

However, Gu Tingchuan did not notice her complicated look. He glanced at her and asked, “Since my temperature had gone down, I will have to work very late tonight. You have no opinion?”

“Ah? Oh, that…” Yi Ran was suddenly asked, and her brain turned a few circles before reacting. “Then you pay attention to rest. Don’t work too hard.”

Gu Tingchuan’s eyes slowly blinked as he nodded. “Tomorrow, after sleeping, I’ll go to the school. Then, afterward, I’ll have to rush back to the shooting site.”

Yi Ran turned and was planning to do her own thing. Inadvertently, she suddenly heard the person behind her ask, “In your opinion, is my physical strength very bad?”

She had no time to think, and said in a hurry, “Ah? No, no, you are very powerful…”

After she finished, she felt that the other party might not have this meaning at all. Her face suddenly flushed red, and she took a few steps back to cover up her blush, her heart jumping like a drum.

“I mean, I don’t think you are in poor health. That is, I heard that you are a workaholic. This seems to be true. You need to rest more.”

Gu Tingchuan paused for a long while. He stood at the junction of the studio and the living room and the half-light and shadow made the clear smile in his eyes even more intriguing. “Probably, I was too busy, and I didn’t care much about you that day.” ”

He was afraid that she would be embarrassed so he added, “When you got up in the morning, were you uncomfortable?”

Yi Ran’s little brain blanked for a moment, then she shook her head vigorously.

Gu Tingchuan took note of the clear look in her eyes, feeling both warmth and relief. After this, he went straight to his studio and closed the door.


After a night of good dreams, Yi Ran went downstairs to eat breakfast and found that Gu Tingchuan had actually shut himself in the cold and mysterious studio for most of the night.

After he came out, he called his subordinates and some English and Chinese words were exchanged. His English pronunciations were very pure and fluent. Every single detail was exquisite, like the pictures in a movie. He did not even have time to greet her, nor did was she even given the chance to remind him to be mindful of his health. They were both in a hurry, and Yi Ran rushed to school.

The two classes in the morning went by really fast, and it wasn’t long before she returned to the office. She saw Yao Juan and didn’t even have time to talk with him before she suddenly caught sight of the principal entering with a lofty attitude.

Shi Xiang was also wearing glasses but, in sharp contrast compared to Yao Juan’s bookish looks, he was short and balding. He was also very bureaucratic.

At this point, he slightly blinked his eyes and said to Yi Ran: “Teacher Yi, follow me.”

Afterward, he turned, left the office and walked up the stairs.

Yi Ran made a grimace to Yao Juan, who had a worried look on his face, then she took a small step to keep up.

In an empty corridor, the principal looked at her with a smile.”Teacher Yi, I don’t think I need to remind you that a teacher’s primary duty is to work. Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you should be too excessive.”

Yi Ran originally thought that the headmaster would praise her. In all fairness, in these few months, she had worked very hard every day. But now Shi Xiang was denying her hard work and downplaying her efforts.

“Don’t forget to work hard and make great efforts. You are still too young and need to learn to consider all aspects of the school. In addition, Teacher Yi, regarding the matter of your performance evaluation, you still need to be more meticulous.”

The more Yi Ran listened, the more she felt mystified. She knew that she was not a teacher with no sense of responsibility. Even in the past, because she was too busy with teaching, she had ended up delaying her own romantic matter. But why was the other party now stigmatizing her?

She really didn’t understand what she had done wrong. Although she’d never been the type to keep her grievances to herself, but she felt that, in the workplace, she had no choice but to stiffly smile and act dumb.

Shi Xiang asid, “You and Yao Juan have recently asked Hao Ziyue’s parents to come to school. You should know that many of our international parents are very busy and usually work very hard. They also believe in us and that’s why they sent their children to us. If you encounter something and tell the parents to come to school, doesn’t that make it seem like our teachers are not enough?”

So this was the principal’s meaning. Yi Ran felt even more dejected. She did not know what to say, feeling as if she must weigh many considerations before taking action.

Regarding this job, it was her cousin’s rich husband who had recommended her. Since he was kind enough to recommend her, thus helping her get a safe and good job, she couldn’t easily offend the principal and embarrass them.

Thinking of this relationship, Yi Ran began to feel perfunctory, thinking that she was really ridiculous in the past.

She couldn’t help herself. She said in a half-joking tone, “Principal, Gu Tai’s uncle is the famous director Gu Tingchuan. Even he can let go of the whole crew and take a trip. Why can’t Hao Ziyue’s parents come? Which country are they the premier prime minister of?”

Shi Xiang did not get angry when she opened her mouth to argue. Instead, he stretched out his hand and placed it on her back. She was not used to such physical contact and immediately grew stiff. She blanched, her lips pressed together.

Xixi: Poor Yi Ran. She’s falling in love, but it seems as if our heavily overworked male lead is too busy to follow suit just quite yet.
That said, I do really like Gu Tingchuan though. He is very decisive and, once he made a decision, he will stick to it. He is also very dedicated to the things that he cared about. Currently, though, although he does care about Yi Ran, he still cared more about his passion, which was making movies. But, eventually, we will see their relationship smooth out and this will change.

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So Gu Tingchuan's parents going to use their eldest son's fallen marriage to dictate Gu Tingchuan's marriage. They are not the same, parents! And, your beloved son's fell because of his own fault, not your eldest daughter-in-law! Let Gu Tingshuan lives his own version of marriage. Don't disturb them.

And that headmaster, just because you have an international school that is attend by rich families, doesn't mean you should ignore students' bad behaviour. Other than giving knowledge to the students, your school also responsible in creating good human beings. That is what school is, and what a teacher should do.

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