IWOL Chapter 136: Life Hanging By A Thread

When the compulsion appeared in his mind again, Allen knew that he might not be able to hold himself back this time. He opened his mouth, wanting to stop Dong Linhai in front of him.

But the parasitic insect was lying on his spine, its many feet connected to his nerves. It was to the point that it had become a part of his spine as it took control of his body movements and thoughts.

Kill him. Kill Dong Zheng. Kill him!

Allen opened his mouth, but no sounds came out. He wanted to do something to attract Wang Que and Dong Zheng’s attention, but at this moment, his body was completely outside of his control. Even now, his brain was full of vicious thoughts that didn’t belong to him.

He was like a zombie controlled by a virus.

He followed Dong Linhai step by step and walked through a sharp bend. He saw the sun hanging in the east, the sunlight bright in his eyes. It was the same sun rising every day for thousands of years, shining down upon this desolate world.

Tears burst into his eyes. This might be a sign of snow blindness, or his grief at what was about to happen.

The temperature slowly rose and, even though their protective suit maintained a consistent 20℃ at all times, Allen only felt the chilling cold, followed by a low heat across his hands and feet, the depths of his bone marrow, and in his always lively and straightforward heart.

He abruptly whipped around, pushed Wang Que aside, and slammed his fist into Dong Zheng’s face.

His punch was extremely cruel. His gloved fist made a loud “bang” as it hit Dong Zheng’s face shield. Dong Zheng’s forehead slammed into the inside of his face shield, stunning him.

Fortunately, he was always attentive to Allen’s movements. When Allen tried to throw a second punch at his Adam apple, he jerked away.

“Brother Len!” Dong Linhai heard the movements behind him and immediately realized what was happening. He wanted to stop Allen, but Allen didn’t seem to care about him or Wang Que at all, as if Dong Zheng was the only person in his sight.

Even if he died in the process, Allen had to follow the instructions in his mind.

Kill Dong Zheng!

Allen was much taller and stronger than Dong Linhai. Dong Linhai couldn’t hold him down at all, let alone Wang Que. Allen pushed her and she flew backward three to four meters away, her shoulder burning with pain.

She held her possibly dislocated left shoulder and recklessly threw herself forward again to try to stop Allen. The parasite’s sense of existence in Allen’s body had become stronger than ever, and now it was fully controlling Allen’s body!

“Brother Len! Think about the things that are most important to you! Don’t be completely controlled by it!”

There was no one in their entire team of newbies stronger than Allen. As he fought against Allen, Dong Zheng also had to be mindful not to fall off the cliff. This meant that Allen, who was completely ignoring the cliff, had the absolute upper hand. He tightly wrapped one arm around Dong Zheng and punched him in the stomach!

The protective suit couldn’t completely cushion the impact of the punch. Dong Zheng clenched his teeth in pain, and with a roar, he grabbed Allen’s neck and turned him over to hold him down.

The four of them were connected by a mountain climbing rope. The scuffle between the two of them on the narrow trail was undoubtedly a threat to everyone’s lives.

Dong Linhai really had no other ways. He blocked Wang Que’s path to Allen, who was holding Dong Zheng tightly and trying to pull him toward the cliff’s edge. Dong Linhai aimed a hand chop at Allen’s nape!

After having trained for so long, Dong Linhai was quite proficient at stunning people. He had good strength and position control. He also took into consideration the cushioning effect of the protective suit. But Allen bore through the attack. Even after he was hit, he merely let out a muffled groan. Then, he grabbed Dong Zheng with greater force and rolled to the outside of the path!

Wang Que screamed in alarm. In her perception, the parasite was lying on Allen’s sixth thoracic vertebra. It was jarred by Dong Linhai’s hand chop and, seeming to perceive the danger it was in and the fact that it was short on time, it moved a hundred times faster than before. It sped along Allen’s spine, crawling toward his brain!

When the parasite lifted its feet from Allen’s nerves, it’s control over Allen greatly weakened. He finally regained control of his mind but, by this time, he was already rolling toward the edge of the cliff, dragging Dong Zheng along with him. The two of them were about to fall down together!

In a moment of desperation, Allen suddenly turned over and pushed Dong Zheng back!

This resulting force of this action caused him to slide feet first directly off the cliff’s edge. With a 100 meters fall under his feet, Allen stretched out his hand to grab the edge of the cliff. He stabilized his body and tried to climb back up.

Seeing that he was going to succeed, the swiftly moving parasite sensed Allen’s intention and directly bit down on him.

In one instant, Allen’s body hung unmoving in the air. He screamed. Due to the severe pain, he lost the strength in his arm and began to fall.

At this critical moment, Dong Linhai rushed forward and grabbed tightly onto Allen’s arm!

“Hold on to me!”

After Allen had pushed him away, Dong Zheng rolled on the ground twice. He scrambled back up, still unable to stop coughing even as he dragged air into his lungs. Uncaring about the pain radiating throughout his entire body, he reached out and grabbed Allen’s hand with Dong Linhai.

“Come up!”

Allen panted in large gasps. The pain had darkened his vision, making it difficult for him to see clearly. But he could still imagine Dong Zheng and Dong Linhai’s deeply anxious faces.

He raised his left hand, which was hanging beside him, and wanted to pass it to Dong Zheng as well.

At this moment, the parasite stopped moving. It lay on Allen’s first thoracic vertebrae, twisted his nerves, and took over his body.

Allen shouted when he realized what the parasite wanted to do. It wanted to take advantage of Dong Zheng’s intention to pull him up and drag Dong Zheng down!

The hand that was just about to touch Dong Zheng’s fingertips suddenly stopped. Allen swayed on the cliff like a pendulum, shouting, “No! It wants–Ahhhh!”

The parasite bit him again, doling out punishment for his resistance.

Dong Zheng was covered in sweat, and now he could only help Dong Linhai pull Allen’s right hand up as hard as he could. It was reasonable to say that, with the strength of two men, they would be able to easily pull Allen back up. But Allen was under the parasite’s control and wasn’t cooperating at all. He kept trying to drag them both down.

Wang Que lay on her stomach and shouted, “Brother Lun, take off your protective suit. Hurry!”

The only thing Allen could control now was his ability to speak. His hands and feet wouldn’t listen at all. He shouted helplessly, “Impossible!”

“Think about you controlling the parasite, not the parasite controlling you!” After having arrived in Snow Parasite Trail, Wang Que had continuously practiced thinking this way and had found it to be successful. However, she didn’t know if Allen, who didn’t have the ability to control insects, would be able to do it.

She concentrated. When she sensed the parasite in Allen’s body, she sent out a command.

Don’t move!

The invisible bell shook, sending out a dominating sound. At this moment, Allen struggled to raise his hand, his human consciousness finally surpassing the parasite. He pressed the button to release his protective suit. It recognized his fingerprint and automatically began to fall off of him.

Within a few seconds, the dark, protective suit was opened. His face shield lifted, his helmet fell back, and the top part of the suit hung around his face. The wind in the valley washed over on his body, instantly blowing away his cold sweat.

At the same time, Dong Zheng and Dong Linhai seized the opportunity to pull Allen up. Allen stepped on the rock wall and climbed hard.

But Wang Que’s command only worked for a second, and then more intense control came. It seemed that the parasite was extremely angry at Wang Que’s attempt to command it. Before Allen could manage to climb up successfully, his feet slipped. He hung in the air, and the only thing preventing him from falling was the two brothers.

“Don’t be afraid! I’ll help you get it out!” Wang Que held a dagger in her hand. She glanced at the mountain climbing rope that was tied between herself and Dong Zheng’s waist and pursed her lips. She laid along the edge of the cliff, with her upper body from her waist up hanging over the edge, and reached out toward Allen’s back.

Dong Zheng freed up a hand and grabbed the clothes around Wang Que’s waist to make sure she wouldn’t fall headlong off the cliff’s edge.

The head-down position made it a little difficult for Wang Que to breathe. She glanced at her positioning and slashed the dagger across Allen’s upper cervical spine!

The blade sliced cleanly through flesh, and blood instantly poured out. It dyed the dagger’s edge and Allen’s clothes red. Allen sucked in a pained breath and resisted the impulse to scream. The parasite was right below the edge of the cut.

Wang Que leaned back a little, propping her hands on the cliff’s edge. She stared closely at Allen’s wound and shouted to the parasite, “Come out!”

Dong Zheng stopped holding her and used his free hand to continue to pull Allen back up.

“Come out!”

The parasite’s feet along Allen’s nerves slightly loosened. It’s sole purpose was to parasitize and find a way to kill its target. This was the command written in its genes.

It hesitated, uncertain whether it should resist it’s natural instinct and obey Wang Que’s command, or whether it should continue to control Allen and try to complete its task of killing Dong Zheng.

“Come out!”

Wang Que hissed, “I want you to get out of there!”

The command of the fungus bell finally defeated the parasite’s natural instinct. Two long tentacles came out from the wound on the back of Allen’s neck, glistening with red blood.


Dong Zheng’s eyes lit up. He seized the opportunity, shouted “one, two”, and he and Dong Linhai forcefully pulled Allen back up.

The parasite poke its head out of the wound. It felt the cold from the outside world and cringed back, wanting to return to the warm body that had been nourishing it.

“Come out!”

Wang Que’s voice dismissed its thoughts. The parasite hesitated for a moment and slowly dug its body out from Allen’s wound.

This was the first time everyone clearly saw what the insect looked like. It was only as thick as the lead of a pencil, but it’s slender body had countless knots of feet.

When it had first entered Allen’s body, it was just a larva not much larger than a grain of rice, but after being nourished by blood, it quickly grew and became what it was now.

A buzzing, flapping sound came from afar, but no one paid attention to it. Wang Que was engrossed in controlling the parasite. Large drops of sweat trickled down her forehead.

So, the huge body that covered the sky and the sun was only reflected in Allen’s eyes.

His pupils dilated.

“Go! Leave me and go!” Allen roared.

Dong Zheng looked up. A red insect the size of a small passenger plane was flying at the top of the mountain. The two halves of its wings flapped, and under the sunlight, the membrane of its wings radiated colorful lights.

It had countless feet, and it’s head supported a hideous mandible. The jagged appendages on it looked extremely sharp. Dong Zheng had no doubt that it could directly cut people in half.

At this moment, this giant insect was flying straight toward them!

The blood! The smell of blood must have attracted it!

“Hurry up. Allen, hurry up!” Dong Zheng pulled Allen with all his strength, and the sharp pain in one of his arms told him that he might have dislocated it.

Wang Que didn’t even bother to look at the red, giant insect. In her eyes, at this moment, the only thing left in the world was the parasite that was slowly crawling out of Allen’s wound.

—Come out, come out now! 

Wang Que was burning with impatience. But under her gaze, the parasite’s two antennae trembled. It sensed the giant insect in the sky and suddenly retracted!

It defied her order!

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3 years ago


Damn it Kether you little sht!

By far, this is the moment where I felt the most panic and nervousness for the life of the main characters. Because it’s like there is no hope and only more problems arising. Allen please live!

Qi Qi
Qi Qi
2 years ago

Ahhhh I’m stressing over it!! Come out, come out, ahh! 😩

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I dunno
I dunno
2 years ago

No sh*t sherlock COME OUT! you’re not a f*ckin’ dic!

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Allen please live. I’m begging

1 year ago

I’m waiting for Wang Que to lose her shit and scream

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That’s so gross! Also I guess we’re on a green theme now? I don’t mind it, but Ithe writing is a bit thinner than it was and a bit harder to read