Divorced, Chapter 44: Extra II, Honeymoon

The sunset was warm, and the island twilight was fading.

The sea breeze came in from afar, softly blowing on their body.

Chen Yuchuan was barefoot, hand in hand with Lu Yang as they walked along the coastline.

The sea breeze was a little damp, and their palms were also wet. They had just finished playing with a group of children in the sand. Two big men versus seven to eight children, naturally they were able to pile their sand up higher, easily winning.

In the end, in order to coax these children, they had to go back to their room to retrieve some offerings of wedding candies and flowers.

Three days had passed since the wedding. Man Yunxin, Lu Xianfeng, and their friends had all returned to China. Now, it was just them alone.

“Are we on our honeymoon now?” Chen Yuchuan asked.

“Pretty much,” Lu Yang said.

They returned to their hotel before it got completely dark, and after dinner, they returned to their room.

Their bed was decorated the same way as it had been the past two days. It was covered in red rose petals, and in the middle of the bed was a large bouquet of fresh red roses.

Very eye-catching and warm.

This was something Chen Yuchuan had prepared. From the wedding day to now, they have slept on the flower bed every day.

On the night of the wedding, Chen Yuchuan, who was a little drunk, had hooked one arm around Lu Yang’s neck and pointed to the bed covered in rose petals. He’d asked, “This is me using the TV to study. Will covering the bed with rose petals be very uncomfortable and dirty?”

“Not dirty.”

Lu Yang turned his head to look at the rose corsage still pinned on Chen Yuchuan’s chest, and his Adam’s apple rolled a few times. He wrapped his arms around Chen Yuchuan’s waist and directly pressed him down onto the bed.

The bed full of rose petals sunk underneath their weight, and the warm, red bouquet at the end of the bed fell to the floor, trembling with the shaking of the bed.

The sea breeze was strong at night, and the floor-to-ceiling white gauze curtains shook in the wind. The salty sea breeze wrapped around them.

In the big bed full of roses, Lu Yang pressed down Chen Yuchuan, who had roses on the corners of his mouth and eyes.

Chen Yuchuan’s eyes were hazy as he parted his lips to breathe out in a gasp. As he looked at Lu Yang, the bottom of his eyes were also dyed a deep red, as if he had been branded by the red roses.

This look made Lu Yang wild, making him want to eat him into his stomach.

Lu Yang had been abstinent for nearly a year, so now, every time he did with Chen Yuchuan, he liked to linger, as if slowly venting his grievances from the year before.

It was already late at night when they finally stopped, and their heavy, interlaced breathing calmed. They carefully washed after, and Chen Yuchuan lay on the bed, raised his eyelids with great effort, and quickly closed them again.

“Lu Yang, I usually do boxing and fitness exercises with you. Why is your physical strength so much better? Let’s practice some more next time we go to the boxing gym.”

After saying this, he promptly fell asleep.

Lu Yang put his arms around Chen Yuchuan and lay down. With his face against the back of Chen Yuchuan’s neck, he said, “You really must practice hard then.”

The weather on the island was changeable, and so the weather forecast was usually not entirely accurate. The original forecast said it would be sunny the next day, but it was raining when Chen Yuchuan woke up.

It started as a light rain, but gradually got heavier and heavier.

This time, their vacation wasn’t short, as they had planned on staying for a few more days. The wedding date that Lu Yang had originally planned was supposed to be held today.

Chen Yuchuan stood in front of the window and stretched, looking out at the coastline outside that was encast in rain and fog. He turned back and said to Lu Yang, who was in the middle of getting dressed, “Fortunately, if we really did get married today, it would have been in the rain.”

“So what you arranged was for the best.” Lu Yang finished getting dressed and walked over to hug him from behind, kissing the red mark on his shoulder.

Chen Yuchuan felt a little itchy, so he tilted his head and shrank his neck. “Our original plan was to go surfing. But now that it’s raining, what shall we do today?”

“Is there anywhere you want to go?” Lu Yang asked.

Chen Yuchuan prolonged his sound of “ummm”, then shook his head and said, “It’s raining. I don’t want to move.”

“Then we’ll rest in the room. The rain might stop in the afternoon.”

Lu Yang was right. Just before noon, the rain stopped. Aftering lunch, they changed and chose a surfing spot without many people.

Chen Yuchuan ran to the water with his surfboard in his arms, but Lu Yang grabbed him from behind before he could take more than two steps.

“Don’t be in such a hurry. Stay close to me, and don’t run so far by yourself like last time.”

Lu Yang’s worries weren’t superfluous. When Lu Yang had first taught Chen Yuchuan how to surf, it was during the time when Chen Yuchuan had taken him out to play with the 5 millions Lu Xianfeng had given him to break up with Lu Yang..

Chen Yuchuan was a quick learner, and Lu Yang only had to teach him a few times.

But later, when Lu Yang turned around after catching a big wave, he found that Chen Yuchuan, in his enjoyment, had run out of the safe area. It was no surprise that Chen Yuchuan ended up being knocked down by a large wave. He was deposited into the sea, while his surfboard was carried far away.

When Lu Yang saw this, he was momentarily stunned. With his gaze fixed on the person being repeatedly dragged underwater, he rushed over as quickly as possible.

By the time Lu Yang was able to catch up to Chen Yuchuan, he was already swimming back.

Chen Yuchuan let out a sigh of relief when he saw Lu Yang. He stopped, swept back his wet hair, and grabbed Lu Yang’s outstretched hand. Turning over, he climbed onto Lu Yang’s surfboard.

“Yang ge, I was just about to run out of strength.”

In those days, Chen Yuchuan had tanned a lot, and when he laughed, his teeth were particularly white. His smile was flattering as he said, “Yang ge, I was wrong. I’ll stay close to you from now on, and won’t run far away again.”

Lu Yang’s face was cold. “Let’s go back to the hotel.”

Chen Yuchuan turned over, lay on the surfboard, and began to paddle with his hands.

“I really won’t run far this time. I’ll stay close to you.”

In the end, Lu Yang finally said, “In the afternoon, we can use a double board.”

Chen Yuchuan compromised, “Okay, you have the final say.”

But they couldn’t make it in the afternoon because it rained the rest of the day.

Later, after the rain had stopped, Chen Yuchuan wanted to kayak instead, and so they had not gone surfing again.

Having learned his lesson, Chen Yuchuan was more obedient this time. He stayed close to Lu Yang, and after playing with a single board, they switched to a double board.

He was in front, while Lu Yang stayed in the back.

As Lu Yang embraced Chen Yuchuan from behind, he took Chen Yuchuan to surf along the ocean current, all the while explaining the essentials of double surfing.

In Chen Yuchuan’s ears was the uninterrupted sounds of crashing waves, intermixed with Lu Yang’s low voice.

“Do you understand?” Lu Yang asked.

“Huh?” Chen Yuchuan turned around. “Why did you just say?”

“I just told you about the little trick for catching waves together.”

Chen Yuchuan only remembered that when Lu Yang was talking into his ear, his breath was brushing against his auricle, making his body go numb. As for whatever Lu Yang was saying, he couldn’t pay attention at all.

But he still nodded. “I know.”

A double surfboard was different than a single surfboard. This would test their tacit understanding, and Chen Yuchuan had always followed Lu Yang’s rhythm.

Chen Yuchuan liked this double surfboard, because Lu Yang’s warm and broad chest behind him made him feel very safe.

But he quickly noticed that there was a couple playing with a double surfboard like them. The girl was held high above the boy’s head, and they performed various difficult moves while surfing.

Although he was having a good time, he couldn’t help but pay attention to what they were doing.

After a while, he felt Lu Yang pinch his waist. “Do you want to be like them too?”

After saying this, Lu Yang put his arms around Chen Yuchuan and adjusted the direction of the surfboard. They stepped on the board and glided under an ocean spray.

The sea water fell onto Chen Yuchuan’s face, and he subconsciously closed his eyes.

“I do want to,” Chen Yuchuan said once the board stabilized. “Do you want to?”

Lu Yang released Chen Yuchuan’s waist and put a little bit of distance between them. He held Chen Yuchuan’s arms and guided him a little. “Spread your hands to keep your balance, and you’ll need to step on my thigh when I lift you up later.”

“Lu Yang, come here.” Chen Yuchuan couldn’t wait.

Lu Yang’s leg muscles were full of strength, and he was balanced quite steadily on the surfboard. He easily lifted Chen Yuchuan above his head. Chen Yuchuan couldn’t help barking out in laughter a few times as they rose through the deep waves.

Although he weighed more than a woman, Lu Yang held him steadily for a long time.

After Chen Yuchuan finally came down, he turned to face Lu Yang. Then he jumped up again, this time wrapping his legs around his waist. His arms encircled Lu Yang’s neck, and he whispered into his ears, “Lu Yang, I love you.”

Although Lu Yang hadn’t anticipated Chen Yuchuan’s sudden jump, Lu Yang was still able to stabilize himself . But he could no longer remain stable when Chen Yuchuan said, “I love you.”

The surfboard tilted, and as they fell into the water, Chen Yuchuan felt his ear go warm, and then he heard Lu Yang’s reply.

“Xiao Chuan’er, I love you too…”

Xixi: This is the end. Phew! This was a particularly difficult novel, if only because the author still has a long way to go in writing. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you’ve enjoyed it to some extent, but regardless, I wish you good luck in your next read.

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1 year ago

Aaah, and we’ve come to the end! It’s hard to believe that time has passed do quickly! What can I say? For sure that I had a great fun and lived through the peripeteia od our couple (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) While the plot wasn’t too complicated, all the emphasis was placed on emotions and psychological experiences. And that’s what make this novel so addictive! (≧▽≦) I had a wonderful time while reading ( ꈍᴗꈍ)❤️ A little sad that some ‘threads’ weren’t elaborated enough and some characters were just passing, but still I love this title! (๑♡⌓♡๑) Most of all thank You for magnificent translation, which made this journey so pleasant! Amazing work! Take care and see You with other projects! ( ˘ ³˘)♥

1 year ago

This book was truly amazing😍💛

Thank you for translation!

1 year ago

Noooo I can’t believe it’s already finished. I don’t wanna part ways with this story, it’s good and heart-rending 🥺😭

1 year ago

We’ve come to an end. 😭 😭

Thank you translator-nim for taking us to this whirlwind of a story!

A 100 years of Happy Marriage to our Lu Yang and Xiao Chuan!!

Going into reading I wanted to know how and what could’ve broken a strong matrimonial bond of two people who compliments each other so well for years. They’ve defied the 7 year itch yet still divorced. Now that they’ve severed the ties that bound them how are they to find each other again? To marry out of love and to divorce for the same reason— only to remarry at the end.

Everything fell into place because the pairing is Lu Yang and Chen YuChuan. Indeed love doesn’t exist if our couple truly went on separate ways.

Thank you for a great read.

1 year ago

Thank you for bringing us this novel and for your hard work 💖 Another great novel was chosen by tl-sama to be worked on :> 💕
It had the right light flavor of love and angst. Of pinning and growth. The ml’s perspective was nice to see. Divorce was really the way to give space to their relationship, mc’s recovery, and get them closer than ever (they even had wedding). It was also rare to see a pet their child and their dynamics and nicknames for each other 😆 it varied. I’ll miss chubby and the other warm supporting characters. They were all lovely to read.

1 year ago

Thank you so much for the translation! I enjoyed this one a lot! <3

1 year ago

Xixi, you are an awesome translator. And this is such a nice story. I really like the details of how the affection for each other reach even in the most unnoticeable areas. Maybe cause I’m 44, married for 14 years I enjoyed this so much. The story reminded me of “After the divorce I still wore your jacket” (which I also loved) but the writing feels done by a more mature person. I had a bit of a grudge with that author since the main characters kept referring to themselves a “senior citizens” when they were in their early 30. In this novel, such a thing doesn’t happen. I like how their relationship, the resolution of their conflicts and the saving of such relationship are the main plots. No need to dwell on their jobs or other distracting thing to make the text longer. It has just the right amount. Thank you so much for this to both author and translator.

1 year ago

Thank you so much for your awesome work. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Would love to buy you a coffee but I don’t see a link ? Looking forward to reading another one of your work. Take care.

1 year ago

Thank you for marrying each other again, thank you for still loving each other despite of the challenges that you both went through after your divorce. Thank you for the trust that you both have for each other. I’m glad that I chose to read this novel, it’s a bit heavy so there’s nothing else I want to say other than this and best wishes for you both, we want nothing but the best for your marriage for the rest of your life.

1 month ago

Xixi, I am joining the crowd here a year later to sing your praises! Your translation was sublime and elevated my experience reading this story. Thank you so much for your work ❤️