LTPC Chapter 1: A Lifetime of Care

Yi Ran just got out of the taxi when her friend Zhang Rongrong’s phone call came. She picked up the phone and looked back at the signboard for the health club, confirming that she hadn’t arrived at the wrong place.

Zhang Rongrong told her, “I’ve already booked it. There are still some people here so I’ll come later. You should go ahead.”

“Yes, I know. Then hurry up.” After Yi Ran spoke, she turned and stepped through the front door.

Once the young girl at the front desk verified Yi Ran’s information, she entered the waiting area to find a place to sit down. On the table was a cup of iced drink that was still emitting a cold chill.

In fact, it was only thanks to Zhang Rongrong’s membership card that she was able to come to this health club, which was not only extremely expensive but had the strictest membership system in S City. Naturally, she couldn’t help but study the decor.

There was a massive antique screen in the lobby. On the wall hung many calligraphies and paintings, most of which were were ink paintings depicting the landscape, the style very elegant and refined. The atmosphere had the subtle scent of Chinese medicine mixed with sandalwood, giving people a sense of calm harmony.

She lowered her head and turned on her mobile phone to brush Weibo, conveniently signing in to pass the time. As she waited, she heard the words “has already arranged” and “the VIP’s car is at the door.” Before she could think much of these words, she saw from the corner of her eyes two slender figures entering and then going upstairs one after another.

One of the men was dressed in a suit. His figure was tall and straight, and his stride was firm and steady. He was so eye-catching that she couldn’t help but look after him. Unfortunately, she was only able to see his disappearing back view.

Yi Ran pursed her lips and took a few mouthfuls of iced tea to quench her thirst, which immediately made her feel cool and pleasant. After a moment, the attendant entered the waiting room and said that the room was ready. After stopping on the third floor, the person smiled and told her, “Guest, please take a rest. We will prepare tea and snacks for you right away. You can take a shower first.”

She nodded and took a few steps through the door. The layout of the room was more atmospheric than expected. The area had a small hall for the guests to rest, with a separate bathroom on the side. In the middle of the room was a platform with a massage bed.The sound of the zither trembled through the internal loudspeaker.

Yi Ran kneaded the space between her eyebrows, her expression displaying a sense of exhaustion. As an “outstanding” elementary school language teacher, just one week of class was sufficient to make her feel fatigued.

However, when she walked in to lie down, she saw at once that there was already a man on the bed. He was lying face down and was completely naked, revealing a smooth and firm back. Only a small blanket covered his behind.

Yi Ran’s brows furrowed, even as her mind grew blank. After a while, she managed to react, thinking that perhaps she had entered the wrong room. But, when she wanted to turn around, she couldn’t help but turn her eyes back. The aroma of essential oils drifted up to her nose, giving off a scent of sweetness.

The man’s body was neither thin nor burly, displaying a perfect physique with a distinct back and showing the dip of his spine that sloped down to his lean waist. The entire line from shoulders to calves was smooth and gentle, yet also exuding a firm strength. His skin looked soft and bright, most especially the curve of his butt. She had never seen such a perfect behind before.

Hearing the movement in the room, the man finally looked up. Because he was in a state of rest, his eyes blinked for a moment before he quickly recovered. After staring at her for a few seconds, he said, “Are you the manager? Did my assistant call you?”
Seeing the person’s face, Yi Ran was astonished. If she wasn’t mistaken, she’d seen the man’s photo on the Internet…

At that time, Yi Ran felt that his figure was above average and that his appearance was outstanding. But, he didn’t seem to like to laugh much. Many times, his mouth was pressed in a tight line. She heard that his temperament was cold and eccentric. He was not only called a “Ghost Talent” by the industry, but he was also a single man that many ladies would love to capture.

Naturally, there he was mired in many sex scandals. From small television actresses to international film stars to second generation daughters of wealthy families, all wanted to monopolize him.

In short, this Gu Tingchuan was without a doubt a young and talented big director who had became the standard for male characters in romance novels.

The other party was clearly displeased. “I normally use a male masseuse.”

Yi Ran flew back down to Earth and was full of apologies. With an expression of innocence, she said, “…Sorry, I’m not a manager. I merely came to the wrong room.”

Gu Tingchuan’s expression was strict and disciplined. His eyes flashed, but he still managed to look indifferent. “Are you not?”

“I don’t know what’s going on. It was the attendant who brought me in…”

At this time, the attendant finally returned. When he saw the situation, he was stunned speechless. He apologized again and again, saying that the machine at the front desk had been making many mistakes today and he will investigate.

After hearing this explanation, Yi Ran relaxed.

The attendant gave them two more apologies, until Yi Ran finally had enough. Waving her hand, she said that she was not inconvenience.

After all, she came in through the back door.

Turning to look at the man again, she saw that he was still partially naked and goosebumps prickled across her skin. She could even glimpse a trace of his hip bone, where the towel had slipped back when he had moved earlier.

“Sorry, Mr. Gu, we will go out first.”

Yi Ran heard the attendant say this, so she just smiled and said to the man, “Mr. Gu, sorry to bother you.”

As she walked out, she couldn’t help but glance back one last time. At this moment, Gu Tingchuan’s assistant seemed to have arrived. He turned his face and said something to the assistant. In short, he didn’t look very happy.

Yi Ran sighed from the bottom of her heart, trying to save the director’s body in her mind as a video so that she could use it to make up a lot of unspeakable plots.

“I’m sorry to have troubled you. We’ll upgrade the package for you free of charge.”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t mind.”

She smiled when the attendant shot her a suspicious look.


In the next few days, the streets and alleys of S City were full of posters for the White Birch Film Festival. In order to meet their beloved idols, fans had already booked their tickets early.

Zhang Rongrong was the brain-destroyed fangirl of the big star He Yang and wanted to go see this male god’s graceful bearing in person. Yi Ran didn’t have much fanaticism for the three-dimensional star, but after some careful thinking, she also agreed to go together.

In the evening, the red carpet was glistening with starlight, and the two sides were crowded with movie lovers.

Yi Ran glanced at the crowd and used the paper towel handed over by her friend to wipe the sweat from her forehead. “How many people are there? Ah, I can’t stand the heat.”

Zhang Rongrong was also infected by this inexplicable excitement and talked incessantly. “The crew of Dark River will be in attendance. Of course, everyone is excited!”

Yi Ran involuntarily thought of Gu Tingchuan’s powerful body. She really didn’t expect this boss director to have such good-looking muscles.

Zhang Rongrong shot her an unscrupulous look. “You’re thinking about that day…”

The words had not yet fallen when a man and a woman appeared on the red carpet. Seeing this, some
people in the crowd shouted, “He’s here! It’s Gu Tingchuan!!”

The man on the red carpet was dressed in a black suit, and the actress next to him was the hottest big name in the drama world. She gently held the arm of her male partner, her pace elegant and calm. Her backless dress swayed as she walked. At first glance, it was a picture of seduction for the eyes.

Even Yi Ren couldn’t help but stretch her neck to see. As the man and woman got closer and closer, the fans around them cheered like loud chickens and screamed their names.

Yi Ran had a headache and pinched the area between her eyebrows. She was squished in and was unable to move. It just so happened that the female star stopped in front of them and reached out to sign autographs for some fans.

This caused the crowd to became wild, and they flocked over.

There was only a few meters between Yi Ran and the two celebrities. At this time, the man on the red carpet was definitely not the one attracting people’s attention. He suddenly cast a look at her, and the penetration of his eyes was too strong, fixing her firmly in place.

She stared at him in a daze, even as a cluster of fireworks exploded in her head and her chest grew tight. Around them, the shutter of cameras and the screams of the crowd filled her eardrums, but it was as if Yi Ran heard nothing. Because, at this moment, she could feel nothing but the pounding of her heart.

Gu Tingchuan seemed to be seriously looking down at her for a moment. The corners of his mouth lifted slightly in what looked like a hint of a smile. But there was no more movements, and he turned back to his partner. He whispered a few words with the actress, as if everything that just happened was only a small episode.

Zhang Rongrong’s excited face was red, and when the two slowly went away, she madly shook Yi Ran and said, “He seems to remember you? My God, I wasn’t imagining it, right? You’re too lucky! Yi Ran, you’re lucky in love!”

Yi Ran looked up and glanced at Gu Tingchuan’s back.

She had to admit that Director Gu was indeed a charming man. Gu Tingchuan’s facial features were sharp, the nose was handsome, and the deep twilight of his eyes was clear and resplendent under the light of the red carpet. His aura was truly outstanding, and his talent was even more impressive. It was really a high-ranking person who lived in a different world from them. This was really a man who had every kind of merits.

She finally understood that even this kind of individual didn’t even need to speak a word for women to rush to his side.

It took a while for Yi Ran to gain her senses. Then, she turned her head and showed a smile to her friend. She opened her mouth to tease, “Of course. This time, I’m very lucky.”

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4 years ago

Lovely novel so far! Thank you for translating! Is there a way to wrap the text? The sentences pushes past the screen on my mobile internet browser…

4 years ago

Glad you liked it so far. I haven't looked at the mobile version yet so thanks for letting me know. I'll fix it asap.

4 years ago

Thanks for translating this novel. I'm liking it so far.

4 years ago

That's great to hear! Thanks for reading and commenting.

4 years ago

Thank you for the chapter. I was looking for a light hearted read, I hope this is the one.

4 years ago

You’re welcome! Hope you like it!

4 years ago

Thanks:)really love u ,,,,:):) Thanks

4 years ago

You’re welcome. I’m happy you like the story.

4 years ago

I'm sooo jealous of the characters who can remember each other face in just one brief-meeting-by-chance. Here I am can't remember the faces+names of my desk mates even after weeks of starting school.

Being face blind sure is hard. I can't even understand whose face is beautiful/handsome and who is ugly. They all have the same 2 eyes 1 nose 1 mouth, what's the difference?? :")