LTPC Chapter 12: The Wife Scolds

Yi Ran once said that she liked to see young people filled with hopes, but the light in Gu Tai’s eyes had a stinging pessimism.

She was about to say something but Gu Tai stood up from the chair and followed Teacher Yao out of the classroom.

As she silently looked at his retreating back, she felt that something was wrong, but she could not quite pinpoint what it was. She stepped into the hall and watched as Yao Juan lowered himself to talk to them in the shade of the playground.

At this time, one of Gu Tai’s female friends walked out of the classroom and stopped in front of Yi Ran. She whispered, “Teacher Yi, Hao Ziyue threw Gu Tai’s pencil case on the ground. He also broke Gu Tai’s umbrella before.”

The girl continued, her voice starting to sound uneasy, “Hao Ziyue also broke his watercolor pen. He often throws his fist at other students, and we’re afraid of him because he is very fierce and will beat people…”

Yi Ran immediately comforted the girl softly, “Teacher knows. You did very well and is very brave.”

At this moment, Hao Ziyue waved his fist as was typical, and his face turned bright red. Gu Tai, who stood on the sidelines, was silent and indifferent, just like his uncle.

After Yao Juan understood the matter, he gave them a warning and then sent them back to the classroom. He turned and looked back. Upon seeing Yi Ran, he smiled and said, “Gu Tai said Hao Ziyue always likes to go against him. Just now, he deliberately mentioned that Gu Tai’s parents are divorcing, saying that Gu Tai is a bad boy who no one wants. Gu Tai said back that Hao Ziyue’s father have more than one woman outside. Then, Hao Ziyue took action.”

In her heart, Yi Ran also understood that children are impressionable, and the viciousness of TV dramas, combined with their parents’ attitudes, do not necessarily provide good examples.

“I asked Hao Ziyue, and he admitted that he quarreled with Gu Tai. However, he said that Gu Tai framed him and, when he tried to confront Gu Tai about it, Gu Tai started talking nonsense in class.”

Yi Ran heard his words and didn’t know what the so-called nonsense was. However, it was common knowledge that Hao Ziyue had a temper. She thought for a moment and said, “It seems that I will have to observe the class to understand what the specific situation is. Last time, Hao Ziyue obviously dirtied my clothes but still refused to admit it to his mother, which led me to doubt his current words. As for Gu Tai, his parents’ marriage are currently at a crisis, which could lead to some psychological fluctuations.”

Yao Juan nodded. Then, his eyebrows wrinkled slightly.”Did you go that day…the blind date?”

Yi Ran recalled what happened, which was a stark contrast to the current reality of now being in a “flash marriage.” She spread her hands helplessly. “There’s nothing to say, really. I’m not going on blind dates anymore. Teacher Yao, are you going to ask both their parents to come this time?”

“Yes, but I still have to find them first. Hao Ziyue has been acting out for more than a year now, according to some accounts, ” he said, but he still had further concerns. “I heard that his parents are really arrogant. In the past, he pushed a male student to the ground and broke his arm. Later, the male student suddenly left school. So, you don’t need to intervene in this matter. I’ll take care of it.”

Yi Ran listened to Yao Juan’s words and felt surprised. Although, as the lead teacher, this matter was Yao Juan’s responsibility. However, as she digested his words, she felt that there was something strange about it.

What’s more, she was now Gu Tai’s aunt. Could she really just stand by?

“But, Gu Tai’s business, I still hope…”

In the end, nothing was said because their conversation was interrupted by an unexpected phone call.

At first, when she saw the stranger’s call, she thought it was a sales call. But, she soon realized that this number was a bit familiar. She hesitated a bit before answering.

“Hello? Is this Miss Yi Ran?”

The voice sounded familiar.

“Yes. Who is this?”

“I am Xiao Zhao, Director Gu’s assistant. Just that, he is now at the hospital……”


In no time, Yi Ran was sitting in a taxi. Her whole body feel abnormally tired, not just because school started and she had began teaching again but also due to the worries brought about by suddenly being in a relationship.

After hearing Xiao Zhao’s news that Gu Tingchuan was ill, she immediately rushed to the hospital. It was just that, though they had recently gotten married, she still hadn’t seen him for most of the month. As a result, she still wasn’t used to her new identity as “Mrs. Gu.”

According to Xiao Zhao, Gu Tingchuan was working hard at the shooting site for many days and nights, primarily because the progress of the martial arts film was unsatisfactory. He was angry almost every day and had to personally handle every single matter. To achieve perfection, he sat staring at a monitor for twenty-four hours straight and who knew how much longer. As a result, he suddenly had a high fever and dizziness the morning after.

When Yi Ran arrived at the hospital, Xiao Zhao was waiting by the elevator. He immediately greeted her and said that he will take her up to the ward. He smiled and said, “In fact, I wasn’t supposed to tell you. Director Gu feared you might be worried so he told me not to tell you. But, I just thought you should know.”

After he said this, he knocked on the door of the hospital room until the man inside said “come in.” After opening the door, he turned sideways to allow Yi Ran through.

She walked in and saw at a glance that although this was a hospital room, it might as well be another job site.

Four to five staff members were seated next to Gu Tingchuan’s bed with laptops and bottles of water in front of them. Gu Tingchuan himself had changed into a hospital gown and, though his face looked tired and pale, he still gave out a sense of rigor, his deep gaze still so bright.

At this moment, Director Gu was concentrating on the meeting and wasn’t expecting her to appear. Not even looking at her, he continued to talk to his staff about business.

It seemed that everyone knew that Gu Tingchuan was admitted to the hospital. She was probably the last person to know.

Suddenly, she felt that this situation was like being tightly shackled, and it filled her with bitterness. She was so sad that she couldn’t hide it. She had to hang her head halfway to cover up the feeling.

After all, these were partners and good subordinates who were constantly around him most days. They knew all the details of this man’s life more than her, even though… she was his wife.

Yi Ran slightly frowned, but as everyone’s eyes slowly gathered on her face, she only looked at Gu Tingchuan, thinking that this was not right. Therefore, from the bottom of her heart, she began to shift through countless hypotheses regarding how to handle this matter.

It will obviously be impolite to ask them to stop working directly. She can only use persuasion, especially since his fever still had not gone down, which was unacceptable.

Finally, she bit the bullet and opened, “Gu……Tingchuan, how are you? I received the news and immediately rushed over. Xiao Zhao said you have something to tell me?”

Right after sating this, Yi Ran gave Xiao Zhao a look. The other party had been at Director Gu’s side for many years. He was trained to be observant. Now he responded very intelligently and silently looked at his boss, saying, ”Boss Gu, you and your wife can have a chat. We’ll all leave first.”

Everyone listened to his words and immediately filed out. Gu Tingchuan, who was still lying on the bed, looked up at her. This look cause Yi Ran to freeze on the spot. But, gradually, she calmed down and walked over to sit down on the empty seat next to him.

Gu Tingchuan slightly narrowed his eyes. “I have something to say to you?”

Yi Ran adjusted her breath and said slowly, “I was just making an excuse to get rid of everyone. Because you were overworked, you gained a fever and had to be admitted to the hospital. But, even then, you still had to work hard. If you ended up coming down with a genuine illness, then what should be done?”

She knew that those people dared not disobey him. Even if she wasn’t the closest to him, at least she was in a position to remind him to pay attention to his health.

“The movie’s development was very fast, and there’s not much I can do about it.” His gaze fell on her body and the previously furrowed brows suddenly relaxed, making his face look much better. Suddenly, the corners of his mouth curved.

However, Gu Tingchuan had always been observant. At this moment, he noticed the true emotion hidden under the calm surface. “You are angry….You are angry with me?”

Her fingers tightened on her mobile phone. She didn’t expect him to suddenly ask such a straightforward question. She genuinely felt that it wouldn’t make much sense to cover up in front of such a man. She swallowed and felt that she would suffocate with the need to vent. “When did you go to the hospital? How come I didn’t know?”

Then, she frowned and muttered, “Even you won’t allow Xiao Zhao to inform me at first. Did you think that I couldn’t help, or was it that… our relationship is really not so ‘deep’?”

A sense of loss seized her heart, making her feel as if there was nowhere to hide. However, though she could hide the frustration in her eyes, she could not deceive him.

“This is just my habit for many years. I didn’t want to let others worry about my situation, including my parents. You don’t have to think like that.”

Gu Tingchuan sounded so genuine. It was really a deceptive skill. Yi Ran sighed. “I know you don’t think about me…but at least you should tell me your situation. Even a worker in your company knows that you are ill, but your wife doesn’t know. Isn’t that strange?”

Her lively expression made the originally cold hospital room more pleasant. He fixed his gaze on her, unable to look away.

Yi Ran plucked up her courage to say, “I just feel that since I’m now your family, then I’m also responsible for your physical condition. I know that we haven’t mentioned this before, but at least we have to communicate about some things. Gu Tingchuan, this time you are in the wrong…… ”

“Yi Ran, come here.”

Gu Tingchuan interrupted her words, his smooth, husky voice reminding her of the words he had whispered against her ear that night and the feelings that occurred after being pressed down on the bed…


Yi Ran blushed and went closer to his side, thinking that he needed help with something. But, the man suddenly grabbed her waist and pulled her against his chest. His lips pushed away the heavy taste of bitterness. The long, sweet kiss and the soft lips and the tongues entangled together, all made her heart beat faster and faster. The kiss was a magic that could tempt people’s heart.

When Gu Tingchuan finally released her, she was breathing hard. She saw that his mouth was moist, making her feel both shy and embarrassed.

“This is what you want?” His face looked pale, like a crisp ink painting, as he quietly but firmly said, “I understand.”

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4 years ago

That's not what she wants, did you listen to her? Well, she wants that too, of course, but that's not… I'm getting muddleheaded as if I was the one that got kissed. You translate too well Xixi. 😂
Thank you so much for the new chapter!

4 years ago

I feel very irritated by his behaviour. Thank you for the translation! I adore yi ran's patience

4 years ago

🤣 That was my initial reaction too, and I had to re-check the translation a few times. An explanation in coming, I promise. I’ll try to update tonight.

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Wait for the next chapter and you will feel better. The author just wants to rile us up a little. 😄

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Nicole Cluver
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Thank you for translating this story. I am currently binge reading it as I find it wonderful. Thought I should let you know that the next button doesn't work xp

4 years ago

I'm glad you're enjoying it. Thanks for letting me know about the next button not working. 🙂

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Thanks for the chapter. His personality is so contrary. Like a mix of ice and fire. So confusing.