IWOL Chapter 113: Reward Settlement

“The points are being settled, please wait…”

Cui Zuojing fell out of the door and directly into Dong Zheng.

At this time, everyone in the Wonton Insurgency team was still in the apartment, waiting for him. Seeing Cui Zuojing come out, they asked with their eyes how it turned out.

Dong Zheng was knocked over by Cui Zuojing and laid on the ground on his back. The youth was still immersed in his failure with Domingo. He rested on Dong Zheng’s chest for a few more seconds and angrily hammered the ground. “Ahhhhhh! I’m so mad!”

Everyone instantly understood.

Except for Dong Zheng, everyone else was surprised. How could someone grab something from Cui Zuojing? And judging from the youth’s reaction, it didn’t go well.

Dong Zheng was pressed down by Cui Zuojing, his ears full of thumping sounds. He raised his hand and rubbed the youth’s head. Soon after, he felt that it was inappropriate and instead slid his hand down to Cui Zuojing’s back. Resisting the throbbing in his heart, he patted lightly. “It’s fine. Just let him have them.”

“Why? I obviously put so much effort into the box. I was the one who killed Hydra, Ammit, and Ziz. Why should I let him snatch the things I got?!”

Cui Zuojing let out an indignant sound and pushed himself off. Dong Zheng sat up, frowning as he thought about it. “Now, it seems that both the scepter and the amulet are items that could be brought out of the box, but we don’t know their functions yet. Or why Domingo was so determined to get them and whether he knew something in advance.”

Allen said, “Are you saying that his intelligence network is better than ours?”

Wang Que said in a low voice, “That’s unlikely. As far as I know, all the intelligence dealers in District XII have similar information about the boxes.”

Dong Linhai wondered out loud, “Then…could it be internal news that he’d received from an organization he belongs to?”

Lin Hangzhi said, “Do you think he looks like someone who would belong to an organization?”

“That person is definitely not simple,” Cui Zuojing said. “He gave me a very strong feeling…He seemed so familiar and he also seemed to know me very well.”

Dong Zheng said, “Let’s not talk about it now. We finally clear customs and should take a rest.”

A soft female voice rang in everyone’s ears, “The settlement is complete. Successfully passed [Dusk Island], get 25×5 points. Collect gems 2/6, get 20 points. Killed Argos and Hydra, get 40 points. Destroyed the demon seed, get 30 points. Triggered the final ending “Demon God,” get 20 points. Your team’s current points are 487 points. Each person will get ability points x3. You also get the item brought out [Magic Gem].”

Dong Linhai exclaimed, “Magic Gem?”

“Mmmn.” Cui Zuojing pulled the red gem out from his pocket and threw it to Dong Linhai. “I thought it would no longer be needed once I got the scepter from the activation array, so I smoothly slipped it into my pocket.”

“What can this thing do?” Dong Linhai caught it. After syncing his mind with the gem, the props interface came to his mind.

Name: Heart of Hydra.

Function: Strengthen healing ability.

Note: It seems to have the ancient power to regenerate decapitation. Of course, it does not support random attempts.

Dong Linhai handed the gem to Lin Hangzhi. “Leave it to Brother Hang for safekeeping. It looks very useful.”

Lin Hangzhi didn’t refuse and temporarily accepted it. Dong Zheng took out Fu Zhe’s key and opened the door.

After returning to the old castle, they found Fu Zhe sitting in front of the table in the living room as expected, waiting for them. Seeing that everyone looked tired and travel-worn but returned in one piece, Fu Zhe closed the book in his hand, got up, and smiled.

“Welcome back.”

“I’m exhausted.” Allen stretched and took the initiative to give Fu Zhe a hug first. He turned around and said, “I’ll take a bath and rest. If you have food, remember to call me.”

Fu Zhe reminded him, “You should take something from the kitchen to pad your stomach first. If you want a formal meal, you’ll probably have to wait until after everyone has had a good rest.”

Allen thought for a moment, shrugged, and went to the kitchen for food.

Dong Linhai and Lin Hangzhi also went with him. As he walked through the door of the kitchen, Lin Hangzhi’s left foot tripped over his right foot without warning. He fell forward and landed firmly on the floor.

Some magical force seemed to have shifted the jar placed on the top of the cabinet, and it fell straight from above, hitting Lin Hangzhi’s head.

Lin Hangzhi: QAQ

Fu Zhe knew at a glance that Lin Hangzhi had used his ability. He smiled helplessly and shook his head. With a wave of the flute, the broken jar pieces all over the floor rose in the air and fell into the trash can.

Wang Que was really tired. Although she didn’t use her ability much, it wasn’t easy for her to travel so much.

She was so exhausted that she didn’t want to eat anything, so she went upstairs to take a bath and rest.

After a while, Dong Linhai came out of the kitchen with bread and milk in his mouth, and he left to give Wang Que a portion.

This time Dong Zheng did not directly go and rest. He sat down at the table with Cui Zuojing and Victor and talked to Fu Zhe about what happened in the box.

So many strange things happened in the box. From the very beginning, there should only be 30 pilgrims, but it suddenly gained one more. They talked about the pilgrim who’d silently died in his bedroom after his brain tissue was destroyed and about the island’s temples that were powerful enough to awaken Dong Zheng’s kernel ability and lift Cui Zuojing’s seal.

And the biggest mystery of all: Domingo.

He knew about all the monster’s information in the box, had a weapon that was almost impossible to obtain in this type of district, and seemed to be familiar with the fish-form sage. He also knew that Cui Zuojing bore the power of the Master of Time and the queen’s seals, and he was unwilling to allow Ammit to weigh his soul. In the end, he also snatched the broken scepter and the amulet.

What’s more, Dong Zheng intuitively also felt that Domingo had an unusual and special affection for Cui Zuojing. His attitude toward Cui Zuojing was completely different from the cold and frosty attitude that he’d maintained in front of other people. Not only that, on more than one occasion, he’d faced Dong Zheng with provocation.

It was a provocation between two male creatures.

Cui Zuojing said that Domingo felt familiar. Dong Zheng also sometimes felt that Domingo was familiar, but that feeling usually quickly faded away.

Fu Zhe listened to them quietly, rubbing the flute, and was a little confused. “Describe him to me in detail.”

“Golden hair, gray eyes, a little taller than Dong Zheng, about 1.9 meters, quite well-proportioned. Claiming to be from Madrid, Spain. His weapon was a silver crossbow. From the quality point of view, something like that would never appear in this area.”

After Cui Zuojing paused, Dong Zheng added, “I tried to interfere with mental power, but it seemed to be of no use. His crossbow was quite superb. His combat ability is very strong. He alone could kill the Bull of Heaven and even manage to steal something right out of Cui Zuojing’s hand.”

Cui Zuojing rolled his eyes, obviously dissatisfied with Dong Zheng mentioning his defeat under Domingo. He grudgingly clarified, “My fight with him was extremely frustrating. He seemed to know all my tricks and anticipate what I was going to do next. I, on the other hand, couldn’t get a good grasp on him. From the beginning to the end, I was suppressed by him.”

Fu Zhe was a little surprised. “Someone managed to beat you? I remembered that even Nana had a hard time doing that.”

“Yes. In this lifetime, the only one that I would truly have a hard time dealing with is the clown.” Cui Zuojing’s mouth twisted and he added, “That’s why I said this person is definitely not a small problem.”

“Is there anything else?”

“We’ve told you everything.”

Fu Zhe pondered for a moment and said, “Okay, let me think about it. You take a rest. In the next meeting, I’ll tell you about my speculation.”

When Cui Zuojing heard this, he knew that Fu Zhe had thought of something. He nodded trustingly and got up with Victor in his arms. “Then I’ll go to bed.”

Dong Zheng left with him, and Fu Zhe was soon left alone in the living room.

Fu Zhe ignored the subtle feelings coming from his remaining soul fragments and carefully sorted out the information he’d just obtained.

After a while, he finally couldn’t help raising his hand. Covering his eyes with his wrist, he let out a long sigh.

He never knew that he had such an indulgent side…


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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

I wonder what Fu Zhe thought of. Domingo couldn't be one of his soul fragments or something, could he? O.O Well, it doesn't feel much like it though… It's even more curious now that even Dong Zheng feels Domingo is a bit familiar. To be honest though, Domingo gives me that typical-ML-of-a-survival-game feeling. He has a mysterious goal, knows more than he's supposed to, does things without explaining, seems to be of a higher level than should be possible, seems partial to the MC without any perceivable reason and has a possible past with him that the MC doesn't seem to remember, happens to be inexplicably stronger than MC at fighting etc. Honestly though, it's a bit frustrating and makes me appreciate Dong Zheng all the more.

3 years ago

I BET DOMINGO TRAVELLED BACK IN TIME- or travelled to another dimension… OR BOTH-

3 years ago

Ohhhh sneaky. CZJ managed to grab one of the spoils at least. And its another healing item.

And jesus what will possibly happen once Fu Zhe reunites with his wanton fragment? Actually, what even happened when he merged with the first one? Did he gain the fragment’s memories aside from unlocking the seal? And once he did unlocked the first one, what was his space control power up?

2 years ago

I feel that Domingo is either the Clown and he is currently together with one part of Fu Zhe’s soul (it might be morality). Or reborn in another body Nana who changed her gender.

2 years ago
Reply to  Sword

I like this way of thinking*sending big thumbs up!*

2 years ago
Reply to  Sword

Woah I love this theory!

2 years ago

???Domingo obviously the future DZ, isn’t he? Most of the clues pointed that way, especially since there is a ”time travel” tag