IWOL Chapter 150: Reaching an Agreement

Dong Zheng didn’t expect to be pounced on. Cui Zuojing knelt over him, clutching his collar up with both hands. His eyes were burning with small flames, and his cheeks were reddened with excitement. Dong Zheng thought that his utterly flustered appearance was…beyond cute.

He placed his hand on Cui Zuojing’s waist and leaned back against the swing in a very relaxed manner. Although he was enjoying this rare close contact, he was still puzzled. “Kissed you? When?”

“On Dusk Island, when I was in unsconscious after the Northern Temple collapsed. I woke up for a while and felt that someone was kissing me.” Cui Zuojing was absolutely certain about this. Not only was the touch exactly the same, but even the location was the same!

This person had fallen in love with him so early on and even secretly kissed him!

“At that time, when I woke up, I only saw Linhai and Hangzhi. I wasn’t by your side,” Dong Zheng denied. “It definitely wasn’t me that time.”

“That time?” Cui Zuojing suddenly focused on this point. He tightened his grip on Dong Zheng’s collar, shook it vigorously, and roared, “How many more times were there?!”

“Ahem.” An unnatural expression flickered across Dong Zheng’s face. “This…Not many times, alright? But I swear, it really wasn’t me that time. The only time was when we came back from Dusk Island. Do you remember when we went to the proprietress’ tavern to drink? That night, everyone was drunk and I couldn’t control myself and kissed you—Hey!”

Dong Zheng quickly grabbed Cui Zuojing’s hand that was about to greet his face. Because of this, the other hand that held Cui Zuojing’s waist shifted. The swing shook violently as they struggled, and when Dong Zheng tried to get up, he almost upturned the swing with himself and Cui Zuojing still on it.

When Wang Que walked into the garden, this was what she saw.

Wang Que: …………

She took a deep breath, and the sound of it made Dong Linhai think that she was going to start hyperventilating.

Dong Linhai said, “What’s wrong?”

He thought that she must have seen something extraordinary, so he stretched his neck to look over Wang Que’s head. Wang Que quickly pushed him back and raised her hand to cover Dong Linhai’s eyes to prevent him from seeing it. Meanwhile, she herself stared vigorously.

From her perspective, she could only see Dong Zheng’s back sticking out from a corner of the shadow of the tree. Cui Zuojing was nearly straggling Dong Zheng. It was unknown what they were doing but they were pressed up against the trunk of the tree and causing the swing to shake vigorously.

Wang Que sucked in another breath, her eyes gleaming.

She she she… she definitely didn’t make it up.

Dong Linhai pulled her hand down, his curiosity reaching its peak. “What is it? Let me see.”

He saw Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing over there. He froze and his tone suddenly rose, “My God! Why is my brother fighting with Cui’er?! I have to hurry up and stop him. If my brother is beaten up again, it’ll be over!”

Before he could go over there, Wang Que hurriedly stopped him. Dong Linhai was tall and large and Wang Que could barely hold on to him. She had to hang her whole body on his arm. At the same time, she looked over at Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing and noticed that their movements had slowed down. “I don’t think it’s a fight. Hey, have you noticed that Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing’s situation isn’t quite right these past few days? They were so harmonious in the past. But these past few days, they hadn’t said anything to each other, and they almost quarreled today, right?”

Dong Linhai thought about it and felt that what she said made sense. He became more nervous and began to push forward again. “Yes, they are definitely fighting. I don’t want to have to burn paper money for my brother!”

“What are you doing? You don’t understand what I’m saying!” Wang Que used all her strength to hold him back. “They have a blood contract. Brother Dong will definitely not get hurt. If something really did happen, they must solve it personally. They are discussing it right now. If we go over, won’t we get into trouble?”

“Discuss…Can a discussion be like this?” Dong Linhai was still a little worried.

“Come on, you have to trust my intuition. My intuition is very accurate.” Wang Que looked at the two people and saw that there were no longer any movements. Her eyes began to glow and her face burned hotly. She bit down on her bottom lip, trying to restrain the excitement in her heart. Then, she quickly dragged Dong Linhai away.

On the other side, Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing did indeed have a “discussion.”

Dong Zheng covered his painful thigh and pulled the corners of his lips. Since discovering that the pain would not be transferred due to the blood contract, Cui Zuojing would pinch his thigh whenever he was unhappy with him. This time Dong Zheng mistakenly divulged some information. Because of this, he was pinched, and his scalp was still tingling from the pain.

Cui Zuojing had almost calmed down. He sat next to Dong Zheng with his legs crossed. He poked Dong Zheng’s face with the stalk of a weed and said, “Let’s talk about it. Tell me about any bad things you’ve done to me. Since I’m in a good mood, and we have a blood contract, I won’t kill you if you tell me.”

“Really, that’s it.” The pain subsided a little bit, and Dong Zheng finally moved his hand away. He felt that even if that area was bruised green, there was no way to check right now and it could only be left for later.

“I don’t believe you. Your trustworthiness is completely zero now.” Cui Zuojing poked Dong Zheng’s face again. He suddenly threw away the weed and turned to fully face Dong Zheng. “You said that you’re an upright person, but why do those sneaky things?”

“I really couldn’t hold back that day, I drank too much.” Dong Zheng was also helpless with himself. He thought back to the event. At that time, Allen was still alive. He’d admired Allen and Eri Kazama’s relationship from the bottom of his heart. He also noticed Dong Linhai’s sprouting feelings for Wang Que. And he’d looked at the drunk and flushed-face young man laughing unsuspectingly next to him.

He really couldn’t help it.

“All right. As long as you said it, then it must be true.” The more Cui Zuojing thought about it, the angrier he got. Why did Dong Zheng take advantage of him without his knowledge, and still wanted to do these things to him? But he, on the other hand, only took him as a brother?”

Why?! It was simply too unjust!

“Then what do you want me to do?” Dong Zheng had already figured it out. Cui Zuojing can be childish and temperamental. His anger came and went quickly, just like a cat. As long as he followed along with him, he would be able to smooth things over and avoid getting into big trouble.

“I want to say…you have to make up to me.” Cui Zuojing slowly narrowed his eyes, and a gleam of light flashed through them. “That’s right! You said it…This blood contract stipulates that we live and die together and for us to share your unilateral injury. The three mandatory orders are no different from me being your slave. Now that you owe me, then I don’t want much. How about returning it as it is?”

“You mean let me be your slave?” Dong Zheng was stunned, and then he couldn’t help but laugh.

He laughed so loudly that Cui Zuojing wanted to cover his mouth. “What are you laughing at?!”

“I think you’re silly.” Dong Zheng reluctantly stopped smiling. He raised his hand and touched Cui Zuojing’s head. He didn’t mind when Cui Zuojing evaded his touch and said, “No need to ask for it. If you want, I can always treat you well. After all, now I’m your suitor, aren’t I?”

“Your words are sweet but empty.” Although Cui Zuojing’s face was calm on the surface, his heart was already blossoming. He jumped off the swing, completely satisfied. “Okay, this is what you said. If you treat me even a little bit badly, I won’t take my feelings back and I won’t give you a chance.”

“I will definitely try my best.” Dong Zheng also got up. He moved up behind Cui Zuojing until he stood very close, lowered his head, and whispered into his ear, “But this is the first time I’m pursuing someone. If I don’t do it well, please bear with me.”

As he spoke, his breath brushed against Cui Zuojing’s ear. Cui Zuojing instinctively shrank his neck back and raised his hand to cover his ear. Without turning his head, he said, “I won’t care. Anyway, if you’re not good, then you’ll be punished. I’m hungry. Let’s go eat something.”

Dong Zheng took advantage of this opportunity and placed his hand on Cui Zuojing’s shoulder. “Okay, let’s go to the kitchen. Since we’ve decided to join the organization, then we can do as we please here and make ourselves at home.”

Cui Zuojing looked down at the hand on his shoulder and pointedly said, “Tsk, what are you doing? I told you not to touch me.”

They clamored all the way to the kitchen. This time, Cui Zuojing could be regarded as being too proud, but since he was being pursued…shouldn’t he enjoy it?

He had to take advantage of this time as much as possible.

As for whether he’ll accept it in the end, that was different. Regardless, his will was very strong.

But, there was one thing he was still confused about. Dong Zheng wouldn’t lie to him. Since the kiss on Dusk Island wasn’t from Dong Zheng…then who was it from?

Cui Zuojing couldn’t understand it.

Dong Linhai and Wang Que saw Dong Zheng and Cui Zuojing from a distance. They were walking inside, side by side, as if nothing had happened between them. Wang Que let out a sigh of relief. In contrast, Dong Linhai’s thoughts were very simple. “It’s just a minor conflict between men. Now everything’s fine, unlike you girls, where a little fight can turn everything upside down.”

“What about us girls? Weren’t you the one who was very worried just now?” Wang Que relaxed the hand that had been holding onto Dong Linhai. She glanced at the time and said, “It’s about time for dinner. Let’s go have something to eat too. Where’s Brother Lin?”

At this time, the missing Lin Hangzhi was hanging around in Heimdall’s headquarters. Dong Zheng had gone to find Cui Zuojing. Wang Que and Dong Linhai had disappeared somewhere, and since he knew about Dong Linhai’s careful thinking, he didn’t deliberately look for them and instead wandered aimlessly alone.

At this time, he began to miss Allen more than ever. Dong Linhai liked to hang around Wang Que, and Dong Zheng had the best relationship with Cui’er. He, on the other hand, was inevitably meant to be single.

It was impossible not to feel lonely.

Lin Hangzhi walked to the promenade where the lounge was located. He still didn’t have Heimdall’s membership card, so he couldn’t enter. Moreover, it would be too rude to peek at people through open doors.

As he was strolling by, someone suddenly rushed out of the lounge toward him. She had a cold face, a short stature, and short hair. Lin Hangzhi realized that this was the woman he’d met at the door when they first arrived in Heimdall.

A man roared from behind her, “How can you say that to me?! The captain is dead and the team is already scattered. You think you can go anywhere, but where can you go? Who will take you?!”

The woman didn’t say a word. Her eyes were as firm as a rock. As she passed by Lin Hangzhi, she subconsciously glanced at him. When she saw Lin Hangzhi’s face, she was obviously surprised.

They passed by each other.

Lin Hangzhi:?

He scratched his head, frowning.

From the look in the women’s eyes just now, he could clearly see that she also knew him.

But where had he seen her before?

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapters~

Thank goodness they didn't drag out the awkwardness between them. Despite all his complaints, Cui Zuojing seems all set out to enjoy Dong Zheng's courtship XD And though Dong Zheng's patience and good-naturedness are probably going to be taken advantage of, he seems to enjoy it as well~ And then there's Wang Que who's quietly enjoying the dog food while helping the couple resolve things properly on their own. I wonder how that woman at the end and Lin Hangzhi know each other. Could she be a potential future teammate?

3 years ago

Just my guess… Is she the girl who took his ticket ???

2 years ago

Eyyyyy it’s the thief! And she’s still alive and kicking.

I was just saying that the author should give LH a companion at least so that he won’t be lonely because this man is just so pitiable. Then boom! The thief shows herself.

I sniff a new team member hehehehe

Love interest for LH? Or just a pure team mate? At the very least, LH will have someone to talk to.

LH interacting with the thief… Would be very interesting. And when they met, it seems she already had her ability awakened or had a prop to immobilize LH.

Qi Qi
Qi Qi
2 years ago

Wang Que is the lucky passerby, feed her more dog food (and us too) xD
I’m glad the ankwardness between Cui Zuojing and Dong Zheng passed and they had a good (cute?) talk ^o^

2 years ago

Xixi, you translate beautifully. Thank you for sharing and always picking up quality bl novels. Adore you and jiayou! <33

You deserve all the good things.

Haruki Natsuyu
Haruki Natsuyu
2 years ago

Where are you the one who said that DZ is Domingo! Come out! It really is true! DZ and Domingo kissing CZJ’s forehead is the same – familiar! They are one person! Domingo must really have come from the future with the use of the power of time to prevent fatal accidents from happening to the team. Aaaaaaa Domingoooooo!!!!! As for why his appearance changed… we definitely will know that in the future!
P.S.: as for why Domingo said ‘farewell’ to CZJ is maybe because if he appeared before the team again CZJ and DZ would definitely find more clues and pinpoint him as someone from the future, who shouldn’t exist in the present so he had to prevent them from finding it out. I just love how Domingo, the future DZ, provoke his own (past) self though, but that just made DZ realize faster of his feelings towards CZJ! And that time Domingo and CZJ killed Ammit though! So swift because Domingo has worked for a long time with future CZJ so he already know CZJ’s attitudeand habits etc.

2 years ago

i have a feeling that Dominiq is Dong Zheng….. As he is the one who felt guilty that it was because he was targeted that Allen was killed in the process…. Also the fact that both ML and MC felt some familiarity with Dominiq…. And ‘Someone’ kissed MC’s forehead outside the rumbles of the temple and gave a similar feeling as how it felt in this chapter when our ML kissed his forehead.
Dominiq also knew that our ML liked MC and encouraged him to go after him….
But Dominiq has the power of Time…. That isn’t possible unless something happened to the MC in the future and the power shifted to ML….
So could Dominiq be the MC from the future?
If so why is he blond and has grey eyes?!?!?!

My brain TT

And oh Allen I still haven’t gotten over you…

2 years ago

Is Domingos Dong Zheng?