Divorced, Chapter 27: When Will You Stop Dropping The Ball?

After Chen Yuchuan went into the bathroom and took off his clothes, he didn’t rush to take a shower. There was still a little water vapor in the bathroom from Lu Yang’s shower, and the mirror was still coated with a light layer of fog.

He hadn’t been here for a long time, but the things in the bathroom were still the same as before. He and Lu Yang had couples toiletries, with the same style but different color toothbrushes, cups, towels, and razors.

Chen Yuchuan poked around in the bathroom for a long time, like a small animal marking its territory. As long as he poked and touched, those things would smell like him again.

After touching the items in view, he opened the cabinet next to the sink and looked inside. There were some unpacked replacement toiletries inside.

He glanced at the cabinet door just as he was about to close it, and suddenly saw a blue box in the gap on the right side of the bottom compartment. It was a box of condoms he had put there a long ago and forgotten about.

He took it out for a look and saw that the box hadn’t been opened yet. The expiration date was over 2 years ago.

He and Lu Yang used to store condoms in various places. Not to mention the bathroom, there was also a box of condoms in the bedside table, the second bedroom, and sometimes the coffee table cabinet.

Even a few days ago, he was cleaning the house and came across two boxes in the cracks of the sofa. He remembered putting them there, probably almost a year ago.

In the first few years when they were living together and there was no Chubby, they could start a strong fire at any time, and that fire would be so high that it would take a long time to extinguish.

He especially liked to stick to Lu Yang when it was cold in winter, and would walk step by step with him when he was home. Although there was heating, it felt different when they were close to one another.

Sometimes he would lean on Lu Yang as they watched a movie. One second, he was discussing the plot with Lu Yang, and in the next second, the back of his hand would accidentally brush against the back of Lu Yang’s thigh. Even through the pants, he could still feel the strong muscle of Lu Yang’s leg.

Naturally, after encountering something like this, however inadvertent, he wasn’t ready to let it go. He leaned on Lu Yang’s shoulder, then turned over and straddled his waist. Later, the sun in the west had already set, and it was dark, but the two of them were still busy on the sofa.

The first few years when they were together was also the time when they quarreled the most. The best glue after the quarrel was to do it at least once. When they just reconciled, they would roll without any ending and beginning. Every time, Chen Yuchaun would be exhausted by Lu Yang.

Later, when Chen Yuchuan thought back to that time, he felt that they were crazy in those years. But, although they didn’t do it as often as in the first few years, the two of them had always been very harmonious in bed and never had any problems.

Holding the box, he looked down at himself, and said with a click of his tongue, “When will you stop dropping the ball?”

Lu Yang aroused him; it was impossible not to be aroused. Sometimes, in the dead of night, he would react, while impulsively thinking about their craziness in the past.

But, in the past six months, the moment Lu Yang took his clothes off, he felt a sense of pressure in his chest, so uncomfortable that he couldn’t think of anything else, couldn’t do anything else. This became a pattern, but instead of trying to solve the problem, his first thought was to escape.

At first, it was because he didn’t want Lu Yang to know. He kept pushing him away, using various excuses and pretenses:

Yang ge, I’m a little tired today. Yang ge, I’m too sleepy. Yang ge, I have to get up early for work. Yang ge, I’m going on a business trip. Yang ge, I have to attend a meeting.

The first few times, he thought that he might have been able to fool Lu Yang, because Lu Yang didn’t say anything. But this happened many times, and what’s more, his excuses were so clumsy that even he himself wouldn’t believe it, much less Li Yang. The truth was, Lu Yang had never believed it, from the very beginning.

Lu Yang just didn’t want to push Chen Yuchuan, he didn’t want to. And so he didn’t force it, until the day of Chen Yuchuan’s birthday.

July was the hottest season, and the two of them agreed to have dinner together that night. They both finished their work early and got off work, and Chubby got picked up by his grandparents.

Lu Yang booked a restaurant half a month before that, and carefully prepared gifts for Chen Yuchuan. Because the restaurant wasn’t far from where they lived, they didn’t drive. They had dinner, drank wine, and then held hands. Shoulder to shoulder, they walked home slowly, arrived at their community, went upstairs, and opened the door.

The moment the door was closed, Lu Yang wrapped his arms around Chen Yuchuan’s waist and pressed him against the wall. Without pausing or waiting for Chen Yuchuan to react, his palms clasped the back of Chen Yuchuan’s head, fingers buried in his hair, and he kissed him. And while Lu Yang was kissing him senseless, he took off his clothes.

At that time, all the emotions were just right, and Chen Yuchuan was reacting, responding to Lu Yang very forcefully.

But when they entered the bedroom, when Lu Yang pressed Chen Yuchuan onto the bed, and when he turned on the lights and finished taking off his clothes, Chen Yuchuan’s gaze was at eye-level with his chest. His reaction disappeared in an instant.

Chen Yuchuan was very impatient at that moment. It was like someone had grabbed hold of his entire body, making it impossible for him to break away no matter how hard he tried. He tried not to think about it, but in the end, it had the opposite effect. The more he tried to restrain himself, the more he thought about it.

Naturally, Lu Yang also felt Chen Yuchuan’s sudden lack of vigor. He quickly released him, put his hands on his side, took a few deep breaths, and asked him, “Xiao Chuan’er, what is going on? You’re unresponsive?”

Lu Yang’s voice was hoarse, looking at Chen Yuchuan with a little hurt in his eyes, so that Chen Yuchuan dared not look back at him.

Chen Yuchuan wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say. So he raised his hand and turned off the light. He picked up the comforter next to him and stuffed it between the two of them, covering himself tightly.

“Yang ge, I may…I am, I am a little tired recently,” he finally said something quite unbelievable.

Lu Yang didn’t say anything else. He just made a “mmn” above his head, and Chen Yuchuan didn’t hear any other emotions.

Lu Yang rolled over, got off the bed, and went to the bathroom. When he came back after more than half an hour later, he still didn’t turn on the light. He got into the bed in the dark, lay behind Chen Yuchuan and hugged him tightly. .

Chen Yuchuan felt the obvious cold chill on Lu Yang’s body. He knew that Lu Yang had just taken a cold shower. But he laid on his side and did not dare to open his eyes.

Lu Yang buried his face on the back of Chen Yuchuan’s neck, kissed his shoulder, and rubbed the tip of his nose back and forth on his shoulder.

At that moment, Chen Yuchuan felt the emotions that Lu Yang was conveying to him. It was sadness. His nose became sour and astringent, and his Adam’s apple rolled twice before he could barely open his mouth to say, “Yang ge, you don’t really need to worry about me. It, it can still be used…”

Before Chen Yuchuan could finish speaking, Lu Yang pinched his belly and said, “Since you’re tired, sleep well. We’ll talk when you’re rested.”

After that, Chen Yuchuan became depressed for a long time. For a while, he even had the idea of ​​sleeping in a separate room from Lu Yang, but Lu Yang refused to even entertain the notion.

They had tried several times after that day, and finally Lu Yang tried to do it with him wearing clothes. Although they had also done it while wearing clothes before, it was different that time. That time, it was a test, and so it didn’t feel good and ended hastily.


Chen Yuchuan retracted his thoughts, sighed while looking at the box in his hand, and stuffed it back into the cabinet.

He couldn’t figure himself out. When he and Lu Yang just got divorced, he dared to use this matter to tease Lu Yang. Looking back now, Lu Yang should have been mad at him at that time.

It would be strange not to become angry!

It was estimated that Lu Yang had only used half of his anger to crush the handle of his luggage.

Chen Yichuan laughed at himself. He also knew that he needed to take it slow, but he was still a little anxious. He lowered his head and muttered, “You hurry up. If you’re okay, I can just stay in Lu Yang’s room….”

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Escaping (flying) is one of mechanism when facing a problems :<
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