IWOL Chapter 163: Showing Strength


An adult man weighing nearly 90 kilograms was slammed onto his back on the floor of the training room. The moment his back hit the floor, his iron-like hands clung to the tense muscles of the young man’s shoulders. With a muffled shout, he borrowed the momentum of being thrown to directly toss the young man away.

The man was so strong that it was unimaginable. The muscles of his arms bulged as he exerted force, the burst of power seeming to be able to snap the young man in front of him like a kite.

Cui Zuojing curled up in the air and abruptly changed his posture. Just before hitting the wall, he threw out his feet suddenly and kicked off the wall, ejecting himself like a cannonball. His head slammed into the waist of the man getting up from the floor.

If an ordinary person took this blow, his waist would definitely fold on the spot. But the man who was hit by such a huge force only took two steps forward. Before he could stabilize his figure, he felt a gust of wind swept toward his leg!

The man nimbly jumped, and at the same time, grabbed Cui Zuojing’s hand just as he was about to punch the side of his waist. He pulled fiercely and the powerful force of his pull directly caused Cui Zuojing to lie on his back. Cui Zuojing attempted to slip out; if he was held like this, there was no chance for him to break free in the face of such overwhelming strength.

In the blink of an eye, Cui Zuojing unexpectedly gripped the man’s shoulder with his other hand and flipped his body upside down. Before his feet hit the ground, he used the momentum of this swing to ferociously raise his knee and slammed it hard into the man’s chin.

Even if the muscles of the man’s whole body were enhanced, it would be impossible to increase his facial muscles like other parts of his body. With this single blow, the man’s whole head snapped back and his brittle jaw bone directly dislocated. Blood squirted out from his nose! 



Amidst the exclamations of the Deep Disguiser team members, Cui Zuojing calmly moved his knee that had become pained due to the impact and rolled his pinched shoulders. He looked at the closed door of the training room with an expectation that he himself wasn’t even aware of. 

“Well, who else do you—”

Before he could finish speaking, he felt his wrist being grabbed. 

“I’m still…not…” The man named Anton struggled to get up from the ground. He swayed twice before raising his hand to snap his dislocated jaw back into place. Finally, he could speak clearly, “You’re very strong, but you haven’t beaten me yet.”

He was a pilgrim who could strengthen his muscles, making him difficult to beat in a fight. 

Cui Zuojing turned to look at him, sighed helplessly, and said, “Why bother? You know that you can’t beat me now.”

Anton stared straight at him with a familiar stubbornness and firmness. He said dully, “Even if I know, I still have to give it a try.”

Cui Zuojing looked at him for a few seconds before letting go. He slowly took out the hands he had stuffed into his pockets and put them out into a fighting posture. “Okay, then I’ll let you see what real physical skills are.”

Bang Bang Bang Bang—

The sound of fists hitting flesh gave the spectators an ache that radiated from the roots of their teeth. At the same time, they couldn’t help showing pained expressions. But for the two involved parties, the sounds of the blows accompanied by the ensuing pain only aroused their blood. When they both tumbled to the floor, Anton took advantage of his large body to temporarily gain the upper hand by pressing Cui Zuojing underneath him. He clenched his fist and ruthlessly hit Cui Zuojing’s shoulder.

He deliberately restrained his strength and didn’t use his ability to strengthen his muscles. He knew that if he’d used his full force, the powerful impact would directly break all the ribs in the chest of the young man underneath him when he punched down.   

But the moment before his fist could make contact with Cui Zuojing, Cui Zuojing’s figure suddenly flickered. Before Anton realized what had happened, his fist slammed into the floor instead! 

Anton was astonished. 

At this time, Cui Zuojing snaked his arm through Anton’s armpits and forcefully squeezed his back. He held him so tightly in place with his legs and his arms that Anton was unable to move at all. 

Anton tried to struggle, but every time he moved, Cui Zuojing tightened his hold, making it extremely difficult for him to breathe. 


When Dong Zheng hurried over, this was what he saw the moment he opened the door. 

Cui Zuojing and a brawny man were lying on the ground with limbs entangled. The round neckline of his T-shirt was pulled to one side, revealing his bruised left shoulder. Sweat made his black hair cling wetly to the side of his face. His dark eyes were as sharp as a hawk, his neck was red, and his cheeks were flushed. He panted as he tightened his grip, and the man he was strangling let out an unbearable cry. 

Dong Zheng:…………   

He shook his body unsteadily, a bit unable to accept what he saw in front of him. At this moment a strange thought came to Dong Zheng’s mind. 

If only that was him right now….

Then Dong Zheng shuddered. What was he thinking?! Hasn’t he been beaten by Cui Zuojing enough in training?

Suddenly raising his head and seeing Dong Zheng’s figure at the door, Cui Zuojing’s eyes lit up. He let go of Anton, got up, and took two steps away from him. He adjusted the shirt that was all messed up from the fight and raised his chin proudly to the rest of the Deep Disguisers. He said coldly, “Anything else?”

The first person to be beaten was a thin, plain-looking man, who was still clutching the red and swollen left side of his face. When he heard these words, he shook so violently when that even the yellow haired teammate sitting next to him could clearly feel it. 

The other young man sitting next to the woman and was holding his red and swollen right face also shivered. 

The thin man was the first person to “swap pointers” with Cui Zuojing. The ability to stretch his limbs at will gave him a lot of advantage in previous fights, but the devilish young man came up and beat him with two punches. 

Afterwards, the young man who could make himself invisible confronted Cui Zuojing. He thought that the opponent’s combat effectiveness would be greatly reduced when he couldn’t see the enemy. He didn’t expect that Cui Zuojing seemed to have a pair of infrared eyes, and he found him all at once and also beat him down. 

Later, the captain with the strongest combat skills in the team was forced to join in. These people who knew Anton’s combat effectiveness were greatly relieved. Unexpectedly, the captain also wasn’t the young man’s opponent!

The most important thing was that up to now, they still hadn’t seen what Cui Zuojing’s ability was. 

Could it be that the manifestation of this person’s ability wasn’t in combat? 

Then…it was too scary!  

Anton got up from the floor and looked at Cui Zuojing again with envy and awe in his eyes. After staying in the Pure White Realm for so long, the worship that pilgrims had toward the powerful was nearly instinctive. 


Dong Zheng rapped on the door, and when everyone looked over. He asked, “Everyone, can you return my team member to me?” 

The captain named Dong Zheng hadn’t had time to change his clothes and so he was still wearing black combat uniforms. His fingerless gloves were inevitably stained with blood, dirt, and other things he’d brought from the box. His posture was straight, his hair was a little messy, and the corners of his lips were naturally firm, which appropriately diluted the temperament of the social elite in him, making him looked even more heroic. 

They saw the crazy young man shouted “Captain” at the man, and then said, “They wanted to swap pointers with me; I didn’t run around randomly.” 

Dong Zheng looked at the captain whose face was smeared with his nosebleed, nodded, and said, “If there’s nothing else, I’ll take A’Zuo back. He’d been in the box for more than a week and is already very tired.” 

Already tired… 

Dong Zheng’s words echoed in everyone’s ears. Such a tired young man who’d been in the box for a week had managed to give three of their most powerful team members bruised noses and swollen faces?!

Anton’s face was red, blue, black and yellow. Cui Zuojing glanced at him, ignored him, stretched his waist and walked to Dong Zheng.   

“Wait a minute!”

Cui Zuojing turned around. Anton took a deep breath and asked, “Can you tell me your name?”

Cui Zuojing smiled. “I thought you guys came to me after inquiring about the good news. You don’t know anything except our captain’s name?”

He continued to walk towards Dong Zheng, and his voice echoed out into the Deep Disguisers’ ears. 

“My last name is Cui. If you don’t mind, you can call me Brother Cui. As for the rest…check it yourself.”

They walked silently along the corridor for a while, making sure that the people in the training room could no longer hear them before they finally spoke. Dong Zheng pulled Cui Zuojing into an empty room nearby, closed the door with his backhand, and said, “Let me see.”

He was frowning, his expression as serious as if he was about to reprimand someone. In other words, that meant nothing good. Cui Zuojing immediately raised his hand to cover his chest. After thinking for a moment, he moved his hands down and placed them over his crotch, and said vigilantly, “What do you want to see?”

“Where you’re hurt.” Dong Zheng all of a sudden didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. The thought to question Cui Zuojing why he went to fight without regards to his physical condition was gone. He looked at Cui Zuojing from head to toe and finally stopped at the place he was covering with his hands. He said meaningfully, “Of course, if you want me to look at other places, I would be very happy to.”

“Fuck!” Cui Zuojing was tricked by him; he could only curse a dirty word. Even as his mouth flung the curse word into the sky, he unwillingly lifted the hem of his- T-shirt to show Dong Zheng his injuries. In the fight with Anton, Anton had hit him in the ribs and, although he’d managed to avoid it in time, Anton’s fist still rubbed against his skin, creating a lot of bruising. It was difficult to look at. 

“The guy’s ability is muscle strengthening, and his strength is great.” The adrenaline that soared during the battle gradually subsided. Cui Zuojing only realized how painful it was after seeing the injury. He took a small breath and said, “Bare-handed fistfighting isn’t my strong point. My skills and other things aren’t very useful in front of such strength, so he got me twice.”

After he said this, he saw that Dong Zheng’s face was unhappy and that a dark cloud seemed to have come over his countenance. He hurriedly said again, “Of course, I beat him worse and almost broke his jaw. Hey! You should have come a little earlier to see how I taught them.”

“This too.” Through the thin layer of fabric, Dong Zheng gently pressed on the black green bruising on Cui Zuojing’s shoulder, and he wasn’t surprised when Cui Zuojing let out a gasp.

“Hurry up and let Uncle treat you. You stayed in the box for a week in such a bad state, you still dare to swap pointers with others?” 

“What can’t I dare?” Cui Zuojing mumbled with dissatisfaction. “Just that kind of weak chicken, I can hit ten more!”

But halfway through, Cui Zuojing yawned, and his whole body collapsed in a relaxed manner. The ending of his sentence was vague and sleepy. 

He was really tired. 

“I know.” Dong Zheng gently squeezed the back of his neck and said in a low voice, “But next time, remember to call me over earlier and don’t let yourself get hurt.”

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3 years ago

Thank you for the chapter~

This chapter was so fun XD As expected, Cui Zuojing wiped the floor with them~ It was cute how he kept looking for Dong Zheng in the middle of fighting as if to impress him with his skills~ And poor Dong Zheng is so eager for Cui Zuojing's touch that he's starting to awaken masochistic tendencies. Cui Zuojing's first reaction when Dong Zheng asked him to show his injuries is so hilarious XD

If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship Em
If My Son Is Gay I'ma Ship Em
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Yeah, exactly like how a male lion would court the female lion LMAO 🤣

2 years ago

As expected CZJ beat the sht outta them. All combat prowess with no ability used. CZJ has shown that he is at most times battle hungry, and he doesn’t want to be seen as weak when he has the strength to show it.

Dong Zheng is so thirsty that he’s now considering to be an M. I laughed out loud when he wanted switch places AHAHAHA

And of course… DZ doesn’t want CZJ to be hurt.

Qi Qi
Qi Qi
2 years ago

Dong Zheng is so whipped! Cui Zuojing, come and feed him a little or you’ll make him unlock M tendencies someday 🤣
That ‘checking the wounds’ scene made me laugh, really, of course Dong Zheng would be more than happy if Cui Zuojing shows him more skin than needed 😏

Last edited 2 years ago by Qi Qi
I dunno
I dunno
2 years ago

CZ turned DZ into a masochist…He actually want to get entangled and beaten by CZ OMFG🤣

1 year ago

I think my man Dong Zheng has a hidden strength kink

1 year ago

So fun to see CZJ wiping the floor with them 🙂
Thank you for the chapters!

1 year ago

What did you sayyyy Dong Zheng, I wish that was me??? huhhhhh?? 🤨🤨