Divorced, Chapter 36: Continue Tomorrow

When they got home, the items in Lu Yang’s pocket were temporarily thrown at the bottom of a drawer. Because Chubby was ill, he began to vomit after dinner, and he kept making whining sounds as he laid in his dog bed, unwilling to move.

It started when Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang were in the kitchen, cooking dinner. When he heard something strange, he ran out and saw Chubby vomiting with his eyes closed.

“Fuck. Yang ge, Chubby is throwing up…”

Chubby had never been a healthy dog. He used to have gastrointestinal problems and would often vomit as a result of that.

“Don’t worry.” Lu Yang took off his apron and turned the stove off. After taking a look at Chubby, he said, “Let’s take him to the hospital first.”

They took Chubby to the nearest pet hospital, where the culprit was determined to indeed be gastrointestinal problems. The veterinarian prescribed some medicine and instructed them to take good care of Chubby for the next two days.

Chen Yuchuan wrote a memo on his phone, carefully recording the precautions the veterinarian had told them to take, such as what Chubby could eat and could not eat. They were told that if Chubby didn’t improve in the next few days, to bring him back to the hospital.

By the time they got home, it was already midnight. Chen Yuchuan gave Chubby his medicine and waited for him to fall asleep before going to bed.

They languished with Chubby at home for two days. When they started work on the third day, Chubby was doing somewhat better. He was finally able to eat and drink, and had become more playful and active, much to Chen Yuchuan’s relief.

Before they went to Qi Yun’s wedding, they went to see the psychiatrist again. Chen Yuchuan felt that he’d gotten better. Although he was still impatient sometimes, he could see that he’d improved.

Whenever he became impatient, Lu Yang would easily find out and quickly put him at ease again.

Knowing that Lu Yang was always by his side gave him peace of mind.

Qi Yun and Yang Ruo had a grand wedding. On that day, one of them was wearing a black suit and the other was wearing a white suit. Chen Yuchuan and Lu Yang sat in the guest seats and agreed that they looked like a perfect match.

During the bouquet tossing, Chen Yuchuan was particularly enthusiastic among the group of people who wanted to catch the flowers.

Holding the flowers, Yang Ruo turned his back to the crowd. But before he threw the flowers, he looked back and his gaze found Chen Yuchuan.

Chen Yuchuan and Yang Ruo looked at each other. Yang Ruo understood his silent message, smiled at him, and threw the bouquet in Chen Yuchuan’s direction.

Lu Yang was standing behind him, and while everyone’s eyes were on the couple all night, only his eyes lingered on one person. Wherever Chen Yuchuan was, his eyes would follow.

Although Chen Yuchuan wanted to grab the bouquet of flowers, he just wanted to be lively and happy. There were many females in the crowd. When the bouquet was thrown out, he raised his hands a few times symbolically. As a man, he wasn’t going to fight with these girls. In the end, the bouquet fell into the hands of a girl in a white dress.

A wedding was a particularly infectious environment, and at the end, the girl’s boyfriend pulled out his ring and proposed.

Chen Yuchuan stood next to Lu Yang and applauded, and when the man who proposed marriage reached into his pocket to take out the ring, he touched his own ring finger.

When he first took off the ring, there was a clear circle of white around his ring finger. It was the same for Lu Yang. But after so many months, the white bands around their fingers had mostly disappeared.

Before he had time to feel sad, he felt his left hand being wrapped in a warm palm.

Lu Yang held Chen Yuchuan’s hand, his thumb and forefinger pinching the base of his ring finger and rubbing it a few times.

Chen Yuchuan asked, “Yang ge, where’s your ring?”

“At home,” Lu Yang said.

“When did you take it off?”

“After the divorce, the day I came back to pack,” Lu Yang said. “The ring was in my pocket that day.”

Lu Yang pinched Chen Yuchuan’s finger. “Do you still want to wear it?”

“Yes,” Chen Yuchuan answered frankly and directly.

When they got back from the wedding, he carefully observed Chubby for a while. Chubby was so much better and had not vomited since the visit to the veterinarian.

After playing with Chubby for a while, he took a shower and entered the bedroom. Lu Yang was in the study, working.

When Lu Yang finally finished with work and hurriedly opened the bedroom door, he saw Chen Yuchuan lying on the bed with his phone in his hands, texting. He was wearing only a pair of underwear, with one leg lying flat on the bed and the other bent, shaking. He was humming a song from Qi Yun’s wedding.

On the way back from the wedding, he kept humming that song. It was just that he couldn’t remember the lyrics or the tune, and so every time he hummed the song, the tune would change and the words would become different.

“Yang ge, are you done?” Chen Yuchuan stopped humming and glanced up at Lu Yang. Then he lowered his head and continued to send messages. “If you’re done, then go take a shower. ”

“Be careful not to catch a cold.” Lu Yang picked up Chen Yuchuan’s pajamas and threw it over. The pajamas landed on Chen Yuchuan’s lower abdomen and thighs. Lu Yang’s Adam’s apple moved, but he didn’t look at Chen Yuchuan again. He quickly turned around to find a change of clothing from the closet and left the bedroom.

When Lu Yang returned from his shower, he opened the bedroom door and directly bumped into Chen Yuchuan.

Chen Yuchuan wrapped his arms around Lu Yang’s neck. Then he directly jumped up and wrapped his legs around Lu Yang’s waist.

Lu Yang instinctively held Chen Yuchuan’s thighs with both hands, pulling him up higher on his body. With narrowed eyes, he said, “Xiao Chuan’er…”

Only a small lamp was on in the bedroom, casting a faint blue light and giving just the perfect amount of lighting.

Lu Yang’s tone when he called “Xiao Chuan’er” was filled with rising desire. Seeing that the water droplets from his hair had run down his cheeks to the corners of his mouth, Chen Yuchuan turned his head and licked off the cold water droplets from the corner of Lu Yang’s mouth.

“Yang ge.” Chen Yuchuan stretched out the tip of his tongue again and licked Lu Yang’s upper lip. “Do you want to?”

Lu Yang had always considered himself to be a person with very strong self-control. But the moment he met Chen Yuchuan, his self-control seemed to constantly fly out the window.

All his patience with Chen Yuchuan had already been spent this year.

Dr. Lin suggested before that he should accompany Chen Yuchuan as much as possible, but for a while, he still endured sleeping in separate rooms. He would ignore Chen Yuchuan’s reaction, which left a bad impression and deepened the pressure.

He was reluctant to lose control.

But recently, the two of them had been sleeping in the same bedroom every day, and the fact that he’d continued to endure for this long was frankly a little incredible.

Chen Yuchuan kissed his chin, before moving his mouth over to nibble on his ear, all the while whispering his name.

Lu Yang turned his head so that his nose brushed against Chen Yuchuan’s. He captured his mouth in a deep kiss, and while holding his thighs, he walked over and promptly dropped them both onto the large bed.

The light breathing that filled the room soon turned heavy.

At first, Lu Yang was lying on top of Chen Yuchuan. But Chen Yuchuan wrapped his arms around Lu Yang’s neck and turned them over, so that their posture became him sitting on Lu Yang’s lap.

Chen Yuchuan let out a breath and forced his breathing to calm down a bit. When he touched Lu Yang’s shirt, intending to promptly disrobe him, Lu Yang grabbed his wrist, stopping him.

“Do you want me to keep it on?” Lu Yang asked tentatively.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t listen. He closed his eyes and continued to disrobe Lu Yang. Once Lu Yang’s shirt was off, he slid his fingers down Lu Yang’s neck, stopping at his chest.

“Does it hurt?”

Lu Yang put his arms around Chen Yuchuan’s waist and squeezed him a few times in comfort. “It doesn’t hurt anymore.”

“But I still hurt.” Chen Yuchuan lowered his head and kissed Lu Yang’s chest a few times. He first kissed around the scar, and then moved to the middle a little bit. Each kiss was very careful, as if unwilling to hurt him.

“Don’t feel hurt.” Lu Yang’s palm dragged on Chen Yuchuan’s waist. “Xiao Chuan’er, don’t feel hurt anymore.”

Chen Yuchuan’s eyes were still closed. Lu Yang gently patted his back and said, “Do you want to stop?”

Chen Yuchuan shook his head and slowly opened his eyes. He stared at Lu Yang’s chest, and said seriously, “I think I can do it.”

Lu Yang wrapped his arm around Chen Yuchaun’s waist and pulled him back down so that he was lying underneath him. Propping himself up with his elbows, he started with kissing Chen Yuchuan’s forehead, then his cheek, his chin, his neck, and further down….

When Chen Yuchuan finally realized what Lu Yang wanted to do, he put his hands on his shoulder, “Yang ge, don’t…”

But before he could finish his words, there was emptiness in front of him. His muscles tensed, and his waist lifted off the bed a little before falling back heavily on an exhalation that was half gasp, half moan.

“Yang ge—“ His voice stretched. He buried his left hand in Lu Yang’s hair, while his right hand clung to Lu Yang’s shoulder, nails curling into the flesh.

The winter night was long and slow, even as a storm brewed inside their room.

After the storm ended, Chen Yuchuan almost forgot how they started. His eyelids were heavy and it hurt to blink. He felt as if his entire body had been put together after being dismantled by Lu Yang.

“Yang ge, touch my arm,” Chen Yuchuan lay with his head on Lu Yang’s chest, his voice trembling from physical exhaustion.

Lu Yang touched Chen Yuchuan’s arm.

Chen Yuchuan didn’t feel anything, and said, “Now touch my waist.”

Lu Yang touched Chen Yuchuan’s waist.

“Use a little force, squeeze hard,” Chen Yuchuan directed.

This time, Lu Yang didn’t move. He asked him, “What’s wrong?”

“My arms and legs don’t feel like they’re mine. I just wanted to make sure if they are…”

Chen Yuchuan couldn’t remember how many times they did it. Maybe four times, but he felt that it was more than four times.

“Couldn’t you save the other’s for tomorrow?” Chen Yuchuan kissed Lu Yang’s neck, and promptly put his head back down.

“You were the one who hooked me first.” Lu Yang put his palm against Chen Yuchuan’s waist and gently rubbed him.

“But I begged you later.” Chen Yuchuan’s anger turned pitiful. “I begged you. I sat on top of you, and I couldn’t even sit still. You didn’t stop, you didn’t stop, you didn’t stop…”

“I’m stopping now.” Lu Yang continued to rub Chen Yuchuan’s waist.

Chen Yuchuan had a sore throat from making so much noises. He raised his head. Lu Yang felt his movement, lowered his head and kissed his Adam’s apple, which was a small gesture they usually made after sex..

In this way, they were more intimate than ever, more fragile and unreserved.

“Are we quite harmonious now?” Chen Yuchuan paused for a while and couldn’t help but ask.

“Yes,” Lu Yang said. “We’re so harmonious that we’ll continue tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow…” Chen Yuchuan was about to say that he couldn’t do it tomorrow, but Lu Yang had already kissed him, unwilling to let him finish his sentence.

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Little bun
Little bun
1 year ago

Thank you for the chapter

1 year ago

Yeeey! Good for them! \(OuO)/ So happy that they overcame their crisis!
Thank You for the new chapter <3

1 year ago

Wow finally! I’m rooting for this couple so much and only want them to be blissful. After knowing what happened during those cold, lonely months leading up to their divorce, I began to look forward to seeing them work out that particular issue together. I was worried that if they tried to do the deed again, they’d still have to fail once more in overcoming that hurdle before finally being able to stride past it. I’m very glad I was wrong.
Thank you for your hard work translating this beautiful work!