I Was Once a Legend, Chapter 18: Temporary Separation



“My God!”

Three wonderful interjections with different tunes but equal work emerged from Dong Linhai, You Chenglei, and Zhai Juan’s mouth. Even the better-trained Dong Zheng couldn’t help but muttered, “Dammit.”

At this moment, he really wanted to unscrew Cui Zuojing’s head.

The little devil had long noticed that this monster was coming!

“Run!” Dong Zheng shouted. He didn’t need to say more. Everyone immediately fled like birds and beasts.

Uninformed, Zhai Juan also tried to pull Cui Zuojing away, shouting, “Leave!”

However, Cui Zuojing and Victor stood still. Then teen looked up without fear at the huge horrible monster. He smiled and said to himself, “I really didn’t expect to meet the children of old acquaintances here.”

Victor said, “You solve it, and I’ll protect Linhai?”

“Mmn, go.” Cui Zuojing waved his hand, and Victor immediately followed Dong Linhai. In the blink of an eye, only the young man was left, facing the executioner.

“I’ll lead it away. You leave here first!” Cui Zuojing shouted loudly. His voice was heard by Dong Zheng. Despite his dissatisfaction, Dong Zheng still frowned and looked back worriedly. The youth’s slim back stood before the executioner, like a courageous ant trying to shake a tree. It was both moving and tragic.

Even Dong Zheng’s footsteps paused unexpectedly, as if he wanted to go back and pull away Cui Zuojing. But at this moment, something changed suddenly. It was as if someone stepped on something, causing invisible ripples to suddenly spread from under everyone’s feet, and the space power that was in a delicate equilibrium suddenly shattered!

Dong Zheng’s field of vision whirled, and everything disappeared instantly.

Dong Linhai and Victor running in front of him, You Chenglei and Zhai Juan behind him, and Cui Zuojing confronting the executioner, everyone disappeared. Only he was alone in a labyrinth that looked completely different.

Dong Zheng abruptly paused. He looked around for a while and immediately understood that he’d been transported into a random location.

At the same time, the same thing happened to Dong Linhai and Victor, and You Chenglei and Zhai Juan. The young man only felt his arms go empty, and You Yuetong, who was held tightly in his arms, had disappeared without a trace, just like a drop of water that had silently evaporated.

“Tongtong!” You Chenglei realized what happened and almost went crazy. He tore his heart and lungs shouting out his sister’s name, only to finally fall down and pounded his fist against the wall. He was on the brink of collapse.

Zhai Juan leaned against the wall, her face pale. She gasped loudly and covered her mouth, tears brimming in her eyes.

Tongtong, how could she survive here alone?!


“Brother!” You Yuetong’s voice came from across the high wall. Dong Linhai raised his head violently, stopped, and turned back to find that there was no one but Victor behind him.

Dong Linhai: ………………

Where did everyone go?!?!

Once the teenager realized that there was spatial disorder and that You Yuetong might be in the opposite wall and was nearly out of breath from crying, Dong Linhai suddenly recovered. He didn’t have to use his whole body to realize that she must be alone. Looking at Victor, he hastily said, “Let’s go find that little sister!”

Dong Linhai began to strenuously climb up the creeping plants along the wall. The tiny thorns on the vines pierced his fingers and palms. Blood leaked silently from the wounds and dripped onto the ground. But, the teenager gritted his teeth, endured the pain, and climbed up step by step.

Cui Zuojing had said that sometimes even if something sounded like it was just on the opposite side of the wall, due to the chaos of space, it might actually be coming from another location in the maze. They might not find Tongtong at all.

But, he still had to give it a try!

Victor, as a cat, was good at climbing. He was much more agile than Dong Linhai. His sharp claws were able to grasp vines and the depressions along the wall. After three to four seconds of climbing, he successfully stood on top of the wall and was surprised to see that the little girl was actually on the ground below, crying with her face covered.

“Meow–” He jumped down and made a sound like a real cat. Then, his nose touched the back of Yu Yuetong’s hand, whispering, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

His strong Russian accent wasn’t easy for You Yuetong to understand but in the end, the little girl was still rescued from her monstrous fear. She hugged Victor tightly, as if grabbing onto the last life-saving straw, crying, “Small kitty…”

Dong Linhai finally crawled down with difficulties. He gritted his teeth from the pain, pulled out a thorn embedded at the base of his index finger, and wiped his bloodied hands on his pants. Then, he squatted down and rubbed away her tears with the back of his hand. “Don’t cry. Now, your brother isn’t around. I’ll take care of you.”

You Yuetong had followed You Chenglei and Zhai Juan through four boxes. She was very well-behaved and had seen very strange things. You Chenglei had told her thousands of times that she must be strong. However, even though her mind may be a little more mature than most of her peers, she was still only a six and a half years old child.

“…Where is my brother?” she sucked in a breath and asked.

Dong Linhai said, “I don’t know, but I’ll take you to find him. Stop crying. Look, now the kitten is still with you. Isn’t it good?”

“I, I want my brother.”

“Then let’s go. We can go to him.”

Soon under Linhai and Victor’s consolation, You Yuetong stopped crying with some difficulties. She choked back her sobs and followed Dong Linhai.

Holding her little hand, Dong Linhai seriously said, “Don’t let go of my hand no matter what happens.”

“Mmn!” You Yuetong nodded vigorously. She wiped away her tears and tightly bit her lips, but her eyes still displayed her fears. She watched as Victor ran ahead to scout the path while Dong Linhai stayed with her in this endlessly chaotic labyrinth, looking for fragments and traces of other people.


The fluctuation of the space energy made Cui Zuojing look back in surprise. As a result, he failed to notice the executioner holding the saw and suddenly swinging down to cut him in the face!

The heavy and fierce weapon smashed into the ground, leaving a deep gully and causing the blood soaking the band to fly out and silently moisten the land.

But, no flesh flew.

“I haven’t seen you in a few years. You’re still as unreasonable as when you were a kid.” The young man’s voice rang out from behind it, and the executioner abruptly turned its head. The tentacles in its eyes pierced the direction of the sound but only stirred a piece of air.

Cui Zuojing stood on the executioner’s left shoulder, flexed his wrist, and lazily said, “Say hello to your dad for me, and tell him that I didn’t deliberately beat you but just wanted to help discipline a bear child–”

He punched the executioner in the face. Cui Zuojing’s power had already increased thrice-fold, and he punched with all his strength. The impact was terrifying. His brass knuckle pierced the executioner’s left cheek, punctured through flesh, and directly slammed into the bone!


The brass knuckle that he’d casually bought shattered, but the sound was completely inaudible under the executioner’s scream. Cui Zuojing lightly jumped on top of the high wall of the maze, and a speck of blood covered the tip of his right finger.

The executioner’s blood.

Under Cui Zuojing’s calm gaze, the executioner roared upward in the sky and was completely angered. It strode to the aggravating young boy that was like a worm and waved the saw madly, vowing to split Cui Zuojing into pieces!

Cui Zuojing jumped off the wall and ran at the fastest speed along the labyrinth passage. The difference in size was fully displayed at this moment. The executioner could reach a distance of five or six meters with each step and was able to swing at the corner of Cui Zuojing’s clothes.

Embedded into a nearby wall was a plain wooden sliding door. Cui Zuojing slammed it open and rushed inside.

The executioner squeezed its head into the door. The door seemed to have a special function, directly sucking the executioner’s oversized body and nearly ten meters long chainsaw into it.

Cui Zuojing rushed into an area that looked like a small conference room. The sunlight from the west of North America shone through the window, and the slowly floating dust particles in the air were clearly visible.

A flag hung on the wall, and men in curly white wigs sat at a round table that was covered with documents. They were discussing the future of this new country.

“Regarding the name of the country, I suggest—”

Cui Zuojing ran past them, causing the wind he’d inadvertently brought along to ruffle the corners of the documents.

He grabbed the document-shaped fragments on the table, opened the other door in the room, and turned back to look at the dumbfounded politicians. “How about calling it the United States of America? The U-nited States of America.”

Then, he flashed through the door and disappeared in an instant. Immediately afterward, the executioner appeared. Its huge body squeezed through the room. Ignoring the screams of the men that were loud enough to cut through the floor and the window sill, it squeezed into the door where the teenager had disappeared.

[All men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. —Declaration of Independence]

After leaving the conference room, and with the fragment still echoing in his mind, Cui Zuojing was directly slapped in the face with a heavy blizzard that nearly froze his breath.


He quickly covered his head and face with his arms, stepped into the deep snow up to his knees, and ran forward with difficulty.

The vast snowfields and the gray sky melted together. It was so cold that the snowflakes were frozen into hard broken shards of ice, and the wind whirled across the ground. He was surrounded by snowy mountains, standing in the middle of a lake that had been completely frozen over. Underneath the ice that was about ten meters thick were the figures of swimming fishes.

The cold wind cut him like a knife, almost flaying him into pieces of meat. The penetratingly cold wind seemed to almost drill into his bones. Even if Cui Zuojing was strong, it was nothing compared to the water vapor that instantly froze with every breath and that hung on his black eyelashes.

Cui Zuojing was trembling so much that he barely heard the loud noises of the executioner as it planted into the snow behind him. He stubbornly emitted a smile full of schadenfreude.

Then opened another door in front of him.


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2 years ago

Huh… Interesting…

Can I just say for the millionth time that the fight scenes are so good?!

2 years ago

Hahahah i like that the mc keeps on stumbling upon acquaintances and plays around