LTPC Chapter 7: A Rare Happily Married Couple

After a little meditation, Yi Ran looked up at him and seemed to have an answer in her heart.

These minor sex scandals had caused him to propose marriage. But, when all was said and done, she didn’t know when Gu Tingchuan had settled on the matter of marriage or whether he had any plans at all. Director Gu was a recognized young leader in the industry. After his debut, he won numerous awards. Although many people disapproved of him, one cannot deny that he was indeed a rare legend that cannot be copied.

Yi Ran bit her bottom lip and wanted to say something, but she saw Gu Tingchuan looking at her. Her face turned red and she could only say, “Have you been very busy lately? What kind of movies are you filming…Is there really still time to get married?”

Gu Tingchuan truthfully said, “A martial arts film.”

She instantly forgot the main points and was surprised. “Really, a martial arts film? Wow… rumors are true?”

He put one finger to his lips and made a shush action. “The specific content has not yet been revealed to the media, so don’t tell others first.”

He did such a sultry movement that she could not react for a while, only knew that after meeting Gu Tingchuan himself can she realize how big his charm was.

Gu Tingchuan softly said, “Martial arts is a very special subject matter. In recent years, there are almost no good works in the wind. I remember a director I admired, he said, it is a worthwhile subject but it may not be able to move people. So… I also want to make an attempt at creating a martial arts film. After all, most people nowadays remember it with nostalgia and a sense of comfort.”

When he talked about his work or his creation, he became passionate, exuding an innate sense of perfectionism coupled with the circumspect and meticulous manner of learned behavior. He will state his position in an unbiased manner, every word spoken powerfully and boldly, permitting you to feel that his action was both dangerous yet safe.

In fact, with a man like Gu Tingchuan, no matter what, it would probably not be smart to let him come to your house as a guest. At this moment, with this kind of man, it was difficult for Yi Ran not to cheerfully look forward to the future. She smiled, even as her eyebrows arched. “How do you plan on handling this news?”

Gu Tingchuan shot her a glance and said, “Because our relationship is different, we will also make the public relations people respond differently, if you don’t mind.

She felt that his tone was very unconcerned and didn’t know why her heart suddenly felt disappointed. But then, unexpectedly, the corners of his mouth curved slightly and he said, “I think you’ll agree that something does exist between us?”

Yi Ran was startled and, looking back at him, she finally said bravely, “Actually, when I saw the scandal today, I felt really bad. If, after that, my future blind dates realize that you and I were rumored together, they might think that something actually did happen.”

After all, who would believe that, in the face of such a man, she was only “helped” by him for a while and was not directly supported to the bedroom.

Gu Tingchuan was amused by her silliness, unaware that his smiling expression was unusually warm and was causing a ripple in Yi Ran’s state of mind.

Yi Ran went on to say, “You see, the current education is not particularly unusual. Some parents do not allow their children to fall in love when they are still students. But, once they have graduated, the parents will suddenly expect marriage within a few months. Although my parents do not often remind me, I know that, sometimes, when they see me without even a boyfriend, their heart will not feel at ease.”

Gu Tingchuan said calmly, “Then, I think it is better to find me than to find those people.”

His face and dark eyes were somewhat focused, causing his temperament to become almost irresistible.

“Director Gu, we haven’t known each other for a long period of time. In the past, I used to be a bit cowardly when faced with strong leaders, and I also think that you are also very intimidating.”

He raised a questioning eyebrow, and she added, “Since you’ve raised this matter with me, I’ve been thinking a lot about many things. Frankly, I like your job very much and I also like you.”

There had also been a few private interactions…that made her feel girlish in her heart.

“I don’t know how you will look at me or even how you will feel about me. I sometimes feel whimsical, and sometimes it is very easy for me to be passionate about certain things. I haven’t had a boyfriend before, and I am not good with feelings. I also assume that you are this way as well.”


“I know that you ‘re very good. I can see that you’ll take care of your family in everything. But, I also know that your interests may be different from mine. I’m just an ordinary person, and you’re in a place that is far out of reach for an ordinary person like me. I’ve seriously considered your words and, with a marriage between us, it will be impossible to avoid claims that I’m a social climber.

Gu Tingchuan made a motion as if to prevent her from speaking further. But, she still carefully said, “But you and I are the same type of people. I don’t care about these things. I think we’re at least equal when faced with certain things. I also respect you, not because you are my family but because you are Gu Tingchuan.”

Yi Ran had always been a simple girl. She often indulged in anime and games, and she had seen many complicated things in life. She had never disliked wealthy people, nor had she felt inferior to them. She simply thought that people are born in different situations. In the end, the best way to know someone was to look at their bearing and watch how they live. Nothing less, nothing more.

In her mind, these were all things that Gu Tingchuan will be able to clearly see.

Yi Ran shrugged her shoulders. “Anyway, I’ve seen your ass, and so I will bear the consequences.”

Gu Tingchuan smiled at her but did not want to let her play alone. “Oh, it’s fine. We’re both in the same boat.”

When she didn’t respond, he said meaningfully, “I had also seen your chest…”

Yi Ran, “….”

She grew stiff under his gaze, guiltily following along as, with his finger, he drew an ambiguous curve on her arm. Finally, she shifted her gaze up and saw his tempting eyes. Under the wash of the indoor lighting, his eyes were a liquid mixture of radiance and shadows.

Warmth surged up within her.

When Yi Ran and Gu Tingchuan walked through the door together, Ms. Yi was facing her buns with dried meat and stuffed mushrooms. She saw them and immediately smiled.

Yi Ran hesitated, quickly glanced up at the man next to her, and, after getting the other person’s approval, said, “Mom, that, we…”

Mother Yi did not hear what she was saying. She simply laughed and asked, “Would your friend like to stay for dinner?”

Gu Tingchuan glanced at the watch on his wrist and politely declined. “Sorry, Aunt. Not tonight. I have to go back to work.”

Yi Ran knew that he wanted to go back to the studio, but Mother Yi continued to treat him politely. “Would you like to take a few buns with you? The buns I made are especially delicious. Whenever I make them, each person in our family will eat at least three or more. The steaming here is almost done. You sit down and wait.”

Gu Tingchuan saw her enthusiasm and did not want to reject her. When they sat down at the table, Yi Ran thought about what to say, and she said, “Mom, we are a couple. In fact, today, Gu Tingchuan is not just here to see me but also to see you as well.”

Yi Ran’s mother was so astonished that she froze in place, her hand still in mid-movement. She looked up and down at the calm and handsome man in front of her before covering her mouth and saying, “Are you teasing me?”

Yi Ran: “…” Was this really her biological mother?

Gu Tingchuan said softly, “I am the uncle of one of Yi Ran’s students.”

Mother Yi stared at him curiously, her eyes not blinking. “Oh, so this is why you look so familiar. Xiao Gu, is it? What kind of work do you do?”

Before he had a chance to introduce himself, Yi Ran opened her mouth. “A little director.”

“Oh, how awesome, ah?” As Mother Yi said this, she felt as if recognition was slowly catching up, but it just so happened that the buns finished steaming at this time. She turned back to the kitchen.

Yi Ran glanced at Gu Tingchuan, who was quietly examining her. She said in a low voice, “I’m afraid that your identity might scare her. Let’s do this one step at a time.”

After that, the two mutually weaved a love story that was filled with half-truths and half-falsehoods to Yi Ran’s mother. Yi Ran said that she met Gu Tingchuan when he was accompanying the nephew’s parents to school. The relationship between the two gradually became thicker. He took the initiative to ask her to watch a show, and, in the months that followed, they continued to seek each other out.

Gu Tingchuan looked so calm that, even when the mother looked at him, she could not see any clues. At this moment, he methodologically said. “Aunt, I’m very fond of Yi Ran. I would like to form a family with her as soon as possible.”

Seeing that such a good man wanted to marry her daughter, although Mother Yi still had some doubts in her heart, more of it was filled with joy.

Gu Tingchuan had originally wanted to wait until Yi Ran’s father came back in order to also meet with him, but the actors on the set would soon be arriving. He could only get up and leave.

When Yi Ran got up and, with hobbling feet, tried to send him to the door, Gu Tingchuan’s brows slightly twisted. “Your foot is not good. No need to send.”

“It’s nothing. Just a few steps. You have to let me move about, ah.”

Mother Yi, seeing the two people so intimate, no longer doubted their feelings and snickered as she hid in the kitchen.

As Yi Ran was holding the door frame and preparing to say goodbye, Gu Tingchuan looked down at her and a steady gentleness rose up in him. His expression was normal as he said, “When are you free next week?”

“It should be empty.” After she said this, her expression grew confused. “Is there something?”

Under the bright lights, Gu Tingchuan’s eyes were washed with brilliance, and his expression had no hesitation at all as he saw in a low and persuasive voice, “To get married.”

Yi Ran: “…”

But her foot was still not good?!


When she was eating that night, Yi Ran talked about Gu Tingchuan with her parents. She didn’t dare to tell everything truthfully. She only picked some key points. After listening to it, Dad didn’t talk for a while, but Mother Yi raised some doubts.

“The conditions are so good. Are you suitable?”

Yi Ran slipped a piece of fragrant braised pork into her bowl and said vaguely, “Cousin still had a second marriage. She wasn’t even looking for a wealthy family to marry into. But, presently, she was able to rise up to the heavens.”

Mother Yi shook her head. “Can you understand him? Now there are a lot of young couples who get married after only knowing each other for a few months. But, the main thing to consider is whether the two can get along or not. It’s not good to compare oneself with other people. Happiness is the most important thing.”

“Mom, I know that I’m a little confused because of the cousin. But, I won’t just decide to marry Gu Tingchuan for this reason alone. At least, I think his character is the best that I’ve encountered, and I get along well with him.”

Yi Ran did not doubt that Gu Tingchuan will have some dark side. For example, he might be sexually cold, or he might like men and just wanted a cheat marriage. But, she once again thought that even if the marriage was just for appearance’s sake, she will not be taking on more than she can handle. It will be an opportunity to become Director Gu’s woman and to allow her a chance to try to hold on to him.

They no longer know what to say, knowing that Yi Ran won’t listen. Afterward, she opened up WeChat on her phone and told Zhang Rongrong about the news of her marriage with Director Gu.

Zhang Rongrong only returned with a few short words: You picked up a big bargain! May I ask, at which clubhouse did you pick up such a good-looking, wealthy and powerful husband?

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