I Was Once a Legend, Chapter 9: Killing the Kitchen Chef

The rat in the white vest pushed the pile of demolished construction materials out of the hole, set aside the stones and concrete, and asked innocently, “What are you talking about?”

Allen immediately smiled brightly. “Nothing. Just boasting about your strength. Please continue.”

The rat didn’t care and went to clean up the things in the hole. After about ten minutes, this busy figure finally stopped.

“Finally done, huuu…” It raised its dusty claws and wiped the sweat on its forehead. Then it pointed to the hole where the two could pass smoothly. “Go, leave this hell place.”

After saying this, it took the lead in leaving. The people in the other cells still showed no signs of waking up, so Dong Zheng grabbed his backpack and the hunting rifle and followed Allen through the hole behind the rat.

The passageway the rat had hurriedly dug through was very rough. The surface was uneven, and there were many rubble that had not been cleaned out. He and Allen could only crawl forward little by little with their elbows, and soon their elbows were rubbed ragged. Allen was stronger than Dong Zheng, but because of racial problems, his hips soon became stuck at a corner turn and momentarily couldn’t move.

“Hey, I can’t move!” Allen yelled forward. The rat that had ran away heard his voice and turned back. It looked at Allen, who was stuck, and said, “Your ass is so big.”

“My ass…your ass is big! I just have wider bones!” Allen tried to suck in but still couldn’t break free. After seeing this, Dong Zheng used his hand to push the butt in front of him. The two shouted one, two, three and pushed forward at the same time.

Under the influence of internal and external forces, Allen suddenly flew forward on to his stomach and almost landed on dog poop.

Finally free!

Allen burst into tears, and all his excitement and gratitude gathered into a heartfelt sentence. “Thank you, brother.”

“It’s no problem.” Dong Zheng returned his hand, the tone of his speech as calm as before. “Let’s go.”

The two crawled for another three to four minutes before they finally came out of the hole and arrived at the storage room. The storage room was large, filled with all kinds of debris. The hole they’d come out from was under a long table. Two men and a rat, all of whom were covered in soil, found a relatively empty corner and sat down for a while.

Dong Zheng asked the rat, “You are so strong. Why didn’t you go directly to the kitchen to get something to eat?”

The rat’s two paws touched its chest and said sadly, “The flute player’s magic is too strong. He is in the castle, which we’re banned from entering. I can only get in and out of the dungeon and the storage room. I have to worry about being discovered anytime and anywhere…My companions are all sealed in the outer moat, and I don’t know if they can be rescued.”

Dong Zheng said, “Then do you know how to get out of here?”

“Magic flutist must use a flute to perform magic, as long as you steal his flute–” The rat suddenly stopped talking. It’s round ears perked up and listened cautiously. After a few seconds, it widened its eyes and ran towards the hole in a panic, “Oh, no! Someone’s coming. I need to leave right away. Wish you good luck!”

The black figure wearing a white vest instantly disappeared out of sight. At this moment, Dong Zheng and Allen also heard the sound of the storage room lock being opened. They each quickly found a hiding place, holding their breath.

Allen hid behind an abandoned wine barrel, his back pressed against the wall. A lizard dressed in servant’s clothing walked past him, grunting, “Tablecloth etched with evening primrose, twenty meters long. Wasn’t this the thing that was put away the year before? It’s been so long. Where can I find it?”

The lizard walked past the big wardrobe where the rat had gnawed off a corner. It rummaged through the piles on the table that was over a meter high, then it turned to open the wardrobe door. Dong Zheng, who was hiding inside, held up a blue and white porcelain vase and slammed it into its head.


The poor servant was stunned. Without uttering a sound, his body silently fell on to the stacks of tablecloths on the ground.

Dong Zheng put down the vase, dragged the bleeding lizard into the closet, dug out the key on it, and closed the door. Allan came over and handed him the lock he’d found. Dong Zheng simply locked the wardrobe so that the lizard would not be able to run out and tell others what happened.

The series of movements came so naturally that even Dong Zheng was surprised by himself. He glanced at his hands and clenched his fists silently.

Cui Zuojing, who had been secretly paying attention to everything, had to admit that his accidentally stumbled-upon “owner” had quite some potential. He was calm, steady, straight-forward, and can deliberately reduce his own sense of existence. With some training, he’ll surely be useful.

“Let’s go first!” Dong Zheng placed the bunch of keys that could open more rooms in the old castle on his body and silently left the storage room with Allen.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen.

Dong Linhai moaned painfully and slowly opened his eyes.

The severe pain on his head made him doubt his life. He raised his hand to cover the painful place and turned his head to look around.

…Where was this?

Wasn’t he still studying street signs with his brother and Allen just now? Why did he change places at once? What about them?

Seemed to remember hearing someone playing the flute?

Although full of doubts, Dong Linhai was silent as he observed his surroundings. There was a huge oven on his left, and the fire was crackling–No wonder he felt hot on the left side. The door on the right was slanted opened, and the aroma of the toast drifted out from it. There were many shiny metal utensils on the cabinets. Besides the silverware, the aluminum products were even more strange.

And he was lying on the cooking table, accompanied by a flat-bottomed wok, and a row of butcher knives of different sizes.

A cooking station?!

Dong Linhai suddenly sobered. Why was he lying on the kitchen counter?! Was this the rhythm for being slaughtered?!

This thought made him completely panicked. At this moment, someone walked into the kitchen, saying that this person wasn’t too suitable. The kitchen worker, who was a dark green lizard, lifted a large bucket of boiling water and placed it near the cooking table. After wiping the sweat on its forehead, it turned to strip off Dong Linhai’s clothes.

Dong Linhai knew at once what he was going to do–Using boiling water for hair removal before cooking, this is the most traditional way of animal hair removal!

He was really going to be eaten!

What to do?!

His eyes were closed, and he felt the hands, which were obviously not human, moved around him. His heart nearly jumped out of his chest. Dong Linhai wore a tactical suit specially bought in a Pure White Realm store before entering the box. It had a lot of pockets and wasn’t easy to take off. The lizard worker was unable to succeed after trying for a long time and turned to get scissors.

The heat of the boiling water in the bucket seemed to be on his face, and the hot temperature clearly told Dong Linhai–the instant he was thrown into this bucket, he would definitely be burned into a tenth-level disability.

It might as well kill him directly with a knife!

In the face of unavoidable death, even a weak person could become a mad dog, not to mention Dong Linhai, a young man with an unyielding nature. Once the lizard worker turned its back to find the scissors, Dong Linhai took advantage of the opportunity to grab the longest boning knife in his hand. He turned over and jumped off the cooking table. His eyes flashed fiercely. Before the lizard had noticed that anything was amiss, use all your energy to cut it’s neck!

If you don’t kill it, the one to die will be yourself!

The slight delay as the knife sliced through the skin, spreading flesh and rupturing blood vessels, echoed in Dong Linhai’s hands. The knife was far sharper than he’d expected. Blood spewed frantically out from the knife’s sharp edge, overflowing the smooth knife surface and spurting over Dong Linhai’s body. The stench of blood was hot.

The poor lizard lost his life without even screaming. The heavy body fell slowly. Dong Linhai hurriedly caught it and didn’t let it hit the equipment on the table to disturb other creatures.

The deboning knife was stuck between the worker’s cervical vertebrae. Dong Linhai tried to pull it out but failed. He raised his right hand and wiped at the blood on his face. Then, with trembling hands, he took the special chopping meat cleaver.

This was not a person. I didn’t kill a person. It was just like killing chickens and fishes. I just chopped a lizard that acted like a human. I didn’t kill anyone…

Dong Linhai held the knife with one hand while the wrist of his right hand comforted himself like this. Finally, his trembling slowed and was no longer so powerful.

This was a special place. It wasn’t the peaceful world he was familiar with. It was full of crisis and fears. So, killing a lizard for his own safety was not anything to be afraid and guilty of.

…But the warm blood flowing over his fingertips and the stench assailing his nose were so real.

He’d killed someone!

No! That wasn’t a human!

In the cooking room separated by half of the wall came the crisp sound of crockery clashing together, indicating that there was someone inside. Dong Linhai hesitated for a long time, and no longer engaged in meaningless psychological struggles. He took a deep breath and courageously stepped over the shallow depression of blood pooling on the ground. He approached the cooking room and looked inside.

The lizard wearing a chef’s hat was preparing the sauce. The middle-aged woman lying on the counter in front of it had already been stripped, and her liver was marked with a red pen, waiting to be accurately cut out.

In addition to wanting to eat him, this group of lizards also wanted to eat that aunt! Eat her liver!

Dong Linhai, who had eaten a lot of first-class foie gras, immediately understood the chef’s evil plan. Seeing that the sauce was about to be adjusted, the teenager, still dripping with blood, clenched the knife in his hand and gritted his teeth.

In the next moment, he rushed out from behind the wall and slammed the knife into the head of the chef lizard from behind!

Killed in one blow!

His knife directly and neatly damaged the chef’s central nervous system. It was amazing how a boy who had never received relevant training could be so accurate and fierce.

The tip of the knife brought out a bit of white brain matter. Dong Linhai leaned the chef’s dead body on the corner of the wall, took two steps back, still carrying the bloody knife, and breathed deeply.

Then, he leaned over and vomited.

After killing two lizards, one after another, and without disturbing the other creatures, Dong Linhai vomited out everything in his stomach, randomly found a jug to rinse his mouth, washed the blood from his hands and face, and took off his coat to cover the middle-aged woman. As he did so, he murmured, “Auntie, I really didn’t look at you on purpose.”

The woman on the counter still had no signs of waking up.

Dong Linhai shook her body and shouted softly in the woman’s ear, “Hey! Auntie! Get up and eat!”

No response.

He couldn’t throw the person here and leave by himself. What if more lizards came after he left, wouldn’t the auntie be miserable?

Feeling helpless, Dong Linhai thought of the severe pain in his head that woke him up. Holding a try mentality, he took the tin can in hand, and controlling the strength, ruthless knocked it into the woman’s head—


The curse was cracked under external force, and the middle-aged woman immediately opened her eyes and shouted. Seeing Dong Linhai with blood on his face in front of her, she was stunned for a moment. Looking around at the unfamiliar place, she asked, “Eh? Where is this?”

“It seems to be a kitchen, and I don’t know how we got here. When I woke up, this thing was going to kill us both as ingredients. I can only strike first.” Dong Linhai pointed at the chef lizard in the corner and explained in a concise manner.

The woman also experienced two boxes. After a panic, she quickly calmed down. It was unknown where her own clothes were thrown. She put on Dong Linhai’s coat and rejoiced at being able to keep her life after the disaster. “Thank you, young man.”

“It’s okay. Let’s go quickly. It’s estimated that others will come to check it out soon.” Dong Linhai and the woman quickly walked out of the kitchen together, each carrying a knife.

Dong Linhai casually asked, “Auntie, do you have a fatty liver?”


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This chapter was pretty graphic… In more ways than one.

Allen’s ass stuck in the passage, lizard slaughter, and a naked aunt…

Hm… Yep I definitely love how the author describes the story.

2 years ago

Allen rly got that cake lmao. But even more surprising was that DZ actually helped push his ass out like 👀

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One thing I learned from this chapter: Allen is thicc.

Kidding aside, DL has lots of potential as well, huh. A lil bit stupid for a character in this type of story, but given time, he can certainly grow well.

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This chapter made me feel conflicted. It was fun to and then nerve racking. Thanks for the chapter.