IWOL Chapter 253: ⏺

They walked into the cave.

As they descended the flight of stairs, the only sounds they could hear was the sound of their footsteps and their breathing. The bamboo flint lit up a small area around them, and when they walked down the final step, they were surprised to find that the depth of the cave was not as they’d imagined. It was actually a long passageway.

Ren Heming threw out the burning bamboo flint in his hand, and the light source flew up along the passageway in a parabola before finally landing with a sound. It clattered as it rolled forward a certain distance before finally stopping.

There was nothing unusual.

Ren Heming took the lead and walked forward along the passage. Dong Zheng looked back up at the entrance. It was pitch black outside, and even the moonlight could not penetrate the overlapping leaves in the forest.

The unease in his heart intensified, but in the end, he still kept up with Ren Heming.

The walls on both sides of the passage were made out of blue bricks and looked unexpectedly neat and tidy. In the empty passageway, the sounds of their footsteps echoed eerily, seemingly superimposed. They walked for about two hundred meters before they reached the end of the passage. It was a stone door engraved with strange patterns.

The doubts in Dong Zheng’s heart reached the peak at this moment, and he wanted to turn around and leave immediately.

But Ren Heming went straight to the door, looked at the patterns on the door, and as if he’d discovered something, he said, “Come quickly.”

Dong Zheng walked to the door. The bamboo flint illuminated the engravings–It was the scene of a sacrifice. A group of people kneeled with their heads down, while a child stood on a high platform, which was full of strange lines that must have represented the devil in the hearts of the locals.

Ren Heming’s voice suddenly became calm and flat. “Go in and take a look.”

Dong Zheng didn’t do as he said. Not moving, he said, “Shixiong, what is wrong with you?”

“I’m just a little tired.” Ren Heming actually yawned, as if he was bored. He didn’t seem nervous at all and even seemed a little lazy. He glanced at Dong Zheng and directly pushed the door open.

The door was lighter than Dong Zheng had imagined, and so Ren Heming was able to open it quite easily. An unknown light illuminated the huge underground cave behind the door.

Ren Heming pushed him in and followed closely behind.

With a frown, Dong Zheng grabbed Ren Heming’s arm. At this moment, he somewhat understood where the lingering unease had stemmed from.

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Patrocinador de tetas masculinas
Patrocinador de tetas masculinas
1 year ago

Hay tranquilidad en mi corazón al observar que las tres decisiones van a la misma dirección, es divertido jugando a ser Dong Zheng, que sería lo que preguntaría en esa situación? Sea lo que sea no influirá en la trama pero si en como lo recepto de la historia y evalúo mi comprensión hacia él. Solo digo que deberían avisarme con antelación, mucha, ojalá desde la descripción, que la historia tendrá episodios interactivos. Me da gran pena convertirme en el monstruo que se salta los capítulos, ten misericordia!!!!

1 year ago

I love how all the options just point to chapter 254 lol
Thanks for the translations!