Divorced, Chapter 34: A Lifetime Won’t Be Enough

In fact, Chen Yuchuan really wanted to try again with Lu Yang. He never found a chance before, but now, they just weren’t in the mood.

Although they had lived together for half a year, even if there weren’t any martial dissensions, the above matters were still too serious.

Indeed, the topic of life and death was too heavy. Before the accident, he’d only dealt directly with deaths three times. The first two times were when his parents died.

Then there was the time he’d suffered from food poisoning. It was the seventh year of their marriage, and it was so long ago that he couldn’t even remember what he’d eaten.

It was just incredibly uncomfortable, making him so dizzy that he had no strength to open his eyes. He lay on the hospital bed, pale faced, breathing with difficulties, though his mouth was not idle.

“Lu Yang, if I die, find someone to calculate a good time for me, and then bury me in a good place. I don’t care about having good Feng Shui, just let me meet you again in my next life. I won’t drink Meng Po’s soup, so I will definitely still remember you and will look for you again in the next life.”

He shook his head dizzily, thinking that what he said was very touching. But in fact, his stomach was in agonizing pain, and his teeth were chattering so much that his voice shook as he spoke.

Lu Yang directly covered his mouth, and his voice was particularly fierce when he said, “Chen Yuchuan, shut your crow’s mouth.”

The corners of Chen Yuchuan’s mouth lifted, and he stuck out his tongue and licked Lu Yang’s palm. Lu Yang let go of his mouth and brushed a finger over his eyelashes.

Chen Yuchuan blinked and then looked up in Lu Yang’s direction “Lu Yang, what I said is true. I don’t think a lifetime is enough.”

He wasn’t a pessimistic person, but he really did think about what would happen if he’d died. But even then, he didn’t dare think about it too deeply. At first, he thought about the next life, but didn’t want to think about what would happen to Lu Yang if he’d died first. Just thinking about that made it difficult for him to continue following that train of thought.

When a person dies, the living remembers.

Those who continued to live will remember those who are dead.

For the living, this was especially sad, a cruelty in itself.

When Lu Yang was lying in that intensive care operating room, Chen Yuchuan realized that this possibility might come true for them. The fact that the living person might end up being him, he was very resistant to the idea of it. Continuing to live would have been too damn hard.

If something had happened to Lu Yang…

He didn’t want to think about it any further.

Lu Yang felt his breathing become heavy and touched the back of his head, asking, “What’s wrong? What do you remember?”

“Nothing,” he said. “I wasn’t thinking about anything much. I was just thinking that right now, it seems like the two of us are nearing the next lifetime.”


Chen Yuchuan thought about it for a moment. “It is nonsense. If this is regarded as a lifetime, then it’s too terrible. It’s not enough. It is better that another lifetime will follow this lifetime.”

Lu Yang hummed and said yes.

Chen Yuchaun became silent. He could feel that Lu Yang was very tired, having just returned from his business trip abroad. He also knew that he’d finished eight days of work in five days, just so he could return earlier.

He asked, “Yang ge, did you come back early because you’re afraid I wouldn’t sleep well?”


“Are you tried?”

“Tired. I haven’t slept all day and night, and have layovers in two separate cities.”

He felt distressed. “Let’s sleep. Good night, Yang ge.”

“Good night.”

Hearing Lu Yang’s steady breathing, Chen Yuchuan asked, “Yang ge, wait for a bit. Once I’m completely fine, we’ll get married again.”


When Lu Yang said yes, his voice was barely a mumble, and Chen Yuchuan didn’t know whether he’d heard what he’d said or whether he was just responding subconsciously.

Chen Yuchuan pressed himself deeper into Lu Yang’s arms.

He often slept in Lu Yang’s arms and he’d never been honest when sleeping, constantly resting his arms and legs on Lu Yang.

In the past, he used to be a very deep sleeper. After he fell asleep, he would hold onto Lu Yang tightly.

He remembered having a nightmare once. When he woke up in the middle of the night, he was in a cold sweat. He was sleeping in the middle of the bed and was kicking his legs. His heel happened to slam into the edge of the bed, and the pain woke him up.

Lu Yang woke up when he heard him hissing in pain and cursing. He inexplicably got mad at Lu Yang and turned on the light so that Lu Yang could look at his feet.

“It’s because you didn’t hold me to sleep that I had a nightmare. I woke up from the nightmare only to end up kicking my foot on the edge of the bed. Now my foot hurts so much that even my scalp hurts.”

After making this unfair accusation, he stretched his foot over. “You rub it for me, it hurts.”

Lu Yang held Chen Yuchuan’s ankle, sat cross-legged on the bed, and put his foot in his lap. “Where does it hurt?”

“The instep, toes, ankle and heel all hurt,” Chen Yuchuan said through gritted teeth.

When it first happened, the pain was real. But it soon passed. Yet, Chen Yuchuan still shook his foot and said, “Rub it for me.”

Lu Yang was obviously still very sleepy, but he still held his foot and rubbed it carefully.

Chen Yuchuan laid in bed with his eyes closed. Lu Yang’s movements were very light. Even though his foot was no longer in pain, he still deliberately acted as if he was in pain.

Lu Yang wasn’t wearing a shirt and as he continued rubbing his foot, Chen Yuchuan moved a little so that his toes were scratching Lu Yang’s lower abdomen, making Lu Yang’s lower abdomen tense up.

He didn’t move away and instead focused on touching the muscles on Lu Yang’s stomach. The soles of his foot was pressed directly against Lu Yang’s skin, and he continued to instruct him to rub lightly here, rub lightly there, go a little to the left, and a little to the right.

Lu Yang rubbed Chen Yuchuan’s foot for more than ten minutes, and though Chen Yuchuam hummed comfortably, his toes were not idle. He kept rubbing against Lu Yang, moving up and down.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, he suddenly felt his body sink. Opening his eyes, he met the fire in Lu Yang’s eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Yuchuan asked.

“You stroked a fire. What do you have to say about that? You have to extinguish it…” Lu Yang wrapped one arm around Chen Yuchuan’s waist and dragged him down. “Does your foot still hurt?”

Chen Yuchuan felt his back protesting, and so he wanted to fight back and said that his foot was still hurting. But it was too late. He’d just opened his mouth, but Lu Yang was already pressing up against him, nibbling on his lips with sharp teeth. He had no choice but to swallow what he had wanted to say.

Because the next day was a rest day, they didn’t stop until it was nearly dawn. Finally, Lu Yang took him to take a shower.

As Chen Yuchuan remembered this, he felt his body responding. He lifted the comforter and glanced down, but it was too dark to see anything.

Feeling a little uncomfortable, he licked his lips, raised his head and pressed a kiss to Lu Yang’s chin. Lu Yang was sleeping very deeply, and not wanting to bother him, he waited until his body’s reaction had subsided a little before he finally fell asleep.

When he woke up at noon the next day, Lu Yang was still asleep.

He got up first. Lu Yang frowned when he felt his arms go empty, but he did not wake up.

When breakfast was ready, he woke him up.

After breakfast, they went to Lu Yang parent’s house to have dinner with them and to pick up Chubby.

They had been so busy and preoccupied that Chubby had ended up staying with Lu Xianfeng and Man Yunxin the majority of this time period.

Lu Xianfeng was now in a semi-retired state, having already handed almost everything in the business over to Lu Yang. Occasionally, he would drop in on the company whenever he felt like it. However, he had already made plans to take Man Yunxin out on vacation for the new year.

Man Yunxin loved warm islands, and so Lu Xianfeng usually took her to vacation on various islands.

When we were having dinner together in the evening, Chen Yuchuan suddenly remembered that he came back from his hometown a few days ago and felt that the lock had been messed with. He asked, “Mom and Dad, did you guys recently go to our place?”

Man Yunxin said, “The last time I went was when I was sending Chubby over and bumped into you.”

“That’s weird,” Chen Yuchuan said.

“What’s wrong?” Man Yunxin asked.

“A few days ago, I went to visit my parent’s grave and locked the door twice before I left. But when I came back, it opened as soon as I unlocked it.”

Lu Xianfeng reminded them, “Be careful. There’s no entry or exit in the old community. There are fewer people in charge and so they do very little monitoring. A lot of theft often happens during the New Year.”

Their house had once been robbed before. At the time, they hadn’t even bought the house for very long. After the lock was picked, they renovated the house, and this was when Chen Yuchuan picked up the habit of checking the lock whenever he leaves.

He wasn’t sure if he’d simply forgotten to check the lock because he’d been in a hurry to leave that day. The reason he was more inclined to think this was mostly because everything in the house seemed perfectly fine and nothing had gone missing.

“Mom, we’re not staying there anymore. Right now, we’re staying at the house in Jade Lake,” he said. “When the weather warms up, I’ll pack up and put that old house up for rent instead of letting it sit empty. I’ll install a security camera at the door, so don’t worry.”

Man Yunxin nodded. “It’s good that you’re both living there.”

After she finished speaking, she thought about their divorce. “When are you two getting married again?”

Chen Yuchuan didn’t wait for Lu Yang to speak. With a smile, he said, “Come on, Mom. Now’s not the time to think about that. The Civil Affairs Bureau is closed for the holiday.”

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