Divorced Chapter 14: The Seat Beside Chen Yuchuan Remained Empty

When Lu Yang finished speaking, Chen Yuchuan felt as if Li Yang was tugging at his heartstrings.

Dirty words, nonsense, ridicule, contempt, sympathy, and scorn, those were what Chen Yuchuan had heard the most.

At first, he’d minded it, but after constantly having to listen to such words, his skin had thickened over time and he got used to it. And once he became used to it, he no longer cared about it.

But no one had ever said such a thing to him before, until Lu Yang. It wasn’t sympathy. Instead, it was full of softness, like Lu Yang was soaking him in warm water and carefully wrapping him up.

For the remaining half of the journey home, Chen Yuchuan’s head was tilted to look at Lu Yang, his eyes turning red without blinking.

At the time, what Chen Yuchuan had thought was that, for the rest of his life, he would hold on to Lu Yang tightly and never let go. Since he had met such a person, he would never let go even if he had to die.

He and his mother had been living in an old bungalow. Although the rent was cheap, it was a little far from the city, and so it took Lu Yang half an hour to arrive.

Lu Yang parked his car next to Chen Yuchuan’s rental house, which was at a small intersection with no street lights.

He had just turned off the car engine when Chen Yuchuan unfastened his seat belt and moved over. He put his hands on the sides of Lu Yang’s neck and kneeled on the seat with one leg while stepping over with his left leg. Then he lifted his head and kissed Lu Yang.

They had been together for a few days, and in all those days, Li Yang had been coming to pick him up in the morning, waiting for him to get off work in the evening, and then taking him home.

Although they hadn’t slept together yet, they had done a lot of things that couples would usually do, especially in a dark place like a bar, where it was easy for emotions to be stirred up under the influence of alcohol.

Chen Yuchuan was not a person easily ashamed. After staring at Lu Yang for a long time, he would want to kiss him.

He was inexperienced, and at the age of 18, he was also impulsive. The first time they had kissed was the day they had just established their relationship.

In the evening, Lu Yang came to the bar to pick Chen Yuchuan up from work. That day, he had parked his car at the back of the bar. When they both came out, Chen Yuchuan suddenly stopped by the tree. He tucked his hands into his pockets, turned his head, and said to Lu Yang:

“Hey, boyfriend…”

With a smile, Lu Yang turned to look at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

To Chen Yuchuan, Lu Yang’s lips were incredibly sexy. The upper lip was thinner than the bottom. His lips were a light red color, the shape of them distinctly outlined with the corners of his mouth slightly tilted upward.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t know how long he’d gazed at Lu Yang’s mouth, until he finally turned slightly. He was a little shorter than Lu Yang, and so he rose on tiptoes, wrapped his arms around Lu Yang’s neck, and said to his lips, “It’s nothing. I just wanted to kiss you.”

At once, he kissed those lips, very fast, separating as soon as they touched. But he still couldn’t help but stick out his tongue to lick Lu Yang’s lips.

Lu Yang hadn’t been drinking that night, but because he’d stayed in the bar for a while, the slight scent of alcohol clung to his clothes.

After quickly stealing a kiss, Chen Yuchuan was just about to release Lu Yang, when the man directly caught his waist and pressed his retreating form back against his body.

They kissed for a long time. Although Chen Yuchuan was inexperienced, he had seen kissing done on the small screen. After a few kisses, he began to respond enthusiastically. Lu Yang’s kisses were very domineering, and Chen Yuchuan was not to be outdone.

Chen Yuchuan liked kissing Lu Yang very much. Every time he touched Lu Yang, Lu Yang would capture his waist and pull him in, kissing him until he was breathless, dizzy, and melting. And so he would be kissed until he begged for mercy.

Right now, after they’d kissed, Chen Yuchuan pretended to be more experienced than he was. He made a serious evaluation and then licked the corners of his lips afterward. There was still the smell of Lu Yang on his lips, which made him a little obsessed.

No, not a little.Very obsessed.

Lu Yang had long felt Chen Yichuan’s hot gaze on him while he was driving. He didn’t need to look over to know that Chen Yuchuan was watching him.

Therefore, the moment the car stopped and Chen Yuchuan hooked his arms around Lu Yang’s neck, he immediately and easily adjusted the driver’s seat. Chen Yuchuan’s clothes weren’t thick, allowing them to easily feel each other’s reaction.

By the time Chen Yuchuan pushed Lu Yang away, he was breathless from the kiss. He took a few breaths, pressed his forehead against Lu Yang’s, rubbed the tip of their noses, lowered his head and asked, “Lu Yang, what to do now?”

“Come with me?” Lu Yang’s voice was very low. He pressed a kiss to Chen Yuchuan’s still wet lips and asked again, “Xiao Chuan’er, will you come with me today?”

Fastening his seat belt, Chen Yuchuan exhaled and said, “Lu Yang, you’d better drive quickly.”

Lu Yang drove to the nearest hotel.

The moment they left the elevator, Chen Yuchuan directly jumped onto Lu Yang, who carried him toward their room.

In the hallway, there were many people looking at them, and some were even whispering.

Chen Yuchuan stared back at them and said, “What are you looking at? Haven’t you seen a couple open a room before?”

At the door of their hotel room, Lu Yang hugged Chen Yuchuan and opened the door. As he closed the door with his feet, Chen Yuchuan slipped down and entered the bathroom.

Even though hot water was pouring down on him, Chen Yuchuan was shivering all over. When he realized that he’d liked men a few years ago, he hadn’t thought much about what two men would do when engaging in sexual intercourse.

But later, as he sat on the bed, hesitating about the next step, he was directly pressed down onto the bed.

The back of Chen Yuchuan’s head slammed against the large, soft bed, making him dizzy for a moment. Then he felt as if it should be like this, and so he very calmly accepted the question of who was bottom and who was top.

His memory that night was very messy. He remembered that the bathroom was a bit hot and that the bed was large and soft. He remembered the small lamp at the head of the bed, the temperature of the air conditioner, and his own low voice, crying out.

It was the first time for both of them, and although Lu Yang was very careful, Chen Yuchuan still developed a fever the next day.

He had a fever, but that didn’t hinder him at all in scolding Lu Yang. “Lu Yang, you’re not human. It’s the first time and you’re so cruel…”

Lu Yang gave him water and medicine, and after ten minutes Chen Yuchuan became sleepy. Even then, he was still scolding Lu Yang.

Lu Yang tucked him into the comforter and asked him, “Still scolding me?”

Chen Yuchuan stopped.

He said, “I’ll stop. Just take good care of me.”

After saying this, he closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Lu Yang looked at Chen Yuchuan, sleeping with his mouth open. Occasionally, he would blush, would frown, would mutter low in his throat. He was probably still scolding him in his dreams.

Lu Yang lightly smoothed out Chen Yuchun’s twitching eyebrows and whispered, “Sleep well. I won’t let you get hurt next time.”


Chen Yuchuan swallowed the sleeping pill, recalled this memory, let out a curse, and got up from the bed. After taking a shower, he crawled back into bed to try to sleep.

This time, he fell asleep quickly, and he slept well. The next morning, Chubby stood by his bedside, finally succeeding in waking him after a long time of barking.

Chen Yuchuan rubbed Chubby’s head, buried his face in the pillow, and said in a loud voice, “Chubby, let your father sleep for a little bit longer…”

Chubby wasn’t happy and barked out twice more. Chen Yuchuan rubbed at his own hair, got up, and took Chubby downstairs for a walk.

He spent the day peacefully at work, then he took Chubby for his deworming. At night, he went to the boxing gym after work but didn’t see Lu Yang.

It wasn’t until Wednesday morning did he learn that Lu Yang had taken a business trip to S City.

Ling Qun knew that Lu Yang was on a business trip and so he had called Chen Yuchuan that morning to ask him out to play.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t agree, saying that he had plans that night.

“Lu Yang is away at night. What are you planning on doing?” Ling Qun asked.

“If he’s not here, I’m not allowed to make trouble?”

Ling Qun laughed at him over the phone.

Chen Yuchuan did have something to do. When he got up that morning, he’d received a WeChat message from Man Yunxin, reminding him about the concert he was supposed to attend with Lu Yang in the evening. She told him that it was at 8 o’clock in the evening and for them to get there on time.

Chen Yuchuan returned a message to his mother-in-law, saying that Lu Yang was on a business trip and that they wouldn’t be able to go together.

Man Yunxin responded back and suggested that he go with a friend instead of wasting tickets.

Chen Yuchuan stared at the two concert tickets on his desk in a daze, not knowing what to do with the other one.

He opened his WeChat again, scrolled up and down several times on his address book, looking for someone to go with. In the end, he asked Ling Qun.

As soon as Ling Qun heard that he was going to a concert, he directly replied, “How can a concert be more fun than a drinking party?”

Then he promptly came to a firm decision. “No.”

In the end, Chen Yuchuan didn’t look for anyone else. He took the two tickets and went by himself. After eating near the company at 7 o’clock, he bought a bouquet of flowers and arrived at the concert promptly at 8.

Chen Yuchuan sat in the VIP seats in the front row and listened carefully to the piano music.

He didn’t have any musical skills, but his mother-in-law was a pianist after all. She often played piano at home. He couldn’t appreciate it the first or second time, but after more than ten years, he would be a pig indeed if he still couldn’t appreciate it.

The performer on the stage was Hua Song, a student of Man Yunxin. He knew Lu Yang and was now a famous pianist. Before, when the whole family would come to his concerts, they would all have a meal together, and so he had a fairly good relationship with them.

The concert started at 8 and ended at 10. At the end of curtain call, Chen Yuchuan went to the stage to give out the bouquet of flowers.

Tickets for Hua Song’s concert was hard to come by, and the audience was full.

From the beginning to end, the seat next to Chen Yuchuan remained empty.

Now that the show was completely over, Chen Yuchuan got up from his seat, and with the two tickets in hand, he passed through the empty seat on his right and followed the noisy crowd out.

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Lu Yang… don’t break your promise…

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