LTPC Chapter 3: Wanting to Get Married

Yi Ran’s nth date was unsuccessful. After a dinner exchange, she and her blind date did not have much contact.

As the new primary school language teacher, Yi Ran’s daily work also caused her to be very busy so she did not have much time to think about marriage.

But compared to other people, she was actually putting more pressure on herself. She said this to Zhang Rongrong: People who are destined is expected to appear at any time before the age of 25, but when they turn twenty-five and no one appears, they began to feel fate. It is a tormenting thing.

Yi Ran’s request for her boyfriend was not high. She really didn’t think that a man like Gu Tingchuan will have a deep relationship with someone like herself. She just wanted to find a satisfactory person. Unfortunately, the reality was not ideal.

Just like the young man she met last night. His occupation was good and his appearance was good, but he was often reminded of his ex-girlfriend. Later, she felt that she was not sensitive enough. But, after the other side noticed his own rudeness, they simply stopped contacting each other.

In these few days, Gu Tai was often the last student remaining.

Yi Ran recently paid attention to his every move, so she silently accompanied him in the classroom. She looked down at the lesson plan and was secretly impressed with the child’s dedication to doing homework. He was a handsome little boy, and, regarding this, there were definitely some shadows of his uncle…

At this time, she felt that “overtime” had become a kind of enjoyment.

She didn’t know if she should talk to him about the umbrella. When she thought about it, she licked her lips and softly knocked on the side of the desk. “Gu Tai, the teacher found your umbrella in the garbage bin that day, and it was broken… Why did you tell me that you didn’t bring it?”

Gu Tai was still a little adult, and he didn’t raise his head as he replied, “Oh, the umbrella was my fault. I accidentally broke it and since it became useless, I just threw it away. I was afraid that you would tell the parents so I didn’t tell the truth.”

Yi Ran’s expression became perplexed, “But…”

She just wanted to express her thoughts as a teacher. Suddenly, there was a familiar voice behind her. It was deep and unfathomable. “I’m sorry. I had a delay at the company today.”

Yi Ran looked back at the late Gu Tingchuan. At first glance, there was a little tiredness in the eyebrows, but it also seemed a little lazy too. When he saw her, he gave her a slight nod. “Hello,Teacher Yi.”

“Hello, Director Gu.” The atmosphere between them seemed to be a lot more relaxed than the last two times. She packed up the textbooks as quickly as possible, and at the same time looked up at him, “Please allow me to say that your Cloud Headdress and Dark Rivers are all very good. I am also a fan of yours.”

Gu Tingchuan unexpectedly smiled. “Are you?”

After the man said this, Yi Ran’s ears grew slightly hot and her heart felt slightly guilty, suddenly afraid that she would be found out. In fact, it was only after she saw his naked body that she went back and pulled out his past works to study. After blurting it out, she realized how impulsive she was…

Gu Tingchuan did not seem to care.

When he took Gu Tai’s small bag and was about to walk toward the door, Yi Ran saw a young man who looked like an assistant standing at the door waiting, holding a printed envelope in his hand. She curiously said, “Is Director Gu going to see No Man’s Land?

Hearing this, he stopped and turned his gaze back to her. “You know of it?”

Yi Ran nodded. The drama was currently touring around the world. However, due to the schedule of the two leads and other reasons, the movie had barely just premiered in the country. One of the issues was an older famous British actress who had performed in many Hollywood blockbusters.

However, despite the delay, every ticket for the No Man’s Land play was unexpectedly in demand and insanely expensive. Even the scalpers could not be criticized for the high ticket price. If you want to a better seating, the only way was to pull some strings.

Celebrities like Gu Tingchuan don’t have to worry about this. The envelopes in the hands of the assistants was obviously the VIP tickets for this drama.

“This drama is particularly good. It’s really hard to get a ticket.” She smiled, then said, “I’m also going to go back. Gu Tai, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Gu Tingchuan saw that she was already in a good mood after changing the topic. He looked down and noticed that Gu Tai’s eyes had a hint of a smirk in them.

Yi Ran was inexplicably a bit embarrassed. Fortunately, the director still didn’t seem to care much about what she had said. When he turned back, the assistant came over and took the school bag from him, and respectfully followed them out.

She also took some things back to the office and found that there were several teachers who were staying behind in school. After laughing a few words together, Yi Ran suddenly noticed that the man had unexpectedly appeared by the office door.

Yi Ran certainly didn’t know why Gu Tingchuan suddenly returned. She hurriedly ran out while several possibilities ran through her mind, none of them good.

“Gu Director, what’s the matter?”

Gu Tingchuan shifted slightly. “Well, let’s talk out there.”

He turned and silently walked out. Calmly following him, Yu Ran could see the other person’s clear and straight back, tall and incomprehensible. Her heart felt vaguely uneasy, but also intermixed within was some measure of excitement.

It wasn’t until they had reached a secluded place that he finally turned to face her and lightly said, “This is for you.”

She looked down and saw that he had the ticket to No Man’s Land in his hand. When she finally looked up, her expression was filled with apprehension.

“No, no, no, no. Director Gu, I can’t take this..”

Seeing that the young teacher won’t dare to accept, Gu Tingchuan explained, “My partner gave me three tickets for myself and two friends. My assistant just told me that there are more than one seats available in the front row. In consideration of this, not giving it away is a waste so you do not have to be too concerned about it.”

Yi Ran initially felt flattered but, after calming down and thinking about it, she can’t help but guess that since he had extra tickets and she was Gu Tai’s teacher, he was only being kind by thinking of her.

As expected, this man was also good at dealing with all kinds of people.

Faced with this temptation, Yi Ran thought that she should not accept his ticket.

Gu Tingchuan waited for a while, gazing at her with indifference, then he calmly said, “I didn’t do this because of your identity. I know that teachers should have professional ethics, but since you are also a fan who like this drama, I only want to be polite.”

Letting the famous Director Gu tell such a sentence, if Yi Ren did not accept, it will be too embarrassing.

At this moment, Gu Tingchuan lifted his hand, raised his eyebrows, and thought for a moment. There was some compulsive perfectionism in his bones. Since this matter had already been done, he should consider it more properly, so he said, “Then let’s do this. I won’t offer it to you first. I will wait for you to come and give it to you at that time.”

The idea of once again rejecting his offer was completely shattered by his words. This was the first time she was in contact with such a big man. Her lips trembled slightly, and she said, “Well, it is hard to reject your thoughtfulness. I’ll be respectful and accept it. Thank you.”

Gu Tingchuan nodded, and he smiled lightly. The deep look in his eyes was like the vast ocean under the night sky.


On the eve before summer vacation, the sun at noon was heavy and thick with humidity. In addition to approving paper everyday, Yi Ran also had to assist the class teacher to write student reports for the family, including work summary, quality analysis and so on. In short, before the real holiday, she was very busy.

During lunch, a bottle of iced tea suddenly appeared in front of her. The condensation outside the bottle seemed to be steamed and had melted into trails of water.

She absentmindedly glanced up and smiled at the young man wearing rimless glasses. His expression was refreshing, and his facial features were refined. In fact, he was not only the math teacher Yao Juan but also Gu Tai’s head teacher.

Teacher Yao sat down and asked her, “You wanted to talk to me?”

Yi Ran nodded and first unscrewed the lid and drank a few sips. From the throat to the whole body, it was refreshing. Then, she told him about how she inadvertently discovered the truth about Gu Tai’s umbrella. Not only was Yao Juan more experienced in coaching, he was also the class teacher and should be able to give more judgment.

Yao Juan’s behavior toward her was usually very restrained. When speaking in front of her, he was almost never loud and seemed to be a male teacher with great foresight and responsibility.

At this moment, he also frowned and seemed to think for a long time before he said, “I know. This is actually a big deal. Our habit of lying is also cultivated from a young age…and, actually, I’ve recently observed it. Gu Tai, he seemed to always inexplicably lose some stationary.”

Hearing this, Yi Ran’s heart was somewhat suspicious, but she did not ask any urgent questions and only took another drink.

“His apparent lying is a behavior that is indeed unnatural.” Yao Juan looked at her, and seemed to consider his words before quietly saying, “I’ll take this summer vacation to do a home visit. Then do you want to come with me? I see that Gu Tai likes you. With a female teacher who he likes, he is more likely to be happy.”

Actually, she felt that Gu Tai was really a little proud, usually not cold or hot to her. But, even the class teacher saw his careful thoughts.

Yao Juan cast her a hurried glance, but Yi Ran was too immersed in her own thoughts to pay attention. She said, “Yes, that was my guess. Today in class, Gu Tai kept clenching his fists. Did he have any contradictions with anyone? Someone deliberately broke Gu Tai’s umbrella, and he refused to say it?

“If it’s a contradiction between classmates, then we must find a way to deal with it. But, Teacher Yi, you may have to calm down and think about it. This kind of thing has to be complicated to resolve. We have to take into account the temperament of both parents and consider the child’s own feelings. So…”

Yi Ran nodded and said, “I know that I am too emotionally involved. Before I can confirm it 100%, I can’t act rashly so as not to easily hurt the children’s inner feelings.”

“Yes, you’re right.” Yao Juan took off his glasses and dragged a soft cloth back and forth across the glass. The dark eyes showed a hint of helplessness. “They are only in elementary school. It’s normal for children to have friction. The most terrible are those who are naturally malicious. However, this is an individual phenomenon, after all… I believe that our students will not be like this.”

She knew that what Yao Juan said was reasonable. The children of Habenguo International School were overall very good. Even so, it was inevitable that some students and parents will dislike the teacher.

Take, for example, the little child who had previously stained Yi Ran’s dress. His parents may not necessarily respect the teacher. Regarding his homework and morality, it seemed like there was very little discipline. Even if you call, the parents will only provide an excuse. It was even harder for them to come to school than to go to heaven.

At this time, a young female teacher from another class happened to walk by. When she looked back at them, Yi Ran smiled and said, “Hey, Teacher Guan, let’s eat together.”

Teacher Guan Yilu set her tray down and smiled deeply. She naturally sat next to Yao Juan.

Yao Juan had a gentle temperament but his nature will become somewhat stubborn when angry. Despite this, he was the most popular single handsome guy among the female teachers. Not to mention the teachers, even several primary school girls said that they liked Teacher Yao’s handsomeness.

Guan Yilu and Yao Juan chatted happily for a while, then she looked at Yi Ran and asked, “Oh that’s right! Tonight, when everyone have time, let’s go out to sing.”

“I’m sorry, I really can’t tonight.” Yi Ran glanced at her phone to double check the date and was even more certain. “I already have plans tonight.”

“Hey, a date?”

Yao Juan’s gaze zeroed in on Yi Ran at the same time. She laughed and said without confidence, “If it’s a date, then I would go out and set off fireworks.”

Yao Juan smiled silently but didn’t say anything. His delicate outline was bright underneath the afternoon sun.


Yi Ran said, “I’m out to set fireworks…”
Me: *Scratch head. “Huh? Chinese dictionary, you lying to me right now?”
Not sure if this is correct since it doesn’t make sense, unless she was just joking around or if it’s slang for letting off steam? Letting off steam would be more accurate. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you, Unknown, for your help with the above. 😀
Fireworks = Celebrate

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