IWOL Chapter 125: Giant Spider

Allen got out of the car and saw that the side of the chassis hovering over the snow was attached to a thin, translucent rope.

This was the thing preventing the car from moving?

He snorted and touched it with his hand, trying to figure out what it was.

As soon as Allen touched it, he realized that it felt wrong to the touch. At first, he thought that this thing might be a special building material from this era, like steel bars. However, he didn’t expect it to be soft yet so sturdy.

He tried to pull his hand back, only to discover that his protective glove was firmly stuck.

Allen was dumbfounded.

He’d never seen anything that could remain so sticky at such low temperature. He tugged hard but was still unable to extricate himself.

Dong Linhai and Wang Que arrived at this moment. Dong Linhai saw Allen squatting on the ground and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Allen leaned over so that they could see, and he said, “I’m stuck. What on earth is this thing?”

When he heard these words, Dong Linhai withdrew the hand that he’d extended out. “Huh? Stuck?”

He looked around and couldn’t find anything on the white snow to test. He took out the Desert Eagle from his waist and shot out a bullet at the translucent rope.

The bullet was stuck firmly on the rope.

Wang Que walked along this “rope” to investigate. She walked forward about three meters and found that the rope was split into two strands that continued to extend in different directions at an obtuse angle.

The inexplicable feeling deepened.

Wang Que returned to the original place and saw that Allen still hadn’t managed to free himself. “No luck?”


Wang Que became a little anxious. She looked at the sun in the sky, which looked extraordinarily far away, and said, “I think…this looks like a spider web.”

Allen said, “Spider web? Must be a big spider.”

As he said this, he thought of the name of the box and of the rope’s weird stickiness. He also felt that this guess made sense.

“If it really is a spider web, it’ll be troublesome,” he muttered. “We’ve been struggling for a long time. If the spider’s not dead, it would notice by now.”

Cui Zuojing saw that it was taking them a while to return, and he came out of the car. “Why are you taking so long?”

“I’m stuck.” Allen didn’t look back and focused on racking his brains to think of a way to break free. “Que’er guessed that this thing might be a spider web, and it’s also stuck to our car.”

“Let me see.” Cui Zuojing nudged Dong Linhai aside and moved forward. “Can you break it?”

Allen said, “If I can break it, I won’t be squatting here still. By the way, Linhai, didn’t you bring a flamethrower? I remember that spider silks are made of protein. Maybe it’ll burn off.”

Dong Linhai immediately pulled off the flamethrower hanging on his waist, adjusted the angle, and aimed it at the sticky strand between Allen and the car. He told them, “Move aside. This thing is too hot and might burn your protective clothing.”

He pulled the trigger, and flames over 2000 degrees immediately jetted out, burning the web.

The flame’s heat quickly melted a large piece of surrounding snow, causing the water to soak silently downward before freezing immediately into ice once away from the heat source.

It was unknown how a spider could spit out such supernatural silk. Even under such high-temperature flames, it didn’t deform immediately nor lose its biological purpose. Instead, it gradually grew thinner and thinner as the rich protein slowly emitted a burnt smell.

Wang Que became increasingly more anxious.

The inexplicable feeling in her heart became stronger and stronger as time went on. She couldn’t help but urged, “Hurry up. I can sense something coming here.”

Dong Linhai adjusted the temperature of the flamethrower to the highest level possible. The flames turned white as the temperature increased a thousand degrees more. Everyone could feel the heat through their protective clothing.

Cui Zuojing said, “Dong Zheng, Hangzhi, check to see if there are any bunkers nearby. We may have to abandon the car.”

The young man’s voice passed into the headset on their helmet. Dong Zheng had long expected that good things wouldn’t last for long and had speculated that they might encounter something and ended up traveling on foot. He put his helmet back on and began to search for possible shelters on the satellite image with Lin Hangzhi.

After two minutes, the spider silk still hadn’t completely burnt away. The flamethrower’s jet port was beginning to overheat, and sweat was slowly dripping off of Allen’s forehead.

Wang Que stood by Allen’s side, always paying attention to the insect that they’d yet to see and was already giving everyone a great sense of oppression.

At this moment, Allen felt a slight vibration on the hand still stuck to the spider web.

Something was walking on it, approaching at a rapid pace.

“It’s here!” Wang Que shouted.

Hearing these words, Allen cursed loudly. He no longer cared that the spider silk hadn’t completely burnt away. He abruptly stood up and began to pull hard, trying to break free.

“Get out of the way!” Cui Zuojing yelled. After experiencing so many boxes together, all members of the team had a complete understanding of his intention. Dong Linhai immediately stopped the flamethrower just as Cui Zuojing swung his sword, chopping ruthlessly at the burnt trace of spider web on the left.

The strength of the blow made Allen feel as if his arm was about to be pulled out. His body jerked nearly to the ground. There was still a long string of spider silk left on his glove, connecting it to the hover car.

The moment the spider silk was cut off, Cui Zuojing heard a crisp sound. He looked down and saw that, with the power of Slayer, the Tang Sword had successfully cut off the thin spider silk, but there was now a small chip on the blade’s sharp edge.

Cui Zuojing was shocked. Under the power of Slayer, if the material exceeded the strength of the weapon, the weapon would become easily damaged. The strength of this spider silk was likely much higher than they thought.

He didn’t waste much time thinking about it and immediately pulled Allen back to his feet. He shouted, “Wang Que, Linhai, go back to the car!”

Dong Linhai grabbed Wang Que and hurriedly climbed back on to the hover car. A short piece of spider web had stuck to the car’s front, with one end stuck to Allen, making him unable to move away.

Cui Zuojing moved down and directly sliced off the place where the spider web was stuck to the car. Allen was finally liberated, in a sense. Dragging a piece of spider web and a part of the car, he hurried  to go inside the car.

At this moment, a giant body appeared within everyone’s sight.

The wind and snow affected visibility to some extent. Dong Zheng, who was in the driver’s seat, saw a vague black shadow nearly 100 meters tall, supported by several slender pillar-like legs. It covered the sky and the sun and blocked the road ahead.

It was like an ancient god had awakened inside a thick fog and was now descending into the world.

“Reverse!” Lin Hangzhi’s voice cracked with fear. Dong Zheng didn’t hesitate to put the car into gear while Lin Hangzhi shouted, “Cui’er, come up!”

Cui Zuojing pushed Allen fully into the car. But, before he could get in, he saw the huge black spider. His pupils dilated, and he shouted, “Close the door! Hurry! Leave me, you guys go!”

Dong Zheng hesitated briefly but finally and decisively slammed the close button.

At this moment, a layer of snow had covered the car. They didn’t dare go in another direction. Ghost knows how the web was distributed. If the car got stuck again, they would really become the spider’s Chinese food!

But, judging from its size, some of them may not even fill the gap between its teeth.

Cui Zuojing grabbed the wall of the car. He hoisted himself over onto the roof despite the violent bumps and clung tightly to it.

The black shadow ran along the spider web as if it was flying and soon approached.

The vague figure became clear.

They finally saw what the creature looked like.

On the roof of the car, Cui Zuojing could see it clearly. It’s massive body was a 100 meters high, and its dozen huge, blue eyes were distributed evenly on both sides of its ferocious mouthpart, making it look like eyes were growing densely around it. It had thick long fur, and it looked like an extremely disgusting nightmare.

At this moment, the spider had sensed the vibration from its web and was nearly upon them.

Dong Zheng focused all his attention on driving the car. The bio radar on the dashboard was blank, indicating that there were no creatures within a radius of ten miles.

But, in the snow in front of them and under their feet, there were obviously many incalculable bugs.

Everyone in the cab compartment was gripping the handhold on the roof with both hands so as not to be jerked wildly about. Lin Hangzhi almost threw up. He resisted the desire to vomit because, if he vomited in his helmet, he would definitely be the unlucky one in the end.

Not only was the spider the only one trying to catch up to the hover car but so were the black bugs that had been sleeping under the snow. The strong airflow blew the thick snow away and the large swath of white was mixed with many black dots.

The hover car’s airflow, heated by the engine, had also warmed the sleeping bugs.

They awakened one after another. They stretched their bodies into the air, their legs sliding like waves. They moved at fast speed along the snow, chasing the hover car.

There are also many other insects that had spread their thin insect wings and buzzed across the air like a mysterious black mist.

“There is a hut two kilometers ahead on the left!” Lin Hangzhi, who was watching the radar, shouted in surprise. In his experience, it was very likely a safe house that the box had specially set up.

Dong Zheng drove straight in the direction Lin Hangzhi pointed out. After they left the range of the spider web, the giant spider’s movements slowed down dramatically. But now, the biggest threat was the huge swarm of insects chasing after them like a fast tide.

Although each of them was small enough to be easily crushed to death, with such a large number, anyone who fell into their midst would be eaten instantly, leaving only a skeleton.

Cui Zuojing laid on the roof of the car. As he looked back at the swarm behind him, he narrowed his eyes.

This box was definitely not like the information they’d obtained, which rated the difficulty as only three-stars.

There must be something wrong.

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapters~

Has the Queen or one of her minions finally interfered? O.O I really hope Wang Que will get over her fear of bugs since her ability seems the most useful in such a box. But as someone who sympathizes with her fear, I know it'll probably be very, very hard for her >.< I'm already getting creeped out by the gigantic spider and the bug swarm… Hopefully they won't have to face more bugs.

3 years ago

There really is something wrong!! Those heirs must be trying to mess up with them!
Ah! The spider must have been so terrifying! Just imagine the size *shudders*

2 years ago

At least now, Wang Que isn’t being sensory overloaded by the bugs. I remember that in the first chapters she said that she sometimes can’t control her ability, and will unintentionally sense bugs nearby. With these huge swarm of bugs around, I’m impressed.

So these bugs are the box’s natural enemies prepared for the gang. And they have somehow evolved to adapt to the extreme cold.

Qi Qi
Qi Qi
2 years ago

A 100 meters tall spider?? I’d faint! I’m even scared of a fingernail sized spider! 😱

Last edited 2 years ago by Qi Qi
2 years ago

Finally! After the box skips previously after the island arc, and the heir that was tasked to bring the mc alive to her, something big is/will happen in this arc~~ preparing for WQ to showcase her potential and for the others to develop ⸜( ◍´꒳`◍ )⸝

1 year ago

Someone must have intervened with the box!!!

8 months ago

This chapter gets a no from me. *shudders*