IWOL Chapter 242: 🔼

Dong Zheng neatly mounted his horse, shook the rein, and shouted, “Go!”

The horse that was in the middle of drinking with its head down neighed and adhered to Dong Zheng’s guidance, following the direction of the stream. The bank of the stream was fairly flat, and Dong Zheng followed along atop his horse, traveling at about the same speed as the water current, always mindful of where Ren Heming was in the water.

Ren Heming wasn’t caught too deep in the water, but the current still yanked him down from time to time, feeding him with a few mouthfuls of water. Though Dong Zheng was following along the bank, he couldn’t directly pull him up. He looked ahead, hoping to see a shallow section of water or something that Ren Heming could hold on to.

He followed the stream for about two to three miles when he saw that up ahead, where the stream had sharply turned along with the curve of the mountainside, there was a log that had fallen horizontally across the stream.

“Grab the log ahead!” Dong Zheng shouted. His legs clamped around the horse’s belly, and the horse picked up speed. They soon passed Ren Heming in the water.

As he passed by the log, Dong Zheng jumped from the galloping horse. He rolled on landing to minimize the impact and hurried onto the log. Stretching his hand out to Ren Heming, he urged, “Come on!”

Ren Heming stretched out his hand, but at this moment, something seemed to have caught him. His body was yanked underwater, and only his fingers brushed against the bark of the dead trunk.


Dong Zheng reached out and tried to catch him. But Ren Heming was completely submerged in water. Even if his arm was ten centimeters long, Dong Zheng wouldn’t be able to reach him. Ren Heming completely passed the log, and by the time he managed to struggle to the surface, he was already twenty meters ahead.

Dong Zheng immediately stood up and chased after him, but the current had already swept Ren Heming far away. In the end, Dong Zheng could only watch his figure disappear downstream.

…What was he supposed to do now?

The NPC in charge of guiding him had disappeared. What was he going to do now? Follow the original goal Ren Heming had given him and locate the evil spirit? If he rashly found it, then wouldn’t he just be directly sending it his head?

Dong Zheng immediately thought of the talisman paper Ren Heming had given him. In the stack, there also seemed to be some papers that would allow them to locate one another.

Dong Zheng pulled the horse next to him, fished out the talisman papers, and lit one.

A blue flame rose up, pointing to the direction Ren Heming had disappeared in. Dong Zheng was now certain that this thing actually worked. He still had a lot of talisman papers left, and if he kept searching, he was sure to find Ren Heming.

But was Ren Heming actually the person he said he was?

He’d told Dong Zheng that he was his shixiong from the Maoshan School, and he was also a guard from the imperial city. But in fact, he couldn’t even swim, and his physical fitness wasn’t as good as Dong Zheng’s.

Ren Heming was questionable, Dong Zheng was very sure about this point.

Dong Zheng frowned, his heart full of doubts. In the end, he decided to:

🔼 Go find Ren Heming → Go to Chapter 248.
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1 year ago

Well that’s a twist 🙂