IWOL Chapter 146: A Kiss

Although they’d guessed that Cui Zuojing’s origins wouldn’t be simple, the truth still made them look at each other in astonishment.

After a long while, Dong Linhai asked, “Brother, you actually knew about this a long time ago, didn’t you?”

Dong Zheng said, “He told me everything after Doll’s House.”

“So you agreed?”

Dong Zheng said, “If I disagree, everyone wouldn’t be here now.”

Dong Linhai thought for a moment and said, “Since brother agrees, then I also agree. I have confidence in his decision-making ability.”

This Dong Linhai-style answer was something Cui Zuojing had expected. Everyone had their own person that they held up as a guiding model.

In fact, Cui Zuojing hadn’t thought about what he would do if someone was unwilling.

He looked at Lin Hangzhi, and the doctor just shrugged his shoulders. “It seems that even if we don’t resist, we still wouldn’t be able to leave. We’ll be dead regardless. It’s better to fight back. At least there’s hope.”

Wang Que nodded. “I think so too.”

Cui Zuojing said, “Okay, then there’s no problem. Now that everyone has made a decision, I’ll tell you everything I know later. But I will say this first. Since we’ve decided to overthrow the Queen, we must prepare to be targeted. Allen… died because of this.”

Upon hearing him mention Allen, everyone fell silent. Wang Que whispered, “That parasite wanted Brother Len to kill Brother Dong.”

If Dong Zheng died, Cui Zuojing would also die because of the blood contract.

Dong Zheng tacitly agreed. Cui Zuojing knew that Dong Zheng actually felt very guilty in his heart.

He silently sighed, and lightly patted Dong Zheng’s knee in an attempt to comfort him.

Wang Que said, “I have no opinion, as long as I can be with everyone.”

Lin Hangzhi agreed. “Me too. Anyway, the situation can’t get any worse. Besides, Cui’er, since you were able to reach the final step in those days, you can do it again.”

“Right. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask. From now on, everyone will be in this together for better or for worse. I hope that everyone sitting here can someday meet in the real world.”

Cui Zuojing was satisfied. The powerful team he’d hoped to find was finally here. Although the current number was still somewhat small for a team, with Allen gone, it shouldn’t be too long before they recruited another teammate.

After the short meeting, Cui Zuojing had nothing to do and went to the castle terrace. Fu Zhe’s castle wasn’t connected to the outside world. As a result, the terrace that was originally meant for looking out at the sky and the distant landscape was covered. In the semi-circular room, thick curtains blocked off the primal chaos of the pure white space outside.

He recalled the first time he’d come to the Pure White Realm. Because he was still young and his physical fitness was very ordinary, he’d barely managed to survive. The German man named Henry met him in his first box and, seeing him so pitiful, integrated him into his team.

There, he met Fu Zhe and other people whose appearance he no longer remembered. He’d learned so much from them. Then, Henry disappeared in a box, and the other people left one after another. Afterward, Victor joined the team.

Cui Zuojing let out a small sigh. At this moment, a voice came from the side of the stairs. “Why are you here?”

Cui Zuojing looked over and saw Dong Zheng standing in the stairway.

“It’s nothing. I was just thinking about some things in the past.”

Dong Zheng walked over and sat down beside him. After a moment of silence, he asked, “If Allen becomes an npc, what would it be like?”

“Kether will determine what kind of npc he would be based on his soul and his memories.”

Dong Zheng’s expression became grave when he realized the key point in Cui Zuojing’s words. “Memory?”

Cui Zuojing said, “Yeah, this is probably the thorny aspect. In short, Kether will be able to learn about our situation thus far by going through Allen’s memory. This is the reason why I didn’t want to tell everyone unless they’re willing to shoulder this responsibility.”

Dong Zheng became silent and then decided to change the subject. “What do you suggest we do next?”

Cui Zuojing said, “Settle down here first. After we get more definite news about Hell Circus, we can go and look for the clown. I’ll need to dissolve the blood contract as soon as possible. Besides, I have something that I left with him, and now it appears that I need to take it back.”

Dong Zheng hummed in acknowledgement but didn’t say anything. Cui Zuojing glanced at him. Dong Zheng seemed to be acting a little strange, as if there was something he wanted to say but didn’t know how to begin.

When Cui Zuojing looked at him, his eyes always shifted away. He thought about it seriously and couldn’t think of what could be wrong with him.

Dong Zheng took a deep breath and recalled the words that person had said to him in the Institute of Biochemistry. These were words that he’d mulled over many times in his mind.

—Protect Cui Zuojing, and do what you’ve been wanting to do.

What he’d been wanting to do.

Dong Zheng had honestly searched his heart. Right now, aside from trying to survive in this world, he had no demands when it came to anything else. Only when faced with Cui Zuojing, this young man who had unexpectedly come into his life, did he feel an unprecedented sense of vitality and spiritedness.

Cui Zuojing was always full of energy. Even when he knew that the road ahead would be bumpy, he never gave up hope. His frozen time of eight years hadn’t blunted his passion and his edges. Although Dong Zheng was the team leader, he knew that it was Cui Zuojing who was the one truly guiding them all.

He thought of Allen. If Allen hadn’t been brave enough to show his heart to the proprietress from the very beginning, he would not have those beautiful memories to carry with him to his sad ending.

If Dong Zheng’s day came, he didn’t want to regret it.

But what would he do if he got rejected?

Dong Zheng remembered the look in Cui Zuojing’s eyes even when he was smiling. In those dark eyes, there was never any emotions. Even when Allen left, he was very calm, as if…he had no emotions.

The only real emotions he’d seen Cui Zuojing show was when he was talking about the Queen.

Based on his and Cui Zuojing’s current relationship, if he was rejected, the atmosphere between them would never return to how it once was. Not only would it affect them, but it would also affect the entire team.

Cui Zuojing looked at Dong Zheng. Although Dong Zheng didn’t say anything, his expression was a mixture of emotions, shifting between resolve and hesitation. These shifting expressions made Cui Zuojing laugh. He nudged Dong Zheng with his elbow and said, “What’s wrong with you? Why these faces?”

Dong Zheng wanted to trample down on this mentality. But now he was flustered. Fortunately, he’d already thought of a plan. “After the American-Soviet competition, you said you would give the winner a reward. Is this still true?”

Cui Zuojing raised his eyebrows. “It is. Why are you suddenly mentioning this?”

At that time, he really did offer that as a reward, but he never found out what reward Dong Zheng wanted so he’d put it on hold.

“I want my reward now.”

“What do you want? Let me say first that, aside from my own ability, I don’t have anything else,” After saying this, Cui Zuojing added nervously. “My sword! Let me tell you that I can’t give you my sword. I haven’t found anyone to fix it yet.”

Dong Zheng was dumbfounded by him. “I don’t want your sword.”

After thinking about it, Cui Zuojing felt that he had nothing else to lose besides that. He said, “Okay, what do you want? Don’t pick anything I can’t afford.”

“Close your eyes.”

What was up with this request? Cui Zuojing obediently closed his eyes. A second later, he opened one eye suspiciously and said, “You can’t do bad things while I can’t see. Let me tell you first that if you dare hit me, I’ll beat up your dear younger brother.”

“No.” Dong Zheng laughed. Cui Zuojing’s two funny comments had completely lessened his nervousness.

After getting his answer, Cui Zuojing closed his eyes with confidence, seeming to really believe him and to give him all his trust.

Cui Zuojing sat next to Dong Zheng, eyes closed. His eyelashes cast a small shadow on the bridge of his nose. His face was calm, but the tip of one ear moved slightly, indicating that he was obviously listening to Dong Zheng’s movements.

Dong Zheng leaned over and pressed a kiss on the corner of his mouth.

Cui Zuojing didn’t react immediately. At first, the touch on his lips didn’t make him think of anything. After all, it was only just the two of them here.

But then, he felt Dong Zheng’s breath on his face, lingering and warmly intertwining with his own breath.

Cui Zuojing’s eyes snapped open. When he saw what Dong Zheng was doing, he pulled back in alarm. Unfortunately, there was a balcony railing behind him, and he couldn’t move back too far.

Dong Zheng caught Cui Zuojing and pulled him back upright. But he didn’t feel the slightest bit of discomfort. From the moment he’d made up his mind, he would never regret his decision.

Noticing Cui Zuojing’s alarmed and doubtful gaze and his obvious evasiveness, Dong Zheng immediately grabbed Cui Zuojing’s hand. He wanted to ensure that this person wouldn’t suddenly run away.

Cui Zuojing struggled to squeeze a few words from between his teeth. “What are you doing?”

“I kissed you,” Dong Zheng said in a low voice. “This was the reward I wanted.”

“?” Cui Zuojing said, “Are you joking with me?”

“I’m not joking. I like you, exactly that kind of like.” Dong Zheng paused and added softly, “From now on, can I call you A’Zuo?”

After confirming that he hadn’t misheard, Cui Zuojing raised one hand and placed it on Dong Zheng’s forehead.

Cui Zuojing was somewhat befuddled, unable to understand what was going on. Weren’t they having a good conversation just now? Why had it suddenly changed to this?

Dong Zheng said he liked him? He must be joking.

Dong Zheng raised his hand and pressed a kiss on the back of it. When Cui Zuojing tried to retract his hand, as if he’d suddenly been scalded, Dong Zheng said, “I’m not deceiving you. I’m completely serious.”

“I can see that you’re seriously playing around.” Cui Zuojing’s breathing became hurried. He pulled his hand away and placed it behind his back, forcibly ignoring the stubbornness in Dong Zheng’s eyes and the strangeness in his own heart. He said stiffly, “Is playing with me like this enjoyable?”

“I wasn’t pl–” Dong Zheng said half of the word “playing” (1) and found it had an air of ambiguity. He frowned and changed his words. “I know this is hard for you to accept, but I just wanted to tell you how I feel.”

Cui Zuojing looked at him and realized that he wasn’t joking. He calmed down and took a few steps back, putting a fairly safe distance between himself and Dong Zheng.

He could still feel a warm and soft imprint on the corner of his mouth, but he unexpectedly didn’t feel any nausea. Instead, the sound of his heartbeat pounded loudly in his ears.

His chest felt somewhat stuffy, but he didn’t understand why. Irritated, Cui Zuojing rubbed the place where Dong Zheng had kissed him. Then, he took a deep breath, looked directly into Dong Zheng’s eyes, and saw the nervousness that he’d been carefully trying to hide.

He suddenly couldn’t say the words that came to his lips.

“There’s something else.” After a long silence, Cui Zuojing tilted his head to one side. His expression was incredibly mild, but he didn’t seem to realize how reluctant he sounded.

“I haven’t told you that what I’d left behind with the clown was my emotions.”


Translation Notes:

(1) Playing –  搞 (gao3) can mean playing, but it is also slang for fucking or having sex.

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They kissed!!! >w< Though it was one-sided, Cui Zuojing seems more confused that rejecting, plus the aftereffects definitely suggest that he definitely did feel something whether he sensed it or not~ I didn't expect him to tell Dong Zheng about his emotions. I'm curious how Dong Zheng will react O.O I really hope this takes their relationship one step in the right direction~

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Qi Qi
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Maybe DZ can make some calculations now he knows that CZJ doesn’t bave that many feelings. Thank you for the chapter!

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